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27 December 2019 Mila Kunis vs Brec Bassinger

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Dec 27, 2019 at 5:25pm


Mila Kunis vs. Brec Bassinger

Battle of brunettes features former champ Mila against a twenty-year-old with only two FCBA fights. Some people are whispering "mismatch" and others are shouting it. Brec, however, isn't one of them. "I can beat her," the Texan says. "She's good, yeah. But, so am I, and I'll prove it."

"Can she beat me?" asks Mila with a smile. "Sure. I mean, I guess I could slip on a banana peel, right?"

Those who whispered "mismatch" looking pretty good early. Brec wants to box with Mila. And Kunis is absolutely fine with that. Because, when the younger woman tries, Mila takes her apart. Veteran just too slick. She gets the geometry and distance down perfectly and peppers Bassinger with hard, accurate shot. Brec trying hard to get her own offense going, but can't. She's short here, an instant slow there, catching glove here, juuuuusssttt missing there. Meanwhile, Kunis is filling all the openings created by those misses with leather that slams into Brec's face and, occasionally, her belly and ribs. Bassinger remains game. She's trying hard, but she's taking quite a licking. Corner shouting at her to move the head and feet more, but, when the bell rings, Kunis is still zeroing in. It's Mila's round wide and she's up 10-9 after one.

More of the same. Mila controlling just about everything until. Who threw that banana peel in the ring? BOOM! Bassinger lands a right hand and Mila is HURT! Kunis stumbles backward and Brec just stands there for a second, not sure what she's seeing. Then, she's sure and she pours forward letting the hands go, battering Kunis back into the ropes. Yes, the youngster's missing with a lot of that leather, but she's landing plenty of it, scoring points and punishing the older brunette. Mila in a high guard, rolling with, jabbing back here and there as Brec controls things. In the final half minute of the round, Kunis seems to shake the worst of the damage and begins firing back hard. Bassinger responds in kind and a TON of heavy shot is exchanged before the bell. When it rings, Brec has it wide and we're even at 19.

Cue video of round one. Mila's back in control. Brec's game, and, to be fair, she's doing a little better with the geometry. But, Mila's still acing the course while Bassinger is sitting somewhere between a "D" and a Peppermint Patty "D-". She's just unable to overcome Kunis' huge advantage in experience. Almost everything Brec tries, Mila has an answer for, while Bassinger struggles to figure out how to answer what Kunis is doing. Mila working a little more body this stanza, landing some sharp shots to the ribs and belly that bother the younger woman, creating even more problems for her. Final minute of the round sees Brec on the defensive, guard high, trying to counter punch. Doesn't work all that well, though, and the younger woman's showing some frustration when the bell rings ending another "Kunis Wide" round that puts Mila back up 29-28.

Kunis back in control. Brec trying to get something going, but Mila frustrating her at every turn, keeping her in the wrong place at the wrong time. All right! STOP with the banana peels! BOOM! Brec lands that right hand again, keyholing a NASTY punch that leaves Mila wobbling in the middle of the ring! This time, Bassinger acts like she's been there before because, well, she's BEEN there before! She goes all in immediately, letting the hands go, driving all before her, backing Mila to the cables and hammering away. Again, Kunis managing well, slipping and blocking, but there's still enough getting through to do damage. Kunis is shaken a couplea of more times, but, when the bell rings, the referee has remained at bay and Mila's still standing. It's Brec wide and we're even at 38.

Mila still a little wobbly as the fifth starts and Brec taking full advantage. Bassinger on the attack, stepping to, letting the hands go. Kunis playing D, giving ground, keeping the hands high, countering in spots and scoring when she does so, but mostly just trying to avoid as much of the fire from the younger brunette as possible. BOOM! Right hand, BREC! Mila stumbles. Left hook, Brec! DOWN GOES KUNIS! Mila spilled to her left side. Bassinger leaps into the air in unabashed joy, spinning as she does so and heading to a neutral corner as soon as she lands. Mila to her hands and knees as the count begins. She's crawling to the ropes as the numbers get bigger, pulling herself up...then losing hold and crashing to her back and it's OVER! Kunis down on her back as the count passes her by and your winner by KO5 is Brec Bassinger!

Younger brunette can't hide her giddiness in the post-fight. She's giggling as the interview begins. "She was overconfident," says a grinning Brec. "Didn't have any respect for me. And, it cost her. I had a plan to beat her. And I EXECUTED that plan. And left Mila in a place she ought to be comfortable. Flat on her back." 



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