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11 September 2020 Title Kelly Brook vs Ch Kate Upton

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FIGHT NIGHT LIVE: Unbreakable 2020 PPV


Posted by Girls Friday on Sep 11, 2020 at 3:06pm


Kelly Brook VS Champion: Kate Upton:

Tale of the Tape:
Kelly Brook:
Age: 40
Height: 5'8
52-68-5 (41KOs)
Former BBU JMDD champion.
Former BBU welterweight champion.
Former two time FCBA lightweight champion.
Former Queen of the Ice Hotel.
Kate Upton:
Age: 28
Height: 5'8
74-25 (73KOs)
Current three time FCBA JMDD champion.
Current Queen of the Ice Hotel.
Former three time FCBA welterweight champion.
Former BBU JMDD champion.

(This is Glamour vs Lookout! Boxing)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

This is our main event here, the Queen of the Ice Hotel title is on the line, Kelly Brook wants to reclaim her throne against her bitter rival Kate Upton, can Kate keep her crown while keeping her hold in the rivalry?

These two first fought in the BBU two years ago, Kelly lost a body paint bout to Kate on a beach by knockout in the eighth round, with Kate also winning their last bout by a tenth round knockout last year to become the first ever unified JMDD champion, going four wins to two in their feud.

Kelly though has made the Ice Hotel her home once before, back in 2008 Kelly sat on the throne by beating Aishwarya Rai after ten hard fought rounds.

While Kate defeated Taylor Swift in July of this year, knocking her out in the twelve round, it was a fight of the year contender in their very personal rivalry, though after that victory things have been mixed for Kate, losing the BBU JMDD title last month to Tamara Ecclestone and beating Tanhee Atkinson to retain her FCBA JMDD title.

Before the fight both fighters were interviewed in their hotel rooms by Alicia Atout for the FCBA Network, the TV cameras streaming the opinions of the fighters as first she heads into the room of Kelly to see her smiling as she wears a fur coat over her clothes.

"I never thought anyone would welcome me back into here, you know this was my turf, hell to me it still is the place I do my best work, ask those who challenged me for my crown, I battered each of them till I was able to toss them out onto their face" Kelly looking nostalgic as she smiles.

"That was days gone by right? That's what Kate clearly thinks, why else would she let a fox in her hen house, one of my favourite things boxing has been wiping that f***ing smug look off of Kate's face, I hope her fat arse hasn't broken the throne for me to sit in" Kelly looking more serious as she stands up, putting an arm around Alicia's shoulders.

Kelly finishes with "when I put Kelly's fat arse in a snow bank, make sure to get your bosses to send me the footage, some nights I need a good laugh and I think I'll that will be perfect, don't you?" Laughing as she pats the interviewer on her back before letting her leave.

In the Kate's more posher surroundings in her room, a waiter serving her as she lays on a recliner, getting grapes served to her, Kate waves in Alicia after seeing the interviewer be stopped by a security guard at the door.

"Come in Alicia, here come have some food with me" says Kate, Alicia politely refuses, with Kate just shrugging her shoulders before telling Atout "well I have to admit I fully love this being Queen, the training facilities for me are top notch, as are the sauna and kitchen staff just for me, after the past month I have had, I needed some pampering to remember I am the best of the FCBA"

Waving the waiter away as Kate stands up wearing a fur lined robe that travels to her feet, the Queen tells Alicia "as you know me and Kelly hate each other, hell the security guard is there in case that jealous pig tries to sneak in here and attack me, she has always been jealous of me since I first laid her out"

Grabbing a cup of coffee to warm herself up, Kate adds "now I get to beat her ass around the place she made her name, I have heard how Kelly is so proud of her reign around here, I'll give her she is an icy bytch, but my name is above the door now as owner of this place and the throne, I want to make it perfectly clear for her that I am better then her, no matter where we fight, I own her!" Kate takes another drink before waving Alicia out of the room as a masseur comes in.

Fighting time, the winners from tonight's bouts are at ringside, along with special guests like Taylor Swift and Emily DiDonato, who want to see Kate get shoved out of the hotel by Kelly, other guests include Adriana Lima and Charlize Theron watching closely who comes out on top.

First out is Kate Upton with her coach Nicole Kidman beside her, the Queen wears a long gold robe with fur lining, a tiara with multiple diamonds adorning it is on top of her head as her hands are wrapped, Kate sits on her throne to make sure it is known that she is the best here, waiting for Kelly to appear.

