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27 December 2019 Emma Marrone vs Sasha Pieterse

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Dec 27, 2019, 5:20pm



Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Emma: 35 YO, 5’6 (1.67 m), 0-1-0 (FCBA) since 2018, Latin Union

Sasha: 23 YO, 5’6 (1.67 m), 12-12-0 since 2014, Pretty Little Punchers

Before: Italian singer Emma Marrone is making her second visit to the FCBA. Last year she lost a KO5 to Hailee Steinfeld, but she is back and more confident than ever.

“This year I have won the Italian Bantamweight title,” says Emma in the pre-fight, “and I am now a much better fighter than I was in 2018. Sasha Pieterse will be the first to taste bitter defeat at the gloves of Emma Marrone!”

Sasha Pieterse just shakes her head: “Confidence is one thing, but foolishly thinking she can beat me is another. I don’t claim to be the best bantam in the FCBA, but I am certainly good enough to beat her!”

Emma is not pleased with this: “Are you calling me a fool?”

“I don’t know if you are a fool, but you are talking foolishly to think you can beat me!” Sasha retorts.

Emma glares at Sasha. They each have their own podium about 6 feet apart. Emma’s in a seasonal green with gold snowflake tops and red miniskirt. Sasha’s in a blue top with silver snowflakes and a silver miniskirt. Sasha looks back defiantly at Emma.

“I demand you apologize!” Emma said.

“No,” Sasha says flatly.

There is a pitcher of water on each podium. Emma seizes her, shoots across the 6 feet and dumps the contents over Sasha’s head drenching her blonde hair in ruins. Sasha is momentarily shocked, but in an instant she has seized her own pitcher and hurled the contents into Emma’s face! Emma his knocked back on her high heels spluttering and coughing. The one of Emma’s high heels breaks and she loses her balance. Emma falls to the floor of the stage.

“Don’t mess with me!” Sasha says standing triumphantly over Emma.

Emma lets out a scream of rage and lunges forward at Sasha. Sasha tries to jump back, but Emma manages to grab Sasha’s silver miniskirt and rips it down to Sasha’s knees revealing the blonde’s black satin panties. Then Sasha, hobbled by the skirt now below her knees, falls onto her back. Instantly, the Italian blonde is upon the American blonde slapping Sasha across the face and tearing at her top.

Sasha quickly rallies with a forearm to Emma’s chin that knocks her back. Sasha makes a grab for Emma and manages to yank down Emma’s red mini-skirt revealing her green panties. Emma and Sasha are on their knees now and have both hands sunk into each other’s blonde locks. They rocking back and forth while screaming at each other. (Emma’s mixture Italian and English quite impressive according to bilingual catfight fans in the audience).

Then FCBA Security men finally rush out onto the stage and (with some difficulty) separate the angry ladies and get them off the stage. However a good many clips of the fracas soon pop up on social media and gain the fight much more attention than some had expected. The crowd is all revved up as the fighters report to the ring on the night of the PPV.

Emma is in lacy green bra and panties with red gloves and small boots (green laces). Emma’s bobbed blonde hair is loose but wetted down.

Sasha is in a satiny blue bra and panties with silver snowflakes. She has blue gloves and small boots (silver laces). Her long blonde hair is pulled back in a tight single braid..

Tense meeting with the referee for instructions. Sasha and Emma go in for chest and hip bumping that raw stern lecture from the referee. Sullen glares continue and the glove ”tap” is a SMACK that’s heard in the nose bleed seats of the arena. However they do make it to her corners and the crowd is eagerly awaiting the bell. It rings!

R1: Emma away from her corner smartly and plows her red gloves straight into 32B chest of Sasha who gets knocked back on her heels. Sasha goes for Emma’s 34A breasts with answering jabs, but then Emma lands smacking left/right combo to Sasha’s jaw. Sasha goes wobbly and Emma swings to the belly with sharp digging hooks. Sasha trying to counter with the jab, but gets clouted again to the jaw and she staggers back. Emma bounds forward and pummels Sasha to the body and drives the blonde Puncher into the ropes. Sasha huddled against the strands, taking a seat and covering her face with her gloves. Emma feasting on Sasha writhing body and giving her really washboard scrub down. Bell rings and a bleary-eyed Sasha looks dazed as Emma backs away and leaves her hanging there against the ropes. Emma wins this round easily.

