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13 December 2019 Emily DiDonato vs Adriana Lima

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Taylor Swift's 30th Birthday Bash Mini-PPV


Posted by Fates on Dec 13, 2019 at 10:48am


Emily DiDonato vs. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima: 38 years old, 5’10”, 38-26 since 2005, Odds & Ends Fight Studio.

Emily DiDonato: 28 years old. 5’10”, 15-6 since 2017, Fates Boxing.


Tonight’s lightweight match features a rematch from last month’s PPV with two models who have made waves in the industry – both the FCBA and modeling. Lima has been in the FCBA for nearly 15 years, is a three-time Queen of the Ice Hotel champion, a former lightweight champion, and the Mistress of the Body Saddle. And that’s just the FCBA – she was Victoria’s Secret’s longest serving angel. Opposing her tonight is Emily DiDonato, a full decade younger than the Brazilian, and a model for Victoria’s Secret’s nemesis, Sports Illustrated. DiDonato is yet to hold any titles in the FCBA, but has made name for herself since she joined Fates, dispatching top lightweights and only losing to the Brazilian supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima – her next opponent – at lightweight.

The press room quiets down noticeably as the two models enter the room and take their seats, taking turns staring daggers at the other before Adriana starts talking.

“Models these days are spoiled,” Lima begins, her voice dripping with disgust. “They don’t know how hard women like me worked, and that makes them soft – and that’s why I knocked her unconscious two weeks ago. And I’m going to do it again tonight, and then I’ll do the same to Taylor in two weeks and I’ll be champ once again.”

Emily shoots a dirty look at Adriana before speaking, “Adriana, you had your time in the spotlight. But it’s my time now. I’ve been busting it in the gym every day for years on end to get to where I am in my modeling career and in my fighting career. My rise in both has been to all that hard work – so don’t go calling me soft because you’re going to find out why that’s false.”

Lima laughs in response, “You think Sports Illustrated is serious modeling? Give me a break, VS IS the top of the industry, not SI. You can take your bikini body wherever you want, but it will never be as good as my body.”

DiDonato gets up and moves towards Lima, but the security gets between her and the former angel, separating them so that they have to wait for their match.

At the arena, Lima is the first to make her way to the ring, wearing a white bikini top with matching bottoms and gloves, her hair tied up in a ponytail for the match. She is followed by Emily DiDonato, who has elected to go with a purple bikini set with matching to contrast Lima's white, her hair in a bun, and the crowd clearly favors the hometown girl in DiDonato. Emily never lifts her gaze from Adriana, and when asked by the referee, Emily refuses to touch gloves with Lima. The official sighs and calls for the bell.

Round 1:

The young DiDonato charges out after Lima and lashes out with reckless abandon, swinging with massive hooks that Lima simply dodges and parries before whacking the Sports Illustrated model with a right hammer. Emily takes the blow and goes right back after Adriana, trying to use brute force to batter through the Brazilian’s guard. Lima again blocking DiDonato’s punches, analyzing the younger model’s rhythm and then pounces with a right cross across Em’s chin. Lima’s punches knocks DiDo off balance and on comes the Brazilian, rocking Emily with a punch to the lips before bouncing a left off DiDo’s guard. DiDonato giving up ground as Lima just works over her body, hammering Emily’s ribs and chest as she works her into the ropes. DiDonato puts on the quick clinch and forces the referee to break the two women apart. Emily’s breathing fairly heaving as Adriana looks as fresh as ever, and it’s clear Emily’s initial strategy – however ill-advised or driven by a desire for revenge it was – failed. Lima looks to press her advantage over her more tired opponent, but DiDonato keeps pace and starts to land some of the jabs that helped her have her breakout 2019. The bell rings and both women return to their respective corners with Emily being visibly frustrated, as Adriana Lima opens the match by winning the opening round on points, wide.

Round 2:

DiDo warily gets out of her corner, totally changing tactics after the first round and getting a talking to between rounds by Fates. Lima shows her measured confidence as she looks for an opening, jabbing out with measured punches before retreating, limiting DiDonato’s opportunities to strike the model who knocked her out cold just two weeks ago. Emily holds her guard up and starts to anticipate Adriana’s movements and beats her to the punch – literally. As Lima bobs right, DiDonato strikes her in the chin with a strong, clean punch that snaps Adriana’s head backwards. Emily practically jumps to cover the distance and pounces on a reeling Adriana, whipping her head from left to right with a clean cross. Lima pops DiDo with a quick straight as the younger woman chases her opponent, but Emily quickly regains her composure and starts teeing off on Lima’s chest and ribs, working around her guard and forcing the Brazilian to clinch. The bell rings before the referee can separate them and both women push the other away as they lock eyes before retreating to their respective corners. Emily DiDonato evens everything up by taking the round on points, wide.

