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2 April 2019 Kelly Brook vs Kate Upton Titfight Series V

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on April 2, 2019, 3:15 am



Kelly Brook versus Kate Upton
(Titfight V)
(Words & Results: Lookout!)*


 Here in the fifth and deciding bout between the two, both Kelly and Kate were left on the mat alone. These warring contestants appeared to have chosen to spend a moment eyeing each other up and the crowd responded in kind in deciding to admire both fighters. Both fighters had already removed their shirts, each meeting their opponent in just a bra and gym shorts. Kate's blonde hair was in a ponytail, while Kelly's dark curls fell around her shoulders in a rather glamorous cascade. Though both young women could be described as 'gorgeous', the crowd had to admit that the term didn't really do full justice to Brook’s or Upton’s physical characteristics. Few girls were in the same league as Kelly, but Kate was one of the few who could claim to and tonight, she planned to prove it.

The tall, busty woman facing Kate on the mat was equally impressive, with her famous physique radiating strength and confidence. Countless audience members were drooling after the tough Brit, as they drank in her thick limbs, pronounced bust, taut stomach and surprisingly full hips and booty as anybody could definitely see the appeal. Kelly was thick in all the right places and toned everywhere else, a fairly rare combination that couldn't be achieved without the aid of some seriously good genes.

As Kate and the British beauty stared each other down, the audience seized the opportunity to compare their respective bodies up close, being impressed with every little detail.

Luckily for the crowd, however, they weren't here to choose between them - the winner of this fight would be decided by tits only. With a cocky grin Kate reached back to unclasp her her bra, flinging it towards the audience. Several crowd members whistled at the busty blonde's best assets, and one could even hear a few grunts from the back row as the girl's round, quivering jugs plopped down with a soft thud.

As the crowd turned their gaze towards Kelly, they noticed that the British girl had followed her opponent's example. Kelly's jugs appeared slightly larger than the blonde's and the British beauty also appeared to hold a small, barely perceptible edge in how high her tits sat on her chest, the blonde’s rack seeming to have just a hint more visible bounce than Kelly's set did. It was far too early to draw any real comparisons though as those would be saved for the end - when one of these two girls emerged triumphant.

As audience members reluctantly dragged their eyes away from the racks of each rival, pausing to admire an enticing jiggle, they could see the self-assured smirk adorning the blonde's face. Kate looked as smug and confident as ever, meeting the statuesque British girl's intense stare without any sign of hesitation or worry.

"Any last words, Kelly?" the curvacious blonde asked sweetly. "Before my tits knock those big, British udders flat?" A chorus of sharp gasps met her taunt, the crowd not apparently having expected Kate to act quite so cocky. The crowd watched Kelly's full, plump lips slowly curl into a malicious sneer.

"God, I love taking on worthless bimbos like you ," she grinned in a long, seductive drawl. "I bet you'll actually cry when I'm done with your pathetic set. Pounding those soft little boobs to mush is gonna be even more fun than I thought."

"Bring it then, b*tch," Kate shot back, taking a step towards the British girl. "Talk is cheap. Just like you." Her British opponent replied with an angry hiss, and everybody stared as each contestant began to circle the other.

Surprising me, both lunged forward at the same time, and a dull smack of their breasts crashing together thudded against the walls. Kelly's big, firm jugs shook and quivered from the impact, but so did Kate's smaller boobs. Both women groaned and rammed toward each other again, with similar results. The British girl's thick breasts bounced against her younger opponent's dense set, and then both pairs of breasts compressed at the point of impact. This time, the fighters didn't pull back for another slam, choosing to keep their chest pushing into the opposing bust instead. Looking closely, it seemed to all present as if Kelly's large boobs had displaced slightly less than the blonde's tits. The crowd took in the scene hungrily, admiring how Kate's full, round pair flattened, the compression appearing to continue just a hint further into her lighter flesh. As the sporty British girl's bigger jugs gained some ground, everybody noticed Kelly's lips curling into a familiar smirk.

But, it was way too early to tell who was going to win here..

But Kate tenaciously shoved back, making Kelly grunt as her own orbs pushed out, briefly making way for Kate's solid boobs as they gained purchase against the more plentiful jugs. In short, each set seemed to be holding its ground quite well. Very few women could hope to compete with either rack this evenly. The British beauty's large teats jiggled and shook a bit as they rolled over Kate's, but the blonde's ample pair seemed to be wobbling at least as much, pushing in a bit before forcing Kelly's dense jugs up and to the side as they rolled against each other.

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy crushing you, British bitch," Kate hissed, "I can see it already. You, on your knees before me. Those big jugs drooping down, loose and soft, after they've surrendered to my better pair." Kelly growled at the taunt, narrowing her eyes and pushing back. With an angry scowl, she began sliding her dangerous globes to the left and right, almost as if she was trying to rub and shove Kate's smaller pair flat. The breastmeat on both sets bounced and quivered while the British girl sped up her assault, suddenly sliding her hefty rack above the blonde's teats and forcing them down. All present heard Kate's frustrated groan as her flesh yielded to Kelly's proud jugs, compressing under the strain. Though it was entirely understandable given their tits' position, the busty blonde looked dismayed to see her thick boobs mold under Kelly's larger set. Kate quickly reached out to grab the British girl's shoulders and pushed her away.

