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31 December 2019 New Year's Boppin' Eve 6: It's Still NBC At The Asylum Post-Event Press Conference

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New Year's Boppin' Eve 6: It's Still NBC At The Asylum PPV


Posted by HBO's Boxing At The Asylum on Dec 31, 2020 at 12:01am


The Man In The Hat sits, as usual, at the center of the dais. To his left are Chloe Bennet, Kat Dennings, Lili Reinhart, Britney Spears, Neve Campbell, Pink, Grace Park, and Alison Brie. To his right sit Katy Perry, Ariel Winter, Taylor Hill, Jewel, Anna Torv, Leelee Sobieski, Kesha, and Emily Osment.

Man In The Hat: "OK. As usual, before we get to questions, there are some people I want to thank. Let's start, obviously, with each and every one of our indy fighters, who are the backbone of Asylum. Without them, what we do every month wouldn't happen. And, of course, we can't forget the FCBA Commission for sanctioning these fights and making Asylum possible. Now. Questions. Cable Boy. Go!"

HBO Reporter: "Starting with Katy is getting to be a habit. She looked pretty impressive tonight. We've been talking about her roster spot..."

Man In The Hat: "We're not gonna talk roster spots tonight. We'll have an announcement tomorrow. We're gonna have a special event right here at Asylum, a concert featurin' the musical artists on our roster. Admission is a $10 donation to the Philly food bank. Prior to the concert, we'll announce the 2020 roster. As far as Katy's performance tonight goes, what you saw is why she's been in more title fights than anyone else in the history of the stable. She's got a complete tool box and devastatin' power. That was no tomato can tonight. But, it was over in less than three. Cable Boy II. Go!"

Showtime Reporter: "Your three bantams who fought tonight are all already ON the roster. They all got some resistance tonight. Surprised?"

Man In The Hat: "Not surprised. Not disappointed, either. These girls who came in here, Montgomery, Boone, Bloom, all of 'em physical. Two of 'em have been here before, not gonna get dazzled by the lights. They all came here to WIN, and that's what they tried to do. It wasn't about survivin' or goin' rounds. They wanted a 'W', and you have to respect that. As for our girls, they all handled that. Took the best shots. Stuck to their fight plans. Came up with wins. That's what you want to see. Very pleased with all three of 'em. They'll be a big part of what we're doin' in 2020. Tess, dear, go ahead."

Tess: "Ariel will be on the roster next year and she came out with a win..."

Man In The Hat (nodding): "Our choice of opponent for Winter was no mistake. Of course, it never is, but, in this case, more so. This girl is very athletic, can move very well. Also quick. These are the kinds of things girls try to use against Ariel, because you don't want to stand and bang with her. So. You get in there against that and you work against that. She did. And she came out with a solid win. Very please with her. Very pleased. Smackeroo. Dinner time. Take us there!"

Reporter: "Let's talk about Hill. DeVitto gave her some problems..."

Man In The Hat: "She did. And, like Boone and Bloom, Torrey's been here before. Nothing new to her. And, she's coming here to win the fight, not prove somethin'. So, same deal for Taylor. She has to deal with that. And, it's important that you do. Because, in every fight, you have to deal with SOMETHING. Most fights, multiple things. You have to manage. You have to work. You have to be smart and patient and not force things, not let the other girl get you outta what you want to do. That's how you win fights. And, that's how Taylor won the fight. That's what you want to see. And, we saw it. Now. Dinner time. Tess! Smackey! Limo!" 



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