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14 February 2020 Taylor Swift vs Kate Upton

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Posted by Fates on Feb 14, 2020 at 11:36am


Main Event: Taylor Swift vs. Kate Upton

Words/Results: Lookout

BEFORE: Ford Field has a capacity of 65,000 and even though it’s Valentine’s Day, there’s not a seat to be found in the house. Home to the Detroit Lions, this is probably the loudest that it’s ever been as the domed stadium seems to literally be shaking with excitement and anticipation from fans of both fighters. There is no middle ground it seems between them, although fans of blonde versus blonde battles are certainly in luck tonight. These are two of the best - if not the best - blondes in the league as once again, they are taking each other on for Alpha status. Kate failed to blow out Taylor’s candle on her birthday, but she’s hoping to get the home town advantage here tonight in Michigan.

So far, the crowd seems to be on her side as fireworks and the crowd explode at the entrance for Kate Upton, the Marvel from Michigan, who is looking flawless as ever wearing a blue sports bra that can barely contain her massive cleavage with the words ‘Hail the Queen’ written across it in golden cursive letters and a matching pair of bottoms. Blue gloves with gold trim can be found on her fists as she shadowboxes through the air on her way to the ring set up in the middle of the field - blonde hair in a fighting ponytail.

Kate beams as she addresses the crowd, working to make herself heard: “Listen, we all know how special Taylor thinks she is, but the fact is, she simply isn’t. She’s trying to compete with me with her fake rack, but just like the rest of her body, she’s going to fall short. Taylor is nothing compared to me and tonight, I’m going to prove it. There is only one queen, one Alpha blonde and it isn’t Taylor f*cking Swift. It’s me and I am going to own her here tonight. In fact, when I’m done with that bit...” 

But, the crowd doesn’t get to hear Kate’s plans as the arena’s loudspeakers blare with “You Need To Calm Down.”, Taylor’s crowd-pleasing hit and it certainly has the crowd on their feet. Even though it’s a very pro-Kate environment, there is a VERY healthy pro-Taylor contingent as well, supporting their fighter as Taylor struts into the arena, looking every inch like one of the most famous artists of her generation in a pair of tight pink shorts which showcase her toned thighs and a matching sports bra which reads ‘Alpha Blonde’ in glittery letters. Pink gloves are on as her fists, which she is pumping with excitement as she is practically bounding to the ring and bouncing in time with her tight blonde ponytail as she slides behind the ropes. 

After singing a bit of the chorus of ‘You Need to Calm Down’ directed at Kate with a little smirk, Taylor works to make herself heard now over the roaring crowd and a furious Kate, who is being restrained by the referee as Taylor grins: “You need to take that message to heart, Katie, or guess what? I’m going to take you down. We learned last time that my powerful legs beat flabby tits and I’m not going to leave ANY question tonight. The world is going to learn that your rack is mine and it’s not all that. These legs have walked across the stage to pick up trophy over trophy, but tonight, they are going to walk all over you to take your tits as MY personal trophy. Understand?” 

Taylor tosses the microphone down, practically spiking it as she charges at Kate, the two of them almost tackling each other mid-ring if the referee hadn’t managed to keep them apart with some serious work. Both blondes cursing and trying to attack one another as the ref orders them to their separate corners, demanding a clean fight as the two of them can’t wait to get started. Finally, the bell rings and the war begins as the two of them shoot out of their respective corners as the crowd cheers with jubilation at the thought of seeing these two take each other on here tonight- 

R1: Dukes up/elbows in all around - girls sidestepping clockwise, eyes locked. Kate bopping a light jab against Taylor's guard - trying to work it through to breasts; occasionally bouncing it off opposing face. Kate's eyes lighting up when she's leaning in righty - crossing punch clouting hard across Taylor's jugs, drawing grimaces, but not breaking blonde form. That's pretty much the gist - Kate circling, keeping tabs with the jab - slinging in the odd hot cross - Taylor turning, doing her best to block, but not answers as Upton explores blonde perimeter defences.