With the challenger not waiting too much longer to come out, Kelly comes to ring in a silver/grey fur chinchilla cloak like she did when she first fought in the Ice Hotel over twelve years ago, she glances at Kate with an angry look as the look is reciprocated by Kate.

Stepping into the ring, Kelly stands at the center staring a hole through Kate, her coach Melinda Messenger helps take off her cloak to reveal a crimson bandeau bikini with asymmetrical skirted bottoms, silver/grey fur mukluks with matchiing fur-lined punching mittens, again going retro to what she used to wear in the ring during her reign in here.

Kate just smirks as Kelly waves her to bring it on, a man in a black suit takes off the tiara of Kate for safe keeping, the Queen standing up and struts to the ring, before standing just outside it with arms out to the side, ignoring the boos from her enemies at ringside, the robe is slipped off her with help by Nicole, revealing that Kate is wearing a gold bikini top with fur trim, matching gold trunks with "Ice Queen" in diamond like jewels on her waistband and silver mukluks.

Climbing into the ring, Kate gets her golden gloves with fur lining put on, she thuds her gloves together as the trash talk begins on whose going to be eating snow out in the Alaskan wilderness when this is over, Nicole reminding Kate not to take Kelly lightly just because she holds the edge over her in wins.

The referee brings the fighters together at the center of the ring, while it is cold outside, in that ring both fighters have fire in their eyes, the burning hatred they feel for each other has the crowd watching intently to see if someone strikes the other before the bell.

They keep calm though, no touch of gloves when prompted, this is too personal for them to care about respect, instead they jog back to their corners, bouncing on their toes to keep warm as coaches give their final pieces of advice, the bell rings to start 10 rounds of welterweight action for the Queen of the Ice Hotel title.

Round 1:
"Ding!" Since these two know each other already, there isn't much of a feeling put process, more all about making your opponent respect you as they step in close, guards tight as they swing in hooks and uppercuts on the inside, some "sneakily" land onto boobs.

It's Kate who pushes ahead at first, rifling in two hooks to the body, trying to muscle Kelly back to the ropes as she does so, leading to a bumper on bumper situation as boobs bash head on.

Using her left shoulder to bump back Kate, Kelly lands a hard right hook across the cheek of the blonde, following up with a left/right cross combo that seems to have gotten Kate's attention, Upton moving to the outside as Brook steps to the ring center.

Both still letting their hands go, though Kelly is landing more cleanly while forcing the issue, especially as she digs several punches to the chest of her opponent to make her hiss, along with opening her up to left hooks that turn the beautiful face of Kate to the side.

While Kate is trying to match the intensity of Kelly, the Brit is using her left to shove as well as hit, causing Kate to be off balance enough for punches to land clean on her, allowing Kelly to push Kate onto the ropes in the final moments of the round.

Where Kate covers up as Kelly lands to the body, when the bell does ring Kelly land a sly right hook to the body, Kate grunts out as Nicole is up on the apron screaming at the referee, bedlam already looks ready to break out as the referee has to risk their health to stay between them, Kelly getting a stern warning to keep things clean.

Round 2:
Starting off again on the inside, the fighters landing short sharp digging body shots as heads grind, it isn't pretty fighting, just wearing down their rival with enough power to make the other groan with each shot.

Kate steps back to jam a double jab to the top of Kelly's head, now driving back Kelly to the ropes as she changes the tempo up, Brook knocked back onto the ropes after a stiff jab/straight snaps her head back.

Now it is Kate whose Queen of the proverbially castle as she takes the ring center, doing a good job of keeping her opponent behind her guard, switching her targets up as she looks laser focused on the task at hand.

Though Kelly shows she won't be subdued too long, timing her counter attack with a double jab to the mouth of Kate, followed by a right cross to the jaw as Kate is forced to retreat back.

The final twenty seconds sees them resume for a lack of a better term brawling on the inside, heads nearly clash as tummies take most of the thudding shots that has the crowd roaring them on up till the round comes to an end.

Both women scowl as they pass each other by, no love lost at all even after all the rounds they've fought, Nicole wiping down Kate as she tells her not to get sucked into street fighting the slower Kelly, who has Melinda telling her to keep grinding that bytch down.

Round 3:
Kate is trying to box more, move up on her toes to snap her jab into Kelly's face while moving around the hard hitting Brit, with Kelly waving in Kate to bring it on as she isn't enjoying the game of cat and noise developing.

Cutting off the ring after forty five seconds of chase, Kelly slams a jab into the mouth of Kate, followed by an uppercut that looks to have rocked the Queen back into a corner, where Kelly crowds her as Kate does her best to cover up.

