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30 October 2019 Doutzen Kroes vs Nicola McLean

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BBU "Autumn Rain" PPV


Posted by Girls Friday on October 30, 2019, 8:21 pm


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Frankie's Foxes vs Lookout! Atlantic Boxing)

Nicola McLean and Doutzen Kroes step into the ring tonight, Nicola returning to the ring after a lay off against tough opposition.

Nicola is 38 years old; she stands 5'10, holding a record of 11 wins, 10 coming by way of knockout, with 7 defeats.

Doutzen is 34 years old; she also stands 5'10, holding a record of 16 wins, 15 coming by way of knockout, with 11 defeats, she is a former BBU lightweight champion.

Anna Woolhouse is on interview duty tonight, heading first into the Frankie's locker room, seeing manager Frankie Cocozza sitting with a big grin on her face as he has a young blonde model looking woman on his lap.

All the while Nicola is getting her hands wrapped by her coach Myleene Klass, Anna looks uncomfortable as she feels Frankie touching her backside when she tries to talk to Nicola, getting a nasty look from the blonde with him.

Finally Nicola tells Anna "I have waited too long to get back into that ring, I guess seeing Coleen (Rooney) and Rebekah (Vardy) arguing online got my fighting juices flowing again"

Anna nods and asks how Nicola feels about her fitness going into this fight, McLean answers "trust me I am fit, always am darling, I am here to batter Doutzen and remind all the fans what I can do with these" showing off her freshly tapped hands.

All the women turn to face Frankie as he chips in "if Nicola doesn't win well she knows what she'll be doing tonight, either way I win" making the interviewer look ready to puke as she waves her byes before rushing away.

Getting inside the Lookout! Locker room, Doutzen is working the punch pads on Nicole Ritchie's hands, Nicola telling Doutzen to focus on her and not the cameras.

Once they are finished with that; Doutzen smiles as she turns to Anna, telling her "I am loving life and fighting, I have enjoyed getting back into the ring more then I have in a few years, working my way up the rankings again"

The Dutch lass is asked about how she feels this year has been for her, Doutzen admits "it has been far from perfect, some big losses this year against real tough opposition"

Smiling as she perks up, Doutzen adds "at the same time though I have had some great wins, beating Jourdan Dunn was a highlight for me, I am going to work my way into the title picture for next year" bumping fists with Anna before the interviewer leaves.

Fighting time; Nicola heads out first with Myleene beside her, she thuds her gloves together before beginning her walk to the ring, smirking as she stares down at the ring.

She is wearing a red sports bra, red trunks with white trim, red gloves with white thumbs, red shoes, while her hair has been tied back into a ponytail.

Stepping through the ropes into the ring; Nicola quickly settles into her corner, working Myleene's hands as the coach tells her to prove herself at this level.

Doutzen now heads out with Nicole beside her, she looks relaxed as she nods to the crowd, waving to them as she looks around.

She is wearing an orange sports bra, orange trunks with white trim, matching shoes, orange gloves, while her is tied into a braid.

Climbing through the ropes with her arms in the air, jogging over to the corner, smiling as she goes through her warm up routine.

The two fighters are waved to the center of the ring, the fighters look each other over as they bounce on their toes, neither looking worried by what is in front of them.

Touching their gloves up respectfully, turning back to their corners as they get a loud cheer from the crowd, the referee signals for the bell to begin 10 rounds of welterweight action.

Round 1:
At the bell both fighters show the other respect by throwing probing punches, not going all out yet as they circle at the center of the ring, eyes locked behind their gloves.

As they are starting to get punches through the others guard, it looks like they are building in confidence, knocking back the others head with straight shots.

Nicola steps back out the way of a left cross, countering with a clubbing right to the side of her opponent's head, she then follows up with a left/right straight into the lips of Kroes.

The former lightweight champion is now on the back foot, Nicola is getting more aggressive as she throws more combinations now, several landing clean as she switches up targets.

Late in the round Doutzen ducking a right to land two of her own to the body, they work away in close for the remainder of the round, till the bell rings to end the round with both turning back to their corners looking relaxed.

Round 2:
Wanting to keep the pressure on her opponent, Nicola comes out headhunting Doutzen, who is starting to move her head more to dodge.

They are both landing stiff punches through the others guard, with Nicola swinging a left hook that finds air, Doutzen ducking down before landing an overhand right to the cheek of McLean.

Now it's Doutzen staying in close, making her opponent hiss with each body shot, till Nicola can nudge her back to the outside, the Dutch fighter starting to look more relaxed as she starts feinting to open up Nicola.

