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27 December 2019 Kira Kosarin vs Priyanka Chopra

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Dec 27, 2019, 5:13pm


KIRA KOSARIN (22 y/o, 5 ft 6, W: 22, L: 10) vs PRIYANKA CHOPRA (37 y/o, 5 ft 6 1/2, W: 12, L: 11)

Results: Lookout!, Writing: Bonzo

Before: Priyanka Chopra‘s that rarest of flowers in the FCBA: a late bloomer. The Indian-born beauty‘s only had her debut fight at the age of 33. And it became clear she was destined for bigger things when she got signed by one of the FCBA‘s oldest, most legendary stables right after her debut fight. 2018‘s been the breakout year for Priyanka – and she crowned a six-fight winning streak with a dramatic KO victory over tonight‘s young, bratty opponent, Kira Kosarin early this year. A title opportunity swiftly followed, but Priyanka ultimately couldn‘t get it done against a dominant Demi Lovato. The rest of the year‘s been a mixed affair for the brunette beauty: hard losses to Kaya Scodelario, multi-champion Evangeline Lilly and Brie Larson have certainly killed some of her special momentum. The press wants to know: isn‘t going back to Kira now a risky move?“

“No, it‘s the best move right now,“ Priyanka says slily. “We‘re seeing a development that‘s going in our favour. Kira‘s a great talent, but there‘s a lack of discipline. She‘s one of those girls who doesn‘t want to work on her jab, stay patient. It‘s always wild and smoky with her. That just plays well with my experience, my command of the ring. These young chicks always cheat on their gym time – you just have to wait for them to lose steam so you can pop the bubble. How about Kira‘s cute lil‘ chin? Well, let‘s just say I‘ve already found out that I‘ve got a sledgehammer that can drop her. That‘s all I need to know tonight, too.“

Of course, Kira‘s biggest 2019 disappointment wasn‘t the Chopra fight, but a later title fight loss to Bella Thorne, yet wins over Demi Lovato and Minka Kelly have now brought her back on track. Against Priyanka, she‘s clearly in full revenge mode. Their second encounter ended in a humiliating post-fight smother at the hands of the beautiful Indian. Memories of those scenes have Kira‘s eyes fuming with steam:

“Outrageous behaviour! Priyanka should have absolutely been fined. But she will feel sorry for that behaviour tonight: every jab to her mouth, every hook into that flab of a tummy, every right hand kissing off her pretty face – every punch will count double tonight! The only thing going up in Priyanka‘s career is when she‘s looking at the scales each morning! I‘m a-punchin‘ chubby Miss Chopra back into mediocrity.“

Fight night attire: Girls don‘t disappoint: Priyanka‘s clad in a tight leather bra, dark black cut-off trunks, white boots, her black hair loose and curly – Kira‘s sporting regular gold-coloured boxing trunks, a sparkly silvery glitter bra, black boots, her brunette hair in a braid.

Fight:R1: Chopra shows a good, stuffy jab poke in early confronts as girls stalk, turn, shoot: girls fire away and Priyanka lays some sweet left hands past Kira‘s right shoulder, ringing shots to brunette neck/face, winning first exchanges. Fast hops across mid-ring ground, both (left) arms pitching into shots: clubbing lefty jab chops to Kira‘s right ear, has her stumbling away to the right, all out of balance. Priyanka rushes in all big n‘ bad, chest heaving with effort, as arms swing for glory: brawling righty hurls to Kira‘s mouth, thudding hard on an askew mouthpiece – a quick-toss left cross toils to Kosarin‘s right ear, rocking her world, back-pedalling her. CLUBBING shots fly past Kira‘s flickering head: hard lefties, righties detonate to head, shoulders, brawl the bratty brunette towards ropeside hide-outs.

Rapid blinks, her mouth stunned open, teeth gritted as Kira‘s back‘s on the apron, legs wide apart: hard, angry left hand swing thumps past Priyanka‘s head as Chopra leans n‘ ducks, tosses the lefty uppercut to Kira‘s right cheek – there‘s daze in Kira‘s eyes! Hard, sweeping body right hand from ropes thumps to Priyanka‘s breadbasket, hurting the girl for the first time: Chopra tightens her stance, hopping out while stretching out jabs, all shoulders hunched, chin tucked in as she circles away: stumbling steps lead Kira outta ropes, slowly stabilizing.