When she gets her bottom lip busted open by a right cross, Kate pulls Kelly into a clinch, Nicole throwing her arms in the air in disbelief that Kate got caught out like that, Kelly seen hissing insults into the blondes ear as the referee works to break them up.

Kate still looks disorientated as they resume, shielding more as Kelly comes on the hunt, Kelly using her left forearm to shove Kate to the ropes before she goes to work on the inside.

This time Kate pulls Kelly down into a front headlock, Taylor at ringside yells "go down bytch!" As the crowd watches Kelly nearly ram Kate through the top and middle rope out the ring in frustration, the referee saves Upton from taking a tumble to the mats outside as both get a warning.

The round comes to a close with Kelly keeping Kate herded on the ropes, when they step back to their corners, Kate has water poured over her head to bring her out her daze, Nicole berates her for losing her focus.

Round 4:
Resuming at the center of the ring, after her shutout last round understandably Kelly is looking to pounce quickly on Kate, make short work of tonight if she can as she swings in some meaty looking right hooks that Kate moves out the way of.

Instead it's Kate landing big on Kelly a left hook across the jaw of the brunette looks to shake her up, three pounding straight punches in a row smacks Kelly back to the ropes, where Kate now crowds her on the inside.

Blood runs from a cut on the bridge of Kelly's nose, she has to drag Kate into a clinch now, foreheads grind as the two stunning models press bodies together, Kate trying to lean on Kelly to make her take her weight.

After being broken up again, the fighters start jabbing as Kelly is going defensive now, soon enough another big left smacks across her face, Kelly not getting that much respite to recover from being dazed herself.

Kelly finding herself pressed into corners, where she has to hold onto Kate to stop the rot setting in, the Upton haters at ringside booing loudly, while her fans are urging her to crush Brooks.

The round comes to an end with both women bleeding from a cut, eyes still burn with hatred, though as they sit down after Kate has evened the score seemingly again, there's a hint of frustration to their faces, knowing they can't bulldoze their rival as much as they want to.

Round 5:
Not wanting to make the mistake Kelly did last round, Kate is focusing on her jab, looking to set up her bigger punches better then her rival did last round, with both stinging the others cheeks.

Stepping in with a jab/right cross combo, Kate is looking to up the pace again, forcing Kelly back towards the ropes as she takes the center, drilling in a few more body shots when she has Brook seemingly where she wants her.

But Kelly times the counter attack perfectly again, landing a left hook out her guard when she steps out the way of a right to the body, followed by an uppercut that snaps back the head of Upton to the delight of many seemingly at ringside.

Motoring forwards with most of her punches smacking Kate's gloves, Kelly though has the ring center back herself as she forces her opponent backwards, she then switches to the body herself when she has her head down, trying to push Kate onto the ropes.

There's a shove from Kate to open a gap between them, where they both are drawn to plant their feet to go toe to toe, sweat with some blood flies off them, barks heard under the loud screams from the crowd as neither wants to give an inch to the other.

Soon enough the round ends with it hard to score, eyes locked as they need the referee to break the intense stare by yelling at both to return to their corners, where they are getting cleaned up as their coaches wonder how their fighter can take the top position here.

Round 6:
Again Kate is trying to keep this a boxing match, jabbing into the face of Kelly, opening her cut on her nose more to bring some tears to the former Queen's eyes, while Kate's power is legendary in it's right, her boxing skills may shocking be underrated.

Though again Kelly shows off her own timing that got her all her own titles, leaning out the way of a straight before coming around with a left hook to the side of Kate's face, a straight follows onto the bloody lips of the blonde to knock her back.

After arguably a better opening minute for Kate then Kelly, it's the Brit who starts the second off with another pesky left hook, this time across the breasts of Kate, WHO SEEMS DISTRACTED BY IT LONG ENOUGH FOR AN UPPERCUT TO SEND HER DOWN TO HER BACK!

Taylor nearly hops the fence to yell "get in!" Emily laughs as she pulls her stablemate back as security moves towards them, 1...2...3... Kate props up herself on her elbows, blinking as she tries to clear her vision, 4...5...6.. Pushing up to a knee, Kate punches the canvas, furious at herself, 7...8... Getting up to her feet, Kate raises her gloves to show she is OK, referee wipes them down before allowing them to continue.

Like a shark Kelly smells blood in the water, crowding Kate as she forces the fight in tight, powering the Queen back onto the ropes, where Kate drags Kelly into a clinch, Kelly trying to break free as they grapple glistening sweat soaked bodies along the ropes.

