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10 June 2020 Kate Upton vs Taylor Swift

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on June 10, 2020, 9:40 pm



Kate Upton versus Taylor Swift
(Birthday Beach Battle)
(Words & Results: Lookout!)


BEFORE: Today is the 28th birthday of one Katherine Elizabeth Upton and today, one way she wanted to commemorate the occasion was by taking on her hated rival. Obviously, a lot of hatred and high stake in this rivalry, which is becoming one of the premiere blonde versus blonde rivalries here in the league. These two fighters, among the best in their respective divisions, are here to meet again on the birthday of Kate Upton. Taylor was able to beat Kate on her own birthday in a card last year and Kate hopes to do the same here today, to make her celebration even more special.

Taylor, of course, has no interest in that as she declares, “I have never met anybody in my life more arrogant than Kate Upton. I’ve met celebrities of every kind in the recording industry, Hollywood and the modeling world, but trust me, Kate is in a class of her own. If you hear me writing something snarky in a song going forward, it’s probably about her. I can’t wait to beat her here - on her own territory on the beach and just as importantly, on her birthday. When she looks back on today, I want her to remember I gave her the greatest gift - showing her how she is just a beta blonde.”

Kate rolling her eyes, trying to control her breathing as her corner keeps her from just lunging out, barely able to focus as she is clearly furious at Swift, snarling, “It’ so freaking rich for TayTay to talk about anybody else being arrogant, when I’ve never met anybody more smug and haughty more than her. But tonight, she is going to be snug and helpless between these…” as she cups her cleavage with a little smirk, “Because if that little blonde b*tch - who is definitely NOT an Alpha - thinks she can take me on along the beach. This is MY place and I’m going to show Swift HER place today.”

Kate coming in wearing a tight pink bikini with matching gloves and hair in a fighting ponytail - Taylor in a dark red bikini with matching gloves and hair in a fighting ponytail of her own. The two of them barely able to be held back by the refs and their respective entourages, but the bell rings and then the two of them shoot across the ring towards one another as the battle on the beach begins...

R1: Systematic work from Swift, breaks Kate down this round. Swift jabbing Upton in the chest, keeping her right hand high to block that snappy Kate hook, then slipping inside Upton’s jab to place rigid left hands against the solar plexus. By the midway point - Swift has Upton suffering, looking to clinch - Taylor adding in the right to the waist, keeps digging that left to the sternum, fighting her way past Upton’s clutching arms. Shutout Swift, Upton already grimacing, sent to her corner tremble-bodied - Taylor tells her corner “she’s hurt.” and can’t help but smirk in satisfaction.

R2: Upton visibly distressed, still tender in the midsection as Swift tracks her down. Taylor stalking, not having much luck getting leather on body, but she’s the clear aggressor,. Kate content to forfeit points to get her wind back, occasionally stopping, swatting wide right hands, nibbling the jab as she steps right - just using her legs to run the clock.

R3: Kate’s got distance, now she starts to put something on Swift. Taylor forced to make the fight, coming forward and she’s getting flurried as Upton gives ground, gets off, then steps around either Swift shoulder as the brunette covers up tight. Kate steering Swift with the jab, getting position with the stick, then darting in to get off in leathery bursts - midway through a furious 5 punch explosion bats against Swift arms and head, putting her on her heels and Upton smells blood. Kate stepping in, doubles up that aggressive hook, cuffing Swift cheek and ripping at her gut. Round ends with Taylor’s butt on the ropes, hunched over trying to protect herself as Upton has her way with hooks at the bell.

R4: Too much hand speed, footspeed from Upton as she starts to roam the ring, jumping in as she pleases, getting off in swatting, slashing flurries ,then stepping out as Swift misses on late receipts. Taylor coming forward, but forced to turtle up as Kate beats her to offense. Swift unable to cut the ring down, following her girl, unable to get position or range she needs to work.

R5: Upton goes shoulder to shoulder - wide ranging fight now contained to a little patch of canvas near Upton’s corner, Kate’s back to the ropes as both girls go to work inside, Stand up action, girls hunched in with each other, each jostling, pushing the other’s head aside just to squeeze in a shot, turning each other with little shoves behind the elbow, leaning on each other to get a little give in close. This is Swift’s fight - she’s using that left shoulder and chicken-wing left elbow to brace Kate for cuffing series of hooks to the head, keeping Upton pinned to the ropes, then stuffing away downstairs when the belly opens up. Kate mostly countering, waiting for Swift to get off - sweaty give and take, Taylor takes the round, and a small lead into the second half.

R6: Swift early, She’s back to timing Kate’s jab, neatly slipping inside and answering almost simultaneously with that sticking left in the plexus. Upton stepping back, pivoting to the left, looking to pick Swift up with snappy left uppercuts and hooks and midway through, there’s a break, Upton in retreat, tapping the lead right hand, dropping off to the left, gets her shoulder behind a vicious short left uppercut and puts Swift wobbly butt with the sudden touch. Taylor momentarily stupefied - Upton explodes into action, Kate torso’s up, then digs at the Swift midriff, buckling Taylor’s legs, stooping her forward with a breathy pout. Then it’s the tits - clubbing shoeshine bets those puppies flat, stacks Swift back onto her heels with her hands low. Then it’s on with swabbing back and forth licks - Upton with the speedbag delivery drives Swift staggering back to the ropes. Taylor in disarray, right hand at her left cheek, left across her bodkin - Kate just unleashing with both hands, body glistening with the effort of punishing her rival and the REF JUMPS IN! Swift just beaten senseless, nothing coming back and Kate Upton bounds away the TKO6 victor!

