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01 May 2019 Bo Krsmanovic vs Jourdan Dunn

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(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Beever's Babes vs Pretty Little Punchers)

Tonights main event is also the last fight in the Contender 6 tournament this year; Jourdan Dunn will be looking to upset this years winner Bo Krsmanovic in front of her hometown crowd in Wembley Stadium.

Jourdan is 28 years old; she stands 6'1 and holds a record of 7 wins, all of those by knockout and 4 defeats.

Bo is 27 years old; she stands 5'11 and holds a record of 14 wins, all by knockout and 13 defeats.

Each fighter was asked to give a statement about the fight in the build up on BBU TV, Jourdan declined the offer but did want to make a statement.

Posting on her social media accounts a video telling Bo "I don't need the fakes at the BBU TV station to send my message, Bo you think because you won the tournament that everything is peachy in your world, I'm going to be your nightmare after this fight, Joan (Smalls) can thank me when you choke when you two fight"

Jourdan then starts working a punch bag with hard shots, pointing at the camera filming when done as if to say "that's gonna be you Bo"

Who does take up the offer to go on BBU TV, sitting wearing a black dress as she smiles, looking happy go lucky as always especially knowing what she has to look forwards too after the tournament.

Though Bo points out "I have been asked countless times will I be looking past Jourdan, I saw the video and I see the hungry in those eyes that I have, she is a big puncher like me so the simple answer is no I will not be looking to my title shot after this fight"

The demeanor of Bo turns serious as she continues "if I were Jourdan I'd be upset about that, if I were looking past her she'd have a great chance, but I'm not so she can expect my best when we meet, so far that's kept me unbeaten in this tournament, just one more to go for the clean sweep"

Fight night; a loud roar fills the stadium as the local hero Jourdan comes out with Denise Lewis beside her, Jourdan gives the fans a quick fist pump but looks focused on the ring as she jogs down the aisle.

She is wearing her trademark black sports bra, matching trunks, shoes and gloves, her brunette hair is braided.

Stepping into the ring; she jogs over to her corner where she yells "this is my house!" As Denise shouts at her to make a statement tonight to prove the critics wrong.

Now Bo comes out with Nia Peeples behind her, loud boos ring out but the Serbian fighter doesn't appear to be bothered as she smiles while heading down to the ring.

She is wearing a red sports bra, with red trunks with gold stripes up the sides, red gloves with gold thumbs and red shoes, her hair is braided.

After getting into the ring; Bo heads straight over to her corner as she doesn't waste time trying to get the crowd on side, all she wants is to remind unbeaten in this tournament to go on with full confidence in her title fight.

The fighters come to the center of the ring; Jourdan and Bo locking eyes as Jourdan trash talks her opponent, telling her that she is going to crash and burn tonight under her power.

When asked to touch gloves there's a loud clap from their gloves thudding together, no love lost here it seems as they return to their corners, the bell rings to start 10 rounds of welterweight action.

Round 1:
"Ding" the early action sees both fighters use their jabs; Jourdan wanting to keep Bo on the outside as she boxes at range.

But Bo dips under a jab to come inside to throw two hooks to the ribs of her opponent, pushing back the lanky Brit onto her back foot.

Jourdan covers up as Bo looks to rip her punches into the body of her opponent, driving her towards the ropes, throwing hooks into the ribs.

Till Jourdan uses her left to nudge Bo back, giving her the space to fire punches into the face of the Serbian to push her backwards.

Jourdan looks to be getting some rhythm going, she misses again with a left cross as Bo slips it and lands an uppercut to the body to make Dunn groan out.

The final moments of the round sees Jourdan stuck on the back foot, covering up as Bo keeps stepping forwards, throwing punches towards the face of the bigger fighter.

The round ends with Bo smiling as she returns back to her corner; Jourdan on the other hand is looking up at the sky looking annoyed, jogging back to her corner with Denise telling her to keep her head.

Round 2:
Bo looks to keep pressuring her opponent back; landing straight shots to the gut of Dunn to back her up to the outside of the ring.

A right cross lands to the top of Bo's head, followed by another two straight shots that pushes Bo back a step, allowing her to get on the move.

Jourdan is starting to get into gear; drilling punches over the guard of Bo to her face, keeping the smaller fighter on the outside.

Bo is only able to land glancing shots as she is struggling to get past the long limbs of Jourdan, who is targeting the head of the Serbian.

Late in the round Krsmanovic manages to dip under a straight shot to land a right to the body, an overhand left lands to the cheek of Dunn to open her up for more clean shots.

The bell rings with the fighters exchanging a hard look as they pass by to return to their corners, Jourdan looks more relaxed as she sits down to get cleaned up.

Round 3:
Both are looking to gain control of the action early; slugging it out in tight as Bo looks the better at this range, her head under the chin of Jourdan as she throws to the body.

Jourdan clinches up with Bo; the referee needed to pull them apart as Bo power Jourdan onto the ropes, with her telling Jourdan "you're weak" as they come into space.

As they resume action, Jourdan gets her punches going, slamming into the face of Krsmanovic as she moves up on her toes.

