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21 November 2020 Lily Collins vs Emma Watson

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Posted by Caspian on November 21, 2020, 11:57 pm



(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)

6. AHW: Lily Collins vs Emma Watson (Locker Room Brawl)


(31, 5’5, 112, VIXENs)
(30, 5’6, VIXENs)

"So, Ems, I heard you wanted to beat me up?"

Lily's voice echoes in the locker room like nails raked across a worn chalkboard. Emma rolls her eyes at this unfortunate encounter, turning to see Lily standing by the entrance of the locker room, both hands on her hips, her figure cut lean in a white blouse and long neon patterned tights.

"I'm not the only one who thinks you deserve a beating," Emma says through bated breath, returning her attention to strapping on her black boots and the rest of her outfit after a recent workout session at the gym.

After a string of victories in the ring, Emma was lying to herself if she hadn't thought about recapturing the Flyweight Title at some point, the same belt that was resting on top of one of Lily's shoulders just a couple of feet away. She did her best to ignore staring at it, or that smug expression now plastered across Collins' face as the fellow actress strode closer to her.

"I see you eyeing it, Ems. Well, tough luck. The only way you're getting a hold of this belt is over my cold, dead body…"

That could be arranged, Emma thought, pursing her lips as she tries her best to concentrate on her boot laces. "Whatever you say, Lily. Now, do you mind buggering off? I've got another appointment to catch after chaperoning for the event."

"Or what, Ems? What are you gonna do? Mouth off on me again in the post-fight? It seems like that's all you can do these days, just like your washed-up career."

Her nostrils flaring, Emma stands up from her bench, immediately comes face-to-face with her rival. She couldn't understand why the VIXENs needed this many Flyweights on the roster, with the spotlight constantly split between Megan, herself, and this miserable wrench smirking back in her face.

Collins doesn’t back down, however, pouting those ruby lips as she continues to mock the ex-champ:

"Oooh, what are you gonna do, Ems? I'm shaking in my boots. You don't have the balls to--"

WHAAAAP!! Before Lily could finish her thought, Emma sends a stinging palm into the side of her cheek, which sends Lily reeling to the side in shock, clutching her face.

"GOD that felt good!" Emma exclaims to herself.

This backstage brawl was a long-time in the making, with Emma and Lily exchanging furtive glances and generally avoiding each other’s warpaths ever since the former joined the Vixens just a few years ago. Lily, the first Flyweight on the roster, always resented the fact that Watson had come in two years after but had been given first priority to compete for (and win) the Flyweight championship.

The two Brits instantly lock up in the middle of the locker room, Collins lunging at Emma with a snarl as they throw arms around the back of each other’s necks, fingers snatching at rosy cheeks or twisted around strands of hair.


“You’re just a jealous old cow!” Lily shrieks into Emma’s face. “You can’t stand the fact that I’m champ now, can you--hhggggggh!!”

Emma smirks as she buries a fist into Lily’s body, then another left hand’s sent into the side of her tummy. Immediately, Collins melts into her grasp with a grunt, barely keeps herself upright with her hands still entangled in Emma’s hair. The two girls struggle in the center of the carpeted floor, but as soon as Emma hoists Collins back up for a third shot to her belly, her eyes shoot open, mouth gasping for air as Collins retaliates with a knee lift to her midsection.

“F*cking b*tch!” Collins spits, before she sinks another kneecap right between Emma’s pale thighs.

It’s Emma’s turn to let out a strangled cry, bent over as she staggers backwards, now having to cover up from Lily’s attacks. Collins is backing her up to the row of mahogany shelves that are lining the wall, fist after fist sunk into her midsection as she growls forward with a free hand hand gripped tightly in her dirty blonde hair. Emma’s covering up from the blows, but gets blasted outta nowhere by a Superkick boot right to the jaw, sending her further sprawled backwards into the wooden boards.

Emma groans, quickly losing this fight that she technically started. What’s worse is Collins already behaving as though she’s won, towering over her, already tugging her hair with both hands and shoving her face danger-close to her pulsing tummy.

“Just remember - you asked for this, Ems!!” Lily spits, before giving her face a brief scrub across her glistening abs.

Emma sputtering, arms flailing above, trying to get free, finds some purchase when she pulls on Lily’s brown hair hard, using her free fist to land moneyshots into Collins’ chest and ribs from the side, making it hella difficult for Lily to lock in the tummy smother this early.

“STAY STILL, b*tch!!”

Emma disagreeing on principle, lunging forward with another hook SMACK! to the stomach, making Lily grunt and stumble back a couple of paces. She’s still refusing to let go of Emma’s hair though, which cruelly allows Watson to drive another knee up into her midsection for emphasis, the close proximity of their struggling bodies means Lily finds herself trapped in a Standing Butterfly Lock, Emma hoisting both her arms behind her back in order to immobilise the rest of her body for more lifts to her tummy. Lily sputtering in the hold, barely has a chance to protest before her feet suddenly leave the ground, her frame somersaulted into the air, up and over a brief arc before hitting the hard canvas with a SPLAT!!