AFTER: Kate jumping around in jubilation, beaming as she leans back against the ropes, pumping one fist into the air, pounding on her famous chest with one palm and bellowing in excitement as she watches Taylor argue with the ref. While Swift is no doubt used to getting her way in every area of her career, the ref is not changing their mind no matter how much Taylor might protest what she views as a quick stoppage. Kate comes forward as she smirks, going to lunge forward as she yanks back on Taylor’s blonde tresses to tug her forward into an upraised thigh right into her rival’s tummy. Taylor is forced to double over, air rushing past her lips as Kate then goes to transition into a front smother.

Bringing those brawny arms forward against Taylor’s head, encircling her face forward as she goes to draw her face into her impressive cleavage. Swift’s tall frame already slightly bent forward, squealing in horror as it’s suddenly muffled against Upton’s orbs, with Kate brushing her shoulders back and forth to get a tighter seal against Taylor’s features. Taylor wrapping her arms around Kate’s waist, showing off some impressive strength and determination as she pushes forward on those proud legs of hers, managing to drive Kate backwards into the turnbuckle with a THUD! Crowd cheering as Kate doesn’t relinquish her hold, arms flexing as she tries to hold her foe tightly in the smother. Taylor pushing at her foe’s arms and tummy, trying to turn her head so she can breathe when Kate suddenly pushes out of the corner. The two of them twisting and turning in the middle of the ring, tangled together tightly, as the two of them fall down to the sand with a heavy thump!

Immediately, the two of them are rolling around, sand sticking to their sweaty bodies as both of them maneuver to get on top. Kate is, however, the fresher of the two as she manages to maintain the smother to keep Swift breathless and unfortunately for her rival, on the bottom as Upton keeps engulfing Taylor’s face with her jugs. Grinding down as she goes to wrap her arms around her foe’s head, trapping Swift’s slick features underneath her tits for an inescapable breast smother as Kate starts to smirk. Licking her lips as she pants from the exertion of wearing down her rival, but decides to get into her foe’s head as she steals away her air and pride, “You’re right, Swift, this is the BEST birthday gift of all. Almost anyway, because there are few things as perfect as being able to teach a beta blonde her place. You belong here - under MY boobs - on MY beach - on MY birthday. Don’t you want to wish me a Happy Birthday, b*tch?” With a grin upon her face, Kate leads the crowd in an impromptu, mostly on-key rendition of “Happy Birthday’. As the crowd sings along, Kate leans down to whisper confidently, “You talk so much sh*t about what a talented singer you are, Tay, let me hear it…” But, buried with Upton’s breasts, all that comes out are muffled curses and groans, with Upton chuckling, “Guess like you can’t back that up either, like everything else in your life….”

As the crowd reaches the end of the song, Kate beams as she feels Taylor fading underneath her. Swift’s struggles slowing down as her tall frame isn’t bucking and twisting as much at this stage, lacking so much air. Kate goes to peel her own tall body, transitioning slowly but confidently as she goes to lay above Taylor in the sand, but still ensuring her cleavage fills up every inch of Taylor’s face and stealing any opportunity for air. Taylor nods at her corner, who approach the two of them, with a candle and lighter. The ref watching in concern, but backs off after a cool look from Upton. Kate grinding her shoulders back and forth as she takes the candle and slides it between Swift’s cleavage with a grin, giggling, “These are SO small, Swift - it’s hard for me to find a place to stick a candle in these itty bitty boobs.”, but despite Upton’ words, the candle does remain upright between her cleavage.

Taking the lighter as she lights up the candle, the orange flame flickering over Swift’s sweaty cleavage as Upton’s eyes dance with delight along with the flame, “Guess I need to make a wish and with me smothering you out right now, it’s going to come true….” as Kate suddenly parts her lips and with a little burst of air, blows the candle out as she purrs out confidently, “And what I want more than anything on my birthday is a shot at the Ice Hotel, Taylor. THAT will be your gift to me….” as she grinds down her orbs again, feeling Swift spasm as she seems to fall unconscious underneath her.

It’s not clear on whether Taylor heard about Kate’s birthday wish before she passes out in her rival’s cleavage, but as Kate peels her chest upwards, sweaty cleavage heaving in and out over Taylor’s jug-shocked features, it’s very clear that Swift will be hearing about it soon when she recovers. Whether Swift will be inclined to grant Upton’s birthday wish is another matter entirely, but given the humiliation she’s suffered here tonight, it’s also hard to imagine her turning down an opportunity to defend her title and repay the favor. Kate pushes herself upwards as she leaves the candle stuck between Taylor’s cleavage as she grins, admiring her handiwork while making her way to her feet. Posing over Taylor as she grins down, “I’m Queen of the Beach, Queen of you clearly and it's time to realize I am just THE Queen, TayTay!" as she blows her rival a kiss. Kate then struts off leaving her rival a jugged-out blonde beauty on the beach as she heads off to celebrate one of her best birthdays EVER!


Happy Birthday Kate Upton!




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