Kelly grinned, having obviously relished the feeling of her rival's firm rack yielding to her own tits. She made a lunge forward, but Kate had been anticipating such a move. The crowd watched the younger girl step back quickly, dodging the blow and quickly striking back. Kelly let out a quiet grunt as her tits shook violently from the impact, and while Kate's tits bounced quite a bit as well, they for once seemed to retain more of their original shape. Eager not to allow her toned opponent any time to regroup, the blonde struck again, this time pulling further back and slinging her round orbs from the right. Both sets of boobs moved, shaking violently, but the British girl's slightly larger pair seemed to actually roll across her chest from the impact.

Kelly's jugs were still wobbling when Kate started gliding her tits over and by them. Keeping her pace up, the curvy blonde rotated her shoulders to the left, smacking her pair back into Kelly's waiting boobs. Kate's moves didn’t slow down even as her own tits shook from the impacts. The statuesque British girl was fully turned to her left when Kate flung her sizable tits back to the right, but Kelly had deliberately waited for her swing to meet Kate's flying boobs in the middle of her swing. The well timed blow caused the loudest-sounding smack so far, and all four fleshy boobs caved from the impact, bouncing wildly. This time the crowd thought it looked like the blonde's sizable boobs had flattened more, but the brevity of the contact made it hard to be sure.

In any case, the blow didn't keep Kate stunned for long, and she soon retaliated by slamming forward. Hard. Both girls' boobs almost seemed to explode on their chests, spreading out and up before molding back to their original shape. Both women obviously felt the violent impact, but Kelly, apparently unprepared for the blonde's quick retort, seemed to stumble. Kate pounced, slamming forward again. Ithe audience could hear the British girl's annoyed grunt, and watched her stumble backward as her big, firm tits wobbled all over her chest. The blonde Upton kept up her assault, slamming forward so that her thick breasts became battering rams, and Kelly groaned as her meaty jugs were pushed back and flattened out for a moment. Kate's orbs had obviously been hurt as well, since both young women pulled away, cupping their heavy boobs.

With a low, angry growl the curvy blonde stepped closer, no doubt intending to make her opponent regret their rivalry so far. Kate's advance came to sudden stop, however, as Kelly quickly jumped forward and grabbed the younger girl by the shoulders. A collective intake of breath traveled through the room, and the crowd watched the British beauty wrap her toned arms around the pretty blonde, trapping her. The blonde let out a groan of surprised discomfort as their chests met, the large, firm tits of her rival forcing Kate's boobs to push out visibly. The look of apprehension was clearly visible on the blonde's face while she struggled to escape as a strained smile appearing on the British beauty's lips as she tightened her hold on the trapped Upton. Kelly's dark eyes were glued to Kate's confident counterparts as she began to taunt her younger rival.

"Struggle all you want, little blondie," the sporty British girl grunted, her voice sounding somewhat constrained from the effort of maintaining her grip. "I've got you all wrapped up. Feel those soft, pillowy boobs making way for my firmer set? You're even weaker than I thought," she hissed in a menacing tone, obviously enjoying Kate's squirming. While it did look like the blonde's slightly smaller rack had lost quite a bit of real estate, Kelly's jugs weren't quite flattening them just yet. The crowd watched the impressive orbs strain against Kate's equally amazing boobs, molding and compressing impressively as they sought to push through the opposing breastmeat.

The busty blonde grunted and groaned at the sensation of Kelly's dense, hard jugs trying to invade her own, thrashing around as she struggled to escape the hug. The crowd saw the British beauty's toned shoulders tighten, successfully securing the embrace. Kate's boobs were losing their round shape and ballooning out from the center, and I could see Kelly's bigger bust start to take over the space between them. The progress was admittedly slow, and the British girl had to work hard for every millimetre she gained against her rival's surprisingly solid pair, but it wasn’t clear to anybody how Kate could turn things around. The British babe had her victim exactly where she wanted her, crushing Upton like a python did its prey.

Strangely enough, what saved the blonde from certain destruction was something snakes don't have. Perspiration. The girls' intense tit-to-tit action, which must've lasted for good five minutes, maybe more, had gotten both fighters rather sweaty. And for all her strength, the British beauty was still very much human. Busy admiring the way Kelly's skin glistened in the bright light, many almost missed the first signs.

As the curvacious blonde continued to shift and turn as much as she could, her soft, feminine form yielded slightly beneath Kelly's toned arms, forcing the British girl to pour more and more power into maintaining her hold. Slowly but surely, Kate began to slide lower. It took a moment for Kelly to notice the change, and once she did, one could see her arms starting to tremble with exertion, their slippery bodies making it inceasingly difficult for the British girl keep her opponent in place. Each young woman let out soft grunts as they struggled against the other, and I took a moment to stare at the two pairs of large, supple tits continuing to mold together even as their owners had to divert their attention elsewhere.