Who steps in with a double jab to keep Doutzen to the outside, missing again though when she swings in a big right hook, Doutzen countering with a left across the mouth of the WAG.

Doutzen then drives Nicola onto the ropes, head down as she bashes away at her body, Nicola gritting her gumshield as she struggles to fire back at her opponent.

At the bell Doutzen gets a nod from Nicole for a good job, across the ring Myleene is telling Nicola to tighten up with her punches, she is too easy to read right now in the coaches eyes.

Round 3:
They are both throwing more punches in volume now, heads getting turned by hard shots as Nicola steps in more towards Doutzen, forcing several heated exchanges.

Doutzen steps back looking to open up space so she can dodge and counter, she is able to slip a straight to land a left across the cheek of her opponent to turn her head.

Now Doutzen backs up Nicola with three punches straight into her face, when she tries to push forwards though Nicola nudges her with her left, before landing a hard right across the cheek of Kroes.

Things become a little scruffy as they work in close, little nudges being used off both fighters to try to open up their opponent for big shots.

Nicola lands an uppercut to knock back Doutzen, she powers forwards with a right to the brow, followed by a left across the jaw of the Dutch fighter to push her further backwards to the delight of her fans.

The final moments of the round sees Doutzen stuck on the back foot, Nicola landing some crisp punches as she isn't swinging for the fences now, soon enough the bell rings to end the round.

Myleene looking happier with her fighter as she returns to her corner, both women getting wiped down of sweat as they discuss tactics, the Lookout corner seems to be thinking how to change things up.

Round 4:
Bouncing more on her toes side to side; Doutzen is making Nicola come to her, with the Brit happy to hunt her down, both landing stiff jabs that look to be starting to swell cheeks up.

When Nicola steps in with a jab/straight, Doutzen moves her head to dodge both, landing a counter right to the jaw of McLean, then a left lands to the ear of the older fighter.

Nicola steps back and finds a straight cutting through her guard to her nose, Doutzen showing her class to land through gaps in her opponent's defence.

The older fighter does manage to get in two good shots to the face of Doutzen, she can't build on it though as she misses with an uppercut as she steps in close.

Instead Doutzen lands a straight/left hook combo that knocks back McLean, who tries to cover up as soon she finds herself driven into a corner.

The crowd roar as the fighters slug it out, Nicola trying to fight her way out of her situation, problem is she can't generate the power with her stuck near the ropes as Doutzen can, meaning she is taking more punishment in the exchanges.

At the bell Nicola shakes her head as she returns to her corner, not looking pleased with being bullied back by her opponent as easily, her cheeks reddened up from the punishing hooks she suffered.

Round 5:
They start off trading near the center of the ring, Nicola planting her feet more as she looks to batter back the former lightweight champion.


The Kroes fans roar as she pumps her fists into the air rushing to a neutral corner, 1...2...3....4.. Nicola shakes her head as she tries to get up, 5...6.. But her legs are jelly and she tumbles back onto her backside, 7...8... All she can do is blink as 9...10 she is counted out!

Winner Doutzen Kroes KO Round 5

Doutzen looks happy with that knockout as she jumps up in the air, smiling as she stares across at Nicola, a good win for the veteran as she tries to work her way into that title picture.

Meanwhile Nicola gets helped up by Myleene, Nicola looks frustrated as she showed glimpses of what she can do, she couldn't pull through for a win though.

One man who doesn't look bothered in the crowd is Frankie, he is smiling as he talks to his blonde companion, pointing at Nicola as he seems to have ideas for her.

Inside the ring both women are getting washed down and their gloves taken off, Doutzen beaming as she talks to Nicole, they chuckle about a joke from Nicole as spirits are understandably high in the Lookout camp.

While on the other hand Nicola has her head facing down, Myleene telling her "you didn't build off your chances, that's why you ended up flat on your arse" giving her tough love to say the least.

When they both come to the center of the ring for the final announcement, Doutzen blows kisses to the fans as her right arm is raised in the air by the referee.

Nicola steps out the ring and Frankie follows her with Myleene and his woman for tonight behind them, it looks like Nicola's night isn't over for her judging by the grin on Frankie's face.

Inside the ring Doutzen is all smiles as she mounts each corner of the ring, thanking the fans for their support before she heads off out the ring.

Nicole telling her "you are gonna get that second title" with Doutzen thanking her for all her help over her career, the welterweight chapter of Doutzen's career is going in the right direction right now.


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