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21 December 2019 Katheryn Winnick vs Evangeline Lilly

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The 'Doll Ball' Season 2 - Round 10 Mini-PPV


Posted by The Dollhouse on Dec 21, 2019 at 11:15pm


Katheryn Winnick
(42, 5’4, 120 lbs, 25:7 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Evangeline Lilly
(40, 5’5, 121 lbs, 61:32:2 FCBA, Lookout! Boxing)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse

"Tonight is a big milestone for me,” Katheryn begins the press conference with a confident smile. “The first day I stepped into her office, I told Carmen I wanted to fight Evangeline. She laughed - hard, then called Kristanna over, then they both laughed some more… before convincing me it would be a VERY bad idea.” Kat lets out a short laugh. “They were right, of course, but I'm a pretty ambitious lady, so I kept nagging Carmen over the last two years, until we finally BOTH agreed I was ready for her. Well, as ready as I can be at least! Evangeline is, to me, the best fighter in this division all things considered. And she looks freaking ridiculous after two pregnancies. Life is truly unfair. But you know what? I'm here to beat her tonight inside that ring, and not really to praise her. I wish I was coming off a win and riding some momentum, but Brie Larson, who's a very talented boxer I have to say, made this a little bit more complicated for me. But maybe that's what I needed. I have to be at my absolute best in order to beat Lilly tonight, and maybe my previous loss is going to help me focus on being the best I can be tonight. I want to thank Evangeline for accepting my challenge and hopefully, this fight is going to be as epic as I’ve always imagined it. Bring it, Evie!"

Evangeline of course the newest Bantamweight girl on the scene ever since her recent acquisition by Lookout! Boxing, going on to have her best year thus far in an already illustrious career, coming into this fight tonight with a 11-2 record this year alone, and just turning the age of 40 in August, no less. And the year’s not even done yet! Evangeline looking pleased nonetheless after hearing Winnick’s comments, full of equal praise for her co-star tonight:

“That’s one hell of an introduction from someone like Katheryn, whom I might add, has been doing just fine with her own competition for someone her age. I’m very honoured to be challenged by her, and I respect to her for being brave enough to face off against someone like me, especially after such a disappointing loss to Larson few weeks ago. It can’t be pleasant to get back up after a loss like that, but that’s what distinguishes the two of us from most of the division: we just keep on fighting despite what the naysayers have to say. I’m ready for you Katheryn, let’s see what you can really do. May the better woman win!”

Respectful exchange in this pre-fight ritual, but what else can we expect from this pair of veteran fighters, with a combined age that’s nearing a century of life experience. Blonde and brunette square off at the podium to the loud cheers of their respective fans - we have Lilly with a small one-inch height advantage but both women packing heat in their punch power, so we’re guaranteed to see an all-out slugfest once these two meet for the first time in the ring.

Hours later, Lilly entering the arena first as the visitor on home turf – The brunette beauty wearing a black and gold sports bra that shows off her toned midriff and muscular arms, together with a pair of sleek black tights that reflect the dazzling light show. She’s donning black gloves for tonight’s contest, her hair in a sleek battle bun up top as she makes her way to the ring accompanied by Elisha Cuthbert and plenty of other Lookout! personnel as she swiftly makes her way to the ring, receiving a standing ovation from the fans for her many accomplishments inside the FCBA ring. Kathreryn Winnick coming out next – the blonde beauty looking badass as always in her signature white and black sports bra and long tights Dollhouse star strikes a pose, then raises one arm, smiling to acknowledge her many fans in the arena tonight. Katheryn is accompanied by Carmen Electra and Kristanna Loken on either side, with a long entourage of Dollhouse personnel following behind as the Canadian blonde leads the way confidently.

Minutes later, In the ring, we’re all set as both women make final preparations in their respective corners, stretching and exchanging last words with their corner before embarking on this huge ten rounds journey of Bantamweight action. Even with the current title firmly in the hands of a fellow Dollhouse member, this is probably be the biggest fight in Winnick’s boxing career. Can she pull off the win? Referee waves his hands and let’s find out!

Kat coming into this contest with a slight disadvantage in the number of years, which is surprising given her early aggressive nature in the very first round. Mind you, none of that recklessly-go-charging-like-Lavigne kinda aggression, and more like dominating the early space by meeting Lilly head on, which is still uncharacteristic for a defensive fighter like Kat. Lilly having trouble dealing with this strategy early on, fending off big blows to the arms designed to overpower an opponent good and early, and it’s our best guess that the Dollhouse strategic team wanted their girl to end this fight before it got too serious. Winnick known for her game plan and sticking to it, however, listens to the advice of her trainers and plows a number of hooks into Evangeline’s defenses early, even snagging a couple of swings into that toned tummy of hers. Lilly, tough girl that she is, still forced back and thrown around the ring like chump change, finally meeting a fellow heavy-hitter face-to-face and having trouble dealing with the evenly matched opponent. Lilly does manage some jabs back to the face, but they’re few and far between, with the Lookout starlet still unwilling to bring out the heavy artillery early in the fight. Round 1 ends firmly in Winnick’s corner as a result.