After a while, and despite Kelly's best efforts, the blonde managed to squirm and slide her way out of the embrace. She quickly stepped back, retreating away from the toned British beauty and doing her best to regroup. Kate's face seemed to betray both relief and concern in equal measure, the blonde having clearly been rattled by the British beauty's powerful tits and body. Kelly, too, kept her distance for the moment, using the opportunity to catch her breath. She'd expended a lot of energy in her attempt to squeeze the life out her busty rival, and the brunette looked exceedingly annoyed that it hadn't paid off.

"Don't think I'm done with you, Barbie," Kelly hissed after a while, cupping her large orbs and lifting them up, showcasing their impressive heft and firmness for everyone. "Take a good look at the beauties that'll crush your puny set in just moment. Those flabby things are on their last legs." Nobody in the crowd could see a major change in either set, though the blonde's lighter boobs had of course reddened more obviously in the bearhug.

"F*ck you, fat b*tch," Kate spat, looking up at the older girl and taking a step towards her. "I'm going to beat those ugly, flabby sacks flat. You'll be eating them off a plate tomorrow."

"Hah, I'd like to see you try, blonde," the British beauty laughed confidently. "Your saggy udders don't stand a chance against me," she added, shaking her head. "I could feel them oozing around my firmer tits. Your set is just as weak and cushy as the rest of you."

Kelly looked on with barely disguised glee as Kate's face grew hot, her eyes flashing with anger. The younger girl was staring daggers at her opponent, clearly incensed by Kelly's superior tone and mocking. Not that I could blame her, really. "You think your precious boobs are too much for me, huh?" Kate growled, her earlier concern now fully replaced by a more powerful emotion. "Well think again!"

Faster than anybody would've thought she could move, Kate leapt at her opponent. Evidently just as surprised by the sudden lunge, the British girl took Kate's boob slam straight on. The crowd saw Kelly's substantial rack splash out violently, and her deep groan almost completely drowned out Kate's less pronounced grunt. While the blonde's teats also lost most of their round shape, the bigger jugs had displaced much more severely. Kate seemed to allow herself a spiteful smile as she took in Kelly's stunned look. The British beauty, who had just moments earlier dismissed the blonde's smaller boobs, appeared shocked to feel Kate's rack flattening her proud orbs. The young blonde, for her part, didn't wait for Kelly to regain her senses, instead choosing to exploit her opponent's momentary stillness to follow through with half a dozen powerful tit-slaps.

The curvy blonde appeared to be determined to fix that state of affairs, and the audience watched Kate set her jaw as she launched several quick jabs into the opposing pair. The blonde began peppering Kelly's famously powerful boobs with a flurry of blows, making the flesh ripple and wave violently, and causing the brunette to grunt and groan while her jugs absorbed the vicious assault.

Everybody watched Kelly try to grab the blonde into another tight embrace, but to her clear irritation, Kate managed to fall back just in time, dancing away from the bigger-chested girl. Most likely because of her weariness from that exerting bearhug, it seemed that Kelly was slower than usual, reacting just a fraction of a second too late to trap her smaller rival.

With a loud roar, the full-figured blonde charged her opponent, forcing the British girl back a few steps. Kelly winced mightily as her dense titflesh compressed against the opposing flesh, and Kate pressed her advantage, sending yet another salvo of fast jabs into the British beauty's shaking rack. This time the blonde didn't attempt to withdraw between her assaults, instead opting to grab Kelly's upper arms and pulling them to the sides. For a moment, it was unclear if the brunette even realized she'd been caught in a hold. Kate was slamming her boobs into the older girl's ample rack with impressive frequency, alternating with rapid lefts and rights, and causing Kelly's tits to quiver on her chest. The British girl's breath was coming out as a giant moan.

Just when it was starting to look like Kate's violent but undeniably effective approach might actually get the best of her bewildered opponent, Kelly began to struggle against the embrace. Though Kate tried to stall her, the toned British girl simply forced her arms between them, her brawny limbs bulging with power. With a angry grunt, Kelly shoved Kate away as everybody saw the murderous look she was giving to the young blonde. Kelly quickly brought her hands to her jugs, starting to rub the sore, tenderized flesh.

"Aww, I hope I didn't hurt your poor, mushy udders, Kelly?" Kate smirked, bouncing her own pair gently as she watched the British girl's fuming gaze return to her face. "Normally I might've accepted your surrender right now, but an arrogant has-been like yourself would probably prefer to do this the hard way. And, to be honest, it'll be my pleasure to crush your overrated tits in front of everyone."

Kelly let go of her large boobs, letting them bounce down with a thud and thrusting them out while she stared at the blonde evenly. While her skin-tone did show some discolouration, splotches of red having appeared on the Brook’s breasts, there was little change in shape, and the British girl's heavy orbs continued to sit high on her chest. "Big mistake, Blondie," she hissed. "Your saggy little boobs are as good as gone. I'm going to turn them into jello, and then feed 'em to you." Kelly spat, moving her hands to her hips and taking a step forward. Kate met her challenge, craning her neck mockingly.

"Oh, bytch please. We both know how this is going to end. With you on your knees, licking my better boobs as I make you acknowledge I’m the f*cking queen," Kate taunted, stretching her back to give the crowd and Kelly a better look of her ample assets.

