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29 March 2020 Michelle Keegan vs Kristin Kreuk

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Posted by cbr on March 29, 2020, 3:50 am



"Dear guests, our lovely association, that quickly gained a lot of traction here in UK, brings you yet another apartment lingerie boxing bout between two astonishing beauties who fought back in 2018. and tonight they will meet again. Fighting out of the red corner, looking for revenge, lovely Michelle Keegan", the ref announced the the first contestant. Followed by a loud cheers from the crowd, Michelle graciously walked into the room on her high heels, in silky black robe, with her black boxing gloves held up in the air. Her cornermen helped her slip out of her robe, revealing her stunning body, clad in black lacy bodysuit, with shiny black stockings covering her shapely legs. She stroke a few poses for the cameras, the ref had to wait for the audience to calm down before he continued: "In the blue corner, ready to prove her supremacy, our beautiful guest from the other side of the pond, Kristin Kreuk".

A figure in red strutted into the room under a loud cheer and applause from the crowd. Kristin's cornermen helped her remove her robe and she banged her red gloves together, standing in red bra and panties lingerie set with tan stockings and garter belt, eager for the fight to start. The ref invited the ladies to approach him, went through the rules and sent them to their corners. Both beauties got their shoes off their feet, mouthguards in their mouths and soon they were back in the center of the arena, ready for boxing.

There was no love lost between the two fighters, Kristin snapped Michelle's head back with a sharp one-two combo. Keegan retaliated with a right hook to Kristin's jaw that sent her a few steps away. Kristin ducked under a left hook and went for Michelle's boobs. She winced through her mouthguard as her assets were pancaked agains her body, but bravely stood her ground and fired back a short uppercut to Kristin's face that bounced off her red gloves. Kreuk was fast, she managed to rip two blows to Michelle's body and dance away to safety from Keegan's right jab. Michelle was after her and another furious exchange resulted in Kreuk's right landing flat over Michelle's left eye and Keegan's left leaving a red mark on Kristen's ribs. They took a break, circling each other, then boxing from the distance until the bell rang.

Both beauties seemed happy in their corners, they got a few words of advice, some adjustments of the fighting attire and they were ready for the next round.

Round 2 started with Kristin charging with all guns blazing. The British fighter blocked most of the incoming blows, but took two big ones to the face and covered up. Kreuk pressed on with a beautiful right to the belly, then a left to Michelle's breast. Backpedaling, her back collided with the wall, then a right uppercut smashed over her chin. Michelle dropped her guard, her knees bucked. Kristin's right hook exploded into her face. She tried to fight back, but her right fell over Kreuk's shoulder and she tried to grab her into a clinch. But Kristin pushed her away, then glued her face to the wall with another right. Kreuk playfully sent a couple of sharp blows to her boobs and just as the ref was about to pull her away, she clubbed Michelle with another right hook to the head. The lady in black lingerie collapsed to the carpet. Kristin walked away under a wave of boos from the crowd, the British audience was not happy with their boxer's performance tonight. Michelle took her time and at a very slow count of 7 she rose up. The ref checked her up, and other than a nasty bruise forming over her left eye, she seemed fit to continue. As soon as the ref stepped away, Michelle fired a right to Kristin's head, but the Canadian beauty ducked under and rocked Keegan's body with a left-right combo followed by an uppercut to the boobs. This time Michelle managed to grab her into a clinch and the ref gave them some time to rest before pulling them apart just before the bell.

Kristin's cornermen were taking care of her reddened ribs and a swelling on her jaw, she nodded at her coach's directives with a smile, impatiently banging her gloves together. On the other side, Michelle's crew was busy bringing her back from knockdown daze and working on her swelling left eye. Her coach adjusted her bodysuit that started to reveal more than it was intended, he put her mouthguard in and sent her out into battle.