Evangeline back to controlling the narrative in the second, however, staying on the backpedal and keeping her distance from the blonde’s many swings. Katheryn keeping to her gameplan and giving chase, but she’s having a lot more trouble snagging the arms or scoring in the hitbox, with Lilly making herself look scarce from that excellent footwork even at the age of 40. Lilly banging back with that micro jab from afar, tagging Kat on the lips and nostrils far more often as a result, and easily avoiding Winnick’s slow hooks by comparison then scoring repeatedly. Katheryn needs to be more adaptive as she winds down the second minute in a deficit of points scored, starts staying back and switching back to her own jabbing method as the two girls face off from a distance. Kat begins scoring to the body and chest area anew, but it’s too late to stop Evangeline’s run away with the lead this time. Bell rings and Lilly has effective evened out the scoreboards.

Kat back to intermittent charges at Lilly, especially when the Lookout! starlet ain’t paying attention. First minute starts off slow, however, with the two women circling and shooting jabs from afar. Second minute is when Winnick throws a sudden combination and rushes forward, tagging Evangeline on the mouth before dashing in and swinging! Evangeline too slow after getting caught unawares, eats another one-two pounding to the tummy before almost getting BLOWN off her feet by an errant right hook! OUCH! Lilly sent stumbling right, eyes squinting as though hurt! Winnick not letting up, barrels inwards once more, snaps the girl’s upper torso to the side with another hook swung inwards, before she SMASHES a third clean into the side of the head! Good lord! THERE GOES EVANGELINE, flying off her feet and landing down onto her side! Big girl brawl in the center as we get the first KNOCKDOWN of the evening, and in only the third round!!

Crowds already on their feet, roaring with approval at all the nice things to come! Winnick with a curt nod, finally allowing herself another wide smile as she shows off her dominance good and early! She knew all along that she’d be in for the fight of her life, but BOY did she not expect a victory this early on! Referee starting the count but Lilly already up to her knees, painful scrunch of her face at this early upset knockdown as she makes it back up to her feet by the count of 7, shaking the cobwebs from her head and still able to hear words of encouragement from her corner, who must have received one hell of a scare back there. Bell rings at the end of this round and it’s safe to say that Winnick’s got this firm in the bag.

If Winnick was fighting aggressive before, oh you haven’t seen anything yet. Once the bell rings, the blonde is moving forward, emboldened and out to finish this fight before we’re truly underway. Evangeline moving back on instinct, eyes laser-focused on Winnick’s hands as the Doll tries to put her in the ground for good this time. But Lilly’s senses still at 90% capacity, still managing to weave that head and torso around the blonde’s attacks, which is not what the Dollhouse corner would like to see after such an impressive knockdown in the last round. Winnick doing her best still, huffing and breathing hard by the third minute, still with little luck at landing anything worthwhile. Meanwhile, she’s getting tagged back on the face in the final minute, with Lilly apparently back to fighting fit standards as she confident shoves fists into the blonde’s face over and over. Third such quick combination has Winnick stumbled slightly, and it’s Lilly’s turn to POUNCE on the dazed blonde, slamming another hook into her arms and blowing the older woman hard backwards. Winnick still recovering from the assault when she’s THROWN off her feet by another BIG RIGHT FROM LILLY, who answers the previous round’s KNOCKDOWN with an impressive one of her own! Heavens to earth! These two ladies can’t stop the action, can they?? Winnick smacked clean off the ground by that number, now lying downwards on her chest, looking dazed as hell as she raises her swimming head. Lilly cocking her own hand to her side, self-assured confidence in her as she shuts the naysayers up with that comeback shot! Winnick recovering slowly, still plenty of fight left in the Doll as she stumbles back up to her feet by the count of 8. Where the hell do we go from here, folks!? It’s barely the first half of this fight and already we’re treated to TWO knockdowns!

Lily’s turn to CHARGE at the bell for the fifth, and these two girls’ strategies could not be more similar from what we’ve witnessed so far in the fight. Winnick back to her old defensive fighting style, successfully fending off a myriad of jabs thrown at her arms, then planting her feet firm to absorb another of Lilly’s patented hooks that scream in without regard for anyone’s safety. Lilly getting denied her followup blows in turn as she grunts mid-way when Kat shoots a blazing one-two jab combo into her face, but to hell with giving up this easily. For a moment, it looks like Winnick might actually get another knockdown of her own in the final minute when she deflects another hook from Evangeline, only to smack a return hook into the brunette’s face. Lilly shocked but regaining her composure almost immediately, starts keeping her distance for the remaining seconds as she scares off that last scare before Winnick could close the distance and do more damage. Disappointing round for the Lookout girl as Kat still refuses to go down twice in a row.

