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30 January 2020 Kelly Gale vs Helena Mattsson

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BBU New Year's Bash 2020 PPV


Posted by Girls Friday on January 30, 2020, 6:37 pm


Helena Mattsson vs Kelly Gale
(Lookout! Atlantic Boxing vs Girls Friday)
(16-7, 14 KO vs 10-3, 9 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: It's time for a Swedish derby rematch as Helena Mattsson is keen to score another win over compatriot Kelly Gale after she stopped her in eight rounds back in June 2016: "I've heard all about Kelly being a boxing star or something, please, she can't even get out of Alessandra Ambrosio's shadow! She's the eternal bridesmaid and well, I was hoping Elsa Hosk would come along but no, I'll have to beat Kelly up AGAIN to prove another damn point! C'mon! I deserve better than this!" (giggles).

Kelly Gale's career has very much stalled over the past twelve months. She scored a good win over Izabel Goulart but then found no takers while Alessandra Ambrosio racked up one opportunity after another. So, it's back to the drawing board for the exotic model who has to settle the old Swedish feud against Helena tonight: "No talking! Just boxing! I'm soooo tired of hearing about these wasted opportunities! I really should be the money girl but Mr. Keegan just can't get it done! Grrr... sorry boss!!! Once I get my revenge, it's gonna be a different story though! Helena is a old, overrated hack! She's going down tonight, mark my words!"

Helena Mattsson wears a yellow bikini set & blue gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a curled ponytail. Kelly Gale wears a light blue bikini set & yellow gloves. Long black hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Both women channel some early aggression as Kelly tries to whack the older compatriot straight up the middle and Helena has no time to react before she engages in a high-tempo attack herself. Several punches split the high guards but Kelly shows more precision and nails the blonde across the mouth with additional power that forces the older woman back upon impact. However Helena isn't fast enough on her feet to settle into mid-range and has to keep swinging just to avoid Gale's leather rush. The dark-haired model loses her precision come the second minute and eats a wild overhand hook on the eye before Mattsson switches downstairs to punish the exposed midriff. She neutralizes the brunette in the center of the ring and whacks her across the boobs before a nasty uppercut on the jaw sends Kelly reeling onto the ropes. Helena tries to add another jabbing series but she's clinched into a stalemate to close out the round.

Rounds 2 & 3:
Kelly's high-octane attack allows her to pick the somewhat statesque blonde up the middle but this time she escapes getting countered as she lands more punches to the body which Mattsson struggles to embrace. This leads into a chaotic response from the blonde who skims off the model's high guard too often and fails to put full weight behind her shots. Kelly dances around the blonde with surprising ease however she can't quite land that one haymaker she anticipates and has to settle for the artistic impression value down the stretch. Helena responds via a single-punching route that hardly bothers Kelly who picks up more steam in the third when she slams a left/right combo on the mouth and begins to stack up more punches into the blonde's face. Helena gets trapped in the corner and eats a vicious dose of body assault before Gale whacks her on the lips and gives her a visible cut right at the bell.

Round 4:
Kelly keeps hassling the blonde with more head-hunting jabs but Helena ups the work rate and triggers a wicked aggressive stand-off that overwhelms the brunette in the process. Mattsson lands some crisp punches straight on target and bends the model to the side before a cruel harpoon on the liver area makes the younger woman groan in pain. Helena swiftly splits her high guard and lands more easy blows to the face as Kelly tries to adjust her stance but still gets backed into the ropes where she struggles to respond until she blasts another left hook on the swollen lips. This punch only makes the blonde angry and she digs Gale deep into the ropes with a high-octane blast that tags the nose a couple of times and leaves the brunette leaking blood at the bell. Helena even bangs one extra late hook on the guts which triggers an angry response from the Girls Friday corner however Kelly herself somehow keeps her composure.

Round 5:
Another trigger-happy dispute earns Helena more swelling around the lips as the otherwise one-dimensional attack from the brunette finds its range and drops the older Swede into visible trouble. Mattsson's head snaps back repeatedly before she gets smoked with a chin-checker of the highest order and bends to the side with a whimper. Kelly drives a left hand on the liver area and seemingly has the blonde on the ropes but the follow up skims off the hip and allows Mattsson to clinch her foe into a lenghty stalemate. Gale eventually break free with the ref's help and keeps the blonde stranded along the ropes in hectic retreat before another head-hunting assault sparks a late comeback. Helena matches Kelly stride for stide but still eats another one-two combo that drops her on the turnbuckle and allows the model to tear a small bloody patch over the left eye moments later.

Round 6:
Helena looks much worse to wear at half-distance so Kelly's cheeky smile can be justified indeed but one can never dismiss any Lookout fighter before the final bell rings so the blonde's aggressive jump must surprise no one here. Kelly thinks she's got the actress mentally beat already but then she walks into a crunching left hook on the jaw and half-spins to the side with a whimper. Helena yells out and stuns the reeling brunette with a vicious right hook on the nose that results in immediate blood spillage! Uh-oh! Kelly tries to swing back from her heels but Mattsson nails her with another thunder right on the nose that SENDS THE MODEL DOWN ON HER BACKSIDE!!! How about that? If anyone is mentally beat it's Kelly here who sits down on her heels as the blood pours from her nostrils. She makes a slow recovery at eight but her face is a bloody mess alright and the fight is shockingly stopped against the run of play! TKO6 Helena Mattsson in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: Shocking conclusion to this Swedish derby as Kelly can't be consoled fast enough by Lauren Berlingeri and Eva Carneiro in the Girls Friday corner while Helena dismisses the buzz she got very lucky here with the medical stoppage: "Who cares about the score cards? I busted her up real good and that's all that matters! I'm two-for-two against her and I think that settles it? (...) I can always beat her up for the THIRD time though! Maybe she is that stupid after all?" (laughs).

Lookout! Atlantic's manager Nicole Richie gets carried away by this result as well and issues a lenghty rant on social media however BBU TV's Denise van Outen begins to wonder whether Helena can really hold on for more accolades going forward? "This was as last-ditch escape as we're gonna see for a while and it's quite a shame Kelly got injured there in the end since this match-up deserves one last showdown!"

Official Result: Helena Mattsson def. Kelly Gale TKO6.


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