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6 August 2018 Samara Weaving vs Penny Higgs

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Posted by Girls Friday on August 6, 2018, 10:24 am



(Written by Girls Friday/Results BBU)

(Bronzed Oz Boxing vs Wildtime Boxing)

The main event of tonights card sees Samara Weaving trying to keep her unbeaten run going as she takes on the always dangerous Penny Higgs.
Samara is 26 years old, she stands 5'4 ½ and holds a record of 3 wins all by knockout and no defeats.
Penny is 35 years old, she stands 5'6 and holds a record of 4 wins, all by knockout and 5 defeats, she is a former ACB flyweight champion.

The fighters meet at a press conference inside the Suncorp stadium in Brisbane they are going to fight in.
Photos are taking of the women facing off with their fists raised, both women look to be staring a hole in their opponent and an organiser has to step in to tell the women to go to their tables to begin the press event properly.
After they sit down; Samara is waved to speak first, she tells the press "I am honoured to main event in such large venue, even if it is against Penny" saying that last part in a condescending manner.
Penny glares over at her as Samara continues "I see this as a chance to get into ACB title contention, my team and me are mapping out my career and beating Bonnie Sveen is my biggest goal right now"
"I'd suggest your biggest goal is me right now" interrupts Penny as she shakes her head, adding "I am a former champion and I want my hands back on that title, so I am not stepping out the way for a bytch like you"
That seems to set things off as the fighters as they start talking over each other, telling each other what they are going to do in the ring to the other.
Penny stands with her hands on her hips and tells Samara "look! I am getting the title back and I will f*** you up in that ring to get back into contention, so just walk away and go back to your level of bums"
With Samara standing and simply shouting "f*** you bytch!" As she looks to get at Penny, their managers step on to hold both women back, herding them off the stage.

Fight night; out comes Samara first with her coach Nicky Whelan by her side, both chatting away as they head to the ring, looking focused on the contest.
She is wearing a green sports bra with gold trim, matching trunks and shoes, her gloves are gold with green thumbs, her blonde hair is up in a ponytail.
Stepping into the ring; Samara bows to each side of the ring, then heads to her corner by shadow boxing, Nicky drilling her on her tactics.
Now Penny comes out with coach Tania Zaetta by her side, Penny struts towards the ring with her arms in the air and her eyes locked onto the ring.
Climbing into the ring; Penny mouths "bytch" at Samara as she heads towards her corner, she is stretching to get warmed up for the fight.
Soon enough both women are brought to the ring centre; getting into each others faces as the referee has to nudge them apart to stop any fighting before the bell.
When asked to touch gloves; both smack their gloves together in a far from loving bump of fists, then jogging to their corners so they can begin 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
Out come the fighters; Penny looking to establish her jab early as Samara looks to bob and weave her way inside, leading to both moving around each other and busy looking to dodge and punch then really get stuck in.
This looks to suit Penny as her punches catch her smaller opponent on top of her head, keeping her back on the outside of the ring as she takes the center of the ring.
Samara gets caught with a double jab to the top of her head as she tries to slip inside, Penny's punches land a little too easily Nicky's liking.
Finally after a feint; Samara slips under a straight and comes inside with an overhand right that lands on the side of her opponent's head.
Both fighters slug it out on the inside; Samara digging her fists into the body of the taller fighter as she drives her back a few steps.
Penny shoves her back and steps forwards with a left and right combo smacking the head of the blonde back, making Weaving cover up and step back.
Late in the round it looks like Penny is stepping up a gear, forcing Samara around the outside of the ring as she pounds away at her guard.
The bell rings with Penny shouting "come on!" To her fans, who roar back as she heads to her corner, a great opening round for her has her spirits up.

Round 2:
Penny straight away gets her rhythm going; Samara not looking to have come out her corner quick enough as she finds herself being driven around the ring.
The older fighter looking to drive the tempo as Samara is finding it hard to get inside, Penny lands to the top of her head as she steps back, keeping the action where she wants it.
Samara has to change tact; deflecting a straight, she quickly moves to get into Penny's face, forcing a classic flyweight brawl in the center of the ring.
The crowd erupt for both as they go toe to toe, Samara looking much better as she puts her head down and drives Penny back with her punches testing the abs of her opponent.
Penny again needing to shove Samara back; but like a pitbull, the younger fighter keeps getting into her face, the fighters again trading in close.
Till Samara lands an overhand right that pushes Penny back, for the first time in the fight, Penny finds herself on the ropes as Samara throws hooks into the ribs of Higgs.
Who clinches up with Samara, the referee stepping in to split the fighters apart as they trade insults, both separated with eyes locked on each other.
As Samara looks to get into the face of Penny, she gets hit with a double jab off her nose and a right hook knocks her onto her heels.
Penny finishes the round off strongly by backing Samara up onto the ropes with three punches landing flush to knock the head back of the Home & Away star.
The round ends with both women scowling at each other, knowing that was a closer round to call, which the crowd clearly agree with as they chant both their names.

