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27 December 2019 Emily Ratajkowski vs Natalie Eva Marie

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Dec 27, 2019, 5:19pm


Emily Ratajkowski vs Natalie Eva Marie (JMD)

(27, 5’7, 29:14 FCBA, VIXENs)

Eva Marie:
(35, 5’8, 2:5 FCBA, Free Agent)

“A fight to end the year, and a JMD one at that,” Emily grinning at the press conference, looking stunning in her black bra and briefs, a white long shawl draped over both shoulders. “Even though she’s a Free Agent, Eva’s still a dangerous opponent. She’s got the athleticism to go twenty rounds in the ring, so I plan on getting into her face and constantly sapping that energy, before putting her snug to sleep with her face in my chest. How’s that sound, Natty?”

“Hmph. How is this scrawny b*tch ranked 9 in the rankings?” Eva Marie replies, rolling her eyes from across the table. The former WWE Diva is dressed in a blazing hot red bikini top and bottom, her equally flaming hair tied into a long ponytail out back. “Emily’s got nothing on me. I’m taller, I pack more power in each of my swings, and not to mention, I’m an actual athlete. All Emily’s done is pose nude for photographs!”

Girls chest up at the podium, as is the norm, hands on hips and lips pursed in faces. Referee pulls them apart before things get even more physical, leads them both back to locker rooms, where we just have to wait for the start of this JMD match-up. Later in the ring, girls in the same attire from before as they make ready in corners. Gloves raised and chins nodding as the referee rings the bell and HERE we go with ten rounds!

Natalie dominating the early action, wants to crowd in close and take this twig of a stick that is Emily Ratajkowski clean off her feet with some wide swings to her head. Emily shocked initially, taking some hits on her arms, and she lets out a loud yelp as she goes sailing to the side a couple of times before managing to maintain her distance and jab back. But her aim’s kinda off after getting rattled earlier, allowing Natalie to capitalise, charging in and banging leather off the lean girl’s body, throwing Emily’s torso to the side and leaving her seething. Emily fights back with jabs to Eva’s chin and chest, but nothing seems to stop the redhead’s blazing advance towards her. Round ends with them exchanging shots to each other’s chest in mutual animosity, pumping leather gloves into jugs or swiping those orbs to the side, but at the bell, it’s Emily who’s covering up and wincing, and Natalie still shaking off the adrenaline as she parades back to corner.

Natalie’s experience in the WWE might make all the difference in this fight, with the red-haired goddess wading into the action with her arms raised and throwing combinations in Emily’s direction. But Ratajkowski has other ideas, throws her guard up then scoots out of the way, that earlier assertion of getting into Eva Marie’s face flying out the window now that she’s gotten a taster of Natalie’s power at close range. Eva swishing hooks, but she’s mostly missing as Emily uses her agility to evade, then jam her glove back into the redhead’s cheek and chest, slowly whittling Natalie down with each painful gasp and yelp. Only in the last minute does Natalie switch tactics and jab back, stinging the cheek and body with a few choice flurries, but Emily ain’t troubled by this point, with the Vixen taking the round wide for herself by the time the bell rings.

Girls stick to last round’s strategy and trade jabs to the face in the first minute, both trying to push forward but can’t quite slip past the other girl’s defences just yet. Emily in particular has to punch a whole lot more often in order to equalise the damage being done, with Natalie’s single straight punch to the middle of her arms forcing her back considerably more. Eva Marie getting confident about her power, starts pushing with a jab-jab-SWWOOOSH of a right hook, that SLAMS hard into Emily’s arms and almost takes her head off. Ratajkowski lets out a GASP and rotates into the ropes, shellshocked regardless of whether that swing landed clean or not, and now having to fend off more strapping blows to her tummy as Eva Marie crowds in and SWINGS away! Poor Emily’s caught on the ropes, trying to clinch up but getting folded over with her face buried deep in red hair! NOT a good round for the model as the referee has to pull Eva Marie off at the sound of the bell! Another dominant round for the former WWE starlet!

Ratajkowski still cupping her body with one glove as she winces whilst rising from her stool. Emily still looking determined however not to lose this fight, easily side-steps a charging Eva Marie and then plants a firm hook into the side of her face, shocking the bigger girl once, twice, before the redhead gets the idea and throws her guard back up. Natalie was thinking it was time to end this fight, but surprised when Emily still resisted, and not just resisted, but actively pushed her advantage and shocking her with a barrage of jabs to the arms and body. Emily might be leaner but she still packs a mean punch in her arms as she buries another one-two into the midsection before trying her own hand at a straight cross to the chest. Natalie gurgling as the punch lands hard, pushing her backwards whilst clutching at her breasts. Bell rings and Emily stops herself mid-charge, intending some payback of her own back there before being halted prematurely. Looks like this fight is more even than we thought.

Natalie showing signs of weariness as she gets back up from her stool in corner breathing hard. It’s one thing to participate in a choreographed fight with another WWE superstar, and a whole other to have your opponent actively trying to plant you in the ground as early as possible. Natalie fights back with a few slow swings to the head in the first minute, but Emily just swerving her head and torso back to avoid, slow payback as she shoves her leather glove into the beleaguered redhead’s face and chest, slowly whittling Natalie down to size. Natalie lets out another groan as a hook grazes her chin, further staggering her. Emily jumps in to finish, buries another into her side, folding Natalie over, before a final swing to the face TORQUES the poor woman off her feet! That’s it!! Eva Marie landing flat on her face with a loud groan, arms and legs spreadeagled as the referee takes one look and WAVES it off!!

Official Decision: Emily Ratajkowski defeats Natalie Eva Marie via KO5!

Quick retribution as Emily sheds her gloves, crashes into the struggling redhead, who’s still on the ground. Emily helps herself to two fistfuls of hair before sending a knee SMACK! into Eva Marie’s chin. Natalie groaning, squirming down below, but too stunned to stop Ratajkowski from planting her butt in the dazed girl’s lap before locking in the sitting breast smother with interlocking arms around the back of her head and neck, pulling Eva Marie’s face snug into her chest! 

Powerful wrestling instincts suddenly take over as Eva Marie’s body pulses with the last vestiges of strength, but it’s Emily’s leaner, more flexible body, wrapped around her like an anaconda devouring a bigger animal, that has Ratajkowski licking her lips, encircling long legs around the waistline and squeezing, her biceps working their magic up top as she presses the smother in tight, all the while cooing insults into the top of Eva Marie’s head.

We’d say this match is definitely over as Eva Marie goes limp after a minute or two, and Emily Ratajkowski gets back to her feet to soak in the cheers with a smile! 



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