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21 December 2019 Title Ch Bella Thorne vs Natalie Alyn Lind

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The 'Doll Ball' Season 2 - Round 10 Mini-PPV


Posted by The Dollhouse on Dec 21, 2019 at 11:30pm


Bella Thorne – Bantamweight Champion
(22, 5’8, 120 lbs, 28:9 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Natalie Alyn Lind – JMD Champion
(20, 5’5, 123 lbs, 13:4 FCBA, Foxfire Boxing)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse

It’s time for the final fight of this action-packed night and it’s hard to imagine anything else topping what we just saw but our next fight just might be it when Bantamweight champion Bella Thorne faces off against challenger and new JMD champion, the sizzling Natalie Alyn Lind, who’s coming into tonight with a 4 wins streak, including one huge win over Demi Rose that earned her the JMD title just 2 months ago. This will be Natalie’s first defense and Bella might be a very dangerous choice as the redhead is determined to end the yeay by bringing the JMD title back “home” after she lost it early this year. 

"I'm all about being honest, so here's some honesty for you: I don’t think Natalie deserves this title shot,” Bella says, starting the fireworks early at the pre-fight press conference. “Sure, she has an impressive 13-4 record, and she just won the JMD title from Demi, but there are WAY more deserving girls at the top of this division. Natalie’s only ranked 19. Luckily for her, she now has something I want - something that was mine and should BELONG to me - and it’s something I'm about to get back tonight. The Bantamweight title is heaps more important than the JMD one, let’s be f*cking real….but holding BOTH titles?… now that would be f*cking sick!” Bella grins mischievously. “I already beat Natalie at JMD, and I can DEFINITELY beat her in a regular boxing bout, trust me guys. I'm at the top of my game right now, and Natalie? Let's just say she still has a long way to go. Sorry Nat, but that lovely JMD bra is coming home with me tonight, right after you go nighty night.”

Bella Thorne a little more subdued during her interview (or are we just used to her stablemates Avril and Emma’s wilder antics?), but it could also be the weight of having both belts on the line tonight that’s weighing on her shoulders, this all-or-nothing nature means it’s high-risk, high-reward for either girl once they step into the ring. Natalie certainly feels the pressure, biting back when it’s her turn at the microphone.

“Anyone ever tell you what happens when you get too greedy, Bella? You burst at the seams, that’s what. I know you want it all, but aren’t you fat and bloated enough? Oh wait, I stand corrected. Maybe that pathetic excuse of a chest of yours could do with some beefing up. You don’t deserve to be JMD champ. Never did. Which probably explains why you chickened out of going JMD rules tonight. But that’s fine, I don’t need it to be. I’ll beat you anyway, and then I’ll show you exactly why this bra belongs right here…” the blonde cups her breasts. “and the Bantam belt – right HERE.” Natalie taps her right shoulder for emphasis, smirking confidently at Bella as some members of the press cheer her on, clearly picking sides here early.

It’s an interesting match-up to say the least, with Bella holding a three-inch height advantage over the smaller blonde as they face off at the podium moments later. Both girls trying to keep it cordial before the fists start flying officially, but even they can’t resist poking fingers into each other’s chest, then glaring daggers as they continue to insult each other to the face. They’re finally separated by the ring official before one girl can fire first and start a premature skirmish.

It’s fight time, and Natalie is out first – The stunning JMD Champion is strutting down the walkway, her blonde hair tied up into a neat battle bun and assets bouncing merrily in a loose white bikini top that is surely a service for the male fans in the audience here tonight, and by the sound of the noise in the arena, we have PLENTY of male fans here tonight. The Foxfire starlet is wearing black, glittery boxing trunks for bottoms as she raises a grey-gloved hand to acknowledge the cheering fans before slowly making her way towards the ring, accompanied by Foxfire GM Jennifer Garner and trainer Nia Peeples, with a bunch more Foxfire personnel following behind. This is probably the blonde’s biggest fight to date, with the possibility of becoming the Bantamweight champion tonight – but Natalie seems unphased by all the pressure, smiling and blowing kisses to the fans the entire way.