Slow round as these two ladies take a much needed breather - say what you want about their combined age but it still doesn’t mean they’re automatically spring chickens again. First minute sees rapid dancing and circling around each other, with Lilly and Winnick both trading shots to the face, but Winnick clearly the one playing defensive as she works on parrying and blocking rather than attempting any big hooks this time. Lilly on the other hand fighting like a different beast once this fight crossed the halfway mark, starts throwing swings into the blonde’s guard before she knows what’s hitting her. Loud grunt from the Doll’s lips as a right hand crashes into her side, then Lilly following that up with another two shots landing to the body for good luck. Winnick getting bullied backwards and can’t quite fend off everything at once. Another straight cross to the middle of the arms has the Doll in full retreat, struggling to keep up and catch her breath, and the round ends in her opponent’s corner in this back-to-back seesaw fight.

The two ladies CLASH in the middle of the ring in a full-on back-and-forth slugfest! Lilly hoping to continue her streak and Winnick going all-out to try and win this fight before she runs out of steam in the last quarter. Indeed, Lilly’s throwing hooks like nobody’s business, scoring early in the exchange with another one-two blows to the blonde’s body, but then eats the same combination in return to her face, which swipes that pretty head of hers clean to the side in Winnick’s retaliation. They trade more stiff blows in close quarters, pushing each other backwards and forwards in tandem, but Kat gets the upper hand just from sheer tenacity of refusing to quit, lands a hard SLAM to the middle of the nose and driving Evangeline back with a loud grunt! Winnick back in the driver’s seat and hoping to crash Lilly’s car here in the final seconds of the round, hounds the brunette to the head with a barrage of punches and chases her about the four corners of the ring, but Lilly surviving the onslaught at the end of three minutes, though not looking in too good of shape of her own as the two women hang onto the ropes for support, pushing themselves past the breaking point. Kat with an absolutely dominant round in the seventh but who knows how long she can keep this momentum up?

Case in point: another slow start for Winnick as she moves out of corner looking like a train pulling out of station compared to that rocket ship in the previous round, sluggish legs and arms barely locked over her face as she takes in large swaths of air. Kristanna Loken with a look of concern from the Dollhouse corner as their blonde seems to be out of gas here in the 8th…which is made worse by the fact that Lilly seems to have no such issues - perhaps all that time spent in the gym doing her loads of favours, still springing forward like she’s 20-years-old and back to rocking shots to Winnick’s face in the first seconds. Katheryn groaning, getting beaten back and powerless to stop the sudden barrage from landing, her arms looking too loose after a third such punt to the face that leaves her dazed and disoriented. Evangeline on her case throughout, lands another right hook to the cheek and a follow-up uppercut to the jawline in quick succession... and KATHERYN COLLAPSES!! Blonde falls backwards like a tree and DOWN onto her side, completely laid on the canvas! Referee starts the count but it’s no use! Kat lying there with her arms splayed just above her head, her legs crossed and the rest of her completely motionless. WINNICK IS KNOCKED OUT ladies and gentlemen and the count is a mere formality as Evangeline raises both arms knowing the blonde is definitely done! IT’S OVER!!

Official Decision: Evangeline Lilly defeats Katheryn Winnick via KO8!


Evangeline pumped about her win, breaking into a wide smile but also keeping her cool throughout the victory celebration, as she raises a hand high to the roars of her fans. Lilly soaking in the cheers, then strides over to her own corner to embrace her team members. Another impressive win tonight in a series of victories, and the sky seems to be the limit for this Bantamweight contender.

On the other hand, Winnick’s corner looking devastated on their girl’s behalf, with Kristanna Loken and Carmen Electra both shaking their heads in corner as the medical team enter the ring to do a postmortem on the older blonde, who’s still knocked out cold in the middle of the ring.

Evangeline not celebrating for too long, however, quickly turning her attention to her defeated opponent, staying near Winnick’s side until she finally comes around, then helps the Doll back to her feet with a helping hand. Both women share a brief hug on the ropes, with Evangeline clearly seen whispering some words of encouragement in her ear, whilst Kat looks to be fighting back tears after the biggest match of her career ended in disappointment. Evangeline then shows her sincerity by lifting Kat’s arm up high, with both women thanking the cheering fans.

Later, Lilly speaking to reporters outside the ring: “Katheryn is an excellent fighter. Hell, she put me on my ass after only 3 rounds. But..she couldn’t really keep up with me in the long run – when I recognized she was slowing down, I went in for the kill and took her out. Luckily it worked out perfectly tonight. I’d definitely give her a rematch if and when she’s ready. She knows where to find me!”  



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