Round 3:

The third round begins with the two models circling each other, each seeking an advantage over her opponent, but not taking anything too quickly. The younger DiDonato fakes left, then goes right and puts two punches into Lima’s guard, splitting it on the second blow. Lima repositions and then throws a right jab that catches DiDonato in the shoulder and knocks her off-balance. Emily instinctively moves her arms to stabilize herself, but leaves herself exposed in the process and Adriana seizes the opportunity, connecting with a hammer blow on Emily before following up with a jab to the chin. DiDonato takes the blow, but she stumbles backwards before regaining her footing. Lima warily closes the gap as soon as she notices that DiDonato quickly gets her stance back and starts launching jabs at the American, who returns the favor. Both women have the same reach, so neither one can punish the other while avoiding her opponent’s blows, and they trade evenly to the bell. A slower round, which Adriana takes on points, close, and neither woman wants to make a mistake which would cost them a crucial win for the lightweight standings, not to mention as the latest battle between the two.

Round 4:

DiDonato and Lima start the fourth by circling each other again, but this time, neither model is spending too much time jabbing rather than going after her opponent. Adriana opens up with a left that tags Emily in the ribs and the Brazilian goes straight to the younger woman’s body, driving her gloves into Emily’s chest and midriff. Lima bounces backwards and GETS WALLOPED BY A RIGHT FROM DIDONATO! Adriana is stunned and Emily takes the time to line up a vicious right cross right across Lima’s chin. Lima shocked back to reality as she pulls her guard up as she eats another vicious cross and gives up her body, and DiDo plugs leather into Lima’s stomach. DiDonato drives Lima into the ropes, but Lima bounces right back into Emily and the two women collide and get a bit of separation. Both women have their guards down and Lima takes a big swing at DiDo but misses and Emily connects with another cross and DROPS LIMA ONTO HER BACK! The New York crowd cheers for the homegrown girl as DiDo practically prances to a neutral corner as the referee starts to count. Lima’s moving her limbs around, and rolls herself over by the count of five. She gets to all fours at seven, and rises just before nine, and a look of anger works its way onto Emily’s face. The Brazilian stays away from Emily for the rest of the round, and when it’s over and the women are returning to their respective corners, Emily takes the round on points, wide.

Round 5:

DiDo sensing that her opponent is still suffering from the previous round’s punishment and the American goes right back to work, sticking the Brazilian before repositioning. Adriana may have nearly three times as many fights Emily, but DiDonato is showing why she’s been able to work her way up the rankings, using her power to connect with body shots that make Lima wince and showing off a bit of speed in her ability to reposition herself quickly. Lima breathing heavily, uncertain on her feet as she never knows where Emily’s going to be striking from next. DiDonato feints right and then goes left with a clean punch to Lima’s solar plexus and the older woman’s guard breaks apart. Emily shoots the gap with two fast rights, driving Lima backwards as the Brazilian wraps her arms around the Sports Illustrated model and holds on to her until the two women are separated. Lima actually is the one who is jumping at the bit to go after her opponent and gets two good licks in, with one to Em’s head and the other to her chest. But just as it seems like Lima’s getting going, Emily comes back with a hard shot to the ribs that coincides with the bell and caps off another round that she clearly won. Emily may not have knocked out Adriana yet, but if the rest of the fight looks like the past two rounds, you can count on DiDonato getting her revenge for her most recent PPV loss.