Lily’s pain is exacerbated by more fists raining down from above, as Emma doesn’t waste any time, kneeling down beside her foe and socking the Flyweight champ in the face with her bare knuckles, enjoying Lily’s squirming desperation as the champ tries to twist and buck her way out from below.

A third blast to the nostrils has Collins groaning, her body turned over to one side in order to hide her pain, and Emma finally gets back up, circling her downed rival like a lioness waiting for the killer lunge to the throat. The Harry Potter actress is smirking like a madwoman, breathing hard while licking her lips in anticipation:

“Always knew you weren’t championship material, Collins,” Emma laughs from above, before helping Lily back up to her knees by her hair, allowing her stunned lips to graze the curves of her abs on the way up.

Lily’s arms wrapped around the waistline and thigh, mostly for support, as the champ tries to look for some leverage in this rapidly deteriorating situation. Emma still with that sly grin as she spins around to Lily’s back, however, reversing their positions to seal the win once and for all: Lily lets out a strangled gurgle as an arm wraps itself around the front of her throat, the rest of her head pulled back and downwards as Emma bends her entire body like a matchstick, locking in a Dragon Sleeper with both legs wrapped around her victim’s lower body. Lily’s shrieks as her air supply’s cut off at the top, Emma’s kneecap digging sharp into the small of her back, as she does her best to pry those bulging biceps around her chin loose.

“Give it up, Lils…” Emma coos down into her face. “First, I’m gonna break you in half. Then, I’m coming for your title!”

Not if Collins has any say in the matter though, quickly finding an effective target in Emma’s long dishevelled tresses - she latches onto those strands like a drowning woman before tugging and thrashing Emma’s head about with all her might, eventually disrupting their position loose and throwing both girls back down to the floor.

Both girls lunge at each other once they’re back on their knees, entangled arms and more whipped hair as they haul each other to their feet, teeth gnashing accompanied by gushes of air from ‘o’-shaped lips as they exchange belly shots in tandem, Emma returning the favour earlier by holding Lily in place with one hand in her hair, the other balled fist swung into the pit of her tummy, rinse and repeat, as she drives the rapidly wilting champion backwards.

With each body shot, however, Lily’s simply growling with more malice, finally shrugs off the throbbing pain and CHUGS her own uppercut into Emma’s tummy, and then another and another as the two rivals bend each other over for a good minute. Another knee to trembling belly stuns Emma: plenty of time for Lily to take charge of the situation. Emma left bent over, hugging her body with one hand, her eyes wide in shock as she’s suddenly lifted off her feet, Lily having wrapped two arms around her bruised waist and then HAULING the rest of her ass upwards...

Before Emma knows what’s happening, she’s DRIVEN back-first into the earth by the force of gravity, the back of her head rammed into the wall behind as Lily completes the Powerbomb outta nowhere!! Immediately, the impact has done its job, with Emma shouting out in pain, her hands shooting up to the back of her head and then the rest of her curling up into a ball on the ground.

Lily huffing out of breath on all fours herself, knows she’s back in control as she snakes her way towards Emma to seal her victory. A sly smirk creeps across her lips as it’s now her turn to straddle her fellow Brit, knees dug into Watson’s tummy on purpose as Lily slowly crawls towards her prize…

Emma groans, pinned down by Collins’ weight as she blinks for a moment before seeing that hated tummy bearing down upon her face… Lily throws her body forward the last couple of yards, quickly sending her battered abs slappin’ down into Emma’s face with an OUUUFFF and then a loud, drawn out MMMPPHPHHHH!?!?

Tummy smother’s quickly LOCKED in as Collins wraps her arms around the top of Emma’s head, hands guiding her upturned face into the depths of the smother whilst using her thighs below as a tight scissors around her waistline, effectively immobilising Watson in the perfect position to taste tummy.

Nothing much Emma can do but flail and thrash in this anaconda-like hold, her lips pressed in, mushed against hated tummy flesh as the hapless Brit struggles for any semblance of air… Lily not giving her an inch, huffing hot air above as she bears her stretched out body downwards to pin Watson in place till the end of this fight.

Finally, all that’s left in the locker room are short, raspy breaths from Lily’s eager exertion above, and the soft whimpers from the deflated girl below, as Emma’s cries grow more and more muffled till the tummy smother puts her to sleep.

Official Result: Lily Collins defeats Emma Watson via Belly Smother @ 17:42.  



Lily sits up gingerly, examining her snoozing rival sprawled beneath her. Emma barely makes a sound as Collins slaps her across the cheek once, twice, three open palms stinging that pretty face with malice, just to make sure she’s properly subdued... 

“Who’s the one who got knocked out, b*tch?” Lily hisses as she sits back, straightening her hair before she rises slowly back to her feet. 


The locker room is a mess after their wild melee, with overturned bottles, pieces of underwear and broken wooden shelves littering the carpet, as Lily smirks one last time, collects her belt over her shoulder and leaves Emma alone to slowly contemplate her loss tonight, not just in terms of being bested in a one-on-one contest, but having to accept a new position in the VIX pecking order. 

You can find the rest of the screencaps from the captured CCTV footage here. Enjoy!



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