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28 September 2020 Anna Nystrom vs Sammi Hanratty Lingerie Photoshoot

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Posted by Hot and Dangerous on Sep 28, 2020 at 12:07am


It's photoshoot night. Anna is in the apartment in her black lingerie waiting to take her photos. Anna looks stunning in her black lingerie. The photographer starts to take photos of Anna. At the same time Sammi walks in. Wearing a sexy black lingerie as well. Sammi says what's going on here this is supposed to be my photoshoot. The photographer says we called both of you for a dual photoshoot. Sammi looks a little annoyed. Sammi says fine. They start to pose together. Looks like Anna is getting more of the limelight. Sammi bumps Anna a bit over. Anna says what you do that for. Sammi says I don't want to share my photoshoot with someone with a small booty like you. Anna says excuse me I have an amazing booty as she shakes it and the photographer starts to take pictures of it. Sammi turn red. She is furious. Sammi with a right jab right to Anna booty. Anna falls to her knees and dreams. Sammi now jumps on Anna and starts to swing at her. Anna doing her best to block them. Anna pushes Sammi off and quickly gets up. Sammi with a right to Anna chest. Anna stumbles back. And Anna comes back with a right of her own connecting right to sammi jaw. Sammi stumbles back. She looks dazed. And Anna with another right connects to sammi jaw again. And sammi goes down. Sammi is on the floor holding her jaw. She says no more stop I quit. Anna says good now time for you to learn your lesson. Anna starts to slap sammi booty. Sammi screaming in pain. Anna finally stops and she posses over sammi by stepping on sammi booty. Anna says I'm the booty queen. Anna leaves. Sammi starts to get back up she says I want Anna in the October ppv. And I want her in a booty match. Let the better booty win as Sammi rubs her red booty. 



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