Broken apart by the referee, Kate catches Kelly coming in with a double jab to the nose, followed by a right cross to show she isn't done yet, the bell rings not long after to end the round with Kelly glaring at Kate.

Returning to their corners, Kelly stays standing as she can't hide that she wants back at Kate desperately, across the ring Kate is being patched up by Nicole, who is upset at her fighter, telling her to get her way back into this or expect to be eating snow before long.

Round 7:
Off right away goes Kelly looking for that knockout, Kate boxing defensively as she knows one more big punch from Kelly could be curtains for her, the boxing skills of Kate doing enough to keep raging bull Brook to the outside.

Though Kelly does find a way after the opening thirty seconds to the inside, Kate smart to use little nudges to keep Kelly from getting set on her big hooks, adding to the frustration of Brook as she starts to come on stronger herself.

Kelly finally lands a hard left cross at the half way point of the round, a straight smacks Kate on the mouth as the brunette backs Upton towards the ropes, where Kate is doing her best to shield under a flurry of punches from her rival.

Who eats a right across her jaw as she becomes too loose with her own guard, Kate knocks back Kelly to the center of the ring as she shows off her resilience, taking the fight to Kelly, with Brook looking a little stunned by not being able to keep Upton under wraps.

The final thirty seconds sees a scruffy exchange as both use their left to shove before landing meaty rights, sweat flies off them as the crowd is at a crescendo of noise, different factions in the crowd cheering their favourites on.

At the conclusion of the round, both fighters chests are rising faster as blood runs from their cuts down to boobs, no doubting these two have been in a fight as their corners work on patching them up to keep on going in this war.

Round 8:
While Kate is the one whose been down, she seems to be getting her second wind as she slips several punches aimed at her to slam in her own, the ones hitting Kelly on her cut nose are bringing more tears to the brunette's face.

Kelly does manage to step in with a left/right hook under the ribs of Kate, trying to body up the American to the ropes as they press boobs together while working the others bodies with hooks.

But using Kelly's momentum against her to turn them around with a left arm behind her back, Kate crashes in an uppercut that snaps back the head of Brook, TWO HOOKS ACROSS HER CHIN SENDS KELLY SLIDING DOWN THE ROPES AS HER LEGS GO UNDER HER!

Staring out the ring to her rivals, Kate pumps her right fist in the air before she jogs over to the neutral corner, 1...2...3... Kelly spits out her gumshield as she stares at the canvas, 4...5...6.. Trying to use the middle rope to pull herself up, 7...8.. Kelly doesn't seem to have the strength, 9... Falling to her backside as 10 she is counted out!

Winner and still Queen of the Ice Hotel Kate Upton KO Round 8

This is how to prove you are still one of the best after a down turn, Kate knocks out her bitter rival to retain two of her titles in the past month, arms out at the side as she stares directly at Kelly as if to say "that all you got?" To the defeated fighter.

Over comes Nicole to fist bump Kate before removing her gloves, telling her "that's my girl, keep showing those bytches at ringside whose the Queen around here" making Kate look out the ring to a miserable pack of Fates girls who wanted her beaten.

Instead as Kelly is helped to her feet with help from the referee and Melinda, Kate heads over to grab Kelly by her hair, shoving Melinda aside as the petite blonde warns her to get away from her fighter, though even after eight rounds of hard fought action, most don't see Messenger standing a chance against Upton.

Dragging Kelly on a lap around the inside of the ring, Kate wanting to make her dominance over one of her biggest rivals clear for the world to see, judging how she stops where the Fates group is, she wants them to know that she is the damn Queen of here and the whole FCBA.

Once that is done, Kate drags Kelly out by her hair to the outside of the ring, Kelly stumbling but managing to keep her feet as the crowd along with corner teams follow the fighters out the main hall, to the hallway out the hotel, the referee following right behind them as the ritual of the Ice Hotel is about to commence.

For the loser it is a true humiliation, Kelly is tossed outside the hotel face down into the snow, Melinda rushing out with a coat for her fighter as Kate yells "don't you dare challenge me again or suffer much worse!" Hands on her hips as the tiara is placed on her head by the referee to make it official that she is still the Queen.

Behind them as this is going on, security has to hold Taylor and Emily back, Karen Gillan needing to tell both to calm down, as Kate marches past them, turning to smirk at them as she enjoys the looks of fury on both her enemies faces, for now they can't get their hands onto Kate, those feuds are far from over.

While Tonight Kate will be pampered like a Queen for her victory, any doubts right now over her legitimacy for the crown will have to wait for the next challenge, as she proves once again that is the best in this arena. 



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