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18 July 2020 Tahnee Atkinson vs Hannah Ferguson

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Posted by caspian2 on Jul 18, 2020 at 11:55am


6. AHW: Hannah Ferguson vs Tahnee Atkinson (Beach Wrestling)


(28, 5’10, VIXENs)

(28, 5’8, Odds & Ends Fight Studio)

Highlight of the evening as Tahnee Atkinson and Hannah Ferguson are set to tumble on the beach for this main event. These two rivals have already fought twice this year, both instances seeing Hannah lose out to the Odds and Ends starlet in what's quickly shaping up to be another tension-filled, action-packed Best-of-7 series with plenty of insults and smothers thrown into the mix. For tonight’s contest, the elevated ring has been removed from the middle of the arena, with the audience's excitement mounting as ring officials hammer in all four corners of the makeshift turnbuckles into the sand to demarcate the action, especially in case one of these women decides to take the fight to the nearby shoreline again.

The rest of the arena is still packed to the brim even at this late hour, and floodlights illuminate the central area where both women are set to do battle in a moment. If it hasn't been explained yet, this here's a AHW match with IRONWOMAN rules: girls given 15 minutes to score as many pinfalls as womanly possible, and another stipulation agreed to by both camps is that a pinfall’s only won via 10-count facesit. It’s a condition some would say unfairly favours the guest fighter, especially if you’d consider the fact that Tahnee’s standing tall in her natural habitat, having won 6-2 bouts on the sand and counting.

“This smells of desperation, if you ask me,” the regal brunette grins from her corner of the arena, mindful glances shot the other direction as Atkinson speaks to reporters with a smirk. “Who knows how many times I’ve sat on Hannah’s face to date? She can’t possibly win this Best-of-Seven series and she knows it, especially on a court like this where I get to sit on her face till she begs for mercy. Beach, bar, sand or sea, I’m gonna pummel her bad.”

Hannah of course casting furtive glances from her own corner of the arena, putting the final touches of white tape around her knuckles, her blonde hair bundled tight in a ponytail. “It’s do-or-die. I’m drawing a literal line in the sand tonight and the b*tch is gonna suffer if she dares to cross it. We both know who the better woman is and I’ll prove it by the end of tonight: when you see me perched over her laid out body.”

Crowds voicing their approval as the two alpha ladies meet in the center of the squared arena, Tahnee still grinning into Hannah’s face and looking stunning in her dark blue bikini wrap around her chest and waistline. Hannah’s not so bad herself, sporting a see-through one-piece swimsuit of shimmering gold scales designed for maximum mobility and zero modesty. Ladies place their hands on their hips before the sound of the horn and the start this 15-minute FIGHT!

00:00: Ladies throw themselves at each other, locking arms around the neck and shoulders, hands already tugging backwards on ponytails as they jostle for supremacy. Either woman’s trying to assert her dominance as they push each other back and forth on the sand, a test of strength as well as nerves as they snarl into each other’s faces in close proximity. Tahnee’s bigger bulk means she has the advantage here, slowly pushing Hannah backwards whilst huffing hot air in her face. If Hannah’s not careful, she might get thrown about like a ragdoll, some painful memories of that time she got tossed into the hard wood of a bar counter standing out from all those months ago in New York.

01:30: Ladies use their feet to try and trip each other up, and send the action tumbling down into the sand. Neither woman wants to find herself on the bottom end of this manoeuvre though, and the result is they BOTH slam into the hard earth side-by-side, hands still tugging on loosened hair and any free hands shoved into the nostrils or chest. Hannah’s eyes suddenly flash with fear as Tahnee’s size advantage gives the brunette the strength to throw her off, just as the blonde had gained a mount on her tummy, with the two women continuing to roll over each other for a good thirty seconds, each trying to secure the full mount before they get tossed off with a squeal.