The bell rang for round 3 and first exchange from the distance showed that Michelle was playing smart. She was playing defense, red leather thudding against her shoulders and gloves. She avoided Kristen's right hook, then came back with a left-right combo that stopped the canadian boxer in her tracks. A nasty blow to the belly almost doubled over her opponent, but Kreuk retaliated with a swift uppercut to Michelle's boobs, but that did not prevent her from smashing over Kristin's ear that sent her down on all fours. The ref quickly jumped in between two ladies, pushing Michelle away. The crowd celebrated their girl's comeback as Kristin shook her head, got to one knee at 4 and leaped back on her feet at 8. Encouraged by her fans chanting her name, Michelle went after her opponent as soon as the ref let them continue boxing. She fired a big right that flew over Kristin's head, who took a step back avoiding Michelle's uppercut that would knock her out of her stockings if it hit her. Kristin smacked a right into the left side of Michelle's unprotected face, then a right to the chin. She was shaken by the knockdown, but still composed and focused, splatting a left to Keegan's boobs, then a right to her ribs, followed by another left to the brit's belly. Keegan grimaced and lowered her guard, backing off, but Kristen was not done. She rocked Michelle's head to the side with a nasty right hook that sent her reeling across the room. Keegan tried to fire back, but Kristen was quick on her feet, feinting a right, then landing a left flat over her chin. British bombshell covered up and Kreuk punished her body with a couple of sharp blows in the last seconds of the round.

Both corners had their hands full as both ladies had battle marks all over their bodies and faces. Kristin had a swollen jaw and a little mouse under her right eye, Michelle's left eye was almost shut and she was sporting a fat lip. They needed every second of the break.

Right at the bell for round 4 Kristin sent a jab through Michelle's guard, snapping her head. Keegan took a step back, her stance showing her vision is impaired by her swollen left eye and that was an invitation for Kreuk to launch herself at her. Kristin opened her up with a blow to her solar plexus, allowing her to paste a straight right into Michelle's mouth and an unseen right hook to her head. The lady in black lace was shellshocked, she went for a dizzy walk backwards and just as it looked like she might get her balance back, another heavy telegraphed right hook sent her tumbling to the carpet. Again, the crowd did not like seeing her favourite fighter down and they expressed it with loud boos and foul language. Michelle rose her head up, showing a nasty cut over her damaged eye and bleeding from her mouth. She crawled forwards, leaving blood stains on her path to the sofa in her corner. At 8 she managed to climb on to the sofa and stand back up. She put her gloves up and took a comical fighting stance, her legs barely holding her up, but that was enough for the ref to let the fight continue. Kristin started with a jab to her mouth that almost sent Michelle back to the carpet, but Kreuk went in close and pummelled her chest with left-right combo, Michelle's assets almost spilling out, then a right to her belly. Keegan lowered her guard to protect her body from more punishment, only to take a right hook to her face, blood spraying from her cut. Kristen held her head with her left glove and smashed a right uppercut to her chin. Michelle's head tilted up and backwards, her mouthguard flew out of her mouth over her head as she went backwards, landing hard on the carpet, her nylon clad legs stayed in the air for a moment before falling down. She was out cold, the match was over. The crowd was silent as Kristen stood over Michelle's motionless body in a victory pose, placing her right foot over her face. The ref quickly rose Kristin's red glove declaring her the winner, then pushed her away to join Michelle's team as they gathered around their knocked out lingerie boxer.

Kristen was celebrating in her corner, the audience gave her a barrage of cheers and a big applause, the brits being polite, as always. She quickly slipped her high heels on and gave a few words to the press: "It's the history repeating." she said with a smile, "I had plans for her after the match, but I guess I'll have to wait until she's awake", posing for the press before heading out of the arena.

Michelle's team tried to wake her up, but the lady in black lingerie was still out, spread eagle on the carpet, so the ref called for a stretcher. As they waited for medics, she managed to get her head up and roll to the side, but by the look on her battered face it was clear she was barely present. Her coach and the ref picked up the semi-conscious beauty by her ankles and her shoulders, placed her on the stretcher and carried her out to the medical room.



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