R2: Kate deciding Taylor needs to be loosened up to the body - powerful blonde leaning in on front (left) leg - slinging in the willowy right roundhouse to waist; lashing home a licking left to waist as Taylor stands with hands high. Blonde girl catching body-spank, but taking it well: she's issuing sturdy hook-receipts in spots - bouncing mitts off Kate's scalp, or hammering her jugs. Taylor conscientious about keeping dukes up - Kate circling, looking for body with either hand as a result.

R3: Kate: circling; dipping-in; lashing the body. Taylor: upright; rigid high-guard - giving up the waistline, but standing her ground, taking the hits and answering back brawny. Blonde girl willing to absorb slinging licks amidships to draw Kate into range for clubbing lefts and rights - Taylor's fists finding Upton about the head and shoulders, buffetting her about. Kate frequently punched off balance - forced to regroup: Taylor able to step forward, helping herself to shoving palm-down right hands to Kate's rack. Blonde girl bangs out the points - Taylor making determined eye-contact with a Sports Illustrated Model of the Year at bell.

R4: Kate with a series of lanky right hands early - a sidearm buggywhip to hip; a right uppercut to stomach; a sliding straight right down into gut - she's got Taylor grimacing/wobbly-butt early. Upton noting the hurt - edges herself in to operate at closer ranges as Taylor forms hurtin' earmuff. Kate: dukes curled into her chin; head pushing on Taylor's guard; fists deployed in lashing licks to paunch CHUP! CHUP; left forearm pushing on Taylor steering her around; buggywhip right hands snatching at paunch or hip - Kate bringing the mitt back quick after spanking blonde flesh. Taylor's curvy legs hold her up, but she's miserable with punishment - just baby-stepping around in earmuff as Kate beats her for points.

R5: Kate moving back in, looking to work Taylor lanky at close range - same assortment of lashing strokes tormenting blonde body early. Taylor in earmuff, grunting and grimacing - midway through she starts answering back - short-shrugging in tidy lefts to Kate's jugs; fitting short right uppercuts to Kate's chin. Upton GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Kate suddenly hurt, eyes blinking - she's stumbling to her left as Taylor opens up wide with a series of walloping hooks - clouting Kate hip-and-head and DOWN GOES UPTON! Kate punched to her glutes, her back at ropes - she's an astonished model, blinking and spanked as smoldering Taylor stalks past. Kate beats the count, shows leg to circle the ring - blonde girl stalking with frowning, intense expression, looking to pour on the hurt.

R6: Now it's Kate in earmuff, grimacing as Taylor pushes in, works the waistline! Blonde head pushing on blonde guard as Taylor's pumping punches bounce off taut Kate waist, with brawny blonde hating the body-beating, but tuffing it out, trying to use the odd push or forearm to ward Taylor off. Swift diligent about her girl - leaning in close, staying muscular to breadbasket - blonde girl imposing will through 2 minutes, punching blonde rival around the ring. Down the stretch, Kate starting timing sleek little check-uppercuts in between Taylor's bodyshots - blonde chipping away on chin, then covering up earmuff, then dipping-and-ripping the lanky left hook to Taylor's taut waist. TAYLOR'S LEGS GIVE A SHIMMY! Accurate, whippy check-punching from Kate has Swift hurt - Kate bounces a wicked right hand punch off Taylor's abs - eases right leg back and shifts weight to it - licks the right uppercut to Taylor's chin as blonde girl's falling forward. TAYLOR'S LEGS STIFFEN! Swift staggering forward, eyes glassy, lips parted: Kate sidesteps-right for an angle on Taylor's left flank - licks her a savage sidearm-right buggywhip in the back! Blonde girl groaning, cringing from the shot - she's desperately hurt when Kate eases in off Taylor's left shoulder, curling the outside-in right uppercut clean to chin, picking Taylor up and DROPPING HER DOWN! Swift spilling forward - jack-knifing into canvas, then rolling onto her back - she's a hot mess, head lolling side to side, legs slopping around lazy with hurt - Taylor can't get off her back and that's KO6 Kate Upton. 