02:43: Open palms start flying as Hannah lands the first off-the-cuff SLAP across the Tahnee’s face from below, incensing her to no end. The Odds and Ends starlet fires a punch of her own straight down, hitting the bewildered blonde on the mouth. Hannah lets out a yelp and immediately goes limp from the pain, and Tahnee capitalises, letting out a loud huff as she scrambles her body onto the blonde’s belly, one more inch by one more inch as she scoots her rear-end directly onto Hannah’s face in the first face-sit of the evening! Naturally, Hannah’s left in shock at the rapid escalation of events, seeing her life flash before her eyes at the thought of Atkinson’s ass pressing down into her vision and blacking out at the hands of her rival for a third time in a row. 

03:41: Tahnee gleefully trying to maintain her perch, two fistfuls of blonde hair in her grasp as she licks her lips and tries to pin the Vixen down, riding her thrashing body underneath like a rodeo gal. Hannah twisting about below, trying to deny her opponent leverage, but Atkinson lowering her center of gravity, shoving her womanhood further into Hannah’s lips and chin, one leg soon managing to pin down one arm at first, then Hannah’s shoulder the next, till only Hannah’s rage-filled face can be seen glaring back up at her, the blonde’s chin angled upwards and cupped by Tahnee’s grip, positioned too close to her bikini briefs. Atkinson beams down, cracks an open palm across Hannah’s face just because she can. She’s got the schoolgirl pin locked in but she needs to secure the 10-count facesit for the points to count! 

04:20: Unfortunately, the rest of Hannah’s body is just squirming a little too much. The alpha Vixen manages to twist her head to the side, one arm snaked under Tahnee’s thigh, even as Atkinson bears her weight down and tries to reassert her position. But no amount of shots to Hannah’s belly is doing the trick either as Hannah suddenly roars upwards, throwing her off balance. It’s only the first five minutes of this contest, so whaddaya expect, folks, with the two girls still brimming with adrenaline as they throw themselves back into the fray, bodies clashing together whilst on their knees SPLAT as they go tumbling over the sand dunes once again.

 Hannah flings herself forward this time, smashing a knee into Tahnee’s chest to wind the bigger girl before swiftly leaping into the air and wrapping her legs around the her neck, effectively locking in that head scissors. Tahnee’s head gets slammed down into the sand with a squeal, her fingernails clawing at Hannah’s thighs that have quickly managed to cut off her air supply. Ferguson is back in control as she flexes her lower muscles with all her might, but can’t quite keep the big brunette in one place either with Atkinson thrashing about like a madwoman, her snarling lips just inches from Hannah’s bikini briefs. All Hannah needs to do is rotate herself upwards into a seating position and then onto Tahnee’s shoulders for the pin, but the Odds and Ends starlet ain’t making it easy, Tahnee reaching out and snatching the blonde’s ponytail before yanking on it hard, occasional strikes to the belly making Hannah reconsider if this is the best position to be in.

06:45: Suddenly, it’s Tahnee’s turn to rear upwards from her locked position. She managed to reposition herself into a kneeling position, her face still full of rage as she hoists herself upwards suddenly, bringing Hannah’s lower torso along for the ride as well. Hannah stubbornly not letting go of the Head Scissors, instantly regrets the decision as Tahnee reaches down and plugs a downward punch straight into her noe, then another and another landing from the guard position. Atkinson in the midst of firing a third blow to the face, but Hannah manages to dodge her head left, instead catch Tahnee’s arm with her own hand and PULL the brunette’s head deeper into a Triangle Choke! Atkinson’s eyes suddenly light up in panic as she’s forced back down to her knees, her arm and head now trapped even more tightly between Hannah’s thighs as the Vixen continues to choke her out. 

