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6 June 2018 Josephine Skriver vs Mathilde Gohler Bed Brawl

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Posted by Caspian on June 6, 2018, 5:54 am



AHW: Josephine Skriver vs Mathilde Gohler - Bed, Brawl & Beyond (Part I)

(24, 5’11, 5:0 BBU, Girls Friday)


(24, 5’11, 4:2 BBU, SIRENs)


After their last encounter in 2017, Mathilde always having had a sore spot for having lost to fellow Danish model Josephine Skriver, the latter having further humiliated her after their match in the ring by bloodying her face and posing for the cameras. The blonde even had the cheek to post one of such photographs to Mathilde in the mail, weeks after, and Gohler had ripped the envelope to shreds at the timely reminder that she hadn’t been the better woman that time: Skriver grinning widely for the cameras, both hands firmly dug into her hair whilst she shoved her face into her tummy.

Mathilde had fumed for the longest time at the blonde’s insolence, and was sorely hoping to pay her back for the same misery ever since. The day finally came when she managed to track her down using a little ingenuity (and much bribery of the local post office), using Josephine’s own mail tactics against her by finding out her exact address. True enough, when Gohler staked it out, the apartment along B*tch Boulevard belonged to the little blonde b*tch’, and BOY did she have a surprise in store for her when she got home…


Josephine was in a good mood. Coming off a spate of victories even since her debut in 2016 had left the Victoria’s Secret Angel with a current 8-0 winning streak. What was most satisfying of course was her most recent win over fellow Danish model Mathilde Gohler - Josephine had relished the thought of putting that b*tch in her place by knocking her out down in the sixth round, REGARDLESS of how some saw the outcome with controversy.

Tonight, she had planned to surprise her boyfriend, Alexander Deleon, with a tasty treat of her own: a quiet dinner at their house, followed by some dessert in the bedroom. Well, the blonde smiled to herself as she approached her front door carrying bags of groceries, not necessarily in that order. The lights were already turned on as Skriver entered the door and shouted, ‘Honey, I’m home!’

Hearing no response, however, raised an eyebrow. Her boyfriend usually was the first to greet her at the door. The house was eerily silent this time, with some quick shuffling noises though coming from the upstairs bedroom. Thinking that she’d surprise Alexander with dessert first after all, Josephine wore a cheeky grin as dropped her bags on the counter, then proceeded to peeled off each layer of clothing as she ascended the stairs step by step. Her white blouse was first to fall off her shoulders, followed by her black mini-skirt, finally leaving her in pink bra and panties just waiting outside the door to the bedroom, slightly ajar.

Only... there were noises coming from within the room - noise that painted Josephine’s face immediately with rage and confusion. With a quick shove, she slammed the door wide open, only to see her worse nightmare in front of her eyes: her hated nemesis, Mathilde Gohler, with her arms and legs wrapped around her boyfriend on the queen-sized bed.

Josephine stood there stunned for a brief moment, Mathilde seemingly fully aware of the ‘intruder’ standing in the doorway by not paying her any attention and instead, giggling in her general direction.

“Hope you don’t mind, Jose. I made myself at home…”

With a shriek, the blonde charges forward, claws out and ready to strike. Mathilde ready for her, however. Somehow this was all part of some elaborate trap ready to be sprung. She extends her body outwards, wrapped in white cotton underwear, sending a straight kick right into the blonde’s midsection as Skriver was in the middle of her pounce. The kick catches her flush on the tummy, stopping her advance abruptly with an OUUFF and sending her sprawling back down to the carpet at the foot of the bed. Mathilde still grinning, snaking her legs off the front of the mattress, hands already helping herself to fistfuls of blonde hair as she holds the groaning girl in place.

“Time for for your just desserts, b*tch,” Mathilde mutters, before slapping Josephine across the face with a grunt, then with another and another open palm, as she snakes her legs around her waist and squeezes at the same time.

Skriver letting out a yelp and then a strangled scream as her insides constricted, with the roots of her hair tugged about painfully. But let’s not forget, she has her own hands free… with some satisfaction of her own she sends a right fist SMACK straight up into Mathilde’s mouth, eliciting a grunt as she’s knocked backwards. The hold over her body loosens slightly, allowing Josephine to surge up and forward with a shriek of rage, now flinging herself clear onto Mathilde’s body as they both land on the bed, tussling for control.

Girls are digging their fingernails into skin and hair at this point, tugging back harder hoping to inflict maximum damage for this mutual animosity towards one another.

“You f*cking B*TCH?!? YOU COME INTO MY HOUSE AND--hUHHGGG” Josephine screaming into Mathilde’s face, only to be silenced with a slap to the cheek, followed by a plug of her fist into her chest.

“Told you I wasn’t done with you…” Mathilde coos. “Tonight, I’m gonna knock you out in your own house… then i’m gonna have a little fun with Ale--HNNNGGHHH!!” Mathilde drawing her rival up by the hair, getting her to their knees, before she’s BLASTED in the jaw with a return uppercut to her jaw, Josephine retaliating with actions instead of words this time.

“You’re gonna REGRET ever coming here, you little wh*re!!” Josephine squealing, tugging Gohler’s head back with one hand whilst sending another SLAP into the side of her face.

Mathilde grunting from each stinging impact as she flails about from the pain, now made worse when Josephine opts to punish her chest with bunched fists smacking into her breasts Puh puh PUH PUH. Mathilde with a pained look of shocked outrage as she’s powerless to stop the punches from landing, can only resort to punching right back… Girls now scrambling on top of the bed for a dominant position, arms and legs trying to wrap around opposing bodies and waistlines, all the while sending balled fists into the belly and chest.