Round 3:
Samara this time comes out the quicker; slipping under the rangy punches of Penny as she dances around her and works the body.
Penny manages to land a double jab to the head of Samara to knock her back outside, the dancer trying to take control of the fight as she forces Samara towards the outside of the ring.
But as Samara dips under a right cross; she slams to the sides of Penny's body and lands an uppercut as she beats her opponent back across the ring.
Penny finding herself on the defensive; with Samara working the body as the taller woman covers up, the blonde ripping in hooks to make Penny groan out.
Forced to clinch up again; Penny pulls Samara around to show her power and leans on her, the referee forced to step in and pull them apart.
Samara proves too keen to push the action as she tries to step in, but Penny moves back and catches her across the face with her left cross.
Penny now coming on the attack; forcing her opponent back behind her guard as she hammers the gloves of Weaving back towards her face.
With the round ending with Penny and Samara exchanging a few insults as they head past each other, clearly the fight is getting heated.
Sitting on their stool; both women glaring across the ring at each other as they are getting cleaned up, their coaches urging them to step up a gear.

Round 4:
The fighters circle near the ring centre; with Penny managing to keep Samara back early as she rifles her punches into the face of her opponent.
Blood starts running from the nose of Samara; Penny forcing Samara near the ropes as the younger fighter tries to sidestep her.
As Penny goes to step in with a right cross; Samara dips under it and lands an overhand right on the chin of the bigger fighter.
Penny stumbles back after getting hit with a right and left across her chin to knock Higg's on her heels, with Samara driving forwards with her fists digging into the body of Penny to make her groan out.
When Penny shoves her back, she slips under a left hook and lands again to the body of her opponent to make her stoop down.
Samara banging her fists into the face of Penny, making her stumble onto the ropes, blood running from the lips of Higg's as she covers up.
Late in the round; Penny clinches up with Samara, both looking like they are hurting as the referee steps in to pry them apart.
The round ends with Penny and Samara trading at the ring centre, the referee standing between the fighters and shouting for both to go back to their corners.
Samara looks to have pulled the fight back even on the scorecards, her coach Nicky telling her "you've hurt her, now put her out her misery!"
The other corner sees Tania having a go at Penny, not believing she has lost the range over Samara, Penny telling her that she'll be better next round.

Round 5:
As they come out; both look to measure the other up as Samara continues to use her head movement to dodge punches and move inside.
Penny looks to be slowing down as that last round seems to have been more damaging then first thought, Samara moves under a right cross and lands a straight into the gut to make Penny cry out.
Samara powers forwards with a body barrage, Penny is grimacing and as she tried to clinch, SAMARA COMES UP WITH AN UPPERCUT THAT TURNS PENNY'S LEGS TO JELLY, WITH A RIGHT PUTTING PENNY DOWN TO HER BACK!
The fans of Weaving roar over their rival supporters, 1....2...3...4, Penny spits out her gumshield as she stares up at the ceiling 5...6...7, Tania shouting at her to stand, 8...9...10 but Penny ends up counted out!

Winner Samara Weaving KO Round 5

A big win for Samara as she continues her unbeaten run with a brutal knockout, Penny can only lay spread eagle as Samara poses over her with her arms in the air and a big smile on her face.
The referee nudges Samara away after photos are taken, Tania doesn't look happy as she scowls at the winner, before kneeling down to check on Penny and helping her sit up.
Penny rubs her jaw as she stares over at Samara, when she tries standing herself she falls back onto her backside, leading the referee and Tania to help her up and over to her stool so she can be worked on.
Across the ring; Samara is getting hugged by Nicky, who tells her that she is proud of her, the girls smile as they talk about the way Penny went down like a tree.
As soon as both girls are cleaned up; they are brought to the ring centre, Samara gets her hand raised to possibly the loudest cheer of the night.
While Penny glares over at her and shakes her head as she heads out the ring, clearly believing she should have won this fight and be on her way to bigger things.
Instead it has to be said that Samara has that door opening, maybe she can get a title shot at Bonnie Sveen's ACB flyweight championship sooner or later.
She definitely seems to think that as she points her index finger at the camera and waves an imaginary belt around her waist to show she thinks she is the number 1 fighter in the division.
Samara heads out the ring to the back, blowing kisses to the fans to thank them for their support and dreaming of bigger nights in the ring.



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