07:12: It’s a smart strategy on Hannah’s part, who knows she needs to wither Tahnee down before even attempting any face-sit pin. Tahnee helplessly claws at any skin she can find, but Ferguson’s got her locked in tight, slowly rolling the big girl over and onto her back, into a convenient seated position over her neck and chest. Ferguson now in control at the halfway mark of this match, though neither girl has scored yet. That panic in Tahnee’s eyes means she’s desperately trying to buck the blonde off of her chest, to no avail. Arching her back only allows Hannah to scoot forward some more, Hannah gleefully keeping one of her rival’s arms locked high above so that Tahnee can’t rotate her shoulders under the facesit. Referee of course hovering nearby, waiting until half of Tahnee’s face disappears under her golden briefs before starting the count, Hannah holding Tahnee’s head down with one fistful of dark hair as she bears her body weight down for the remainder of the first 10-count! 

08:45: Crowds on their feet as Hannah locks in the first point of the night! We’re past the halfway mark and Tahnee needs to play catch-up if she doesn’t want to be humiliated twice. The brunette almost roars upwards and lunges at Hannah anew after the ref orders the Vixen to relinquish the hold - Ferguson shimmying her ass over Tahnee’s face a little longer, just to emphasise her dominance, before both girls are sent back to their corners for a brief respite. One-zero, but the night is still young!

09:10: Tahnee surprisingly doesn’t rush forward as the match resumes, circling Hannah warily. Hannah also content to take it slow now that she’s gotten a point for herself, and the ladies instead lock fingers before suddenly CRASHING inwards with another meaty SPLAT of belly on belly. But instead of shoving each other about like last time, Tahnee instantly wraps both arms around the blonde’s waist and HEAVES upwards! Hannah’s eyes widen with shock as she’s lifted off the ground almost effortlessly, before being deposited back on the sand dunes with a loud CRASH! The Powerslam certainly knocked the wind out of her sails, the Vixen left lying there for a second, groaning and shaking her head in a daze! 

10:01: Tahnee POUNCES like white on rice, knows she’s got limited time to exact her revenge here as she quickly scoops Hannah’s head and torso up in a reverse breast smother, trying to subdue the blonde before she can recover for a proper facesit. Hannah thrashing immediately underneath, having sworn never to find herself in this position ever again. Tahnee caught smirking down into Hannah’s bikini top, using her body weight to wear down her adversary, waiting for Hannah’s futile attempts to escape to drain her energy before executing her final move. Hannah meanwhile twisting and turning like before, trying to gain enough momentum to sneak out of the smother, her hands shooting up to tug and pull on Tahnee’s brown locks for leverage, but to no avail. 

10:56: Blonde lets out an URKK as in one swift motion, Tahnee scrambles up to her knees before launching her body over the top of Hannah’s face! Facesit secured just like that, ladies and gents, as Atkinson pins the blonde’s shoulders down with both legs and uses her fists to maul Hannah’s breasts from her vantage point! Ferguson’s muffled squeals sound like a cornered animal, both legs thrashing up and down, left and right, trying to catch Tahnee in another head scissors, but Atkinson calmly shoves them away, lowers her groin and buttocks even further downwards, grinding into Hannah’s face and in turn, sinking both women snug into the soft sand! Referee of course already started the count 5 seconds ago, and Hannah’s fans in the audience are doing their best to encourage their girl to escape. But Tahnee’s revenge is not to be denied - the brunette draws a wide smirk across her face just as the referee hits the 10-count, giving her the second point of the evening!

12:15: Hannah’s body goes limp down below, deprived of oxygen but also a smart move to save her energy for the final few minutes of this Ironwoman match. Tahnee of course still wasting time by refusing to get off her throne that is Hannah’s face, continuing to taunt the Vixen with further insults and slamming her fists down into her exposed tummy. Referee is doing his best to force her off her perch, but Tahnee has one last gift for the audience, reaching downwards with two free hands and completely RIPPING Hannah’s bikini top off, allowing those glistening orbs to bounce free! 