The two girls draw each other up, fingers dug into hair and waistbands, snarling and into each other’s face. Mathilde first to return another SLAP into Josephine’s rapidly reddening cheek, but the blonde responding with knuckles WHAP into her tummy, folding the brunette over with a dull HNNNGNHHH... Another hard slap to the face was expected to disorient Skriver, but Mathilde wasn’t counting on the blonde’s rage, and she finds another right hand buried up into her belly, knocking the wind out of her lungs and sending her face buried down into her hated foe’s chest.

“Having fun, b*tch??” Josephine hissing down at her fluttering eyes, before rubbing salt in by shoving Mathilde’s lips further into her cleavage with two hands pulling her in by the back of her head.

Muffled groans coming from within the makeshift smother, as Josephine just smirking in triumph at being the better woman. Mathilde’s resolve wilting by the second - perhaps this was a poorly-thought out plan after all?

Suddenly, a loud shriek coming from Jose as her supple flesh set on fire - Mathilde BITING down hard on where her teeth met skin - a last resort. Josephine surging backwards back onto the mattress out of pure panic and fury, with Mathilde’s pearly whites still holding onto her brassiere, a grin wiped clean when Skriver finally sends a clean punch straight into her nose in order to get her to release her biting hold.

Girls sprawled to opposite sides of the bed once more, now writhing about and checking themselves for damage. Heaving and huffing, they start crawling back towards each other once more, looking to end this wild melee. Once within arm’s reach, they HURL themselves back at each other, bodies slapping into each other with a loud GRUNT and resuming their wild wrestle for leverage.

Once more, they resume the drilling fists into opposing bellies, exchanging mutual shouts of exhaled air with knuckles hitting tummy flesh with dull FUMPS, taking turns bending each other over in pain. Both girls athletic beyond comparison, of course, being models, but this is pushing the limits of punishment their bodies can take… Mathilde targeting the upper belly with shot after shot in and out hup hup hup hup, shocking the blonde in the stomach over and over again and testing the limits of her toned muscles. Josephine firing right back of course, ramming her knuckles into the sides of Mathilde’s tummy and straight into the belly button, doing arguably more damage to her opponent as both their tummies start turning bright shades of pink from the mutual abuse.

Another right uppercut powered up into her body has Mathilde letting out a deep HUGHNNNNGGGHHH, and suddenly she finds herself bent over and down in the blonde’s arms once again, her own two hands hugging her body as she huffs hot air on sweat-soaked skin.

“You’re finished, Mathilde. You never seem to learn your lesson, do you, b*tcHAAAAHHGGGHHH!!”

Gohler using her last reserves to drill her fist not forward, but downwards, balling in and bunching up Skriver’s panties as she mashes the flesh in her lower belly, dangerously near her crotch. She repeats the move, noticing the blonde’s shivering shock as the pain simply paralyses her to her core. Mathilde pounding away again and again, watching with satisfaction as Josephine’s mouth opening and closing in silent screams as she flails and tries to get away. Not so far though - Mathilde’s turn grip her long strawberry hair with both hands, tugging her groaning body back.

“Oh I learnt how to beat you, alright. I just need to thoroughly humiliate you in front of your man…” Mathilde coos.

With Josephine still groaning, both her hands sorely positioned between her legs, Mathilde has free range to now punish the rest of her body over, each dull hup hup HUP HUP folding the blonde over in half. Soon, the poor girl is left gasping for air as her body goes limp from shock. Mathilde still grinning as Skriver now putty in her hands. She gingerly loops her fingers around her bra straps and TUGS upwards violently, loosening her supple breasts all at once. Josephine too much in pain to protest, especially when Gohler continues with the delicate abuse of her assets, flattening her chest left and right. FINAL uppercut WHAP into the base of her chin knocks her flat onto her back, where she lands with a soft thud between the sheets. 

With a deep breath, Mathilde launches herself after, completely pinning Josephine down and hissing into her trapped face.

“It’s OVER, Jose. Admit it… I BEAT you.”

“F*CKING B*TCHHHMMMPPHHG!” is the blonde’s only reply, before Mathilde silences her by wrapping both arms around her head and plunging her face into the depths of her cleavage.

Josephine struggling down below in her clutches, sharp fingernails dragging red lines across Mathilde’s back and leaving marks down her thighs, but the brunette’s not going to relinquish her perch until her job’s completed here.

After a good, long struggle, however, the Siren has finally gotten her revenge, when Skriver’s body goes completely limp in her embrace, finally smothered out. Mathilde, herself exhausted, opts to lie over her still body a while longer, surveying her damage with a smile, before giving the snoozing blonde a slight smooch on her snoozing lips.

“Looks like i’m the better woman after all. And your little boy toy deserves a better woman…”

The next time Josephine regained consciousness, the aching pain in her body was too much to move, save turning her head from side-to-side gently. Slowly, what transpired dawned on her, and realised that she was being treated to the same sounds from before the first time she stood outside the bedroom. Only this time, Josephine found herself immobilised and unable to move - her arms were tied to the radiator across the bed, on top of which were two familiar figures thrashing about and making sickening giggling sounds, her hated rival’s fratenisations with her (now) ex-boyfriend echoing throughout the room.

“I’LL GET YOU, MATHILDE. JUST YOU WAAAAITT!!” Josephine screams as Gohler takes her prize with a laugh.



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