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27 January 2020 Tahnee Atkinson vs Hannah Ferguson

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Posted by Oddmanout on January 27, 2020, 11:07 pm



Boxing on the Beach

Tahnee Atkinson vs Hannah Ferguson

(Odds & Ends Fight Studio vs VIXENs)

Before: To say their first best of seven ended inconclusively would be putting it mildly. While Hannah came away with the official victory, the dominant image in the public remains the two wrapping each other into a mutual breast smother that neither escaped from. And with the welterweight title hunt resetting one way or the other in the near future, there’s no better time to restart the rivalry!

“It’s so important for me to distinguish myself from the Tahnees of the world,” says Hannah in prefight. “I don’t want anybody, ever, to be thinking of her in the same sentence as me--I’m a cut above that level, everyone knows that. I’m just going to box her, show her my class, break her down and hurt when she’s tired. We’re going to see a big difference between those two of us in that ring.”

“Hannah can talk and bat her eyelashes all she wants,” shrugs Tahnee. “We’ll see how irresistible she is after a few of these (cocks right fist). I’m a competitor, If this fight boils down to who’s tougher., who wants it more? She stands no chance in hell.”

Yellow bikini tops for both fighters, Hannah wearing a blue microbottom, wavy blonde hair loose down back and breasts, white gloves. Tahnee’s micro is yellow, hair loose down her back, black gloves. 

R1: Hannah bludgeoning healthy rights and lefts, buffeting Tahnee about her head and shoulders. Clobbering wallop has Atkinson stumbling about, about a minute in she’s concussed to chin by swinging right, drops her backside onto the ropes as crowd erupts. Ferguson drives home a slamming right to the stomach, squaring away and bashing heavy, batting strokes to flanks, huddling Tahnee forward, then BLONDE WANTS JUG! Hannah grunting with the effort of hoisting short left and right uppercuts into Tahnee’s bulging rack, arching her back, standing up into the shots, buttocks ringing as she shoves the blows home. Atkinson bleating in pain, bumped and bullied at the ropes, but she avoids the shutout with some desperation slugging of her own to Ferguson’s melons at the bell.

R2: Tahnee stepping-to, jabbing stubby, then clobbering Hannah upside the head a swinging right: blonde sent stumbling, jugs a-jumpin’. Body blows follow, Atkinson carrying herself into Ferguson with the blows to stampede her into the ropes. Bombastic wallop applied to Hannah’s jugs, Tahnee baring her teeth, twisting side to side and jamming; in short punches with plenty of forearm chaser, blonde ragdolled against the ropes, really getting belted. Down the stretch, thudding body blows have Ferguson in a bad way: brutal right uppercut kicks her head back, sits her stunned in the ropes: all but out as Atkinson gets back to those jugs, dipping side to side as she chops in the hurt with both dukes.

R3: Hannah spearing her jab, punching Tahnee in the mouth even as brunette’s own jab connects to chin: stalemate midring sees the girls fall in shoulder to shoulder. Hannah grunting, pushing, working that firm paunch with short, kneading right/lefts. Tahnee bumping the left shoulder, hooking paunch, pounding the flat knuckled right hand to Ferguson’s hip: good bashing trade as each fighter stabilizes her front. Hannah swishes brisk to rack, scoring on Tahnee’s healthy hooters, then crouching in with the left shoulder to smother the receipt, Atkinson clips a tidy outside-in right uppercut, picking up Ferguson’s stunned face and BLONDE GOES DOWN! Hannah dropped in stupor to all fours, swaying on the spot: Tahnee glaring, swish-stomping sand in neutral corner, tossing her head to get her hair back. After 8, Ferguson stubborn off the knockdown, trading rights and lefts with Atkinson up top, beating her to the punches and bodying her back. Combatants nuzzling close, fighting shoulder to shoulder, digging up tummy&tits in another rough round.