Mid-round scenes are tummy-to-tummy at ropes: girls fall in after jabs and tossing right hands, clasping arms tight around shoulders/hips, stumbling back and forth for control – ref stepping in when the holdin‘ n‘ hittin‘ gets too much! Girls pant, whine, complain to ref: both steps back in via wide, overhand tosses, long slingin‘ jabs to tummy – action usually slows into hold n‘ hit at some point as muscular bodies jostle for proud position, leverage. Down the stretch: long, lean jab from a hunched Kira hurls into Priyanka‘s tummy, fast hop-back doesn‘t get her out of range fast – sweet top right hand CRUSHES to Kira‘s forehead, lefty chops to mouthpiece hard! Thick thighs buzz as eyes flicker n‘ flinch: Kira‘s huuuuuurt, only saved by her strong, athletic legs! Steps stomp around, hands kept peek-a-boo as Chopra snarls, pitches a short lefty hook upside Kira‘s tummy: shot beneath elbows has Kosarin‘s torso twitching, her eyes aghast, all tummy hurt at bell! “Welcome to my world, sissy!“, Priyanka snaps as ref separates girls for break.

R2: Legs, jabs, discipline get Kira in on the action: brunette‘s using lithe legs to up the tempo, set pressure on a sturdy Chopra – she‘s setting up a fast rhythm, left hand loose at hips, ready for snappin‘ jabs to Priyanka‘s face as she‘s loping, sliding around Chopra‘s flanks. Priyanka‘s forming a strong, sturdy guard in her pursuit, planted strong on her hips as head/upper body stay bendy, weavy as she‘s negotiating the distance, trying to weave close, land the hard uppercut right to Kira‘s cheek/ear. Girls turn-with: rangy, lithe hop-to-right, hop-back-left from Kira, walks Priyanka into a crackin‘ lil‘ snap-jab from the hips that scrapes up ALL of Chopra‘s chin! Shot toggles Priyanka‘s head to starboard as skull snaps back! More of the same: aggression, as a thick-legged Chopra‘s stomping forward, bending at the waist, leaning her torso into heavy attacks shots – droning punches (left, right) looking for her foe‘s mouth/temple. Kira‘s jab cracks the riddle: fast side-steps, lithe hops, that snappy jab played loose from the hips – she‘s making Priyanka pay for intruding, putting a spank on that pretty face!

Body shots: buggy-whip right latches Priyanka‘s waist as Kira steps around the Indian flank counter-clockwise – first sign of Kira‘s plans for Chopra‘s tummy tonight! Priyanka turns: EATS the shoveling lil‘ left uppercut to (right) sternum – nasty shot has strong body cranking as Chopra hides behind guard, eyes betraying confusion. Strong legs hold Priyanka up: she‘s still trying to close, lean her head past Kira‘s right shoulder to clinch: she gets sucked the nasty lil‘ uppercut from Kira‘s hips instead, a healthy forearm shot across the breasts as Kira side-steps, lopes around Chopra‘s flanks, stays rangy and safe.

Late second minute: rangy ring management, Kira – long, lithe torso snaps into attacks shots...the bullwhip right to Priyanka‘s flank, the stepped-in, slingin‘ lefty to tits as Chopra‘s stumbling forward foggy and a lil‘ hurt. Kira circling her prey: alert head moves brunette out at first sign of Chopra twisting to punch, alert snap-jab punishes Priyanka moving forward. Down the stretch, Kira squares up, collecting her dues at the ropes: blastin‘ WHACKS take a peek-a-boo Chopra behind either elbow, healthy forearms to head/shoulder put Priyanka into proper position as right hands get greedy inside Chopra‘s tummy. Indian beauty‘s numbed, staggering after bell, grabbing behind her for ropes to support weight: a pert finger wiggles into an unsuspecting Priyanka‘s face – “Makin‘ you look old, woman“, Kira blurts out.

R3: Kira‘s legs lope fast, setting up that snappy jab on Priyanka again: Chopra has other plans! Short, twisty hook upside Kira‘s trunks taps to young brunette, doubles her up a-gaspin‘ guuuhh as breathtaking effect comes in delayed! Kosarin circles out, regrouping, slowing down: Priyanka‘s planted strongly, stalking her girl close, pitching into smug lil‘ hooks to Kira‘s solarplexus, sternum, her weight on left foot, driving a long, HARD right hand to Kosarin‘s tits! Short, aggressive uppercuts (left, right) from Chopra‘s lap: Kira‘s hurling her head away, ducking, baby-stepping wobbly-butt as she‘s trying to avoid Priyanka‘s hammers! Step n‘ feint, Priyanka: Kira bites, EATS the gorgeous right hand polish to her mouth! Dizzy-legged stumble to ropes, Kira – Priyanka snarls, laying a beefy forearm down atop the young brunette‘s shoulder, playing big-girl – lashing lil‘ hooks bend into Kosarin‘s waistline, as Priyanka‘s stepping back to walk a stumblin‘, rickety Kira into nasty hook shots when she staggers off the ropes.

