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21 December 2019 Denise Richards vs Poppy Montgomery

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Posted by Vassago on December 21, 2019, 6:51 pm



Denise Richards vs Poppy Montgomery
(34-50-2, 21 KO vs 9-12-1, 6 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Denise Richards got destroyed by Joanna Krupa on her FCBA comeback last month but she vows to dish out similar treatment to another long-time absent fighter - Poppy Montgomery. There's no love lost between the two cougars as the redhead claims she decided to make another boxing run after watching Denise suffer that ugly beating at the hands of the Polish model: "Well, let's see, Denise never carried her hype into the ring and her ho-hum record speaks for itself. Now she's just a lousy housewife skank right down the Kardashian Avenue of Filth. I'm just gonna punch her teeth out and see how much plastic comes out in the process!" (giggles).

Denise is still furious after that Krupa beatdown but then again "Poppy has done nothing that warrants these comments. Who the hell she thinks she is? I'm gonna shut her overrated mouth and then we'll see who visits the damn surgeon! Dumb bytch wants trouble so she's gonna get it!"

Denise Richards wears a light blue bikini set & black gloves. Long dark brown hair with blonde dye tied in a curled ponytail. Poppy Montgomery wears a black bikini set & yellow gloves. Long auburn hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Denise tries to jump the gun on the redhead but misfires badly with her initial approach and Poppy responds with a dose of jabbing power that slices the American's high guard. Not much genuine power behind this Aussie drive but Richards still gets bumped to the side as she fails to embrace getting punched in the mouth outright! She swings from her heels and goes absolutely nowhere while Poppy tries to smack her in the face repeatedly and manages to back her onto the ropes come the second minute. Denise thinks she's doing well swinging all those efforts upstairs but she barely grazes the redhead's flesh and eats a nasty hook on the jaw before the Aussie drops to punish her guts in quickfire fashion. Richards never saw this coming and she tails off into loud spasms during the final stretch.

Round 2:
Richards dominates the initial tangle but this time she sticks her mitts into Poppy's face and knocks her head back & forth until the redhead bails out into mid-range safety. She's unable to outslug the American here but Denise fails to drop the real hammer and wastes precious energy in fruitless jabbing pursuit as Montgomery holds onto the mid-range zone and avoids getting punished. Denise begins to lose her temper and taunts the fellow cougar to show some but Poppy barks in disapproval and bides enough time along the ropes to make the crowd lose their patience as well. They finally witness another back & forth slugging exchange late and Denise lands one crisp punch on the jaw that wobbles Poppy onto her heels alas the American struggles to put a solid drive together and still gets clinched by the seemingly subdued opponent to see out the clock.

Round 3:
More of the same in the third, Poppy gets nailed on the chin during the initial tangle and drops into coverage while Denise struggles to track her down fast enough and only secures a single-hand assault down the stretch. She seeths at the reeling Aussie but just can't close her down and eats a nasty overhand hook on the brow ridge instead as Poppy ducks & weaves her way around the brunette's chaotic pursuit. Both cougars finally lock horns along the ropes and Denise blasts her rival up the gut to gain the immediate upperhand; she digs a stray elbow into her navel as well and drops the uppercut menace that finally stymies Montgomery for good. The Aussie veteran leaks repeated ribcage abuse and slumps into spasms while Richards drills her on the money and shouts in delight when she makes Poppy cover up and scowl in visible pain: "Gotcha now, bytch!" The bell saves the Aussie woman from a looming disaster and it's rather clear a glaring weakness has been exposed here which explains why Richards is so animated during the break.

Round 4:
Denise simply can't wait to connect with Poppy's midsection again but she walks into a brutal left hook instead as the redhead makes the most of the brunette's right arm drifting too low when she tries to unload her own attack. Suddenly the American's head snaps back repeatedly as Montgomery steps into a phone booth attack and drop kicks her into loud spasms. Ugh-oh! Even the partisan Beverly Hills crowd is stunned by the sudden change of fortunes as Denise stops the Aussie attack with her face and lacks any sort of defensive prowess which allows the younger actress to pummel her butt-in-ropes without any resistance. Richards tries to escape the heat when it's too late and gets battered into a stupor since Poppy just refuses to let her off the hook; she begins to bark in delight when she has the other woman scowling in pain and she bursts Denise's lips into a bloody mess after a mere two-minute drive which leaves the brunette in complete disarray. And now it's Poppy to belts Denise in the gut dropping her into even louder spasms come the bell.

Round 5:
Richards is unable to recover from the fourth round pounding and soaks up more damage upstairs as Montgomery squares up to her and begins to rattle the leaky guard from the word go. She drives her mitts into those swollen lips and rocks the American's head back before a huge belting shot on the liver area catches Richards out cold. Ugh! Denise wobbles forward with her eyes closed but fails to lock the clinching delay and Poppy SMOKES her with a brutal uppercut on the chin that sends the older woman spinning onto the ropes... Denise bounces off them and just can't battle gravity anymore as she COLLAPSES ONTO HER KNEES and drops face-down at the redhead's feet moments later. Poppy shouts at the fallen cougar and urges her to get up so "I can punch your teeth out, bytch!" but that chin shot seems to have done the trick regardless. Denise only makes it up onto all fours and sits down on her heels when the count reaches ten. She grabs her jaw in visible pain but she just can't make it back onto her feet anymore. KO5 Poppy Montgomery!!!

AFTER: No luck for the renowned Beverly Hills housewife who stares at Poppy's celebrations with that hollow look in the eyes before the Aussie winner gets her mitts removed and grabs her by the hair to issue a post-fight walk of shame. Denise succumbs to the hairpulling trick and is forced to admit: "I'm a loser whore and you're the better woman" which makes Poppy laugh as she barges her around the ring much to the crowd's delight. Denise was the audience darling as long as she stayed on her feet but she's getting grilled both in & off the ring after going down to Montgomery as the social media errupts with fellow cougars trying to book a fight with tonight's not-so-unfortunate loser. Ugh! Denise wanted to make a big statement on her FCBA return but two dismal defeats later she's suddenly earning the go-to-cougar punchbag dishonor. Watch this space!

Official Result: Poppy Montgomery def. Denise Richards KO5. 



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