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27 February 2019 Elisabetta Canalis vs Izabel Goulart

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BBU Sweet Valentine's PPV


Posted by Vassago on February 27, 2019, 7:22 pm


Elisabetta Canalis vs Izabel Goulart
(Italy vs Brazil)
(6-10, 5 KO vs 1-2, 1 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Izabel Goulart's defeat to Kelly Gale on last month's PPV only made the Brazilian model hungry for more success and she seeks immediate redemption against fellow veteran Eliabetta Canalis who remains one of the most experienced girls around - on both sides of the Atlantic. The results are maybe not there but Canalis vows to emerge as top Italian lightweight prospect at the expense of the hard-pounding namesake Gregoraci and requires a big win over a Sport Illustrated legend like Goulart to justify her prospects. Both women don't exactly respect each other which leads into a lenghty staredown during the introductions and Elisabetta actually refuses to touch gloves with the Brazilian which only angers the younger brunette even further!

Elisabetta Canalis wears a silver & black themed bikini & red gloves. Long dark brown hair in loose waves. Izabel Goulart wears a yellow bikini set & blue gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a high ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
It's a fyweight-like start to this fight as both girls jump the gun on a head-hunting attack and begin to stack punches upstairs until Izabel simply enforces her wrath and bends the Italian into spasms following a double clubbing drive on the nose. Ugh! Elisabetta loses her balance upon a follow-up impact and yields real estate but Goulart tracks her into the corner and keeps hauling more crisp punches that dissect the high guard. Canalis responds over the top but doesn't carry enough juice and gets whooped on top of the ropes when Izzy nails her with another hook on the jaw. Elisabetta disappears behind a tight earmuff to indicate she's given up on the slugging route but this change only enables Goulart to pour more leather up the middle and secure the opening round in a landslide!

Round 2:
More of the same in the early stages as both women duke it out in point-blank range until Goulart's execution breaks Elisabetta's resilience. The Italian showgirl tries to hang on there but gets blasted on the mouth too often to withstand the swarming test and breaks free into mid-range where Izzy simply doesn't allow her to escape; she pounds the reeling Italian back to the corner and connects with more head shots as Canalis disappears behind another earmuff and only clinches the charging foe in order to survive the barrage. Goulart bumps her off regardless and scythes across the mouth to prevent the ref from making his move, another right-on-right nails Elisabetta on the brow ridge and spins her into spasms before Izzy cleans out her breadbasket to close out the action!

Round 3:
The older brunette looks downright frustrated as she soaks up more Brazilian leather up the middle and sags on her heels when Izabel nails her on the chin with a cruel double uppercut combo. Ugh! The response cuts thin air and has Izzy working the overhand menace to the point she backs the aching Italian into the turnbuckle again. Elisabetta tries to slug herself out of danger regardless but gets CRUSHED with a left hook and bounces off the ropes with a whimper while Izzy smacks her across the lips and bursts 'em into a visible swelling. She adds more punishment to split the leaky mitts that provide little security so Canalis simply bellows out amid more shrieks and GOES DOWN ONTO HER KNEES when the swimsuit model tags her on the jaw one time too many! Clock comes to the Italian's rescue as it expires during the slowish count but Izzy thinks she's got the other girl beat and jumps around the ring while the aching Italian only gives her one nasty death stare in response.

Round 4:
Goulart powers ahead with more head-hunting menace but Canalis tags her on the chin in response and follows the seemingly suicidal plan of slugging it out with the dominant opponent. Izabel accepts the challenge and works around the swollen lips to add more pain to Canalis' attire alas she gets thumped on the boobs herself and eats a quick head-butt from the aching Italian. Huh! Elisabetta roars back with a belting cross on the liver area and stuns the Brazilian with another uppercut on the jaw which forces Izabel back for the first time. She gets beaten for another overhand shortly afterwards and meets a double cross on the jaw that sinks her on jelly knees while Canalis piles on more pressure! She drops the lanky Brazilian back onto the ropes but gets clinched into a stalemate before she can mount a full recovery yet it's still a massive round for the hitherto struggling TV showgirl who lashes out a verbal tirade at the somewhat shocked opponent!

Round 5:
Some fans wonder whether Izabel will let Elisabetta off the hook wholesale but she connects with too many head shots early in the fifth to make it happen and Elisabetta's all or nothing response meets an ugly end when her lips burst into a blood-leaking mess just shy of the one-minute mark. Huh! She still drills the Brazilian's chest but just can't stop Izzy from bouncing off her face and bends into spasms when she gets nailed on each temple shortly before Goulart adds another quick belter on the tummy. Ugh! Elisabetta goes low in order to smack the model on the groin but Izzy still beats her to the punch and SMOKES her with a piercing strike on the jaw that sends the older brunette TUMBLING DOWN ON THE CANVAS!!! Huh! Izabel goes onto another merry dance in the neutral corner while Canalis battles back to her feet... or at least she tries... she wobbles back upright at eight but looks a little too dizzy for comfort and while she gets the go ahead, Goulart is right there to SMASH her lips with more cruel power.. she snaps the Italian's head back & forth until she drops the showgirl onto the ropes and nails her across the boobs to SEND HER SLIDING DOWN ON HER BACKSIDE with eyes closed. And there's no way back from that! KO5 Izabel Goulart!!!

AFTER: The Brazilian vixen finds the redemption and has Elisabetta crawling into her corner while the Cardiff audience leads the applause which suggests Sport Illustrated is truly the way to go even in the UK. Izzy kicks out at the vanquished brunette and takes her down before dragging her up by the hair and performing a quick Walk of Shame to please the loyal audience. She then knocks Elisabetta back down spread eagle and pins her boot against her tummy to pose for the cameras: "Well, that was FUN! Who needs Kelly Gale when these Mediterranean tarts are sooo much better! I feel like I can take Belen Rodriguez and maybe even that Gregoraci woman next! I hear a lot of buzz... supposedly Canalis is just the old hack that doesn't quite have it anymore! Well, I will RUIN the Italian party one way or another... while Kelly Gale can f#### eat it!" (laughs).

Final result: Izabel Goulart def. Elisabetta Canalis KO5.


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