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27 September 2020 AHW Ashley Graham vs Alanah Pearce Catfight

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Posted by The Comediennes on Sep 27, 2020 at 12:28pm


Story:The Comediennes / Results: Lookout!

Ashley Graham

(32 / 5’9” / 2:3 FCBA / Free Agent)

Alanah Pearce

(27 / 5’10” / 0:1 FCBA / Free Agent)

Screams bellow out from behind a hotel door. A definitive thud follows. Inside the room one woman grabs the other by the back of her hair. The loser is dragged across the room. Her skin burns as the carpeting rubs against her legs and ass. The winner pulls her along until finally they get to the bathroom. The loser’s flesh now makes a squeaking sound as it’s pulled along the ceramic tiles.

The winner props the loser up onto the sink so that she has to stare into her own eyes.

The loser can see how pillowy her eyes look from all of the tears. Her nose and cheeks are red. Makeup is smeared all over. Tracks of mascara and eye shadow run from the bottom of her eyelids down to her chin. Scratches and a busted lip are mere afterthoughts to the mess her face is in. Her body uncontrollably shakes.

“You there you were some big tough girl, didn’t you?” asks the winner.

The loser doesn’t answer. Her lip quivers. A yank to the hair causes an involuntary yelp. 

“Big bad b*tch, huh?” says the winner. “f*cking badass… well you don’t look so bad now, do you?”

“Nooooo…” groans the loser.

“I’m the REAL big bad b*tch, aren’t I?” asks the winner.

The loser doesn’t want to answer. It disgusts her to be in this position. Pulled around on the floor like a helpless heap. Her body crushed. Her face marked with the remnants of her opponent’s assault. Her chest rapidly rises and falls as she pants. Her eyes drift up to look at the reflection of her conqueror’s face.

The winner has no smile on her face. Not even a whisper of a smirk. Her jaw is clenched. Her eyes look down onto her beaten foe with disdain. She pulls the loser’s head back to elicit another squeal of agony.

“Yeeaaaahhhhsssss…” hisses the loser.

“Pathetic,” says the winner with contempt dripping in her voice.

Thirty Minutes Earlier

Alanah Pearce and Ashley Graham had just happened to both be in Miami at the exact same time. Alanah had been at a gaming convention, doing some panelist work for women in gaming. Ashley meanwhile was at the celebratory launch of the newest Sports Illustrated, of which she was chosen to grace the cover. After a long day of work for both women, they found themselves at the hotel bar.

Alanah dressed in a pale robin egg dress with a floral pattern. She sipped her drink as Ashley approached the bar. The tall brunette pointed to Alanah’s drink.

“Can I get one of those?” she asked the bartender.

Ashley took the seat next to the Australian beauty. She wore a tight white dress and a look of exhaustion on her face. She twirled with the straw in her drink before looking over at Alanah.

“You’re in the FCBA, right?” asked Ashley.

“If you can call one fight being in the FCBA, then yes,” said Alanah.

“Ashley Graham,” said Ashley as she extended her hand.

Alanah shook it, “Alanah Pearce.”

“So Alanah, what brings you to Miami?” asked Ashley. “Business or something more pleasurable?”

“Business I’m afraid, you?” asked Alanah.

“Same, unfortunately,” said Ashley. “God, I’m soooooo over this night!”

Alanah simply smiled at Ashley. There was a pause. Then Ashley piped up again.

“So only one fight, huh?” said Ashley. “Have you gotten used to getting punched in the face?”

“Not really,” said Alanah. “I got knocked out by Alexandra Daddario.”

“b*tch,” said Ashley with a smirk. “Well you know… there are different kinds of fights that aren’t necessarily FCBA regulated.”

“Oh?” said Alanah. “And what kind of fights are those?”

Ashley smirked, “Why don’t you come up to my room and we’ll discuss them.”

On the trip up to the room Ashley and Alanah had agreed on the terms of their night together. No major blows to the face… so punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and head-butts were out. There would also be no use of furniture or any other weaponry. The only thing that could be used is if you push a girl into the wall, bed, couch, etc. No picking up and striking with objects. The fight wasn’t to stop until one girl either verbally submits, is knocked out, or is too exhausted to continue.