Next comes the Bantamweight champ herself, Bella Thorne, and the noise in the arena reaches even higher levels as the Dollhouse’s biggest star emerges from behind the curtains to very, very loud music. Bella dancing her way through the aisle, dressed in a black bikini top and matching long tights, brownish-reddish hair tied back in a messy ponytail. The champion is wearing purple gloves tonight, and is looking badass as she high fives fans on the way to the ring, even stopping for a selfie with a few of them. She has all the time in the world, she is the champion folks, and the challenger can wait!

Bella is accompanied to the ring by CRO Carmen Electra and trainer Kristanna Loken, as well as the usual Dollhouse entourage. Inside the ring, Bella takes to the center, a sexy dance and another pose (with her tongue out this time) for the cameras and cheering fans, before retiring to her corner for final preparations. 

Referee calls the match to order and the rest of us can’t wait for this huge fight to get begin! HERE WE GO with ten rounds of Bantamweight/JMD action! This here’s a Dual Title Bout for BOTH the Bantamweight and JMD championships!

Seems like Bella wants to take this slow and steady as the Bantam champ takes her time in the early moments, leaping left and right before scoring first on Natalie’s face with jabs quick, accurate jabs. Natalie having a smaller frame but definitely has the power to trouble Bella if she can get in close to brawl, but in this case, she gets peppered with punches each time she tries to rush the Doll. Thorne shouting out in triumph, part amusement when Natalie eats another quick combo to the cheek, and from the look of pain on her face, it must have hurt. Final minute has Natalie putting on the brakes, her guard up and trading punches with Thorne at a distance as well. Lind blocks another combo to the arms before she slams a left-right into Bella’s side and then the chest, respectively, belaying the fact that this here’s still a JMD contest. Bella lets out a loud grunt then backs away - she should definitely keep to her overall strategy if she wants to stay on top of the challenger as the bell rings to end the first.

Let’s not forget that Natalie IS the current JMD champion, paving her way through other heavy-hitters like Demi Rose and Demi Lovato to conquer the coveted bra straps. Despite what Bella says about her height advantage, the blonde’s still a dangerous opponent when she gets in close enough to stun more hooks to Thorne’s body and flanks whenever Bella’s too slow to establish space. Thorne doing her best still, all those inches in her arms not useful if she’s unwilling to stay far away. Natalie scores with another jab-jab combo that leads into a right hook swipe across the champion’s chest, reminding Bella that any part of her body is fair game in tonight’s contest. Thorne squealing in frustration and pain, finally gets away with a glove slammed into Lind’s lips in order to keep her at bay. Round ends with both women at opposite sides of the ring, already breathing hard, but Thorne cursing herself for getting manhandled so easily.

Thorne still playing it cautious, but switching her targets up and slamming jabs into Natalie’s face, body and chest. Natalie’s entire frame taking fire, forcing the blonde to cover up with both arms, but still coming forward, looking for blood. Bella gasps out loud when she narrowly dodges a right hook aimed high, but a subsequent swing from Lind is a little more lucky as it CRASHES into the side of Bella’s tummy with a hummphh! Natalie chugging forward swinging fast, but Bella just too fresh, even if hurt, weaving her torso every direction to avoid the smaller girl’s hooks. In between the action, Thorne PLANTING a return hook into the side of Natalie’s face, then a BANG of an uppercut hitting the blonde’s chin, resulting in NATALIE STUMBLING BACKWARDS, before collapsing back down onto her bum! It’s an early KNOCKDOWN for Bella Thorne!

The Doll pumped, face brightens immediately as she throws her hands high into the air. “F*cking TOLD YOU guys!!!” she roars rhetorically to the naysayers as the referee herds her to neutral corner to start the count. Natalie shaking her pretty head on the ground, a glove massaging her jawline as she starts slowly getting back to her feet. It’s a shock knockdown early in this fight, that’s for sure, but the Foxfire corner breathing a sigh of relief as their girl manages to steady herself on both feet by the count of 7 and is looking very ready to continue, much to Bella’s disappointment here. It’s not the end! Not by a long shot!