At almost exactly the same time, both women slammed forward. Kelly grunted as the shot from Kate sent her big jugs quivering over her chest, but the impact also sent shockwaves over the younger girl's round tits, and Kate's face tightened noticeably. The toned British girl seemed to pick up on it, and quickly shoved her jugs forward again, mashing her big globes against Kate's full teats. Upton groaned as Kelly's firm breasts displaced much of her slightly smaller boobs, sending a splash of wobbling titflesh out. Kate's round mammaries regained their form when Kelly pulled away, but the feeling of her opponent's rack yielding to her own jugs seemed to have brought a smile back to the British girl's face.

Before Kelly had time to think of a suitable taunt, however, Kate struck back. The crowd stared in rapt attention as the busty blonde bimbo slammed her rack forward, hitting the British beauty head-on. As the blonde’'s supple tits smacked into Kelly's larger orbs, waves of flesh rolled across each set. Kelly grunted and withdrew a step, which apparently was exactly what Kate wanted. The younger girl slid forward, this time bringing her full tits into Kelly's heavy mammaries from below. Both girls' boobs flattened impressively, but it was the underside of the sporty British girl's globes that took the brunt of the damage.

Kelly's face was a mask of discomfort and frustration, but she swung her own thick boobs at Kate. The less chesty girl darted down, pulling her tits out of the way and causing Kelly's heavy jugs to miss. The British girl's big, heavy jugs elongated impressively before smacking down against her ribs, and Kelly let out an angry hiss. Just as she opened her mouth to voice her opinion on Kate's sneaky tactics, the curvacious blonde's tits seemed to appear from nowhere, crashing into Kelly's boobs from the left.

Kate dragged her tits over Kelly's, their combined titflesh compressing and condensing between the two young women. The amount of displaced breastmeat seemed to once again confirm that Kelly was the slightly firmer of the two, even as Kate's round boobs slid up and over, but the look on both women's faces indicated that the move was just as uncomfortable for the brunette. Kelly thrust forward, attempting to push her tits into her opponent's set, but Kate scooted back and managed to avoid the brunt of the impact.

Soon, she was once again peppering Kelly's large, dense jugs with slaps and jabs, then moving away before Kelly could strike back. Brook tried to launch a slam of her own, but Kate stepped to the side as the British girl lunged forward. The audience watched Kate twist her nicely rounded hips, adding more torque to a direct hit on Kelly's right tit. The busty blonde managed to land another blow, seemingly slapping her opponent's larger tits around at will. It did look look like the younger woman might be getting out of breath, however. While Kate was in reasonably good shape - quite a lot better than I'd anticipated, in fact - and had clearly been training intensely for this tournament, her stamina still had its limits.

“F*ck yeah, I think I'll just pound these floppy bags away,” Kate panted, smirking despite the exertion. "We can both feel it, can't we, Saggy Tits? My younger breasts are turning your old, wrinkly sacks into mush." Kelly groaned as another blow rocked her jugs, reeling at the painful sensation that had to be emanating from her sore flesh. "I can't wait to flatten your big, bad tits, Kelly," Kate continued, licking her lips as she admired the way her rival's meaty breasts jiggled from the blow. The crowd watched her take a small step back, presumably to make sure Kelly couldn't interrupt her gloating with a well-placed return jab. "You're not the first British girl whose pride and joy I've tamed, but definitely hotter than the last one. I bet you'd be better in the sack, too," Kate winked, grinning cockily.

"Hah, as if a fat little blondie like you could take me in bed any more than you can here on the mat," Kelly shot back dismissively, clearly enjoying the way Kate's eyes hardened at the dig about her weight.

"You want this, don't you, Barbie? Can't say I'm surprised," Kelly murmured seductively. "Everyone does. It's just too bad that after my big, perfect orbs have crushed your pitiful set, you’re going to have to worship me like the goddess I am. Anyone can see that your precious tits are just about ready to pancake.”

"I promise I'll be gentle," Kelly cooed gleefully as she drank in the American blonde's now somewhat droopy set. "When grinding your proud udders flat, that is. I won't make any promises about what I'll do to you afterwards," the British girl added with a menacing grin, earning several hoots and whistles from the audience.

Kelly was an undeniably intimidating fighter, her thick body looking just as powerful as her big, firm tits did. She'd tamed quite a few girls with them over the years, both on the mat and between the sheets. Kate, however, seemed unfazed as she interrupted the older girl's taunts with an indignant snort.

"Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren't we? Last I checked, your saggy mammaries were getting knocked around by my better jugs," the blonde called out, dragging Kelly's attention back to herself. "And let’s not forget that I’ve actually proven I’m better than you in a series, bytch. Maybe I should just crush your tits right here and now, because we all know my jugs are better..”

"Would you like that, Kelly?" the pretty, full-figured blonde asked loudly, apparently unable to resist the temptation,"I bet you'd love to see those big jugs making way for mine again. Remember how good it felt? My awesome boobs slowly pushing their way into to your overwhelmed, slowly softening udders?" Kate said in a husky tone, touching her nipples and staring into Kelly’s intently "It's going to be so f*cking hot, Kelly. My body taking over yours, conquering your lesser pair and making it mine, for the second time in a row. I'm gonna break you for good tonight," she breathed out confidently, flashing Kelly one last smirk as she stepped forward.