Then came the stakes. Both girls had agreed to a breast smother for the loser and an additional move to be named later.

The two women stood in the bedroom of Ashley Graham’s elegant hotel suite. Alanah at 5’10” and Ashley at 5’9”. Ashley clearly had the weight advantage. Alanah had five fewer years on her opponent. Each woman still in their dresses from the day, knowing that they would most likely never be able to wear them again. It didn’t matter. They each stared into one another’s eyes. There was a beat… and then the two big girls sprinted towards the center of the room.

They collided with Ashley acting like a bowling ball and Alanah a lone pin. The brunette model crashed shoulder first into Alanah’s chest as the Aussie girl toppled to the floor. Ashley scrambled to try to get on top of her, but Alanah smartly rolled away before she could get pinned.

Alanah snapped a kick to Ashley’s shoulder, which gave her enough time to scramble up to her feet. Ashley soon followed and they circled around one another with their hands out in front of their bodies. Ashley stepped forward and Alanah met her. Their hands interlocked as they pushed against one another.

Alanah stood no chance.

She was backed up to the wall within moments as her arms bent back. Her back hit the wall with a *thump* and right away Ashley pinned her wrists to the wall. Alanah squirmed and struggled, trying to push back against her clearly stronger opponent, but the model would not budge.

Ashley stepped forward and slammed her thick frame into Alanah’s. Alanah let out a guttural groan of pain as she felt her body flatten between Ashley’s and the wall. Ashley pulled her body off of Alanah’s and slammed it into her again. Alanah began to slide down the wall. Ashley released her hands and lifted her right foot from the floor. She pressed her knee up against Alanah’s throat and looked down at her opponent.

“You finished already?” taunted Ashley.

Alanah furrowed her brow and swept her foot out to Ashley’s left. The only limb keeping Ashley on the floor was immediately whisked out from under her and the big girl crashed down ass first. Alanah crawled away, panting and coughing as she stayed on all fours. She glanced over to Ashley, who was in the middle of rolling onto her hands and knees as well. Alanah saw a chance to capitalize.

She scurried over to Ashley and then launched herself into Ashley. Hitting Ashley was like hitting a brick wall, but luckily the bigger girl was slightly off balance. Alanah churned her feet into the floor and eventually toppled the bigger girl over. Unfortunately for Alanah, Ashley snapped her hips and continued their momentum. She rolled up over on Alanah and laid her body across the skinnier girl. Alanah bridged her hips up to try to pop Ashley off of her, but the model simply weighed too much.

Alanah fell back down flat on the floor and Ashley shifted her hips to be even with the pinned girl. Alanah tried to keep her hands off of the floor, but Ashley easily pinned them down. She stretched Alanah’s hands up way over her head and began to work her legs around her hips. She smirked as she looked down at the frustrated Aussie’s face.

Alanah huffed and puffed as she tried to buck Ashley off of her. But Alanah simply didn’t have the strength to get a woman of Ashley’s size off of her. She was fully stuck. All the while Ashley’s cleavage menacingly loomed large.

“Mmmmm, you are so screwed,” cooed Ashley.

She flattened her body out on top of Alanah’s once again. Her giant breasts squashed Alanah’s own impressive pair. Ashley grinded her chest into Alanah’s as the smaller woman squirmed uselessly underneath her. Then Ashley brought her ass up into the air and slammed her hips down square on Alanah’s. The silver haired rookie’s muscles significantly relaxed. Ashley saw an opportunity.

She released Alanah’s hands and wrapped her own around the back of Alanah’s head. Ashley leaned forward and buried her opponent’s face between her cleavage. Alanah helplessly kicked her feet as muffled shrieks filled the room.

Suddenly Ashley felt a tug on the back of her hair. Her chest came off of Alanah’s face and a flash came across her eyes. Alanah’s nails clawed across Ashley’s cheek and the big brunette let out a howl. Alanah saw an opportunity. She kept her left hand in Ashley’s hair and pulled the bigger girl’s head down onto the floor. Alanah kicked her tight foot out to Ashley’s gut and rolled away. She had just barely escaped a sure fire knockout.

