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16 September 2019 Tractorpull FNL VIX Doll Ball Comments

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Posted by Tractorpull on September 16, 2019, 11:16 pm




The stable PPV’s are coming in rapidly, so we are going to deal with three at one time. The are the recent FNL card, and the Dollhouse and Vix stable war which both happened on the 14th


In a cougar bout Shakria beat Cruz which surprised me a little. I had favored Cruz

Lipa beating Delevingne should have surprised no one. Delevigne is becoming a go to for anyone looking for a win. On the other hand, Lipa’s coach has delusions of mediocrity when he proclaimed Lipa “the future of the lightweights”

In a bout between two fighters who used to inhabit the top, ten but no longer do, Regan beat Cassidy Freeman. The win won’t help Regan, but Freeman looks like she’s approaching the end. She now has lost five of her last six. It may help her that she is a welter, a division that desperately need warms bodies

Shay Mitchell is another who is having tough times. Her loss to Ratajkowski was her seventh in her last eight. It was her second loss to Ratajkowski this year. How long will management stay with her?

In the main event Lowndes beat Carter to no one’s surprise Carter made it to the Hall Of Fame just in time. Carter, who will be 39 later this year is moving to the downside. She is 3-3 for the year, but has lost her last three. I think the future is rather dim for her.


I did not predict this card

Collins was fed a newbie in Thompson. This was a blatant mismatch. I have no idea what Holloway was thinking when he accepted this pairing. Thinking Thompson could beat the number three flyweight was a mistake

Evigan evened her record for the year with her win over Lynch in a mild upset. The win should be boost in rankings for Evigan. It was Lynch’s second loss of the year.

Lipa beat Ratajkowski last year in the first VIX/Holloway stable war She couldn’t follow up this year and lost to Ratajkowski in a good fight. This certainly sets up a best of three between the two in the next VIX/Holloway stable war, if not before

Gibbs is a promising lightweight, but was a little over her head against Sagra who was the number one lightweight in both polls. She gave a good account of herself, but the upset win was not to be

Ren and Cerny are both top ten lightweights in both polls Tractorpull had Ren higher and Boxing World had Cerny higher. Ren is unpredictable. She beat Sagra, then made the mistake of fighting her again in the very next fight. That did not go well. She beat Lima and lost to Lynch. Cerny was in the top ten for the first time. She earned the ranking by beating Ambrosio and Lima Ren won the fight. The win will help Ren, but won’t particularly hurt Cerny in the rankings

The addition of Thompson brings the newbie number to 59 for the year


Chastain opened the card with a win over Plaza a newbie. This was a fight designed to get Chastain back on the track. While I wouldn’t call a two fight losing streak an area of concern, I can’t be critical of the choice given Chastain’s experience

While Mayberry has even less experience than Chastain, she appears to be the weak link in the stable. She is now 7-4 hasn’t shown a hint of being able to handle a good fighter. The members of this stable fight very good schedules, They fight top talent. I certainly can’t complain about numerous easy fights She should be the area of concern for dollhouse

This was a blatant mismatch. Yes, Roberts had lost three of her last five, but she has been fighting top opponents. I doubt spending fourteen minutes with VaynTrub sharpened her skills to any extent. This fight was an exception to what I said above

Winnick’s win was her 25th against six defeats. She has fought a decent schedule, A record like that usually get a title shot. Boxing World has her ranked at twelve right behind Ratajkowski, whose record is not as good. I bet Ratajkowski gets a title fight before Winnick. Is her age a factor?

Lavigne is not one of my favorite people and while her win over Kreuk was expected, she unquestionably deserves a title fight. She has fought a top schedule and has a 9-3 record for the year and 29-6 since the beginning of last year. She needs to pray Watson beats Stewart, since she has no chance of a title shot against Stewart due to previous close ties with Front Street

With the appearance of Plaza the number of debuts comes to 60 for the year.



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