Bella turning up the heat after getting that knockdown earlier, pushing forward a few steps at a time then firing punches into Natalie’s arms and body. Natalie grunting as she’s pushed back early, but is far from the defenseless animal Bella thinks she is at this point. Case in point: Bella looks utterly shocked when Natalie blocks her attacks, then SLAMS a right hand straight to the middle of her face, landing on the Doll’s nose as we witness the JMD champ’s power first-hand. Or at least, it’s Bella who has a front row seat of the action as she quickly fends off more quick strikes landing thud thud thud on the arms instead. It’s Natalie’s turn to pour on the pressure as she pushes forward. That knockdown must have done more psychological damage than physical, meaning that Lind’s out for revenge as she harasses Bella’s guard with stiff straight hands. Thorne trying to reestablish distance, but can’t seem to shake the smaller munchkin off, Natalie getting close enough to bury a one-two shot into the champion’s gut, before BLASTING Bella off her feet with a powered right hand of her own smashing straight through the chin! AND DOWN THORNE GOES, landing flat on her back after that brilliant display of clotheslined power!

Natalie’s fans erupt to their feet this time, cheering their girl on as Lind breaks into a smile, saunters back to corner, looking pleased with her efforts. Bella trembling as she gets up slowly, first propping up her chest with both arms, then forcing her legs to obey as she steadies her footing one leg at a time, and recovers just before the referee hits the count of 8 with the Dollhouse corner breathing a huge sigh of relief here. We ain’t done yet, folks - these two have a knockdown apiece and we’re barely passed the halfway mark! Bella spends the remainder of the round running from Lind, who gives chase of course, hoping to finish the champ off. She manages to trap Thorne on the ropes for a brief moment in the final seconds, exert more punishment on her torso with leather pounding in, but doesn’t manage to put the Doll down into the ground a second time just yet. Thorne however not in the prettiest shape, panting and bowed over on the ropes, receiving the brunt of Natalie’s jug mauling back in the last exchange.

Natalie with some serious stamina for someone her size, practically flies at Bella in the next round, eyeing a quick and decisive finish. But Thorne has other ideas, snapping her jabs into the oncoming blonde’s face, each hit to the nose and lips a stern reminder to Natalie that her opponent’s still in the running for these belts. Natalie grunting and squealing when a combo snags her lips suddenly, covers up and stops her advance on Bella. Both girls breathing hard, covering their faces with their arms as they circle for a good thirty seconds, neither wanting to make an unforced error at this stage. Natalie with more to lose, however, restarts her offensive with jabs coming forward. But by this time, Bella’s fully recovered too, easily steps out of the way and refuses to get caught by Nat’s lumbering hooks flung at the head or body. Not much damage done this round overall, but at least there’s a clear winner, with Bella staying spritely on her feet and even doing some damage to her rival.

Sudden burst from Bella Thorne forward as she sees an opening in Lind’s defences and decides to take it. Natalie shakes off a stiff hand bunching up her cheek and another low hook to her body, then BLASTS the champion right back with a lucky swing to the head! Girls grunt in unison as they take turns torturing each other, but obviously Bella’s has to rethink her blitz tactics here. She’s forced to cover up and scram now that she’s within firing distance of Natalie’s artillery, fends off another hook to her raised arm before she gets out of range, sticking one arm out to act as a buffer between both girls. Bella’s jab continually shoved into Natalie’s face as the Foxfire girl tries to take her opponent down once more by repeatedly trying to get in close and then swing for the hills. We’re gonna see more of this clash of styles as we head into the next rounds, with Thorn using her agility to outpunch and Natalie taking stiff swipes at her head to overpower. At the end of the round, however, Lind is panting hard, finally run out juice her chest heaves in and out, but Thorne also not doing enough to tip the scales in her favour, losing the round by a small margin.

