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29 August 2018 Diana Korkunova vs Samara Weaving

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Posted by Girls Friday on August 29, 2018, 9:38 am




Results: Vassago, Words: Caspian


(21, 5’5, 9:4 BBU, SIRENs)

(26, 5’5, 3:0 BBU, BronzedOz Boxing)

Diana fresh off a good showing at the latest Flyweight contenders event, but Samara channels the classic blonde/brunette rivalry tonight as they square off at the podium for the pre-fight routine. Girls effectively the same height, with Diana younger and with slightly smaller frame. No matter - both girls set each other with steady stares, cameras flashing in the background, but once the referee asks them to break, Diana’s the one who breaks into a big smile and offers Samara the handshake. Samara slightly hesitant, but eventually taking it.

“Of course, I wanted to do better in the tournament, but beating a former champion is still the highlight for me!” Diana beaming as she tapes on sticky whites over her knuckles. Samara’s an up-and-coming Flyweight herself, and she’s undefeated in the ring. So this will surely be a tough fight!”

Samara more subdued and coy, but showing equal respect at the other side of the ring.

“I enjoyed watching Diana defy the odds in the tournament. Someday, I hope to get invited myself. For now, she’s right. I *am* undefeated. And I plan on staying that way.”

Diana in a loose white crop top, showing some hint of underboob, black undies and red gloves. Samara going for more traditional blue swimsuit, matching black gloves to round off her outfit. Referee waves his hands and HERE we go for ten rounds of Flyweight action!

DING of the bell and girls take tentative steps forward. They’re jabbing lightly at each other to start, but nothing really significant landing. Samara with the longer reach, however, clipping Diana on the cheek more than once. Middle mark and it still looks like a stalemate between equal competitors. That is, until Samara goes wades in all of a sudden, pressuring Diana with rapid shots into her guard, then shooting to the exposed body, driving her backwards. Diana not moving like she used to in the past… that continuous strain from the recent tournament certainly must have taken quite a toll on her. Samara keeping close and firing away with little sympathy, whilst Diana struggling to cover up and retreat. Not the best round for the Siren when the bell rings.

More trouble as Diana gets hounded in the second with Samara picking up where she left off. Girls of equal height and frame but Samara managing to bully her way to victory the previous three times, and doesn’t see why she can’t repeat the same success this time. Diana struggling to adapt, doing more defensive moves than offensive ones. She does hit some counter-blows to the face, but otherwise it’s Samara throwing those big hooks her way, forcing her to cover up or leap out of the way with sharp, narrow gasps. SIRENs corner looks worried at this latest development, with Head Trainer Henry Cavill trying to shout advice at his girl to keep moving and keep moving in there. By the time the round ends, Diana looks more than spent, body pockmarked red and worse still, her inner spirit taking a beating. She gets another pep talk from Carvill in corner, but we wonder if this was a bad match-up from the beginning.

Kudos to Diana for digging deep and moving slightly faster this round, pushing forward with a renewed fighting spirit. She lost a bit of confidence in her past few fights, but now it seems to have returned as she opts to stand toe-to-toe with Samara. Weaving all too happy to oblige, keeps up the barrage on the guard, but doesn’t count on the fact that Diana also punching back, slapping leather into her own body and then snapping the head back with a lucky uppercut. Samara hurt, but growling, comes back with a left-right hook combo to the head: first one lands on Diana’s arms, but the second one catches her flush on the cheek, sending her REELING into the ropes! HERE comes Samara now, looking to finish her off! Nasty blows landing on Diana’s tummy... Siren opting to protect her head but leaving southwards exposed. A particularly wayward right hand catches her right in the middle of her black briefs, a little too low for comfort! Diana GASPS out loud, before her legs FAIL her as she GOES DOWN onto her knees! OUCH. KNOCKDOWN for Samara Weaving, but that last punch was *surely* considered to be illegal?! Is the referee gonna do anything about it? Not one bit, apparently. He didn’t see it, even though the rest of the arena clearly screams in protest at the foul. Doesn’t matter - Samara grinning as she makes her way back to corner, getting away with murder here.

