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14 March 2020 Kyra Santoro vs Ashley Benson

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Posted by Caspian on March 14, 2020, 3:42 pm




2. Kyra Santoro vs Ashley Benson (JMD)


Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Ashley: 30 YO, 5’4 (1.62 m), #32C, 20-29-0, 20 KO since 2011 Pretty Little Punchers

Kyra: 27 YO, 5’7 (1.70 m), #34 C, 16-9-0, 16 KO since 2016, The VIXENS

“Now the fun part of this stable war: me and Kyra putting our racks on the line !” declares a smiling eager Ashley Benson. “I love JMD especially if I can take down taller, bustier chick like Kyra.”

Kyra equally eager: “I wouldn’t count on taking me down, Ashley. I haven’t had a lot of JMD experience, but I’ve had enough to know it’s better to win than lose. I did like winning and you will look really good crushed into my ‘girls’ here.”

“My ‘girls’ can’t wait for me to stuff your face against them,” says Ashley all but licking her lips in anticipation.

“I got to admit you are making me hot, let’s get to the ring and find out who gets to do the smothering!” Kyra says.

“You’re on! Let’s go!” Ashley cries.

Ashley and Kyra walk to the ring in short robes. They remove the robes in the ring. Ashley is in hot pink bikini with hot pink gloves and boots (white laces). Bobbed hair is loose but wetted down. Kyra in orange bikini with black boots and gloves (orange laces). Kyra hair pulled back in a ponytail with an orange bow. Two jostle each other, pushing chests together and bumping hips. Referee lets the JMD high spirits go for a bit, then calls Kyra and Ashley to order. They meekly obey and the rest of instructions pass quickly. Ladies have decided to forgo touching gloves instead they gently bump boobs as crowd hoots and cheers. Then they trot happily to their corners. (More traditional FCBA fans grumble about “showing off”, but these are drowned out by the approval of JMD-minded fans).

Ashley and Kyra wait in their corners. The bell rings…

R1: Kyra and Ashley shoot from their corners and go for each other’s juggs with their opening punches. Kyra likes uppercuts to attack the tender undersides of Ashley’s bra cups, while Benzo goes with driving straight rights and lefts to crush titflesh against Kyra’s own ribcage. Pounding action rages as the two circle around each other in the middle of the ring. Punch flurries staying even, but then Kyra goes to the belly with some sharp digging hooks. Ashley doubles up with a grunt and then Kyra attacks her to the head. Ashley’s head banged from side to side and then her chin gets clipped by uppercuts. Ashley staggering back, trying to protect her head as Kyra returns to slam rights and lefts into Ashley’s hooters to make them sloshed from right to left and left to right. Ashley stabs out jabs to Kyra’s chest. But they don’t slow down the attack and Benzo remains under jugg mugging until the bell. Kyra steps back with a smile. Ashley looks at her with foggy eyes and goes slowly back to her corner. Kyra struts back to her stool. She knows she’s won this round wide.

R2: Ashley worked on by the PLP corner crew and they get their fighter out ready to go at the bell for the 2nd Round. Kyra not wasting any time coming in, but Ashley surprises her by attacking to the head. Now it is Kyra Santoro who gets her bell rung as Ashley’s rights to the jaw and lefts to the chin send shockwaves through the taller bantam. Kyra lurching back, gloves up high and now Benzo is free to upload on Kyra’s vulnerable melons. Ashley unleashes a storm of bra busting punches hitting Kyra’s rack from all directions. Kyra sent reeling into the ropes where she tries to hunch up, but Ashley still able to bang those flanks to roast the side ribs to add to Kyra’s misery. Kyra finally just lunges at Ashley to clinch. Ashley tries to push Kyra off, but referee has to break it up. Kyra gains a small respite and uses it to get some jabs going that give Ashley’s breasts some counters. Ashley trying to force Kyra back into the ropes. Juggs mugged in close, but Kyra forced against strands and Ashley pounds those puppies, but time runs out.. Now it’s Ashley smiling and Kyra looking foggy eyed. Round goes wide to Ashley Benson.