R4: Heavy, clobbering blows, moving Tahnee, she’s staggering around, trying to get her bearings. Ferguson stepping into spearing jabs, pounding ‘em to chest or face—she’s doing a good job of startling Atkinson before wading in with power. Hannah pulling a booming right hand over the top, big splashy blows have Tahnee stumbling about in wonder. At the ropes, Ferguson squares away big-girl, moving her head with constant bobbing torso-- keeping Atkinson hurt with a routine, thumping right/left in the waist, then exploring from there. Tahnee battered from bell to bell—really lumping up and looking forlorn: all she can do is roll the odd shot or clinch against full-steam-ahead Hannah.

R5: Tahnee briskly scrubbing right/left crisscross combos up top, clanging against Hannah’s raised guard. Ferguson won’t have it—blocking the scrub, then stepping in a hard jab to Atkinson’s face, driving her back, form breaking down as she can’t hold her ground. Hannah forward, hauling that wide right roundhouse into Tahnee’s body, wounded Aussie shying away to her right when Ferguson steps in, hooks wide, digging in under her right breast and ATKINSON GOES DOWN! Hugging her body and dropping to her haunches, panting in and out as she tries to shake off the pain. Hannah stomping past hands on hips, scowling down: very intense, workmanlike blonde as she erases Tahnee’s advantage.

R6: Hannah pressing the attack, coming in off the jab to cross right hands to chin, Tahnee stepping in fence post holes early, desperately hurt, trying keep fists at temples. Ferguson snarling, left hand grabbing Atkinson's right wrist while the right delivers hateful buggywhip lashes to left flank. Tahnee sobbing aloud, turning counterclockwise as Hannah pulls-and-hits at her. Atkinson buckles from the body-whip, Ferguson stepping close to lash the tummy a lanky right/left, then widening stance while jabbing to reset. Hannah in charge, punishing Tahnee in the pocket, pinning her down with jabs, then leaning in to work her over via limber rights and left. Down the stretch, Atkinson desperately punching-with off the ropes...she kisses Ferguson a swinging right/left to chin and HANNAH's legs give a shimmy. Ferguson suddenly hurt, reaching to clinch...round finishes with both beauties embracing on trembling stems at ropes.

R7: Battle of the corner crews won by the O&E team, Tahnee recovering better walking Hannah down with a heavy jab, a splattering right in the side, and a digging hook to paunch. Ferguson closing her stance, bobbing her torso, trying to retreat in good order, but she’s looking drowsy: heavy slamming effect of Atkinson’s punches has her groggy. Fight stumbles inevitably to ropes: Tahnee immediately pushing in to stack Hannah, then pummeling her rack: blonde groaning, covering up her hooters and folding forward. Atkinson simply crouches, reaches in, stacks Ferguson into ropes again, and applies extra bludgeoning leather to the problem. Tahnee’s legs and backside so strong in sand—stomping for position, driving in, keeping Hannah immobilized. Ferguson sharpshooting back the odd swiping counter, but most of the time, she’s just getting ragdolled and bullied against the cables.

R8: Tahnee slams in a softening barrage to flank before reaching in to chest Hannah upright. Atkinson crams a cruel right hand to the pit of the stomach, embracing shuddering blonde, stacking her upright against ropes. Just stacking Ferguson up and battering her, proud breasts and gorgeous face catching a torrent of clubbing lefts and rights. Tahnee’s body firm in the sun, legs planted strong--she’s just at work here, belting away, pushing Hannah upright, belting away some more. Ferguson drifts out on her feet, lolling against the ropes, taking punches, until finally swooning to her belly, parallel to the ropes. Bludgeoning KO8 Tahnee Atkinson.

After: A degloved Tahnee drags Hannah out of the ring, leaving a trench in the sand, ensuring plenteous amounts of sand are sticking to her sweat-drenched body. Ferguson groggily raising her head just in time to be flipped over, eyes coming into focus just in time to see Atkinson’s barely-legal backside draping itself over her face. As Hannah twists and thrashes while Tahnee sits solidly in the reverse facesit, with one hand gripping the blonde’s bikini bottom while the other starts scooping sand onto Ferguson’s flat belly. After Hannah’s struggles subside, Tahnee leans in to write “1-0 b*tch” in the sand she’s piled on top of the slumbering blonde as she begins their second Best of 7 with a thundering knockout!  



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