Diana’s face a mixture of pain and surprisingly, rage. She struggles to stand back up whilst the referee counts her out, manages to recover by the count of 8. But there’s still two minutes left on the clock! Samara flying forward before the ref even waves to continue. Diana’s movements obviously slightly affected, her legs almost tripping over themselves as she attempts to get away. But she doesn’t have to - Samara’s right hook sails overhead as she ducks under the punch at the last moment! Weaving still off-balance from the swing’s momentum, when a right hand buries itself into her paunch, then her body stacked upright with an uppercut scrapping both chest and chin, FOLLOWED by a final haymaker right into the temple that sends her REELING BACK! Diana with that wicked combination unleashed here! Sound in the arena is deafening as fans on either side of the aisle are on their feet! Rest of the round sees both women trying to recuperate, taking light jabs but nothing else. Both spooked from some equal success, but we still have to go with Samara for the early knockdown.

NOW we’re talking! Both girls out for blood as they charge straight for each other at the bell. Diana no more of that defensive kitten fighting. Instead, a lioness emerging from within after that illegal low blow forcing her to fight fire with fire. Samara knows she excels in close quarters fighting, obliging the brunette with more blasts to the head, slamming her guard about, then paying her back with more straight hands to the body. Diana however relying on her agility to avoid the headhunting. The tummy shots, she can take for now, and while her opponent is busy down south, she capitalises by swiping at the face and chin repeatedly. The third such hook STUNS the blonde, looking teary-eyed as she contemplates retreat. Diana not giving any ground, advancing on her steadily, hammering her own guard with choice hooks, then alternating shots into her toned body. Turn of tables, folks, as Weaving the one sent on the run, struggling to keep the punches off her. Diana takes this round by a comfortable margin, relishing the ragged look on Samara’s face when the bell rings and they head back to corners.

SAMARA GOES DOWN! Revenge knockdown from Korkunova early in the fifth when she SNAPS an uppercut right into her jawline, for great effect! That alone wasn’t enough to floor the blonde, of course. Follow-up blows to the belly have her groaning over in pain, before a right hand to the face SWERVED her entire body on its feet. DOWN she went to her knees at the end of the first minute! KNOCKDOWN in kind, but Diana emotionless and spent, simply turning back to corner to make the best of the downtime.

Samara seething on the floor, crawling disorientated to the ropes as she wobbles on her way back up to her feet. Gotten a little more than she bargained for, especially as we head into the last rounds of this fight. She manages to make it back up by the count of 8 as well, finding herself in a similar situation she put her foe in the last time. Two minutes left on the clock and let’s see if she can survive this too...

Diana light on her feet as she leaps back into the action, jabs peppering Samara’s guard and not giving her any time to recover. Samara still in trouble, shaky feet and wavy arms just barely holding back the action. This time, she’s taking lefts and rights into her vulnerable midsection, Diana even choosing to dig gloves into her bikini briefs right at the end of the flurry, drawing a STRANGLED scream from Weaving as it’s her turn to go down to her knees from those low blows to sensitive regions!

Wow - didn’t expect that kind of action from the sweet-faced Diana, but it got the job done, didn’t it? Samara left clutching at her lower belly, collapsed knees on canvas, for the second knockdown this round! This time, however, Samara not making any effort to recover, merely bowled over as she hugs her body in half! Referee hits the ten count and it’s over!

Official Decision: Diana Korkunova defeats Samara Weaving via KO5!

“It was a mistake,” Diana immediately protesting the uproar, trying to clarify to reporters after the match. “I got so caught up in the moment - I didn’t know where my fists were going… If it’s any consolation, Samara, I’m sorry.”

Diana being led away quickly by her entourage, even though it’s her time in the spotlight to bask in this victory. Samara not mincing her own words later when she’s better recovered to speak:

“Bullsh*t it wasn’t deliberate. The sneaky b*tch won by an illegal punch! I want a f*cking rematch!” Samara saying with venom in her voice, the irony lost on her that she’s equally guilty of those so-called ‘illegal punches’...

A good fight that brought out the best (or worse) in both women. Let’s hope we see these two in the ring again someday!



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