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27 December 2019 Selena Gomez vs Elizabeth Gillies

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Dec 27, 2019, 5:17pm


Selena Gomez vs. Elizabeth Gillies

The bout tonight was a special one as the arena was decorated for the Christmas season. Selena Gomez would be boxing Elizabeth Gillies.

Selena seemed fitter and bustier thanks to her diet and weight solutions. Some are wondering if she will box JMD. She laughs and smiles coyly at the suggestion. Gomez says she is happy to be boxing again and wants to show off her new boxing body.

Elizabeth is a recent signee to GBS after her previous stable folded. She has been hard at work in the gym with Jeri Ryan to prepare her for this bout. Gillies talks about how excited she is to be signed by GBS and how she hopes to be a winning boxer for them.

The night of the bout arrives and the two come to the ring in full Christmas gear.

Selena appears in dark green bikini with red gloves.

Elizabeth wears a red bikini with red gloves.

Both were wearing Santa hats for the pre-fight festivities.

Round 1 & 2:

The boxers split the first tow round as both won a round widely. First it was Selena who went into Gillies’ face with some connecting punches. Elizabeth was forced to defend and move in circles. A double hook combination to Gillies wobbles her to the ropes. Soon Selena is launching point blank punches to Elizabeth’s face. This is only ended by the bell. To open the second round, Selena again came straight at Elizabeth. But this time there is a great exchange of punches between these two. Gillies is able to get inside and work Gomez’s midsection which does halt Selena’s rampage. Soon Selena is wobbly and is moving backwards. Now her breasts have Elizabeth’s gloves on them as she goes to hit them with a right hook and left cross combination. Then Gillies moves up to Selena’s face with some close punches of her own. Gomez goes to brawl but gets outpunched by Elizabeth.

Round 3:

The round opens slowly as Elizabeth seems to be beating Selena to the punch as it were. A left jab puts Selena on defense and she is looking to get out of this. Gomez is able to get inside thanks to a missed straight left from Gillies. Soon Selena is working Liz’s body with some hooks of her own. Liz has to defend and soon the fans are on their feet as these two throw punches and put some into each other’s breasts. Now this looks like a JMD bout as both grunt and moan as their breasts take hard shots. The bell clanged to end the round. The boxers looked at one another before going to their corners. The round was a draw.

Round 4:

The fourth round opened with Elizabeth’s combination to Selena’s body which puts her on the defensive. Gomez boxes back thanks to some hard jabs and crosses. Soon both move about the ring trying to get the upper hand. Selena tries to trap Elizabeth in a corner but is unable to thanks to Gillies’ own straights. The two seemed to be boxing not as frantic as they had been before in this bout. It was more controlled. The round was another close one this time won by Gillies.

Round 5:
This round sees Gillies get beaten to the punch by Gomez with a short jab and huge uppercut. Selena then adds a huge cross to Gillies’ face which hurts Elizabeth. Gomez soon is punching away at Elizabeth’s face. DOWN GOES GILLIES! Gomez stands over her for a moment or two before being yelled to go to a neutral corner. Elizabeth rises by 7 and is checked over. The bout continues as the fighters are waved back on. Selena rips a great left cross and right hook to Elizabeth’s face. Gillies falls back to the ropes and is hurt more now. Two more head punches snap her head back and Gillies is not answering back. Gomez is pulled off of her and shown to her corner. TKO 5 – Selena Gomez.


Elizabeth sits in her corner and is being worked on. She seemed to be winning this fight and is now stopped by Gomez.

Selena enjoys her victory announcement and glove raising. She raises both arms and bounces about, in both senses of the word, in the ring for her fans and the photographers. 



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