12:50: ROAR of approval from the audience but also a shriek of outrage from down under as Hannah gathers what’s left of her strength to lurch upwards, throwing Tahnee clean off of her! Looks like that manoeuvre was the last straw as the two girls immediately scramble back to their knees before THROWING themselves at each other right again! No need for any downtime, ref, especially when these two wanna hurt each other so badly! Hannah’s exposed chest now glistening in the stadium lights as she launches herself at Tahnee like an enraged banshee, her arms aimed for the head to give Tahnee a taste of what she herself has unleashed. Tahnee yelps as her hair is pulled back hard, the weight of the blonde suddenly descending on her waist and thighs as Hannah tries to mount her and lock in a breast smother of her own. But before she can do that, the Vixen lets out a groan as she’s folded over whilst on her knees, Atkinson having kept her arms and elbows tucked in close, now sending fists puh puh puh into the blonde’s body to stop her.

13:15: Less than two minutes left on the clock and both blonde and brunette are wasting more time locked in each other’s arms, trading blows to the belly and taking turns folding one another over on their knees. Hannah not exactly known for her body resilience here, gets bent over badly more than once, as Tahnee tucks in another uppercut straight into her tummy. Hannah groans as she folded over into her rival’s arms, lips planted on Atkinson’s chest and the rest of her body and chest trembling from the pain. Atkinson grinning like a madwoman as she helps herself to two fistfuls of dishevelled blonde hair, intending to pull Hannah back up for more punishment, before executing her finishing move to win this match.

13:54: But Hannah playing possum, surprises the overconfident brunette with a sudden fist sent upwards into the chin - POWW!! Tahnee reeling back in pain, her grip on the blonde’s hair loosening as more fists begin to sink into her body and chest, with Hannah using the last of her strength to go apeshit on her hated rival. Another burst of energy upwards has Tahnee knocked over backwards into the sand, wincing hard as Hannah sent another knee crashing into her jawline! OUCH!!

14:30: Bad news for Atkinson, who’s lying there squirming in the middle of the sand dunes, stunned and holding her chin in both hands. Not much time left on the clock, and Hannah quickly stumbles to the head of her foe, simultaneously clutching her bruised midsection, before the Vixen LAUNCHES herself forward!! OUUUFFF! Butt Splash CONNECTS and even the audience felt that one, with Hannah aiming her rear end to connect SQUARE into Tahnee’s face! Atkinson’s body lurches upwards from the impact, before shuddering back down into the sand in complete shock, Hannah quickly pressing her cheeks down into Tahnee’s, knees locked by the side of the head as the referee STARTS and ENDS the final count of 10! And just in time for the bell to ring rapidly, declaring the Ironwoman match over!!

Official Decision: Hannah Ferguson defeats Tahnee Atkinson via 2-1 Countout!

Hannah’s quick to exert her dominance post-match, reaching down and YANKING Tahnee’s bikini top clean off as well, before swinging the dark fabric in a circle above her head. Tahnee softly stirring beneath, but even we’re not entirely sure whether the poor girl’s conscious enough to know what just happened. It’s not until those fists are plunged into her belly and breasts from above does Tahnee come back to life, Hannah expediting her recovery and enjoying unlimited access to her rival’s vulnerable body bits.

“Shut up, b*tch,” Hannah hisses, plunging another fist down into the pit of her stomach to silence Tahnee’s groans. “Who’s the face-sitting queen now, huh??”

Hannah takes her time to pose for the cameras: hands gripping Tahnee’s loose wrists as she grinds her groin down into Tahnee’s face, before flexing her arms for the money shot of the evening. Finally, the ring officials pour in past the goalposts to try and save Atkinson from permanent damage. They physically force Hannah off her comfortable perch, leaving a shellshocked Tahnee gasping for air below. 

A bad night for the challenger but make no mistake: Ms Atkinson is still ahead in overall points, and rumour has it on the street that the odds in their next Best-of-7 contest might favour the bosomed brunette. For now, Hannah just content to limp back to her corner and locker room, her pride intact for now.

Thank you all for joining us tonight! We hope you’ve enjoyed the fights! 



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