The two girls got to their feet. They each knew way more about each other now. Ashley was clearly the stronger between them and it wasn’t even close. However, Alanah had shown a catty knack to escape trouble. As they stood in the middle of the room, Alanah clearly in worse shape, they each thought of what to do next.

Alanah made the first move this time. She leaped off of her feet and wrapped her legs around Ashley’s waist. Then she embedded her hands into those dark brunette locks. With a war scream, Alanah began to whip Ashley’s head back and forth.

Ashley was strong, but not strong enough to stay standing with Alanah hanging off of her like this. The big girl fell to her knees and Alanah was on her back. But Alanah had the advantage this way. She extended her legs and squeezed them round Ashley’s midsection. She kept hold of the hair and pulled her down to the floor. Ashley soon found herself on her side struggling for air as the Aussie squeezed it out of her with her powerful body scissors.

The model knew she had only one chance. She took her hands and placed them between Alanah’s knees. Biting her lip, she closed her eyes and tried like Hell to pry Alanah’s legs apart. Alanah thought her struggling foe had no chance… but then her legs began to slowly part. Her eyes widened as Ashley slowly but surely broke out of her body scissors. Alanah’s legs flew open and Ashley scrambled, sinking her elbow deep into her abdomen.

Alanah wheezed and her hands slipped from Ashley’s hair. The big brunette model straddled the dazed girl and began to viciously slap her face back and forth. Alanah’s face became red and puffy in a hurry. Ashley took her nails and begin to scrape them across her victim’s face. Alanah’s hands dropped to the floor and her shoulders slunk. She looked like a defeated woman. But Ashley wasn’t done yet.

She grabbed Alanah by the straps of her dress and peeled her up from the floor. As she did, she lifted Alanah off of her feet and slammed her against the wall. Alanah slumped down to her ass the instant Ashley released her. Ashley took a handful of silvery blonde hair and yanked her opponent back up to her feet.

Then came the walloping. Body blow after body blow sank into Alanah’s midsection. Uppercuts rocked Alanah’s midsection until she was a coughing mess. She fell to her knees and clutched her stomach before rolling over to her shoulders. Ashley pulled back and soccer kicked Alanah’s stomach. The Aussie flopped over onto her back. Ashley stepped onto Alanah’s midsection and did a hop. The Aussie wheezed.

Ashley still wasn’t finished. She hoisted Alanah back up to her feet.

“You were such a disappointment…” she said.

Wrapping her arms around Alanah, she crushed the smaller girl in a demoralizing bearhug. Her breasts flattened Alanah’s. Her arms folded Alanah’s back. Her stomach dug deep into Alanah’s to the point where the blonde couldn’t breathe. Her knees bent as Alanah’s feet left the floor. Alanah’s face turned a bright rose red as she let out a howling submission.

“I GIVE UPPP PLEASEEE LET ME GO!!!!” Alanah shrieked.

Ashley kept the hold on until Alanah went limp in her arms. She dropped her opponent. Alanah slumped to the carpeting. Ashley grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her defeated opponent into the bathroom…

Ashley emerged from the bathroom with Alanah Pearce draped over her shoulders in a torture rack. She bent Alanah’s spine sharply as the Aussie girl wailed. Ashley’s palm clenched Alanah’s chin as her other hand was wrapped around Alanah’s thigh. The winner did squats with the loser’s body until finally the screams stopped. Alanah’s body went limp and Ashley dumped her onto the bed. She had passed out due to the sheer amount of pain. Ashley sat on the bed next to her slumbering body. 

Ashley grabbed the remote with her left hand and began to slap Alanah's ass with the right. She didn't even look at her, just rhythmically raised her hand and brought it down on Alanah's cheeks. Ashley flipped through the channels as she continued her spankings, wondering if there was anything half as stimulating on television as the fight she just had. Of course there was not.




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