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2 December 2019 Jennifer Metcalfe vs Vicky Pattison

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BBU Gaslight Club Special Card


Posted by Girls Friday on December 2, 2019, 1:56 am


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Lookout! Atlantic Boxing vs Free Agent)

Tonights main event sees a rematch between Jennifer Metcalfe and Vicky Pattison, after their first fight several weeks ago, plenty of bad blood between them as they head into London's Gaslight club.

Jennifer is 36 years old; she stands 5'6, holding a record of 15 wins, 14 coming by way of knockout, with 12 defeats.

Vicky is 32 years old; she also stands 5'6, holding a record of 6 wins, all coming by way of knockout, 2 defeats with 1 draw.

They fought back on the October PPV, Vicky came out on top in a dubious manner, knocking out Vicky in six rounds with the help from low blows, that made an already fractious relationship even more toxic.

After that fight both women traded insults over social media, with rumours that they were planning on fighting each other in private if not for their management stepping in to tell them to settle it in the ring.

At the weigh in they got a chance to come face to face, Vicky catching Jennifer with a right handed slap, a melee broken out between them as management rushed in to pull them apart.

Afterwards they were interviewed in separate rooms, Jennifer telling the journalists "how desperate is that s***? I already beat her and I have to waste my time knocking her out again"

Jennifer looks at the roof as she paces side to side, continuing with "after I win again I want a call off Daisy Ridley, I should be in title fights, while she walked into a title fight"

While Vicky was brushing her hair straight when the press come to sew her, she yells "that f***ing bytch! She is so lucky the gloves with be on in that ring because I'd smash her smug face in!"

Tossing the brush down in a rage, Vicky adds "I am going to f*** her up, then I never want to hear her try to claim she is better then me"

Fighting time; Jennifer heads out with Nicole Ritchie beside her, she is wearing a tan coloured bikini, matching gloves, while her hair is tied into a ponytail.

Climbing through the ropes, Vicky mounts the bottom ropes of her corner, raising her fists into the air as she grins confidently, hopping back down to begin warming up.

Vicky now comes out with her coach beside her, the former Geordie Shore star is wearing a black and white striped bikini, white gloves, while her hair is tied back into a ponytail too.

Stepping through the ropes, Vicky pounds her gloves as she faces Jennifer across the ring, both women spitting insults at each other.

When the fighters square up to the center of the ring, the referee has to keep them apart, warning them to listen to their instructions and play by the rules.

When told to tough gloves, they ignore that and jog back to their corners, the referee just shrugs before signaling for the bell, starting 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
"Ding" the action kicks off with both fighters squaring up straight away, landing hard shots to the delight of the fans as it seems both just want to take the others head off.

Jennifer surprises Vicky though by ducking a right, countering with two rights of her own to the body, while just missing with an overhand left to the jaw of the Geordie.

Normally Jennifer is a slow starter; not this time it seems, getting into the face of Vicky with two cross punches that knocks the reality star back onto her heels.

The Pattison camp look a little shocked to see their girl fighting off the back foot, Metcalfe ripping in some nasty hooks to the body as she keeps in close to her opponent.

Till late in the round Vicky nudges back Jen, landing a right across her cheek as now Vicky starts to motor forwards, problem for her is the bell rings not long after, the referee nudging the fighters apart as they exchange insults.

Nicole grinning as Jennifer sits on her stool, beyond happy for once after a first round with her fighter, maybe Jennifer is brewing with confidence from the first fight.

Round 2:
Jennifer looks to keep on top of things, stepping in with a crisp double jab to knock back the head of her opponent, taking the center of the ring for herself to work from.

But when the actress goes for a straight, Vicky slips it before countering with a left to the ribs, followed by a right to the ear of Metcalfe to knock her back a step.

Vicky is starting to use her footwork, with things starting to resemble their first clash as Vicky looks impressive on the move, drilling Jennifer to the cheeks with straight shots.

Landing two nice body shots, Jennifer is bodying up with Vicky to stop her fighting so freely, Vicky though shoves her back to keep space open between them.

A left hook catches Jennifer across her cheek, a straight snaps back her head as she is knocked back to the ropes, Vicky pinning her on them till the round comes to a close.

The Lookout corner aren't as happy, Jennifer doesn't look too bothered as she stares at Vicky, who is staring right back with equally bad intentions behind those eyes.