R3: Now it’s the Vixen corner with its work cut out for it during the break. Kyra is able to make it off her stool at the bell, but she is moving with stiffness as Ashley closes in. Ashley going for the head again with her opening punches and Kyra reacts by raising her guard. It appears this is just what Ashley wanted as she unleashes a fresh storm of leather against the proud Santoro rack. Kyra pounded hard to the puppies, pulls back and tries some desperate counterpunching to break up Ashley’s attack. Ashley now sees Kyra’s chin unguarded and POW! An uppercut slams home to Kyra’s chin AND DOWN GOES KYRA! Kyra stumbles forward and is suddenly down on all fours. Ashley almost gleeful as she heads for the neutral corner. The referee is counting, but Kyra just crouching there, shaking her head and finally she starts to rise. She beats the count at “EIGHT!” Fight resumes shortly, but goes turtle, putting her face in her gloves and hunching up as Ashley Benson swarms in. Ashley again working the flanks of Kyra Santoro and keeps them under pressure to the bell. Ashley now has a knockdown on her side of the card and has won this round wide.

R4: Ashley looking confident during the break. Kyra again getting lots of attention from the Vixens corner crew. Sharp-eyed observers see Kyra moving off her stool more firmly this round and she proves quite prepared when Ashley comes at her once again. Battle rages to the body with (no surprise) juggs the focus of much of the punching. Kyra going back to those uppercuts to the undersides of Ashley’s bra cups and she is making those 32C’s dance. Ashley going for Kyra’s 34C’s with stabbing, crushing jabs. Two are in very close, looking each other in the eyes for signs of quit, but apparently not seeing any. Ashley tries to add some variety with sudden hooks to the belly, but Kyra answers with belly busters that stagger Ashley. Late the round, Ashley is giving ground fighting stubbornly to juggs and belly, but Kyra gaining control as the bell rings. Ashley breathing hard and looking wobbly as she goes back to her corner. Kyra breathing hard herself, but she has a determined look on her face as she returns to her corner. Close round, but Kyra Santoro won it.

R5: Ashley now the one getting the attention as the corner crew work hard during the break. Ashley coming off her stool, but with a defensive look, gloves up around her head and crouching to make herself a smaller target. Kyra Santoro approaches Ashley, eyeing her carefully and then going to the midsection with her opening punches. Ashley smacked hard by these belly hooks and tries to jab Kyra back, but Kyra dancing from side to side is an evasive target and Ashley’s counters are not effective. Kyra is striking at Ashley to the flanks as well. Ashley backing away and seems slow to realize she is being herded towards the ropes. Ashley’s buns hit the strands and she tries to jump away. Too late! Kyra on her and now has Ashley back against the ropes, gloves at her face so that her body is wide open. A hellfire of torso torturing leather descends on the writhing, shuddering body of Ashley Benson as Kyra Santoro goes at her with all she’s got. Ashley’s breasts are the center of all this havoc and suddenly Ashley knees give out. Kyra steps back. Ashley has wrapped her arms around her ravaged chest and then topples over onto her side to lie curled up in a ball of agony. Kyra scampering to the neutral corner. Referee counts. Ashley makes some effort to rise, but the best she can do is get into a seated position against the ropes, still clutching her breasts with a forlorn look on her face as she looks up at the referee.




Kyra congratulated by her Vixen teammates, she has her gloves removed and then crosses the ring, waving to the fans until she stands over Ashley Benson who sits on her stool. Ashley looks up, she has tendrils of wet hair hanging over her face and brushes them aside.

“You don’t have to ask: YOUR JUGGS BEAT MY JUGGS! But we gave you and your girls a helluva run for their money,” Ashley says.

“Nice of you to admit it so easily, but I think my poor aching boobies need some massage—like from your face,” Kyra said and sat down so that she was seated on Ashley’s lap. She put her arms around Ashley’s neck and looked her in the eyes.

“Do it!” Ashley said. “There are ogher fights on the card tonight. Get going!”

Kyra laughed and pulled Ashley's face into the very hot darkness of her sweaty breasts. Ashley instinctively struggled against the smother, but Kyra held tight until Ashley’s struggles ceased. She then released the hold and let Ashley sag back against the turnbuckle. Kyra surveyed the now slumbering Ashley and helped herself to Ashley pink bikini top.

“This was a great fight, I wanted this a memento,” Kyra says and thoughtfully covers Ashley’s chest with a towel. With that, she then pats Ashley on the head and strolls back to her own corner. The other Punchers then moved in to assist the whoozy Ashley from the ring.

VIX/PLP Stable War Official Tally: 2:0


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