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27 December 2019 Kate Beckinsale vs Rebecca Hall

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Dec 27, 2019 at 5:23pm


Kate Beckinsale vs Rebecca Hall

(46, 5’7, 48:35:3 FCBA, VIXENs)

(37, 5’9, 5:3 FCBA, Lookout Atlantic Boxing)

“You could say I’m getting a little cocky for my age,” Beckinsale grins at the camera whilst responding to a question about how she feels after her big win over Petra Nemcova just last month. “I may be turning 50 soon, but to hell with it - I still feel like I've got plenty to give in this industry. And the same goes for Rebecca, by the way, of whom I’m a big fan of on screen. I think both of us are gonna put on one hell of a fight.”

Rebecca also seen smiling from the other end of the table, the Lookout! Atlantic starlet looking slightly nervous after finally getting back into the ring again. “I haven’t fought since 2017, so I’m glad to have gotten the call up from the Vixens. Like Kate said, us cougars are still capable of working our butts off to put on a show for you kind folks, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna when I knock dear Katie off her feet. Here goes nothing!”

Later in the ring, both ladies are gearing up in respective corners: Kate wearing a plain black sports bra, white bikini briefs and red boxing gloves, while Rebecca is dressed in white bikini top, yellow boxing trunks and dark navy blue gloves on either hand. Both women touch gloves after the referee finishes his spiel, and HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

A good opening round for the taller, younger woman in this contest, with Rebecca Hall making the best use of her two-inch height advantage and larger energy reserves to serve punishment to Kate Beckinsale. Kate’s confidence soon melts away with each quick shot landing on her face from afar, with Hall keeping her distance and striking in with punches as the British Vixen tries to close distance. Perhaps a change in strategy might be warranted after Beckinsale tries to brawl at close range for the upteenth time, to no avail, with Hall’s freshness simply overpowering any defenses Beckinsale can throw up. Kate finally keeps her distance in the final minute, exchanging jabs with her fellow Brit and finally squeezes in some punches of her own to Hall’s cheek and body. But it’s no doubt a bad opening for the Head Vixen - can she recover from this wide round that goes to Hall?

Hall keeping to her strategy of circle and jab, rinse and repeat, but finding it increasingly difficult to land her punches on Beckinsale, who has resorted to copying her tactics as well. Beckinsale more surgical, however, using her feet to close the distance quickly then slap leather into Rebecca’s body and arms, before circling out of the way before Hall can retaliate. This seems to work for a while, with Hall grunting as her entire frame is peppered with shots she has no answer for. Beckinsale even scoring with a hook to the side of Hall’s tummy towards the end of the round, making Rebecca wince and stumble. But Beckinsale not entirely lucky after Hall anticipated her attack, slams her own fist into the side of the Vixen’s head, making Kate grunt as she covers up. Hall on her case, follows up with more jabs slammed into the lips and body, but Kate manages to get away without much else suffered at the sound of the bell.

Kate still needs to fight a little smarter if she wants to go the distance here. She keeps stepping into the firing path of her opponent, with Hall only too happy to exploit this free target practice. Rebecca gleefully snapping leather into Kate’s face from afar, trying to keep Beckinsale away from her. One positive thing about Beckinsale, however, is that she’s hella stubborn, keeps on barreling inwards and then rocking the taller woman with a makeshift hook sent into her tummy, up into the ribs or into the arms, making it difficult for Rebecca to shake her foe off completely. Kate’s strategy seems to be bearing fruit in the final minute of the round, once more taking a couple hits to the face but then breaking through and landing a stiff swipe across Rebecca’s chin, sending the Lookout! starlet swerving hard into the ropes, looking dazed! Hall’s eyes wide with panic as Kate gets on her case immediately, digging more gloves into her body before taking casual potshots at her upper torso. Before Kate can send her foe down for good, however, the bell rings to end her advantageous position, meaning Rebecca survives to fight another round!

Slow start to round 4 as either woman hopes to press her advantage but doesn’t want to take any big risks. They circle and resume strikes from afar, but Kate gets a better sense of her foe’s rhythm and manages to block a majority of Rebecca’s jabs aimed at her head, then jams her own fists into her opponent’s face and body. Hall gets rocked by another one-two blasts to the nostrils, making her retreat in a daze. Kate not about to let this opportunity go to waste, barrels in looking for a knockdown, scores on Hall’s face with more precise and powerful shots one after another, each time knocking her head further and further back, until finally a right cross JAMMED through the guard, landing hard on the chin and KNOCKING Rebecca clean off her feet and straight onto her back! It’s a KNOCKDOWN for Ms Beckinsale!

Kate throws an arm up into the sky and lets out a roar, before turning to neutral corner to catch her breath. She’s certainly done much more in the past two years than her past five combined, staying true to her belief that she has plenty more to give. Rebecca still stunned on the ground, lying flat on her back and staring up at the bright lights - she barely makes it off her back as the referee counts her chances all the way out to 10!! It’s over!!

Official Decision: Kate Beckinsale defeats Rebecca Hall via KO4!

Show of sportswomanship as Beckinsale immediately heads over to Hall, kneeling down and asking her if she’s alright. No need for showboating or any celebration at their age and accomplishment - simply adds another win to her belt and keeps looking to the horizon. 

Hall appreciative of the show of respect, shares a brief embrace after she’s helped off her back and manages to sit against the ropes for support. A good show of effort as well from Ms Hall tonight after not being in the ring for so long! 



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