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19 November 2018 Sammi Hanratty vs Lindsay Lohan

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 19, 2018, 5:08 pm



Sammi Hanratty V Lindsay Lohan
(Words: Wannabees / Results: Lookout!)

Round One

Sammi and Lindsay both walk into the arena next, they are wearing yoga pants and t-shirts. They stare at each other as the ref goes over the rules. As soon as the bell goes they both start going at each other.

Sammi hisses as she tackles Lindsay and she starts to slap Lindsay across the face, Lindsay retaliates by pulling on Sammi’s hair, both ladies take it in turns to be on top, Suddenly Lindsay lifts Sammi up and walks her around like a horse after a couple of moments Sammi collapses and Lindsay goes for her shirt, something which Sammi notices as she pulls her away from her before she can get it off.

Sammi stand up, just in time for Lindsay to tackle her and force her onto the floor, Sammi starts crawling away but Lindsay grabs her yoga pants and starts to spank her ass. Sammi moans and groans as Lindsay yanks on them giving her a massive wedgie, she then pulls them down causing Sammi to scream as her yellow thong comes into view. She tries to wiggle out, but Lindsay is too strong and soon her yoga pants are off.

Round Two

Sammi comes on nervously and Lindsay continues to taunt and laugh at her, she pulls Sammi down onto her knee and spanks her thong covered ass. Sammi squeals as Lindsay laughs. Lindsay then pulls Sammi over.

“Such a pathetic woman, you shouldn’t get involved….” Lindsay suddenly stops midsection as Sammi tackles her hard in the midriff, she then rains punch after punch as Lindsay covers up. Sammi grabs hold of Lindsay’s hair and forces her down. She then punches Lindsay in the hair, when Lindsay falls, she grabs hold of her and starts to spank her. Sammi then grabs hold of her hair and pulls hard as Lindsay starts to cry a little bit.

“Oh, what’s wrong.” Sammi taunts.

Sammi glares as she grabs Lindsay’s yoga pants and pulls on them hard, she then goes to pull them down, but Lindsay kicks out and catches Sammi’s leg.

“You don’t think I’d fall for that.” Lindsay hisses.

They both stand up and for the next twenty seconds they slap and punch as each other’s breasts and midriff, suddenly Lindsay can’t take any more and she falls. Sammi quickly grabs her top and pulls it off, revealing Lindsay orange bra.

Lindsay rushes off towards her corner covering her bra.

Part Three.

This round both ladies are going at it hard, Sammi has her thong wedgies a few times, whilst Sammi is now clawing at Lindsay midriff and squeezing her breasts, both ladies are glaring at each other. Lindsay suddenly grabs Sammi’s hair and throws her on the floor, she then yanks on Sammi’s thong and pulls on Sammi’s hair, she forces Sammi to walk on all fours around the arena as the crowd laughs and Sammi blushes.

“Ready for this embarrassment to end!” Lindsay goes for Sammi’s top and soon her yellow bra starts to come into view, she bucks for all she is worth and suddenly she manages to get Lindsay off, she puts her top back on properly. She stands up and starts to growl as Lindsay comes near.

Both ladies are glaring and growling soon they are going at it ripping at each other’s hair and Sammi having a crazy idea, unhooks Lindsay bra. Lindsay shrieks and quickly fastens it back up. Sammi smirks as she suddenly grabs Lindsay and she throws her down hard, as Lindsay gets back up Sammi stands behind her and as soon as Lindsay groggily stand, Sammi grabs her yoga pants and yanks them down, revealing Lindsay orange thong. “OH God!” Lindsay screams as she tries with all her might to keep her yoga pants but Sammi gets them off. Lindsay cries as she lays there in tears as Sammi forces her onto all fours. She then forces Lindsay to carry her around the arena as the crowd laughs. “You don’t like it do you.” Sammi taunts.



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