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3 December 2019 AHW Malika Menard vs Miriam Leone

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AHB: Malika Menard v Miriam Leone


Posted by cbr on Dec 3, 2019 at 9:10am


"Tonight, Apartment Lingerie Boxing Association presents you a 10 rounds fight between two european beauties. In the red corner, Miss France 2010, Malika Menard", the ref announced and Malika walked into the arena in a white robe holding her black gloves high up in the air. The small crowd greeted her with cheers and applause. She strutted to the center of the ring where her coach helped her out of her robe. She was Miss France long time ago, but as she posed for the cameras and did some shadow boxing in her white lacy lingerie set and white stockings and high heels she looked like the time has not touched her. She slowly walked to her corner as the ref continued: "In the blue corner, Miss Italy 2008, Miriam Leone".

Miriam entered the arena followed by her coach. The crowd gave her a big applause as she slipped out of her blue robe. For her fighting attire, the stunning italian redhead picked a shiny blue bra and panties set and neon blue stockings with matching blue boxing gloves. Both girls looked like they were about to shoot for a fashion catalog as they met with referee. He quickly went over the rules and sent the beauties to their corners. They took their high heels off and got their mouth guards in and after some stretching and shadow boxing, the bell rang and the fight was on, former miss France and former miss Italy were boxing for the entertainment of the rich elite.

Both fighters had a lot of experience, they fought each other before and they started the first round cautiously testing each other. Miriam's one-two combination hit Malika's gloves, she replied with a cross that Italian ducked under. Malika went after her swinging at the redhead's body, but Leone blocked and smacked the french beauty with a sharp jab before dancing away to a safe distance. It was a beautiful display of technique and experience from both beauties until the bell and even though no big punches landed, the crowd loved the performance in the first round.

At the bell, the beauties continued with their cautious, technical battle. It was clear that Miriam was the quicker one, she was picking the french lady with quick jabs to the face, followed with a body shot, then backing away to a safe distance. Malika retaliated with big punches that were mostly blocked. She tried to bully Miriam into close combat, but ended up chasing after her and italian boxer smacked her on the nose dancing away. The lady in white did manage to blast a couple of good blows to Miriam's body, but at the bell she seemed frustrated, this was not going as she planned. Miss Leone seemed happy as she walked to her corner, but her ribs were showing the effect of Malika's gloves. 

Malika's corner was busy with talking, while Miriam's corner got her an ice pack for her aching body.

The bell rang and two lingerie clad boxers met each other at the center of the mat. Miriam picked the french beauty with a one-two to the head and finished the combo with a blow to her left breast. Malika bumped the italian beauty's head with a right cross as she backed away and covered up. Miss Leone went for Malika's body, her blue glove smacked hard against Malika's ribs. The brunette fired a big left hook, but hit nothing as Miriam danced away to safe distance. Malika chased her with a right to the ribs, then a left to the face. Both hits landed and Miriam fell them. She took a step back and responded with a quick combination to Malika's body, but that did not stop her advance. Eating another quick punch to her face, Malika rocked Miriam's body with a left to her belly, followed by a right that caught the italian on her cheek. Miriam hopped away, but her back hit the wall and Malika unleashed a flurry of lefts and rights to her body. Her body twitched under the big punches, she had to grab Malika into a clinch. Miriam leaned on the brunette trying to push herself out of the corner, she got a few more hits to her kidneys before the ref pushed them apart. The ref signaled the fighters to continue and Malika punched the italian with a clean right cross to the side of her face. The bell rang and Malika went to her corner, she was disappointed, the round ended just as she was starting to land some big blows to her opponent. Miriam was still stunned from that punch, her mouthguard hanging half way out and to the side of her mouth, she nursed her left cheek with her glove on her way to the corner.

Between the rounds, both corners did their best to refresh their fighters. Malika's coach was happy with how she is doing and urged her to push more, while Miriam's coach told her to be more cautious and cover up, because if it was not for the bell, the next punch would knock her down for sure.