"Yeah right, Blondie." Kelly spat angrily. "Those bouncy boobs will melt against my firmer set like the marshmallows they are. No bimbo like you has ever beaten me, and you sure as hell aren't going to change that."

Though it did sound like a pretty bold claim, the tough British girl wasn't just boasting.

The crowd watched as Kate and Kelly had begun to circle each other once again, their break slash verbal exchange apparently over. Now, the crowd took the opportunity to gauge their racks. Kate's tits had gone from pink to angry red, while Kelly's slightly larger mammaries looked equally blotchy and sore. Both sets had lost some of their visible firmness, and there was no doubt they'd have some pretty spectacular bruising in the morning.

Kelly and Kate soon resumed their earlier slug-fest, continuing to throw powerful blows into their opponent's ample chests. At times, the girls pushed into each other, knocking themselves back a step and taunting their rival with smug sneers. After a minute or two of equally painful exchanges, the girls turned things up a notch, backing several steps to gain momentum. Their next blow was an explosive one. Both pairs of breasts bounced away at the point of impact with a loud smack. They staggered back, groaning, but kept bashing their tits into the opposing rack, forcing their breasts to meet head on. With the added momentum, both sets flattened significantly.

“That's more like it, you dumb f*cking slut,” Kelly hissed after recovering from the last blow, lunging forward again.

The crowd saw Kate begin to move a second too late, and as the girls met once more, heard her let out a pained moan as their meaty mammaries spread against the other pair. The curvy blonde closed her eyes tightly, trying to back up for another slam, but was stopped in her tracks. Those present noticed Kelly's toned arms close around the blonde's back, and watched as Kate quickly mirrored the move.

The fight continued as the girls began dragging their tits over the other pair. Kate's lighter jugs flowed up and down, and Kelly's larger boobs rolled over and under hers. Their nipples pushed in the opposing titflesh, scraping and stabbing as they continued the slow swipes. One breast would seem to begin to yield, but then spring back into shape as the opposing breast fell victim to the pressure. Slowly but surely, the force both busty women were using began to increase, and after a few moments, their breasts were slamming into each other.

“How'd you like that, Big Tits?” Kate asked with a grunt, slamming her sizable pair into Kelly's firm, proud orbs.

“You're going down, Bimbo,” Kelly growled back at the young blonde, unleashing an attack at Kate's round teats. The blow knocked the girl's somewhat less expansive boobs across her chest, causing Kate to groan. She retaliated quickly enough though, throwing her boobs against the British girl's heavy set. The crowd watched as Kate took a moment to grind them into the tops of her rival's slightly larger teats, causing Kelly's ample flesh to spill down and out as it welcomed the blonde's pair. Neither girl seemed to bother with protecting their own breasts, instead focusing on dishing out pain. They had another back and forth salvo, tits knocking into tits with loud crashes that reverberated through the room. Because of the nature of their contact, it was impossible to tell whose set gave more, but based on their faces, both were feeling the attacks equally.

With simultaneous grunts, the girls moved to a squeezing battle, their arms clenching and relaxing in rhythm. At times, Kelly and Kate didn't meet tit-to-tit, but rather had one boob trapped in the other's cleavage, doing their best to squeeze the opposing teat into mush. They continued applying more and more pressure, their glistening, sweaty globes gliding across the opposing chest, each set trying to push their rival's flesh away and wobbling from the sheer force of the contest.

“Can you feel me crushing your pride and joy, bitch?” Kate hissed, an unfriendly sneer on her pretty, round face. "Those overrated balloons are going to burst any moment now."

“Keep dreaming, little girl,” her Brit opponent grunted. "Your plump titties are no match for mine. You should quit before I grind them to paste."

Kate and Kelly began leaning back and forth, their continued pressure forcing grunts of discomfort and pain from each girl's mouth. Both fighters were sweating profusely, making it close to impossible to keep their rival's tit trapped for any prolonged period of time. Keen observers saw Kate's boob plop out of Kelly's deep cleavage, and watched as the blonde started to shift around, twisting her torso from left to right and shoving her set into the opposing mammaries from the sides. One couldn't be entirely sure if the younger girl was trying to escape the embrace or to just find a better position from which to attack her opponent's big boobs, but judging by the way Kate's maneuver seemed to be causing Kelly's thick, heavy jugs to wave and ripple, the audience suspected it was the latter.

The toned British girl struggled against Kate's grip, trying to slide out, before opting to slam forward. Many in the crowd couldn't prevent a small wince at Kate’s loud groan as she felt Kelly's massive breasts invade her space, and all saw both girls' eyes slide down to watch the busty blonde's tits make way for the larger pair. Kate fought back gamely, shoving her young boobs against Kelly's. This time, both sets seemed to be spreading out rather equally, and Kelly's jaw tightened visibly.

It was obvious to everyone that the British girl had at some point lost the small edge she'd held in apparent firmness, Kate's dense inner tissue once again showing its resilience.

Very few pairs had given Kelly's set this much trouble, and the crowd in particular were used to seeing the statuesque British girl dominate most of her opponents. After all, they tended to be either smaller, softer or less experienced than the brunette was. The blonde Upton refused to go down.