When Bo tries to close the distance; Jourdan sidesteps her and counters with a right to the side of her opponent's head, allowing her to begin backing up big Bo with a flurry to her face.

Bo forced to cover up on the ropes as Jourdan headhunts, punches slamming off the gloves of Krsmanovic as Dunn looks to smash her face in.

The round ends with Jourdan starting to get a chant from the fans, she is starting to grin as she sits down on her stool, Denise reminding her to keep her body protected.

Round 4:
Jourdan starts off strong behind her jab, that range is very important to her as she keeps on the move, while slamming punches into the face of her opponent.

Bo is keeping her guard tighter now, taking most of the punches off her gloves as she looks for a chance to strike.

It presents itself as Bo parries a right, stepping inside to get back to the body, then switches up top after landing an overhand right to the chin of Dunn.

Who is driven back behind her gloves; with Krsmanovic getting clinched up after landing cleanly to the sides of the body, making Jourdan start to wince more.

After being separated Jourdan is able to get on the move, soon enough Bo gets in closer to force a grandstand finish to the round, sweat flying off the fighters as they slug it out.

They return back to their corners looking a little frustrated at not being able to control the action for long periods, their coaches giving them advice as they are cleaned up.

Round 5:
This time it's Bo who comes out the blocks quicker to engage Jourdan at midrange, both land stiff shots through the others guard as they look to back their opponent up.

Jourdan manages to move back out the way of a right to her body, THEN SURPRISES BO WITH A STRAIGHT ON HER NOSE, FOLLOWED BY A LEFT HOOK ON HER CHIN TO SEND HER DOWN TO HER SIDE!

The stadium erupts as Jourdan raises her fists in the air, 1...2...3... Bo shakes her head to clear it, 4...5...6.. She looks annoyed at herself as she looks up at the sky, 7...8.. But she beats the count, which is the main thing to her coach, who sighs in relief.

When they are told to continue; Jourdan looks to apply the pressure, using her rangy shots to keep Bo moving backwards, as the Serbian covers up to protect herself.

Jourdan nearly has Bo on a set of ropes several times, each time though Bo slips a punch to move back into space, with Bo maybe not as hurt as first expected.

She answers that question late in the round by slipping under a jab to come over the top with a right into the cheek of Dunn, whose opened up to another three punches just before the bell rings.

Denise tells Jourdan not to get over confident, Jourdan thudding her gloves together as she wants to take Bo's head off.

Across the ring Bo gets water poured over her head to fully waken her up, she thanks Henry as she admits "that bytch can hit" Henry telling her to hit harder then.

Round 6:
Jourdan steps on the front foot behind her jab, keeping Bo's hands up high as Krsmanovic moves around the outside of the ring.

The Beever's fighter throws two hooks around the guard of Bo, who answers back with a straight on Jourdan's chin to give her a warning.

But Jourdan continues to stalk the smaller fighter, trying to pin her on the ropes, Bo showing off good defensive skills to dodge punches.

Then after Bo dodges a right; landing an uppercut that knocks her opponent's head back, with Bo unloading on Jourdan to back her up onto the ropes.

Jourdan now forced to cover up, Bo begins ripping hooks into the body of the taller fighter, making Dunn groan out with each hit.

After Jourdan shoves Bo back so she can move off the ropes, Bo keeps in the face of Jourdan, forcing them in fiery exchanges that suits Bo better at this close range.

The round ends with both women returning to their corners looking sore, coaches working to get their fighters ready for more brutal action, the Beever's corner still looks the more relaxed though.

Round 7:
Jourdan is starting the round off similar to the last round, she's being more aggressive as she is looking to batter Bo backwards.


The crowd go silent as they watch Bo jog over to a neutral corner, her eyes locked onto Jourdan, 1....2...3...4.. Whose staring up as her eyes look glassy, 5...6...7.. Jourdan still lays spread eagle without any real movement, 8...9...10 ending up being counted out!

Winner Bo Krsmanovic KO Round 7

That's the clean sweep for Bo! She celebrates by falling to her knees with her arms above her head as she sheds tears of joy, knowing she has a date with the welterweight champion.

Nia rushes into the ring to hug Bo after she stands up, all the hard work they've put in the last few years was for nights like tonight.

Meanwhile Jourdan is helped up by Denise, who looks disappointed that she hasn't won a single win throughout this tournament.

Jourdan begins sobbing as she feels so down, Denise needing to comfort her as the crowd just sits silently as they hoped their support would be enough to bring her a win.

The fighters go back to their corners to be cleaned up, as soon as Jourdan is OK she leaves the ring to head to the Beever's locker room.

She doesn't want to see Bo's celebration, the Contender 6 tournament trophy is brought into the ring, Bo tries to fight back tears as Nia tells her "you earned this babe"

The trophy is handed over to Bo; who raises it above her head to a round of applause from the crowd, she is beaming as she does a victory lap with the trophy.

Bo soon leaves the ring with Nia already telling her to take this momentum and turn it into taking the gold belt from the welterweight champion.


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