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14 December 2019 Megan Fox vs Pia Miller

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VIX Birthday Bash III Mini-PPV


Posted by caspian2 on Dec 14, 2019 at 6:10am


3. Megan Fox vs Pia Miller (Catchweight)


(32, 5’4, 114, 49:27:1 FCBA, VIXENs)

(34, 5’9, 0:2 FCBA, SIRENs)

“Ha! This chica thinks she can bully me into submission? I’m not having it - not one bit!” Pia says with a loud laugh at the press conference. 

Certainly an odd combination with this match-up, or should we say, mis-match-up, with Pia Miller facing off against an opponent five inches too short for her brand of competition. Nevermind the fact that Megan Fox is a former Flyweight champion and all, and the fact that Pia hasn’t fought in a match since 2018 - could Fox do enough tonight in order to secure a win for the VIX column and in doing so, break the tie?

“I know I’m at a disadvantage tonight, but if anything, a win here will prove that I can hang on and beat girls at any weight,” Megan says next, smiling with confidence befitting her megastar status. 

We’ll just have to take their words for it, won’t we? Megan a full head shorter than Pia when the two square off at the podium, with Miller can’t help but laugh the entire way backstage as she tries to taunt the smaller American and treat her like a little kid who’s lost her way. Fox keeping her cool, however, just a cruel stare right back as the referee herds them backwards.

In the ring later on, Fox wearing a black bikini top, dark blue denim shorts for bottoms, complete with a pair of red gloves and her dark hair tied up tight in a ponytail. Pia going for an all-white bikini and black boxing gloves. Will David manage to beat Goliath? Or will the big girl dominate throughout? Let’s find out! HERE we go with ten rounds of Catchweight action!

The height disadvantage means its bad news for Megan Fox early on as she keeps getting hit on the face due to Pia’s greater reach, one that matches all 5 feet 9 inches of the Chilean’s height. It’s not as though Megan’s fighting any more aggressively or anything, simply doing her best to keep a greater safe distance than before, before she’s caught in range of her opponent, but unfortunately there’s not much room to manoeuvre in a boxing ring. Megan’s own jabs shot forward at a shortfall as she hits back with whatever ammunition she can, stinging Pia back on the face but really only managing to target her body due to the shorter distance. Pia frustrated by not absolutely dominating by the time the third minute rolls around, thought that this would have been an easy fight for her but not counting on the Vixen’s guard being so intact, and the round ends with it being only slightly in her favour.

Megan’s only chance to win this is to wade in close and do battle with Miller, her foe’s reach advantage negated in such close quarters combat. Pia not aware of this fact yet, still firing jabs at her from afar trying to overwhelm Fox from a distance. But Fox showing off her footwork and reflexes, weaving expertly around her jabs and then blasting her own fists into the shocked woman’s face, with Miller cursing out loud as another combination of gloves slams hard into her lips, making her retreat for the first time this fight. Megan definitely has her work cut out for her, however, quickly tires from these rushes forward, has to slow down by the third minute and as a result, leaves Pia room to restart her offensive. Girls reset in the final seconds, the rest of this fight thrown up in the air now that Megan’s proved that she really has a fighting chance after all.

Pia heard cursing out loud her in native Spanish as Fox repeats her hit-and-run tactics, made worse for Miller, who’s trying to snag the American with a lumbering hook or two to the head. But no luck for Pia, who can’t quite catch the quicker Fox, who ducks and weaves, then slams her fists into the taller woman’s body, beating her backwards bit by bit in the very first minute. Things picking up for Fox, but like the last round, she’s getting tired fast, and Pia manages to catch her back on the cheek with jabs late in the round, a large number fired at Fox out of desperation than anything. But they do the trick, keeping Megan back for the remainder as the two women circle and catch their breath. Pia back on the offensive in the final seconds but it’s really too late, with Megan already moving backwards in tandem with the bigger girl, knowing a little better how far her fists can reach.

Dare we say that Pia’s in trouble when she fails to exert her big-girl status. Like the pundits have said in their commentary prior, if the taller woman loses this fight against someone five inches shorter, she may as well hang up her gloves for good. Megan blocking well in the first minute, but then grunting as Pia switches shots to her body. Fox makes the decision to rush in anyways, and Pia going for another wide swing to the head, but MISSES, allowing Fox to get right in her face! Fox chugging elbows at the body, keeping her head low as she doubles Pia over from the repeated grunts. Fox pushing the taller girl back into the ropes, before landing an upwards glove RIGHT on the chin, and PIA GOES DOWN!! That uppercut caught her clean unawares as she crashes backwards and falls straight onto her bum! Could this be it?! Could David have slain Goliath?! 

Pia left dazed, eyes shut as she rests for a moment shaking her head. But by the referee’s count of 5, she’s starting to slowly get back up, using the ropes for support as she recovers by the count of 8. Megan looking confident however with a wide smile plastered on her face in the corner, shutting up the naysayers so far if she can repeat this dominance in the subsequent rounds.

All that excitement in the previous round has both ladies drained, however. Megan from the repeated rushes, trying to get in close enough to punish, and Pia of course on the receiving end of that previous knockdown attempt. First minute has both of them circling and pawing, a strange sight to see in the ring with a taller woman staying on the periphery of a girl fully a head shorter. But Pia just being cautious at this point, anticipating another Megan-rush but finding none at the end of the first minute. Fox on the other hand has to keep moving in close if she wants to keep up the rate of her success. Unfortunately, she gets caught by a series of jabs to the face when Pia finds her nerve and resumes her attacks. Megan eating a whole lot more punishment to the face as she tries to rush the taller girl, leaving the round a whole lot closer than how it started.

Megan having trouble repeating her earlier, energetic success, and at the other corner of the ring, Pia regains her confidence as she fires more punches in the smaller woman’s direction, further herding Fox backwards and back. Fox eats another one-two to the lips and really has to cover up this time, moving back as though hurt. Pia raining on the abuse, gnashing her teeth as she bashes a hook into her arms, almost blowing Fox off her feet! Instead, the Vixen gets run down the ropes, covering her head and hunched over even as Miller barrels in close and personal, using her bigger frame to just smother the smaller actress and bully her with large, strapping swings to her arms and stomach. Megan’s in trouble, getting rattled by another right hook to the guard, and before she can recover or clinch, gets THROWN off her feet by a follow-up hook from Miller, who swung for the fences and scored! DOWN GOES FOX, bullied and battered in the final seconds by the bigger girl! The former Flyweight champ does her utmost best to recover, but those shocking blows must have taken their toll, given her a bad concussion or something as she struggles to even raise her head from the ground! Referee hits the 10-count and she’s still only back on her knees! IT’S OVER!!

Official Decision: Pia Miller defeats Megan Fox via KO6!


Shocker of a result for one stable as the SIRENs corner erupts in pure jubilation! It was always an uphill task for Fox to slog this fight through, but in the end, I guess we have those weight divisions in the FCBA for a reason, eh? Pia celebrating with her team but really, the naysayers are still gonna snigger and say that her bigger size made all the difference and she really shouldn’t be patting herself on the back too early. Fox on the other hand getting consoled by her own corner - the Vixens now another point down in the rankings as we head into the next fight of this birthday bash! 



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