Kate flashed the toned British beaty a quick smirk before positioning her slightly more compact set below Kelly's. The young blonde kept her eyes on her opponent's as she began to drag her boobs upward, lifting the heavier rack with them. The crowd heard Kelly's surprised gasp at the sensation, and watched as Kate kept their two sets of breasts pushed up for a moment before pulling away and letting the British girl's big tits fall back to her chest with a dull thud. Kelly grunted as her tits came crashing down, and the girl's dark, smokey eyes narrowed.

"Fine, I guess you're not as flabby as you look," she admitted grudgingly. "But don't think that'll be enough here. My jugs are both bigger and better than yours."

With that, Kelly slammed forward. As the girls were still holding each other, Kate had no way to evade the blow, gasping in both surprise and pain. The two full, firm pairs of breasts splashed outward, and while Kate's receiving set gave more, the move also caused Kelly's thick jugs to push out noticeably, their tissue worn down by the cute blonde's precision attacks. It seemed that the blonde could feel Kelly's huge mammaries slowly loosing their resistance, and went on the offensive again, throwing two more punches that sent her opponent's heavy jugs flopping over her chest. While she was clearly getting winded, the young blonde was doing far too well to even think about taking a rest right now.

“Come on, Miss Titty,” Kate panted, pushing her smaller boobs into Kelly's and giving the beefy British girl a quick chest bump. "Don't tell me that's all you've got?" The sudden attack obviously stung, and the brunette grabbed Kate's shoulders and pushed her away with a grunt. The blonde grinned, taking Kelly's reaction as a sign of weakness. The older girl's large jugs were moving quite a bit more freely than before, and although Kate's own boobs didn't weren't doing any better, bouncing and wobbling around her chest, the change from their normal state didn't appear to be quite as marked. Kelly, in spite of her sporty looks and visible definition, almost seemed to be running out of steam.

But even if she did appear to be tiring, the British goddess was far from spent. Everybody watched Kelly's toned arms glisten in the bright lighting as she gripped Kate's hands with her own, ensuring that their fingers locked. She raised both arms over their heads and then rolled her shoulders, slamming her powerful tits into Kate's boobs straight on. The audience could see both racks splay outwards, the tenderized flesh flattening across their ribcages.

“Oh, f*ck!” Kate wailed, cursing her own carelessness. The crowd watched her ample tits quiver, their flesh parting for a moment and regaining their shape only after the opposing pair of thick jugs withdrew. To those assembled, the blonde looked every bit as drained as her rival, maybe even more so, panting noticeably as she tried to shield her rack from further abuse. Kate's evasion attempt was only partially successful, and I saw her left boob receive a painful slap from the British girl's right mammary. Kate let out a hiss at the contact, retreating back a step.

"Yeah, that's it Barbie, run to mommy," Kelly laughed between breaths, the violent blows having taken their toll on the brunette as well. "The big, mean British girl is about to beat those weak little boobs right off your chest."

"Keep telling that to yourself, you saggy bitch," Kate shot back, kneading her reddened tits carefully. Kelly, likewise, took the opportunity to cup her own rack and nurse the sore flesh. And to be fair, Upton had managed to give her older and more seasoned opponent a serious beating, using her smaller, seemingly more pliable bust to very good effect and forcing the British girl on the defensive time and time again. While Kate's comfy, feminine boobs might not look quite as dense or dangerous as some others, there was no denying that they could deal out a lot of punishment.

For the next few minutes, the girls continued to swing tits. Each pair seemed to flatten at the point of impact, but regained its round, full form quickly enough. In terms of shape the two racks were very similar, especially now that they'd loosened up from their normal state, and although Kelly's globes were certainly slightly larger than Kate's set, the difference wasn't all that significant.

The entire audience stared as the British babe and the curvy blonde used their meaty breasts to hammer the other pair with violent blows, taking turns to taunt their opponent after a particularly painful hit. The protracted battle was steadily taking its toll, but neither girl seemed to have gained any discernible advantage.

The steady smacking of titflesh echoed throughout the room, and the two young women, no doubt frustrated with the lack of effectiveness of their attacks, began some alteration to their strategy. One of the girls would push her chest forward into the opposing pair of boobs, forcing them to spead out for a moment before the other would respond in kind. Both sets of softening breasts compressed at the point of impact, yielding some ground, but no significant progress was being made. Still, for Kate their current stalemate was an improvement over the inital situation, where Kelly's firm, hefty jugs had been holding their shape a bit better than the blonde's smaller boobs did. Now, her youthful tits were meeting the brunette's thick orbs evenly.

Kelly, who seemed to be well aware of that less-than-encouraging fact, shook her arms loose from Kate's grasp and immediately wrapped them around the center of the busty blonde's back. Everybody present saw Kate respond in kind, and looked on as the fighters pulled each other into a tight bearhug. The girls' big jugs pushed into each other, molding and compressing. Kate's smaller tits pushed against Kelly's, and the line between their battling breasts fluctuated just noticeably, moving back and forth between the powerful boobs between them. Neither well-endowed young woman seemed to have the lead in their close boob-grind, and I noticed Kelly glance up at Kate's face. If she was hoping to see the tell-tale signs of a woman about to feel her breasts fail, she was sorely disappointed.

