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27 December 2019 Ana Beatriz Barros vs Robyn Lawley

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Dec 27, 2019, 5:12pm


Ana Beatriz Barros: 37 years old, 5’11”, 4-4 since 2019, Fates Boxing

Robyn Lawley: 30 years old, 6’2”, 11-5 since 2014, Punchaholics Anonymous


“What? Am I supposed to be impressed that a 37 year old has a .500 record? Have you seen who she wins against? Erin Heatherton, who is still winless. Lais Ribeiro, who is still winless. Gigi Hadid, who has had trouble finding traction. Gemma Atkinson, who has struggled tremendously. Whenever Barros comes up against someone with a winning record though, she loses. And guess who has a winning record? I do.” Robyn sits back after unleashing her criticism of her opponent.

Barros pauses before she speaks as she’s still smoldering from Lawley’s criticism. “There’s always a first time for everything – including busting narratives. I don’t care that I’m 37, I’m still in better shape than half the women in the FCBA, and I’m taking names.” The Brazilian gets up and leaves, as Lawley does her best to hold in a smile.

Barros the first to walk towards the ring, removing her robe to reveal a red string bikini set and white gloves, a festive outfit that matches the colors of the season. Lawley then makes her way toward the ring, wearing a blue bikini set and red gloves, the colors of the Australian flag, Lawley’s home country. The two women nod to the ref’s final instructions as if they’re bored and just want to bash the other brunette model. The official calls for the bell and we are underway.

Round 1:

Barros may stand at an intimidating 5’11,” but against the 6’2” Lawley, the Brazilian looks small in comparison and Robyn has a decisive reach advantage that she puts to use right away. Both brunettes use their long legs to quickly reach the center of the ring. Barros starts with a right but Lawley clobbers her with a left of her own, able to land her punch well before Barros’ even got close to the Australian’s head. Robyn stalks Ana around the ring, launching off jabs that batter Barros back into the ropes early and starts pounding the Brazilian’s flesh. Ana Beatriz scrambling for a response when she can’t clinch and lands a desperation left that catches Robyn in the nose, giving the older woman a chance to escape the ropes and drive some punches into Lawley’s body as she covers her face momentarily – but it isn’t long before the younger woman is tagging Barros’ body with lefts and rights and driving her around the ring until the bell dings. Barros goes back to her corner with a somber expression on her face, knowing that her first round just played into Lawley’s narrative, and the Aussie model takes the opening frame on points, wide.

Round 2:

Lawley quickly comes out of her corner as Barros gets out of her corner timidly, taking small steps towards her opponent. Robyn notices Ana’s distance and quickly closes the distance and launches a big right at the Brazilian. Barros catches it in her guard but her arms slam back into her face as the bigger Lawley shows off her power. Lawley then drives her left into Ana’s gut and the Brazilian has the air forced out of her lungs. Robyn’s looking to make quick work of Ana tonight as she pursues the retreating Brazilian around the ring, launching off big punches, catching Barros in the chin and sending her back into the ropes. On comes Lawley – but Barros bounces right back off of the ropes and now it’s the shorter woman who’s getting the punches in. Robyn’s caught by surprise and now Ana is working her from what is close range for both of these tall brunette beauties, not allowing Robyn to get enough distance to get some more extension. Barros goes to the bigger girl’s body, quickly driving rights and lefts into the Lawley, but Robyn’s no pushover and starts to work her close range punches into Ana’s body as the bell rings. Barros may have been staging a comeback, but Lawley’s first half of the round wins her the round on points, close.

Round 3:

The two brunette beauties bound out of their corners for the third round and it’s Ana who makes the first move, driving a hard left at Robyn’s head and following up with a right to the bigger girl’s body. Robyn is unfazed and comes right back at Barros with a right of her own, catching the Brazilian in her chest. Barros drops back and the two women begin circling with Lawley using her longer reach to get at Barros – but Ana is ready for the jabs, dodging them and then taking advantage of Robyn’s exposed face by launching two quick rights straight into her nose, drawing a trickle of blood in the process. Robyn recoils and Ana presses her advantage, but gets sloppy and leaves herself open to a counter from Robyn, who drives a left into the Brazilian’s chin. The bell rings and Barros nabs her first round on points, close.

Round 4:

For the first time this match, Barros seems more confident than Lawley as the round begins and uses her speed advantage to get to Robyn early. Bounce in, get Lawley’s body, back out of range. Change positions and repeat. Barros gets in a rhythm and starts to tee-off on the Australian girl and Lawley’s gets visibly frustrated whenever she swings at Barros and the Brazilian isn’t there. Ana dips back in and wobbles Robyn with a right uppercut and Lawley staggers backwards but is still standing. Barros buries a left into Robyn’s body before going back to her head with a right hook to Robyn’s jaw AND THE 6’2” BEAUTY DROPS TO THE CANVAS! Ana moves to the corner as the ref starts to count over a groaning Robyn. Lawley rolls herself over at four and gets to all fours at six. Lawley shakes her head and pushes herself back up at eight and tells the ref she’s ready to go. Barros goes straight after Lawley and Robyn catches the over-excited Brazilian with a right jab that halts her attack. Lawley takes another swing at Barros but Ana slips out of the way again and hammers a left right into Robyn’s nose and draws a trickle of blood. Robyn takes a third big swing in anger and whiffs entirely and Ana connects with a right cross and sends Lawley staggering into the ropes! Barros pounces on Lawley and pounds her into the ropes and the Aussie’s guard is dropping! Ana keeps on pounding away on Robyn and starts getting her blows to Robyn’s head without any resistance AND THE REF STEPS IN AS LAWLEY IS SAGGING INTO THE ROPES! Your winner by TKO4 in upset fashion, Ana Beatriz Barros!


Barros raises her arms and bellows “Who’s next?” as Lawley is gently helped down to the canvas on wobbly legs. Arguably, this is the Brazilian’s biggest win of her career, and only time will tell whether it was an anomaly or an indication of her potential. 



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