AFTER: Kate bellowing with excitement at the result, just pumping both fists into the air as she beams and hops up onto the ropes, pounding one fist against her chest in a crowd-pleasing display as her chest bounces as she bounces around the ring. Eyes almost filling up with tears at getting revenge against her rival, but she blinks them back and regains her composure. Smirking as she calls out to the crowd, "Today is the freaking 14th, which is a number that TayTay is NOT going to reach on her win streak. This is her first loss under Fates, but it d*mn sure won't be her last. Last time she lost it was to...that's right...Yvonne. So, stable sister, I've softened her up for you and you can have whatever's left to bring the title back to Lookout! because Swift's record-setting reign is going to be freaking OVER, just like she is. Finish her off, Vonnie!" Eyes narrowing with determination as she adjusts her bra, then charging over to a still dazed Swift as she grips her blonde tresses to YANK her up off of the canvas. Taylor’s proud thighs planting against the canvas in unsteady fashion, staggering as she groans out, blinking in confusion as she is slammed backwards against the turnbuckle. 

Taylor grunting as she doubles over, using the top ropes to keep herself upright as Kate reaches for her rival’s rack, gripping a handful of cleavage in each hand as she digs her claws in to SHOVE Taylor upright with a wicked smirk. Licking her lips as she sneers, “There’s almost NOTHING to hold onto, teeny tiny Taylor…”, laughing wickedly as she doesn’t allow Taylor to retort before sending a hard knee up right up into those taut abs of hers. Grinding her knee as Taylor moans out, air rushing past her lips as Kate hammers in another knee, making sure her foe’s face is a deep shade of scarlet before she pushes her back upwards. Confident now that her foe is not going to be moving anytime soon, Upton takes a few steps backwards as the crowd is getting louder and louder. Knowing what’s about to come and unfortunately, so does Swift. But, she can’t seem to get enough air in those lungs or energy in those legs of hers before Kate comes in with a brutal SPLASH that sends her foe crashing back into the corner. Kate grinds her weight forward for a moment before taking a few steps back with a smirk, licking her lips as she waves Taylor forward, “C’mon, walk forward on those famous legs of yours and walk all over me, just like you said you would, TayTay…”. Taylor blinks, coughing as she tries to take a step forward, but pitches forward as she falls to the canvas with a dazed expression. 

Trying to push herself upwards to all fours, which she surprisingly manages before Kate goes to push her foot against Taylor’s posterior to send her sprawling towards her back. Kate pouncing atop her foe as she leans forward, grinding her chest down onto Taylor’s for a moment as she snickers, purring confidently, “See? Perfection beats plastic, b*tch…” and as she grips Taylor’s blonde tresses, “My tits beat your legs, little beta…” as she suddenly plunges Swift’s horrified face into the valley of her cleavage. Grinding her chest back and forth as she curls those brawny biceps around Taylor’s head, making her face disappear into her orbs as she smirks, cooing into Taylor’s ear as she sings one of Taylor’s own songs into her ear, one fittingly titled ‘Breathe’: 

“Never a clean break, no one here to save me
I can't,
Without you,
But I have to,
Without you,
But I have to” 

Kate grins, just making sure her voice is the last thing Taylor hears before she passes out, “That’s right - nobody is here to save you from the big bad blonde. You can’t breathe without me letting you, but I’m not going to because you - can’t - breathe…” as Taylor squirms and twists, but can’t escape her foe’s embrace or her chest. Kate grinding down confidently for a few more seconds before she suddenly shoves Taylor down as she passes out, peeling her sweaty chest upwards as she rises to her feet. Standing proud on her own legs as she plants one foot across Taylor’s chest and pumps a double bicep flex, showing off her thighs as she grins, “All hail the freaking Queen here tonight because whatever loser ends up getting stuck with Taylor here tonight, just remember, if you two share a little kiss, she made out with MY tits first. Happy f*cking Valentine’s Day, Taylor!”  



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