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27 December 2019 Gigi Hadid vs Sophie Turner

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Dec 27, 2019, 5:06pm



Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Gigi: 24 YO, 5’10 (1.78 m), 6-14-0, 6 KO since 2015, The Fighting Academy

Sophie: 23 YO, 5’9 (1.75 m), 11-6-0, 11 KO since 2015, Foxfire Boxing

Before: “It’s been a good year for me,” Sophie Turner tells the press ahead of her fight with Gigi Hadid. “I’m 4-0 with a couple of especially nice wins over Emily Vancamp and Odette Yustman. So another win would allow me to finish the year undefeated. I am not saying Gigi will be an easy opponent. I’ve learned never to underestimate an opponent. I am prepared and I do hope to be the winner when the fight is over.”

Gigi Hadid regards Sophie with resentment: “It’s been too long since my last win. 8 losses since 2017 is not acceptable. Sophie stands over there all perky and confident. Well, let me tell you: you are wise not to underestimate me. I am sick of losing and I am going to break the streak. When I do, I will make someone pay for all the frustration I’ve gone through.”

“Sorry you are feeling so frustrated,” Sophie says, “but I’m not going to be the one you finally are able to beat. It will just have to be someone else.”

“No, I prefer it be you and I will make it you,” Gigi insisted.

“Try all you want, but it won’t happen,” Sophie informs her.

“Which will make it all the sweeter when it does!” Gigi insists.

Tempers seem to running hot and FCBA Security appear in the ring. Sophie Turner looks over to see Foxfire Boxing’s Communications Director Beth Harnois signaling her to cut this short. Sophie looks like she might minded some hair-pulling, face-slapping roughhouse with Gigi, but finally announces she is leaving. Gigi smiles like she has just driven Sophie from the field.

“Save it for the fight,” Beth tells Gigi, “she just wants to distract you.”

“She’s already done that,” Sophie growls, “but it won’t do her any good at the fight. She’s made me mad and she won’t like me when I’m mad.”

“That’s my girl,” Beth said with a smile.

Fight night finds Gigi Hadid coming to the ring in an Christmas red bra and panties set with black gloves and boots (red laces). Gigi’s blonde hair is in a battle braid down her back. Sophie Turner has opted for a Christmas green bra and panties with green gloves and boots (with gold laces). Her red hair is in a perky ponytail. Gigi aggressive during the ring instructions, trying to body up on Sophie and hip bumping her as well. Sophie pushing back on these. Then referee puts his foot down and order is restored. Rest of instructions pass. The glove tap doesn’t even come close to actually touching gloves and then Sophie and Gigi are back in their corners. Then the bell rings. Out they come…

R1: Gigi moves quickly and starts drumming punches into Sophie’s midsection. Sophie trying to move around Gigi, but the model keeps up with her and shifts her fire to Sophie’s face. Sophie struck hard about the face by Gigi’s blows and then Gigi finds Sophie’s chin with a clipping uppercut. Sophie retreating with her gloves up around her head and trying to break up Gigi’s attack with her jab. Gigi moving nicely, bangs Sophie to the side of the head and then works over her breasts with driving rights and lefts. Sophie keeps backing up, but can’t seem to get good counters on Gigi who is showing some good footwork this round. Gigi maintains pressure with more body work down to the bell. Round goes wide to Gigi Hadid.

R2: Sophie now putting the pressure on Gigi as the new round gets started. Gigi coming in, but gets socked hard to the jaw by a muscular Sophie Turner right. Gigi goes lurching to one side and then turns back only to find Sophie in front her. Sophie pounding away at Gigi’s face and body in alternating volleys. Gigi covering up, stuck in defense and trying to find a way to escape Sophie’s relentless punching. Sophie trying to get Gigi into the ropes, but Gigi fights back with enough jabs to stall this effort. Sophie then settles in for some sustained jugg banging to even the score from last round. Bell sounds and Gigi’s looking a bit breathless from that late breast banging. Sophie gives Gigi a cold smile and heads for her corner. Round to Sophie Turner wide.

R3: Gigi trying to get to Sophie’s head with her opening punches, but Sophie evades them and counters with sharp, chipping blows to Gigi’s head. Gigi keeps trying, but she is getting the worst of a series of trades with her face now reddened and swollen. Then Sophie presses hard on Gigi with hooks to the belly until she has the model tipping forward and then she brings rising hooks up into Gigi’s face and breasts. Gigi finally tries to break it off, but Sophie stays with the model and how is working her to the stomach and ribs. Gigi trying to fight back, but she’s not able to slow Sophie down. Sophie backing Gigi around the ring, trying to get her onto the ropes, but Gigi manages to keep slipping away. The bell sounds and Sophie Turner wins another round by a wide margin.

R4: Gigi adopts a new tactic: she storms into Sophie ad pounds her to the body. Sophie now finds herself fighting at point-blank range. Gigi punching solid hooks up into Sophie ribcage and undersides of her breasts. Sophie trying to punch back, but seems cramped at first as Gigi keeps pressing in. Finally, Sophie manages to scoot to one side and buy herself some literal elbow room. Now Sophie can fight back as Gigi resumes her attack. Now Sophie gets to work Gigi’s breasts and ribcage as well as her stomach. However then Gigi brings a surprise right uppercut into Sophie’s chin. Electric shock goes through Sophie’s body and Gigi swats Sophie’s jaw to admit to the red-head’s confusion. Sophie has her gloves up high and Gigi eagerly takes advantage with a pounding attack on Sophie’s vulnerable body. Sophie pushing out the jab to slow down Gigi’s attack, but Gigi moves to side to rattle Sophie’s head with a couple quick overhand rights. Bell sounds. It’s close, but Gigi Hadid wins the stanza.

R5: Gigi and Sophie are out of their corners and into action quickly this round. Gigi is moving forward and trying to bring her power punches into Sophie’s head. Sophie dodges the incoming right and strikes back with her own right. The blow slams into Gigi’s jaw and whips her head around. Gigi’s legs suddenly turn to rubber and she wobbles backwards. Sophie moves in pumping quick uppercuts into Gigi’s chin and then a big powerhouse right to the jaw. Gigi goes crashing onto her side, rolls to her back and lies there with her arms at her sides, her eyes fluttering. Sophie heads for the neutral corner as the referee moves in, but the count is a mere formality. Gigi Hadid is out cold and the fight is over!


After: “That was quite a fight,” Sophie Turner comments in the ring as she watches Gigi Hadid revived and helped from the ring. “Gigi did give me some problems, but nothing I couldn’t work out and finish her off. Looks like she’ll be breaking her losing streak against some other fighter next year.”

“It was a disappointment, a big disappointment, but I will get back on track, I swear it,” Gigi later insists to Archer News reporter Skip Tracey.

It was an interesting fight—while it lasted. Gigi Hadid had a couple of good rounds, but they weren’t enough for her to beat Sophie Turner. Win allows Sophie to finish the year at 5-0 and hopefully see her work her way up the Lightweight Division ladder come 2020. As for Gigi, this was a disappointment and her fans can only hope her boxing fortunes change for the better in the new year. 



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