Round 6:

Emily moving forward confidently, quickly closing the distance between herself and her opponent. Adriana is moving slowly and staying out of Emily’s range, forcing the American to have to come in close to get any sort of offense going. DiDonato slides in and feints at Lima’s head to get the Brazilian’s attention, then goes back to the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s body. DiDo drives lefts and rights into the Brazilian’s ribs and Lima winces from the blows and her guard splits for a second. Emily sees her opponent’s weakening guard and starts wailing away on it, trying to break it down. A few blows slip by but Lima grimaces through it. DiDonato drops back to get more extension in her punches – AND LIMA THROWS AN UPPERCUT OUT OF NOWHERE AND EMILY IS WOBBLY! She may be on the older side of the division but Adriana still has some strength left in her as she connects with a left cross as a follow-up and DOWN GOES EMILY TO HER SIDE! Now it’s Lima’s turn to prance to the corner as Emily has to beat the count or face getting knocked out by the same opponent in the span of 15 days. The ref is at five and DiDo’s grimacing as she pushes herself onto her knees. Em gets her arms underneath her and forces herself up at the count of eight, a look of exasperation on her face as she tells the ref she’s good to go. The match resumes and it’s almost all Lima now, working over the American’s body without too much response from DiDonato other than her guard. The bell rings and Lima, much to the chagrin of the crowd, wins on points, wide, and would have had a shutout if Emily didn’t have a solid start to the round.

Round 7:

The two women seemingly intentionally take the opposite position from the previous round – Lima emerging confidently from the O & E corner after scoring a knockdown the previous round and DiDonato with a look of hopelessness on her face, as though she were seeing a repeat of her most recent loss happening all over again. Adriana taking her time, chasing her dejected opponent around the ring, the Brazilian launching punches at the American as she pleases. But despite her facial expression, Emily puts up a fight, keeping her guard up and counterattacking Adriana when the Brazilian makes the uncharacteristic mistake of leaving herself exposed on her punches. Adriana slowly finding a rhythm though, two punches at her opponent, back off, do her best to block Em’s response, then goes back after the American. Emily’s breathing heavily and you can hear the breath get punches out of her lungs when Lima strikes, but Emily holds herself together enough to get a great straight on Lima to preempt more punishment, but the round ends before Emily can take advantage of it. Adriana once again takes the round on points, and the New York crowd holds its breath as it looks like the hometown girl in Emily DiDonato may have just met her kryptonite in Adriana Lima, rather than simply just a good fighter.

Round 8:

Between rounds, Fates is animated in his corner, gesticulating with his arms, and it’s pretty clear that his message to Emily is that she either picks it up or comes crashing down. Emily nods her head in acknowledgment as Lima is well off her stool before the warning buzzer and bouncing around on her feet. DiDo gets up and on we go to the eighth round. Adriana charges at Emily and launches a punch that barely skims off Emily’s right ear as the SI model dodges left and then whacks Adriana right in the chin and Lima’s thrown off balance as she flails her arms to try and regain her balance. DiDonato follows up by burying a right into Lima’s body and forces the air out of Lima’s lungs. Adriana’s face contorts into agony as Emily slams a left into her jaw and sends the Brazilian into the ropes where the American hammers away on her opponent. Lima’s trying to fight back but DiDo just punishes her with headshots whenever Lima goes on the offensive, and Adriana is forced to clinch. Once the two women are separated again, Emily goes right after Adriana, throwing a left that Lima easily parries – AND THEN ROCKS THE BRAZILIAN WITH A RIGHT HOOK THAT SWINGS LIMA’S HEAD! Adriana was caught by surprise and she’s wobbly and on comes Emily! The brunette connects with a left hook that swings Lima’s head back before swinging for the fences with a vicious uppercut that connects with Lima’s chin and knocks Lima onto her back to the joy of the roaring crowd! Emily stands over her fallen opponent and the ref has to tell her to go to the corner twice before she does so and he starts the count. Adriana’s moving her arms around, twisting and turning to get herself rolled over, but she’s struggling as the ref counts five. By seven she’s on her belly and raising her head, but can she make it in time? The referee counts, eight, then nine, and Lima seemingly summons the last of her will to push herself up – but she falls flat on her face before she can get onto her feet and the referee counts ten! It’s over folks, your winner by KO8, Emily DiDonato!


The crowd once again erupts for the New York model who instantly gets up on the ringposts, posing while shouting at the top of her lungs, “I f***ing told you so,” as she avenges her defeat from two weeks prior. A woozy Lima is brought back to reality and quietly ushered out of the ring, as while she may have lost this bout, the more important one is two weeks from today when she faces Emily’s stablemate and the champion in Taylor Swift for the title. And speaking of Taylor Swift, she is about ready to throw down with Kate Upton in a battle for blonde supremacy, but first, a top-tier welterweight matchup. 



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