Just as the bell rang, Malika was on to continue where she left off. A right bumped into Miriam's left glove, brunette's left was in full swing, but a quick sharp jab stopped her in her track. Miriam fired another one to her nose and Malika was retreating, gloves high up. Miss Leone went for the body, her blue gloves hit Malika's breasts, first the left, then the right. The crowd went wild as Miriam landed another blow to Malika's belly, then another to her side. French boxer fired a left jab, but Miriam ducked under and rocked her with an uppercut to the chin. Malika's legs buckled, she was hurt. Miriam blasted her boobs with another combination almost popping them out of Malika's white bra. Brunette covered up and stepped to the side, Miriam's glove thudded against her ribs, but Malika retaliated with a right to Miriam's chin. A loud smack stopped Miss Leone in her tracks. A big left splatted hard on her left breast, a right uppercut to the body almost doubled her over. Miriam winced and covered her body. Malika blasted her face with a big right cross, redhead's mouth guard went flying out of her mouth, her head and body followed as she fell sideways to the mat. Malika quickly went to her corner, nursing her sore boobs as the ref went to Miriam and began the count. The crowd went silent. Slowly, the italian boxer rose her head, then she pushed herself to a kneeling position. Finally she stood up on her wobbly feet. She wiped her messy red hair off her face revealing a nasty bruise under her left eye. She put her gloves up, her mouth guard was rinsed and placed back into her mouth and the ref called the fight to continue. Malika attacked the dizzy italian boxer with a right to body, Miriam winced as the black leather smacked against her ribs. Then a sharp jab went thru her guard and rocked her head backwards. The french boxer dug her black glove deep into Miriam's belly and she went down to her knees, then sprawled forward at her opponent's feet. Miss Menard planted her right foot over her fallen opponent's face and made a victory pose before the ref pushed her away to start the count for the second time. At the slow count of 4, Miriam was on all fours, taking deep breaths. Realizing she is near her corner she started to crawl to her sofa. It was a sad sight, former miss Italy in blue lingerie and boxing gloves crawling over the carpet, followed by a boxing referee, counting, but she made it. She lifted herself and sat on the sofa in her corner, then at about 9, she was kind of back on her feet with her gloves up. The crowd gave the italian boxer a big applause. The ref signaled Malika to come over, but the bell rang. Miriam just plopped back to her seat and her corner immediately started reviving her for the next round.

Malika was in need of some help from her team, her face was a bit red, her boobs needed some ice, but she smiled as she looked at her opponent's corner. Miriam was leaning back on the sofa, her arms danging by her sides, her legs spread, her blue stockings laddered and rolled almost under her knees. Her cut man had an endswell pressed under her left eye and an ice pack over her ribs. Her coach was trying to talk her to quit the match, but she was insisting to go on, he kneeled in front of her and massaged her legs, then tried to pull her stockings back up just as the bell rang for the next round.

Malika was quick to get out of her corner, the italian lady took some time to meet her at the center, but she held her guard up and snapped a jab, but it was easily blocked by brunette's gloves. Malika fired a one-two combination rocking Miriam's head backwards. Then she splatted a left and a right hook to her boobs and backed away. Miriam winced in pain and covered up. Malika danced around and ducked under Miriam's right then popped a short uppercut to her boobs. Another jab tilted the italian's head as Malika hopped away. The crowd was silent, they were not expecting this. Miriam was confused too. Instead of an all out attack, Malika was playing with her. She did the same one-two combination followed by a uppercut to the boobs and all punches landed clear. It was a good display of technique from the lady in white, a training session with a lingerie clad punching bag. Malika's corner was not happy with this and her coach shouted at her to finish the fight. The french boxer swung a right into Miriam's left eye. The lady in blue froze for a moment, she made a wobbly step back, but Miss Menard would not let her fall down, her left smacked Miriam's right boob, then a right crashed over the redhead's nose with a loud crack. Miriam went backwards, her back hit a wall and she slid down, legs spread, arms falling to her side. The ref was already there with the count. Miriam was blinking, unaware of her surroundings, her nose was bleeding. Her mouthguard fell out of her mouth and bounced off the floor. The crowd was cheering her to get up. The ref was counting slowly, but it was clear he did not want her to get up. At 5 she was still sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, so the ref stopped the count and called the end of the fight, rising Malika's glove in the air, declaring her the winner by a knockout in fifth round. Miriam's team rushed to her, they lifted her up to her feet and dragged her to her corner where a medic checked up on her.

Malika was celebrating, she was back into her high heels posing for the photographers and she gave a quick word to the press: "Someone told Miriam she can box and she believes she can. She can dance around me all day, but once I get to her, she's done, just like that". Then she left the arena to pick up the prize money.

Miriam was brought back to life and her team escorted the beaten beauty out of the arena. As they walked out, there was a big applause from the crowd, a respect for the stubborn lady boxer who would not stay down.




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