"What's the matter, b*tch?" Kate sneered, offering the sporty brunette a strained smile as she began to taunt her. "Are those big, arrogant tits getting tired already?" she added, glancing towards the crowd briefly.

With a low growl, Kelly responded by tightening her hold, pulling the two ample sets even tighter together and forcing an impressive amount of yielding titflesh to billow out. Both girls groaned at the sensation, feeling their dense breasts get shoved further and further out to the sides, molding much more freely than at the beginning. Still, neither seemed willing to give up the fight.

"Who's getting flattened now, Kate-Kate?" Kelly hissed, clenching her toned limbs. "My stronger, firmer boobs are squashing your puny set."

"The f*ck they are," Kate panted between her own grunts, doing her best to increase the pressure. The girls began alternately pumping their arms, adding pressure to the hug. Each pump resulted in a corresponding moan from the other girl as the pressure burrowed one pair of tits into the other. The hold lasted for some time, pushing Kate's big boobs against Kelly's even larger mammaries.

Taking a deep breath, the blonde pulled her boobs up, sliding them on on top of Kelly's larger jugs and forcing the firm, round orbs to compress as they struggled to support both meaty pairs. "Get your pathetic little boobs off my rack before I-" Kelly started to grunt as Kate brought her tits up and over, trying to shove them into the bigger orbs from above. The older Brit's threat was cut off when Kate twisted her hips, rubbing her dense boobs into the set below. Kelly could apparently feel her opponent's grinding move push more and more of her firm flesh away, Upton scraping her round tits across Kelly's more substantial chest. The toned British girl groaned, but returned the favor, shoving her rack up and into Kate's boobs and lifting them towards the frustrated blonde's face. Kate cursed at the unpleasant sensation, but redoubled her own efforts and pushed her tits down, trying to force Kelly's round teats to move downward.

Both young women grunted and groaned in unison, their flesh distending and shifting as each pair continued their battle for supremacy. The audience heard Kate groan as her smaller teats strained against Kelly's, their proud orbs shifting and molding. Both women were wincing with each pass, their tits now slapping and stretching across one another. Kelly's left breast pushed down and out, slightly toward her hip as Kate's stacked up, dropping with a bounce. Each girl pushed and shoved, pulling her own meaty jugs on top before the other reclaimed the top position.

"Gonna have to grind harder than that if you want to beat me, Blondie," Kelly sneered, though her face betrayed a great deal of discomfort. "If your floppy jugs can even handle any more pressure, that is. They seem to be fading quickly."

"Oh, I'd be more worried about your own soft, fugly udders if I were you," Kate snapped back, looking tired but all the same determined. "Let's see how much longer 'til they flatten completely."

The crowd had seen the busty young blonde match her sizable tits with several other top-tier girls before, managing to defeat both many other proud pairs across both leagues in closely contested matches. The curvy American was currently giving a very powerful pair of breasts a run for its money, meeting Kelly's rack blow-for-blow and forcing the intensely proud British woman to fight back with everything she had. The match must've lasted for close to half an hour, and everybody wondered how much longer they could go on. Despite her impressive stature, Kelly wasn't really an endurance athlete, and Kate, while obviously in much better shape than you'd have guessed, was starting to get visibly out of breath.

Clearly fatigued, Kelly and Kate grabbed each other by the waist, pushing, shifting and slowly grinding away, each no doubt hoping to feel the other's pair give way to their own. I watched Kelly wrap her toned arms around the small of Kate's back and thrust forward, slamming her ample tits into Kate's pair and causing both racks to billow out severely. Kate's pushed back, returning the favor with a quick succession of blows, and sending both pairs into wild ripples, their young, supple flesh waving around.

Each fighter groaned as their mammaries compressed impressively, the normally firm breastmeat yielding and losing its rounded shape. Kelly's attractive face was now showing clear signs of pain, and all noticed her stealing quick, worried glances at their straining chests. Was the toned British goddess, widely feared and respected by her peers, feeling her famous rack start to give way to Kate's full, solid mounds?

Everybody saw Kelly stop thrusting for a moment, only to have the blonde Upton push her boobs into the older girl's large set with all her strength. The crowd held their breath as the British fighter moaned, the mass of Kate's full tits rolling against her own bosom. Kelly's big, powerful jugs were displaced noticeably, pushing both inward and to the sides, and the girl was clearly in serious discomfort. But Kate's grimace revealed that she, too, felt her own pair flattening, the blonde's ample boobs spreading across her chest as they began to buckle under the immense pressure. The crowd simply stared, transfixed, as each contestant tightened their back and forced more of their quickly softening flesh together, thrusting forward in a frantic effort to flatten the opposing pair. All watched as two women stared into one another's eyes and souls. Kelly and Kate's faces were indentical masks of pain and exhaustion, but in their eyes one could also see the fiery resolve that prevented them from backing down. There was way too much on the line.