Lind spending the first minute catching her breath, giving Bella space to recover as well. But Thorne chooses to rush in like the tide, thinking her opponent’s tired and ripe for the picking. Bella circles then slaps leather into Natalie’s arms, occasionally hitting the blonde on the cheek, then spanking the body and waistline with her gloves, laying waste to all parts of her petite frame. Lind biding her time, however, taking a few steps back to draw Bella in, before bashing her hard on the cheek with a tight hook, then another and another as she shoves her stunned face all the way the side as Thorne struggles to retain her balance. HERE COMES LIND, using some expert reverse psychology to SLAM into the Bantamweight champion, gloves landing on the former JMD champion’s chest as Bella looks primed for yet another knockdown attempt. But Thorne running in opposite direction the moment she got rocked by that earlier combo, escapes Natalie’s clutches before she can fully crash into her. Natalie giving chase again even though she’s already more than winded. Not much results for her as her fists mainly snag the arms or land on Bella’s side and ribs. Thorne resetting her stance at the other end of the ring by the end of three minutes, looking shaken hard, but sort of relieved as well to see Natalie equally hunched over the top rope at the other corner, also struggling to keep her stamina in check.

And yet we continue this war of attrition between both ladies who want both of these belts badly. Who knows? We might even get another thirteen rounds like that war between Emma Watson and Vanessa Hudgens the last time they fought for the Flyweight belt. Bella picking Natalie off from a distance, with the blonde slowed and subdued tremendously now that she’s struggling to keep pace with the wiley redhead. Bella exploits this weakness the best she can, stays at a distance and then POWERS punches in on occasion, getting results when Natalie grunts and backs away, covering her face but leaving her tummy exposed for more gut shots landing straight to the sternum. Thorne still looking out for a counterattack which never comes, with Natalie only throwing the occasional hook at Bella’s face in order to spook her, that flailing arm of hers clearly growing tired as the punch sails harmlessly by. Bell rings and we have Thorne with a shutout round for herself, the Doll really playing the long-term game tonight and aiming for distance rather than quick results.

Natalie scores early in the round, a last burst of energy forward as she troubles Bella with a barrage of punches on her rapidly raised guard, then bashes her on the side of the head with a wild hook. Bella takes it mostly on the arms, troubled but not in trouble yet as she sticks to her strategy of cover and control. Thorne grunts as her body used as target practice for a brief exchange, with Lind taking whatever targets she can find as she swings hard and low. But Thorne dishing the abuse back, snaps an uppercut into the base of the blonde’s chin, knocking her head upwards painfully. Natalie’s turn to flail and shiver, eyes squeezed shut, and before she can recover, takes another shot BAAM! into the cheek, which staggers her with a grunt to the side. AND HERE COMES THORNE, the Bantam champ smelling blood in the water and wants to end this! The tall redhead stays on top of the wounded blonde this time round, throwing caution to the wind as she rams her gloves into the chest and body, then swings harder and faster into her already flimsy guard. Natalie getting bullied in the pocket by the taller woman, and say what you want about Bella’s lean and mean status - the redhead can still pack a punch that will floor plenty of girls in a heartbeat. Thorne leans back for a big one, PLOWS a right hand into the side of Natalie’s face… and the JMD CHAMP SPIRALS DOWN TO THE MAT!! NATALIE ALYN LYN FLOORED as she spins down to the canvas with a thud! Huge ROAR from the crowd and this is big ladies and gentlemen! Natalie lying there, spreadeagled, blubbering on her chest with her mouth kissing canvas as the referee pushes Bella away and begins counting.

Bella fans are counting along with him – ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR – Lind still barely moving, splattered to the floor, only raises her head off the ground, glassy eyed and disoriented – FIVE – SIX – SEVEN – Bella already smelling victory here, raising both hands high in the air – EIGHT – NINE – TENNNN!!! Natalie still on the mat! ITS OVER! LADIES AND GENTS, WE HAVE A NEW JMD CHAMPION!!

Official Decision: Bella Thorne defeats Natalie Alyn Lind via KO9! Bella Thorne is STILL the Bantamweight Champion and the NEW JMD Champion!