Mid-round: Chopra‘s planted mid-ring as Kira stalks, weaving side to side, trying to put her jab back into Priyanka – Chopra blocks shots via her left arm, bull-rushes her left shoulder into Kira‘s tits, turning Kosarin‘s flanks, pushing off her big-girl, bulling her back. Faltered steps as push‘s got Kira off balance, just not used to getting handled by a bigger bantam in the ring! Chopra‘s dominant, being physical, strong: slinging jabs beat Kira to punches, push n‘ shove gives Priyanka leverage, has Kira frustrated, getting her flanks turned and turned again by her foe. Sudden jackhammer: suckin‘ lil‘ hook to trunks sits Kira atop ropes, sobbing a little gasp as mouth opens in shock – a choppin‘ lefty pitches to Kira‘s head, a choppin‘ righty pitches to left ear, tap! Nasty head-toggle as Kira‘s getting her face PASTED: confused brunette stumbles off ropes in a haze of fog, eyes blinking rapidly, suddenly sliding down Priyanka‘s big frame as knees give way – she‘s turned into a pantin‘, shiverin‘ beauty, collapsing onto all fours!

Priyanka‘s all smiles, touches down to give sniffin‘ Kira a healthy lil‘ slap on her soaring butt: ref warns her sternly, pushes her away to count out Kira! Kira‘s rickety frame‘s swaying as she stabilizes her elbows on the canvas, finally BEATS THE COUNT at 8: ref rules her good to go! Brave, sturdy Kira: damaged brunette sets up a sturdy stance, hiding big behind guard, legs wide apart, working via ropes to pull down Priyanka‘s arms, take her into clinches. Chopra in control: she‘s setting up rangy hook work to Kira‘s flanks, tummy, POUNCING in via nasty lil‘ hooks upside Kira‘s brows, temples, staggering her girl away. Curvy legs, Kira: she‘s back-pedalling, bending forward, stretching out hands to push Priyanka off, detonate slugback rights in her foe‘s tits! Chin-check down the stretch: hard left jab to tits stabilizes Kira – a BIG, swinging right hand belts to Kosarin‘s jawline, drapes Kira‘s butt against ropes, sees her hunching low behind guard, legs trembling.

Bell: Kira‘s a lil‘ foggy on her stool, looking disoriented, hurt, struggling to sit upright against turnbuckle – Priyanka‘s wide-eyed and alert, nodding to team‘s advise, throwing hungry, smoldering looks across the ring. “Patience, Priyanka! Set up the jab, don‘t brawl, make her walk – you got this, girl!“

R4: Priyanka‘s fighting in that snarlin‘, aggressive fashion: she‘s pouncing in fast, laying quick and steady hooks across Kira‘s guard/front – Kira‘s in back-pedals, defending on autopilot, forming a sturdy, rigid guard. Stoop-to, Chopra: nasty lil‘ slingin‘ jab into tummy cramps up sturdy brunette, eliciting an audible grunt as Kira shifts weight, trying to side-step. Hop-right, Chopra: poppin‘ lil‘ right uppercut scrapes Kira‘s hairline as brunette ducks, stumbles into a meaty clinch around Priyanka‘s pecs. After long ref‘s break: more of them bouncy, peppy attacks as Priyanka dictates range, tempo – she‘s hopping into longer, shorter jabs at will, trying to find Kira‘s jaw via banging right hands. Kira‘s leggy stamina after first minute: damaged brunette‘s trying to fade the pressure, stepping left, right from Chopra‘s slingin‘ jabs, stooping low for answer hooks to Priyanka‘s breadbasket, tits. A startled frown on Chopra‘s face after a smooth slip n‘ pivot walks HER into two tappin‘ jabs to mouth, jaw, hopping out rapidly. Kosarin beats Priyanka to a drifting hook on mouth: and the sturdy Indian beauty‘s staggering away wobbly-butt!

Mid-round: tuff clinches as girls stagger for control, digging away in toe-to-toe fashion as lithe bantam bodies quiver, hold ground. Girls lean in mouths on shoulders, edging ahead via shoulders, stooping: hard, confident tummy work, Kira! Brunette‘s outtake out-tempoing Chopra: sturdy hip/shoulder rotations as lefts/rights pump into Priyanka‘s flanks/lats – Kira‘s going paunch, dicating tummy work! Jostling body work rips away momentum from Priyanka: black-haired beauty‘s tying up around Kira‘s muscular arms/shoulders, looking passive as Kira works n‘ digs, bulling Chopra‘s butt towards ropes. Ruff work has Chopra grumblin‘, mumblin‘ protest to ref: a tuff shoulder throw into Priyanka‘s mouth, hairline scrubbing temple – Kira‘s sudden bullying‘s got Priyanka staggered, passive!

