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25 September 2020 Robyn Lawley vs Adrianne Palicki

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 25, 2020 at 8:19am


Robyn Lawley versus Adrianne Palicki(Words: Sceej / Results: Lookout!)


Pre fight: “The Chin Checker” v “Godzilla” - sounds like a damn monster movie (to quote Apollo Creed) but nothing monstrous about these two beauties except sheer size and punching power. Lawley dominating the presser - Adrianne AKA “The Big Girl Scout” never one for talking smack. “Adrianne Palicki brought a new element to the FCBA when she broke in … the raw hitting power that only comes from size. Thing is, she broke in ten years ago and things have evolved. I saw it in her eyes at the weigh in - it freaked her out having to look up at me. It rattled her and I like that! But if she was rattled by my height, wait until she tastes my power. It’s time for new blood to take over the welterweights - not the same old tired names. You look at Robyn Lawley and you are looking at the future of the division!”

Fight night: Lawley to the ring with her handlers to the strains of Nelly Furtado’s “Big Hoops” - “... the bigger, the better … the bigger the better …” Palciki a solid betting favorite even off a shaky past year - the shocking stoppage of Amanda Righetti still swaying bettor’s minds. But a lot of concern as the robe comes off Big Robyn, revealing that lean, solid six feet two inch frame carrying damn hear two hundred pounds! Adrianne to the ring to LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” accompanied by Scrubby Mcgee and stablemate Jenny McCarthy. Referee's instructions feature a glare and some words from Lawley - Palicki stoic, looks like she is waiting for a bus, but Jenny Mac chirping back at Big Robyn, draws a shove and very nearly precipitates an unscheduled bantam v welter bare knuckles event. 

Round 1: Big girls out of corner, cautiously. Lawley with long jab frustrating Palicki, she is not accustomed to being out jabbed like this. Scrubby calling for her to slip the jab and get inside. Palicki in and goes to the body but Lawley quick to clinch and the Chin Checker in for another rude awakening. Adrianne, who was fighting as a lightweight only a few months ago, coming in to this fight at about 135, finds her self wrestling for position with a girl who is just over 190 pounds! Lawley forces Palicki to the ropes, breaks the clinch and stuns Adrianne with an overhand right to the forehead. Palicki responds with left hook to the temple that backs the big girl off. Robyn smirking and beckoning Adrianne to “come on’! Palicki forward in her straight up style and head knocked back twice by the long Lawley jab. Lawley looks to send the folks home early with a big overhand right, but Palicki slips and dances back. Some ringsider’s commenting that the Chin Checker looks frustrated, some going so far as to say she looks spooked! Near shutout first round to Big Robyn!

Round 2: In Sceej corner, Scrubby McGee counseling “Addie, get low … get low … weave your way in and bang the body!” Jenny McCarthy offering brilliant tactical suggestion “Knock her damn head off, you big dummy!”. Palicki out of the corner in the crouch … weaving behind the jab as Godzilla looms around the perimeter of the ring … using that long jab to measure and punish. Palicki gets inside and left rights to the ribs but Lawler quick to tie up … in clinch, taunting the Chin Checker “What’s the matter, little girl?”. Late in the round, Palicki feints right hand lead. Lawley makes the mistake of moving straight back and Adrianne able to close with hands free. Thumping left hook to the ribs … and another … and a third to the liver which draws a moan out of Lawley. Bell rings and Lawley having trouble straightening up .. Palicki steps in her way and forces eye contact … not a word said … not a word needs to be said.

Round 3: Fans on their feet as the two dreadnoughts meet mid ring and starting trading bombs. Feeling out process is definitely over! Robyn Lawley with a left right to forehead and temple. Adrianne Palicki right back at her with left hook to the ribs and bringing it back up top to toggle the big girl’s chin. Back and forth action has crowd erupting. Lawley with a wild wide left hook, takes Adrianne in the shoulder but big girl power still rattles her opponent. Palicki responds with right to the sternum, drawing a grunt from her towering adversary. Both girls taking punishment … at the thirty second mark, Lawley connects with a looping right .. and Palicki is hurt! Blinking, walking stiff legged, when Robyn tries to close the show, Adrianne clinches and the Chin Checker is getting rag dolled, hanging on for dear life.

Round 4: “Addie … lissen ta me, Addie!” Scrubby McGee slaps a daze Palicki back to a semblance of alertness, “I ain’t gonna watch ya take shots like dat … I’ll stop it! Ya get hit like day again an’ I’ll stop dis t’ing!”. Palicki off stool and finds Lawley practically springing across ring to meet her … AND WALKS RIGHT INTO THE DIAMOND CUTTER!!! Snarling Palicki gets her back into a right and tiiiiiiiiiiimber …. Big Robyn topples to her back! Ref takes up the count “... 3 … 4 … 5 …”. Lawley staring at him all wide eyed - as if she is wondering why he is counting. At “7” she tries to shift weight on to one elbow to rise but all systems are down and she stays on canvas. Winner by knockout in the 4th round … Adrianne Palicki … and THAT, people, is why they call her the “Chin Checker’!





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