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30 November 2019 Katy Perry vs Erica Durance

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Brunette Ambition At The Asylum II: Electric Boogaloo


Posted by HBO's Boxing At The Asylum on Nov 30, 2019 at 10:47am



"No question, she's right up there among the top lightweights," says Erica with a smile. "And, that's why I signed this fight. Because, I'M still up there, too. And, I'm going to prove it."

"This girl is a four-time champion with a Hall of Fame win percentage," says Katy with a nod. "She's a challenge. And, I'm up for it."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Revenge' by Pink, and here comes one of Pinkness' biggest fans, the lovely Erica Durance!"

McCarthy: "Durance isn't a bad fighter, but she needs to get better taste in music. One of Weirdo's Dancing Hookers who ducked me for YEARS..."

O'Dell: "Crowd popping for the former champ as she makes her way down to the ring, climbs in, and is helped off with the robe to reveal a crimson number that shows, as Mac would say, that age is nothing but a number..."

Cassie: "There are plenty of girls in their early 20s who'd love to look like THAT..."

O'Dell: "And, that's 'California Gurls' hammering through the arena, and that can only mean that 'The Santa Barbara Slugger', Katy Perry, is on her way to the ring..."

Tess: "Perry still hasn't clinched a roster spot, and you can point to her recent record in big fights as the chief reason for that."

O'Dell: "Katy into the ring and helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve, and she's wearing that red two-piece we've seen before and looking plenty good in it if the crowd's reaction is to be believed. Ladies are about ready to go. Time for some picks. Tess likes Katy. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Again, a REAL fighter always beats a Dancing Hooker! Durance!"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "Here we go. Perry immediately forward, wants to get physical here and Durance more than willing to play this game. GOOD right, Erica and Katy covering up! Durance letting the hands go, backing up the Front Streeter with some hard shot. Perry looking a little buzzed right now..."

McCarthy: "More of Weirdo's terrible training and fight planning. Why go after this girl right away?"

O'Dell: "Erica getting off in combination here, taking the fight to Perry. Katy not exactly hurt, but she's clearly felt some of these punches, and the older brunette is giving her some more leather to feel as we speak. Katy tying up now, trying to slow Durance down..."

Tess: "I've already said Perry might be on the way out. Come out on the losing end tonight, and it's going to make the decision a lot easier."

O'Dell: "Down to thirty seconds to go in the first. Durance banging away. Katy jabbing back here and there, but it's Erica who's fighting lead. Ten seconds to go. SHARP exchange right there and BOTH fighters landed sold shots in there. Bell! Big opening round for Durance, who takes it wide."


O'Dell: "Durance back after Perry, but Katy banging back now. And, we've got a FIREFIGHT in the middle of the ring! Durance and Perry letting the hands go and Erica being forced to retreat! Katy stepping to, bringing that welter power to bear on the former lightweight champion..."

Cassie: "Yeah. Let's not forget Katy stood toe-to-toe with Righetti in this very ring last month..."

O'Dell: "And, she's showing the physicality that allowed her to do that. She's got Erica backing and covering, and she's keeping her on that back foot. GOOD right from Katy and that got Durance's attention. We're seeing a little of the OLD Perry right now, Mac. The one who used to do a lot of brawling..."

McCarthy: "The one who went into a death spiral before Weirdo's clueless 'trainers' allegedly 'fixed' her..."

Tess: "They fixed her enough for her to win the Unified Lightweight Championship..."

McCarthy: "Shut UP, Walmart!"

O'Dell: "Drink up, boys, as we come down the stretch in the second. Perry in control, still backing up Durance with hard, accurate fire. Erica countering in spots, but it's been almost all Katy since the opening 30 seconds. There's the bell. And, it's Perry wide in the second to even the fight at 19."


O'Dell: "Third begins at range. Durance wanting to get her box on, and Katy willing to play this game, at least for the moment. Now, THIS is the Perry we've seen more in the last several years. She's using that athleticism and quickness to play the role of boxer/puncher..."

McCarthy: "But, why ease off when she had Durance backing up? Dumb!"

O'Dell: "Seeing some nice two-way stuff here. Neither fighter able to establish control. Instead, both are landing in combination. And, there's good defense being played, too, with the ladies slipping and dipping, blocking, making themselves difficult targets."

Cassie: "Durance showing she can still box at a high level, because this is good stuff."

O'Dell: "No doubt about it. Down under twenty seconds in a very competitive round. Good flurry there, with both fighters landing some hard shot. Durance jabbing, landing a follow on right hand and there's the bell. Close, but it's Erica who's going to take the points."

Tess: "And go back into the lead 29-28."


O'Dell: "Back to boxing and PERRY NAILS DURANCE! Oh, right off the bell Katy with a BOOMING right and I have no idea how Erica stayed on her feet! Durance covering up as Perry goes all in, letting the hands go and driving the older woman back into the ropes..."

Cassie: "That's the welter power."

O'Dell: "And Erica feeling it along the cables as Katy tees off on her. Perry working a bit of body in there, but it's mostly head hunting as she searches for the finisher. Erica playing good defense, staying in a high guard, rolling with, but she's taking a TON of punishment right now..."

Tess: "Ref not going to watch a whole lot more of this..."

O'Dell: "Only twenty seconds to go in the round, and Perry making them count, THUMPING Erica. Durance jabbing back a little, trying to keep the ref from stopping this thing, and it looks like she'll get that done. There's the bell and the fourth is over. Shutout for Perry."

McCarthy: "But, we're still even at 38."


O'Dell: "Perry determined to finish this thing as we start the fifth. She's walking Erica down, hammering away with heavy leather. Durance giving ground, playing defense, firing back in spots, wants to slow this down a bit, but she's not having a lot of success doing it at the moment..."

Cassie: "Katy laser-focused right now..."

O'Dell: "Definitely is. She's sitting down on punches, landing some really good shot. Might not take one on the screws to finish this, because the punishment has to be adding up for Erica. She's game, but she's not going to be able to...DOWN SHE GOES! Short right hook and Durance goes down!"

McCarthy: "Lucky punch!"

Tess: "A little EARLY on that, aren't we, Mac?"

O'Dell: "Durance down on her right side. Perry to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Erica rolling to her belly and pushing up to hands and knees at seven. Eight. Nine. Not going to happen. TEN! Durance still on all fours as the count passes her by! It's OVER! And your winner by KO5 is 'The Santa Barbara Slugger', Katy Perry!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Katy Perry, and, Katy, good fight..."

Katy (nodding): "Yeah. It was going to be. She's a champion and she can still fight, as she proved. There are plenty of lightweight's she'll beat. But. Not the best lightweight in the world. And, that's who she was in with tonight."

Tess: "I've been asking this tonight...was this enough to clinch you a roster spot?"

Katy: "I can't worry about that. I worry about what I can control. And, tonight, I controlled it." 



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