Down the stretch: Kira on top at ropes, employing big-girl boxing as Chopra‘s hovering across the apron – Priyanka bangs back bravely, stroking hard, tuff crosses to Kira‘s tits/biceps, just not dislodging her hated foe. Round ends to Kira walkin‘ Chopra into a nice lil‘ slide-back, step-in jab to mouth that staggers Priyanka starboard! Break: Kira leaning against turnbuckles, eyes closed in exhaustion as legs get rubbed – only this time Priyanka‘s looking just as pasted, almost skidding off her stool as her strong body tumbles into corner. “Time to brawl, Kira“, corner announces. “Get that righty in!“

R5: Girls war-weary after four rounds of non-stop action: Kira‘s upper lip‘s split open and puffy – Priyanka‘s showing puffy cheeks and a swelling cut above her right eye. Girls ranging in n‘ out: stoopin‘, stompin‘ jabs locate Chopra‘s tits/neck/shoulder in clockwise pivots, triggering heavy right hands to Priyanka‘s hairline – Chopra‘s staying mobile, moving in and out of the crouch, rising into a slap-left punch above Kira‘s right eye! Kira‘s head snaps into her guard, she‘s stomping on the spot, forced to back-pedal...fight moves to apron: Kira‘s placed in wide-legged stance, trying to trigger limber left/right strokes across Priyanka‘s bobbin‘ frame. A wide, limber right hand locates Chopra‘s shoulderbone, unhinging her stance: girls trade slammin‘ short-lefts to mouth! Chopra‘s hurt: delayed impact staggers Priyanka‘s steps, swiveling her head! Kira rangy, stepping out with her left outstretched, stalking Priyanka as she moves out of the corner – a short, stubby stomp to Chopra‘s temple! Priyanka‘s strong thighs save the black-haired beauty as her buttocks tremble, guard loose – she‘s stutter-stepping, moving away from Kira‘s hard left poke. Beatdown: patient jab-work, Kira Kosarin – timed shots spruce up Priyanka‘s face, walk her into the slingin‘ tummy-to face shots! Thumping combo: short-jab-to-mouth, right-hand-to-jaw – Chopra‘s stance‘s unhinging, staring into the punches!

Third minutes, ropes: Priyanka ducking low, gets BRUSHED to jawline as Kira times/reads her – legs spasm crazy like jello! A rickety Chopra‘s swaying past top cable, loosely holding her left arm up, left hand curled at tummy, legs trembling, struggling to support weight – Kira shifts weight to left, TAPS THE DOUBLE LEFT UPPERCUT to Priyanka‘s unprotected jaw! Crashdown! Chopra‘s eyes roll back, mouth staring open: sloshing downward spiral sends her to canvas! Priyanka tumbles down parallel to ropes, thudding onto her right side, limbs all loose and rickety: she attempts to grab a rope, using it to pull herself up – but it‘s no-go! Chopra‘s trying to raise that upper bod, but gravity, that k.o. daze slump her back to canvas again! Triumph in Kira‘s eyes: Priyanka‘s all hazy and confused, frowning prettily as heavy chest sloshes to standstill, arms finally laying motionless by her side – that‘s the dramatic KO5 Kira Kosarin!

After: Kira plunges Priyanka Chopra into a crisis! The black-haired beauty can‘t finish Kira off after thumping third round knockdown, gets punched out after Kira‘s impressive comeback. And Kira‘s ready for more Priyanka! Young brunette smuggles thru myriads of ring officials, corner members after knockout count – emerges with a healthy grip inside Priyanka‘s proud black locks! Chopra‘s eyes jolt awake, going clickety-clack in confusion as Kira hunches down, hoists Priyanka up under her arms – and Chopra‘s arms desperately lash out at her foe! Ring officials finally cling onto Kira, trying to pull her off the prey: Kira buries a healthy slap to Priyanka‘s cheek as she‘s hurled off her foe, kickin‘ and yellin‘! Priyanka leans woozily against the cables in shock, that pasted out look still on her face: it‘s her third straight loss at the hands of a hated, young rival! Kira‘s jubilant post-fight: “I stopped her – she‘s a fluke!“ 



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