R2: Emma all smiles and good cheer during the break. Sasha revived on her stool by the ministrations of the PLP corner crew. Trainer Nia Peeples trying to get her shaken fighter calmed and refocused.

Bell sounds and Emma comes charging out of her corner. Sasha seems slower and more cautious as she leaves her stool. Then Emma is on Sasha, swinging for her head with big blockbuster rights and lefts. Punches are big, but also relatively slow. Sasha able duck under the blows and then launch a vengeful right uppercut that catches Emma full under the chin. POW! Emma’s head snaps back and she goes stumbling back as her legs quake as the impact of that uppercut radiates through Emma’s body. Sasha now moves swiftly to follow-up and she doubles Emma up with deep pounding hooks to the belly. Sasha drives Emma into the ropes and pounds away to the Emma’s trembling body as the beleaguered Italian protects her had and face with her. Sasha giving Emma a methodical, but clearly vengeful body banging beat down working from breasts to abs and the rib cage as well. Emma now the one hanging against the ropes at the bell as Sasha gives her a gloating look before heading for her corner. Sasha Pieterse takes this one wide.

R3: The Latin Union corner crew works hard to repair and restore the battered Emma Marrone for the next round, but they don’t have much time to do it. Sasha sitting up right on her stool in the opposing corner and looking wolfishly over at Emma, she looks eager to get back in action. She soon gets her chance. The bell rings.

Out comes Sasha Pieterse who steadily approaches a sluggish and defensive Emma Marrone. Sasha strikes at Emma with rights and left punches that bounce of the sides of Emma’s head as she tries to crouch behind her gloves. Blows make Emma shudder and try to move away from Sasha. Sasha stalking Emma down like a leopard closing in on a hurting antelope. Emma just trying to keep some distance to recover and then launches some jabs to try to keep Sasha back. Sasha ignores the jabs and then suddenly pounces with a lightning strike uppercut that gets behind Emma’s gloves as she tries to jab. The uppercut lands with devastating effectiveness under Emma’s chin. Emma frozen in place from the impact. Sasha then slams in rights and lefts to the jaw AND DOWN GOES EMMA! Emma’s legs just collapse and she crashes forward in a heap as Sasha dances back. Sasha scampers to the neutral corner. The referee moves in. Emma does try to push herself up off the canvas and she actually makes it to her knees, but it is too little too late. Emma looks up in despair at the referee who is counting:



After: Sasha gleefully runs up to the kneeling Emma and hoists her to her feet: “Thouught you beat me, didn’t you? YOU DIDN’T I BEAT YOU! I BEAT YOU!”

Emma mutters something in Italian that probably isn’t very complimentary. Sasha may not recognize the words, but she can sure tell the meaning. She angrily pulls Emma’s face against her sweaty chest and rubs it hard. Then she fixes her arms behind Emma’s head and pulls her into the wet darkness of her juggs. Emma tries to protest, but her mouth is full of Pieterse jugg and it is muffled. Sasha holds the boob smother until Emma’s knees give out and she sinks to the canvas. Sasha lets go and Emma falls forward, her green pantied buns pointing at the lights. Sasha poses next to these elevated buns and then gives a smack that sends Emma shooting into a prone position on the canvas.

Sasha then strolls back to the PLP corner to accept the congratulations of Ashley Benson, Janel Parrish and Troian Bellisario.

Short, but intense fight while it lasted. Both fighters were primed to go all-out and when you do that the result is seldom a lengthy fight. Emma won the first round, but Sasha came back to take the second, and Emma couldn’t recover enough to make it through R3. Good win for Sasha and a disappointment for Emma, but fans (especially those who like their fights with unannounced JMD mixed in) did get their tickets worth in this one. 



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