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25 September 2020 Olivia De Havilland vs Audrey Hepburn

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 25, 2020 at 9:59am



Retro Bout Ca, 1953

Results: Lookout Writing; Archer

Olivia: 37 YO, 5’4 (1.63 m)

Audrey: 24 YO, 5’7 (1.70 m)

Before: K.O. Kapowski, that eminent historian of celebrity boxing notes on the passing of Olivia de Havilland: “Livvy was only 5’4 but she enjoyed taking on bigger women like Jane Russell (5’7) or Ava Garder (5’6). By this point in her career, Olivia seemed to like testing newcomers and a rising star like Audrey Hepburn was bound to catch her attention. Olivia known to be a polished fighter who like being aggressive against taller opponents. Audrey was really just getting started, but she was game for anything. They made this fight in Europe, the ballroom, I think it was, of some French chateau (they like to call these bouts ‘Chateau Boxing’ in France, They always made for a very elegant setting). VIP audience, some American, some European and the film was made by the French. I am told in wound in a private collection and only recently emerged when his heirs auctioned it off. Good quality color photography, but with only English subtitles to indicate rounds. Too bad, I would have liked to hear what Olivia and Audrey had to say before and after.”)

Audrey to the ring in a simple red one piece swimsuit with white boots and gloves (red laces). Her shirt hair is loose but wetted down.

Olivia enters the ring in a white one piece swimsuit with sunny yellow gloves and boots (black laces). Hair pilled up on her head.

Fighters smile and nod to fans. The veteran Olivia more restrained than young Audrey who can’t resist waving to well-wishers in the crowd. Then they meet with referee (surprisingly not a celebrity. Rumor goes Livvy insisted she insisted “professional officiating). The instructions seem to go smoothly, Olivia and Audrey look quite serious now. They tapgloves and go to their corners.

“ROUND 1” Appears on the screen (and for subsequent rounds).

Olivia pressing Audrey hard with well-directed body punching. Audrey gets banged hard in the ribs and stomach. She is forced back, but then rallies showing a good jab she uses to bang Olivia to the face, Olivia halts, starts to circle, but Audrey keeping with her., Audrey finding Livvy’s body with her counter, but Olivia still focused on wearing the newcomer down to the body. Audrey trying to answer and she is now digging hooks into Olivia’s body. The intensity goes of quikly as the two fighters bang the body right down to the bell. Looks like a close one, but then a card appears



Olivia comes crowding back in on Audrey, but Audrey unleashes a big booming right hand that swivel’s de Havilland’s head and sends her stumbling to one side. Olivia clearly rocked by Audrey’s blow. Audrey lingers a bit too long in admiring what she’s just done to the veteran and this rookie mistake allows Olivia time to recover. Olivia now jabbing back and she does stall Audrey’s follow-up, but then Audrey suddenly pops in a right to the chin that gets behind Olivia’s mitts., Olivia now wobbly and stumbling back. Audrey quicker on the follow-up and body punches Olivia towards the ropes. Olivia slides away from the strands and Audrey is in pursuit as the the round ends.,



Olivia moves very quickly as the round gets started and she gets Audrey off balance. Then Bang! Bang! Right/left combo to the jaw and then a crunching right to the chin. Olivia now driving the dazed younger woman back towards the ropes. Audrey clinching, trying to break up Olivia’s momentum, but Olivia now striking with well-aimed hooks to the midsection to keep Audrey in retreat. Finally Audrey is against the ropes and Olivia is working her over to the body as Audrey covers her face with her gloves. Audrey takes a ;pounding, but it is cut short by the bell. Still Audrey looks shaken as she leaves the ropes and goes back to her corner.


R4: Audrey comes out slowly with her gloves up protectively around her head. Olivia more than happy to take the offensive. She closes in on Audrey, tests her high guard with a couple of proving punches before settling down to work Audrey to the rib cage and abs. Constant thacking hooks soon have Audrey all hunched up and trying to push Olivia back with jabs., Olivia is getting her face struck again and again, but she seems to ignore so she can hang in close and keep the pressure on Audrey’s body, Audrey is steering clear of the ropes and doing a good job of protecting her head, but she taking a lot of body punishment in the process. Round finally ends. Olivia breathing hard, looking annoyed that Audrey is still standing. Audrey just walking back to her corner, but she’s not as wobbly as she was at the end of R3.,



Audrey moves out much more rapidly this round and she’s ready as Olivia comes at her once again. Both fighters connect with chin shots to start the action and both are knocked back on their heels. Audrey just a little quicker and this allows her drive rights and left into Olivia’s face. Olivia her face now swollen and bleeding in several areas, falls back and Audrey starts after her. However Olivia does a quick step to the right and blasts a right into the side of Audrey’s head., Audrey sent reeling. Olivia slow to pursue, she seems to be trying to shake off the effects of Audrey’s face punching, Meanwhile, Audrey has recovered herself and she heads back towards Olivia. Now they pound away to the body and Audrey is pumping in the ripping body hooks. Olivia answering with body hooks of her own, but she is being slowly pushed back as the round draws to a close. Olivia slow in getting back to her corner while Audrey walks back briskly.



Olivia seems to be making an effort to come out quickly and get her leather into Audrey’s head Audrey blocking this shot and striking back with a right to the chin. Olivia’s head snaps back and she looks shaky as she falls back. Audrey advances driving her punches either straight into the dazed Olivia’s face or against her chin and jaw. Olivia covering up but then Audrey doubles her up with powerful left right hooks to the stomach. As Olivia’s upper body tilts forward Audrey brings home a right/left combo to the chin. A shudder goes through Olivia de Havilland AND DOWN SHE CRASHES TO HER KNEES. Audrey turns and trots off to the neutral corner as Olivia swoons onto her face. Referee moves in to count. Olivia trying to rise, but can’t seem to get her body to function properly. Olivia makes it to her knees, but that is it. You can follow the referees count as he raises and lowers his arm:


Official then goes to Audrey and raises her arm.


Final scene is of Audrey Hepburn graciously helping Olivia de Havilland to her feet and the two exchange a brief hug.

“As you have seen, Audrey showed that slender frame of hers was tough,” concludes K.O. Kapowski. “She took a beating from the veteran Olivia and then struck back to win it. This was more proof that Audrey Hepburn had the goods and Hollywood was going to have to take notice of her.” 



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