A significant milestone in this Doll’s already illustrious career, as Bella Thorne joins the ranks of few others in the league who’ve held two titles at once! A cocky smile returning to Bella’s face as she lets out a roar once the referee makes the win final, then does a seductive dance on her way back to her corner, where she poses to the crowd after mounting the corner ropes.

Natalie still lying on her side at the other end of the ring, dishevelled blonde hair flayed outwards like an explosion, as shocking as her defeat tonight is to many of her fans. Bella soon licking her lips as she eyes her fallen foe, deems it necessary to rub in her victory a little bit more as any self-respecting JMD Champion would do, sauntering over to Natalie and grabbing her roughly by the hair. “Let’s go Natty. It’s nap time! and If you play nice, this won’t hurt….promise!” Bella coos in Natalie’s ear.

Lind moaning but has no choice but to comply immediately – resisting only means more potential pain to her scalp, as Throne drags the weakened blonde on her knees to the Foxfire corner. Natalie is then instructed by Thorn to “Stand the f*ck up!” and shoved back hard into the turnbuckle with a grunt. Natalie immediately sagging down, her entire being drained of energy, but Bella holding her in place with a firm grip underneath the armpits, draping both of Lind’s arms over the top rope to provide some support, as Bella climbs onto the third rope and uses her body to pin the flagging blonde in place.

Natalie groaning as she’s first smothered by the new champion’s taut tummy, Bella posing for the fans, towering over her conquered foe with her signature tongue out as the fans roar in approval, cheering the dominant redhead as she is giving them their money’s worth and then some to end this incredible night. Then, everything is quickly made worse for poor Natalie when Thorne leans forward and down, smothering the squirming blonde’s face with her supple breasts. Thorne hugging the younger woman’s head tight with boths arms, forcing Natalie’s face in further into her cleavage as cameras flash all throughout the arena, the audience taking great pleasure in this dominant spectacle. Thorne tightening the smother with another arm looped around and wrapped around the back of Natalie’s neck, snarling with a satisfied grunt as she squeezes the life out of Lind body-to-body, the poor girl’s face all but vanished as she sputters into her conqueror’s pulsing cleavage.

Finally, Bella’s had her fun, confirms that the poor Natalie is completely subdued when her arms go fully limp. Only then does she allow Lind to slide back down to the mat by releasing her grip, the former JMD champion’s eyelids fluttering and mouth open in jug-shock. A smiling Thorne quickly hops down, snatching the JMD diamond-encrusted bra from the ring official who’s waiting for her in the center of the ring. Then, to everyone’s shock (and delight), Bella strips her own bikini top off in a wild flourish (well…she DOES have pasties on, covering the really important bits!), eliciting some loud gasps followed by VERY loud cheers from the audience as their new champion slips on her latest, well-deserved glittering cups instead.

Bella ends the show with another signature sexy dance in the middle of the ring, shaking her bosom as the arena spotlights create a dazzling display of disco magic, as Bella shows off her new trophy to everyone in attendance. Thorne then gestures for a microphone, addresses the fans directly as her voice echoes through the arena: “I hope you enjoyed that…” she giggles. “And now seriously…thank you all, my fans who showed up tonight, and my haters who also showed up tonight. Hate me all you want, I’m still going to do my thing and keep winning. That’s what I f*cking do. I want to thank Natalie too, for agreeing to basically hand over the JMD title to me. She’s good, for sure..but not as good as me. She should have known that. I hope she doesn’t take it TOO hard when she wakes up…” Thorne chuckles, then continues. “I hope she learned her lesson…don’t f*cking mess with Bella Thorne! Your motherf*cking Bantamweight champion AND JMD champion!!! Merry f*cking Christmas and happy new year guys! I’m just gonna go light up a joint or two…..See ya next year!” 

Bella takes a bow and hands the microphone back before running towards Carmen Electra, a huge grin on her face, jumping at her older mentor as both women embrace and laugh, celebrating Bella’s amazing achievement as this Dollhouse star ends 2019 a dual champion and on top of the f*ucking the world!  



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