"Nnnh," everybody heard Kate's panting, muffled grunt as the curvy blonde leaned her forehead against Kelly's. Each young woman was completely drenched in sweat, and their heavy breathing came out in slow gasps. Kelly's dark, smokey eyes, which I only then realized had been closed for a moment, fluttered open, blinking lazily for a moment while she struggled to regain her bearings. As the British girl looked down, her face fell.

"No f*cking way," she breathed.

The grueling battle of bosoms had at long last reached its conclusion, and low murmurs travelled across the room as the crowd took in the sight. Kelly's famous boobs were now molding around the blonde's slightly smaller set, losing more and more of their spherical shape as they flattened against the competing chest. It's just that they weren't the only ones doing that. Kate's breasts, too, were pancaking, yielding to the jugs of her rival. Both pairs of big, firm breasts seemed to be quite simply melting against each other, and the two fighters' shocked expressions mirrored each other perfectly. Kate let out a loud gasp as she watched her tits fail her, the once sturdy flesh caving in, waving and swimming across her chest. The crowd, transfixed, could also hear Kelly's soft moan as she felt her rack surrender to the blonde's smaller set, the British beauty's prodigious chest flattening and spreading out like a puddle of half-melted butter.

The entire crowd sat in stunned silence, eyes wide with disbelief as they watched Kelly's jugs mold against Kate's equally soft boobs, tender, loosened flesh flowing out lazily in every direction. They'd completely flattened each other! The fighters themselves, if anything, looked even more astonished, staring at their ruined tits with incredulous dismay. In the end, neither set had been able to best the other.

But as rare as a draw might be, there was nothing uncertain about the result. Both pairs of firm, round breasts had met their match and surrendered at the same time, the dense breast tissue in each bust reaching its breaking point simultaneously.

How long the moment really lasted, neither fighter had no idea. One by one the assembled crowd seemed to snap out of their stupor, and a buzz of whispers slowly took over the temporarily hushed room. Kate and Kelly remained locked in their embrace, holding each other's unmoving torso close while they struggled to come to grips with what had just happened. It was a lot to take in, to be sure.

"It appears we have a tie," the referee called out, her voice soft but clearly audible. "Kelly and Kate have fought each other to a stalemate, and their breasts have proven themselves to be equals to each other." Murmurs of agreement met her formal announcement, but it was obvious that most were unsure about what this draw would actually mean..

The brunette British girl and the blonde beauty slowly extricated themselves from the hug, looking weary as they stumbled back. Kate, who was still panting heavily, swayed slightly and had to take a small step to regain her balance. Kelly, her breathing now mostly under control, reached out to steady the blonde, and each woman eyed the other cautiously. The audience had no doubt they'd both gained a newfound respect for their busty rival.

Taking a moment to scrutinize the girls, everybody could see just how much abuse the two pairs of thick boobs had suffered. Kelly's big, gorgeous rack was now hanging low on her chest, looking soft, swollen and badly bruised. Pronounced ripples swam across the bruised titflesh with every intake of breath, and the British girl cradled her once powerful jugs in her hands to gauge their condition. Her grimace seemed to confirm what everybody was thinking - utterly wrecked. Kate's slightly smaller set wasn't doing any better, her pretty, cream-coloured boobs having turned bright red and splotchy, drooping considerably almost as if they'd been completely emptied of their youthful firmness. As everybody looked on, the blonde touched her mammaries gingerly, wincing as even that small movement caused the loose breastmeat to jiggle freely. It was obvious to anyone that both pairs were far too badly hurt to continue.

"Umm... what happens now?" Kendall Jenner voiced the question that had to be on many people's minds.

“The series cannot end in a tie. That has been stipulated by both fighters and will not be acceptable to either side.” the referee declared loudly, “Although this was not necessarily anticipated or hoped for, in the event of a tie, then a rematch will be held as soon as possible to determine who the winner of the series will be.”

Incredibly enough, it would appear that a sixth definitive bout between Kate and Kelly would take place to settle who would have the best chest between them as the crowd buzzed with excitement. While nobody was happy about a draw, nobody in the crowd was complaining about more titfight action between the two either. The fighters themselves were clearly exhausted at the moment, but the determined and hateful look in their eyes, made it clear that they were looking forward to another match to figure out who would be Queen when it came to their jugs. Both Kelly and Kate got to their feet slowly and gingerly, with some assistance offered but declined as both of them were too proud to accept. Both Kate and Kelly stared each other down, their reddened racks rising and falling gently as the room was thick with tension. Two of the most famous racks in the world would compete one more time in the VERY near future to settle this and one way or another, either Kate or Kelly would come out on top. As the two of them glared at each other across the room with their jugs being iced down, it couldn’t come fast enough. There could be only one - one pair to rule them all - with both girls determined their jugs would emerge victorious in the end.

To Be Continued...

*We would like to take a moment to state that the results are modified and adapted from a match by Augur in his fantastic ‘Titfight Academy’ series, which you can read over at the Free Catfights forum. If you haven’t and you’re interested, please feel free to check it out. I’ll be happy to provide the link to anybody who wants to. Future matches will also be adapting a few of the matches in the series and if we adapt any other work, we’ll continue to give credit where credit is due. While we have added to and changed the work to reflect the current rivalry between Kate Upton and Kelly Brook, we hope you enjoy the story!



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