Round 3:
Vicky looks to keep in space to work, drilling her jab into the abs or cheeks of Jennifer, who is giving her a death stare while trying to close that gap.

Ducking under a jab; Jennifer steps in with a left to the body, then lands an overhand right to the jaw of Vicky to knock her backwards.

Keeping up the pressure on Vicky, Jennifer is outworking the reality star on the inside, CRACKING AN UPPERCUT ON THE CHIN OF VICKY TO SEND HER TO HER BACKSIDE!

Nicole pumps her fists into the air seeing Vicky go down, Jennifer strutting to the neutral corner as the count begins.

1...2...3.. Vicky shakes her head as she rubs her jaw, 4...5...6.. Vicky pushes up to a knee, punching the canvas as she looks at the referee, 7...8.. Vicky beats the count with the referee checking her, letting her continue on.

Jennifer gets into the face of Vicky, bashing back Pattison towards the ropes, with Vicky keeping her guard tight, blocking most of the punches.

At the bell Jennifer smirks as she jogs back to her corner, Nicole wiping her down as they both smile, looking excited to get back out to fight.

Round 4:
Jennifer comes out aggressively, bashing back Vicky to her mouth to knock her towards the ropes, the actress keeping the center of the ring.

Each time Vicky is trying to get inside, she gets off one or two punches before being knocked back by Jennifer's punches to her head.

The lips of Vicky are starting to swell as Jennifer keeps landing on them, eyes full of rage the Geordie is starting to swing more, Jennifer easily dodging the wild swings.

A double jab/right hook combo sends Vicky into a corner, Jennifer looks to open up on her with hooks, Vicky drags her into a clinch though to stop her momentum, they grapple and nearly trip up in the ropes as the referee rushes to break them up.

Once they are apart; Vicky catches Jennifer with a left hook, following up with two more straight shots that snap back the head of the Bedford born fighter.

The final moments of the round sees the fighters go toe to toe, sweat flies off the women as their heads get turned, with the round ending with the fighters glaring at each other.

Returning to their corners, Vicky's corner telling her to show Jennifer whose the boss, Vicky bashing her gloves together as she stares angrily at her rival.

Round 5:
Both are looking to come out and trade in close, heads nearly bumping as they work the others body, Jennifer's threatening to go low, making Vicky shove her back.

Tempers flaring as the action gets scruffy, Vicky putting a glove behind Jennifer's head to drag her down, uppercutting her face till the referee can break them apart, earning her a warning.

When they resume fighting; Vicky lands a jab, ducks under a left cross before landing an uppercut that snaps the head back of Metcalfe, A LEFT HOOK THEN SENDS JENNIFER DOWN TO HER SIDE!

Roaring as she stares down at Jennifer, Vicky has to be nudged back by the referee, 1...2...3... Jennifer pushes up to her backside, 4...5...6.. Jennifer shakes her head, using the ropes to pull up, 7...8.. Beating the count with the referee checking her.

Now it's Vicky pushing the pace of the action, bashing back Jennifer with a right opening a cut on the bridge of the Lookout! Fighters nose.

The round comes to a close with both still swinging punches, the referee pushes them apart as they exchange insults, needing their coaches to herd them back to their corners.

Sitting on their stools getting cleaned up, the crowd are chanting both women's names as they intensely stare across the ring at each other, hate radiating off them.

Round 6:
Momentum looks to have turned around as Vicky now is trying to push the tempo of the fight, moving her head more to dodge before landing counter punches.

Needing to slam a right into the left tit of Vicky, Jennifer then lands a left under her ribs as she looks to body up to the reality star.

Rubbing heads as they slug it out on the inside, Jennifer strays low with her right, making Vicky cry out and the referee to step in to give Vicky a moment to recover, Jennifer pleading her innocent, but the referee clearly expecting it.

They resume with Vicky boxing more on the back foot, Jennifer drilling several crisp punches into the abs of Vicky, aiming just above the waistband of Pattison's trunks.

A left hook catches Metcalfe on her temple though, her gloves were too low and now Vicky is on the front foot, landing three punches into the cut on Jennifer's nose.

The round ends with both bumping shoulders as they pass to return to their corners, both their faces are looking flushed with marks on their cheeks.

Round 7:
Trading stiff jabs to start, both are looking for a big punch to take control of the action, Jennifer is the one to throw the first big right, missing though and earning a right into the gut.

Jennifer looks winded as Vicky starts battering her across her face, a hard right lands on the eye of the Hollyoaks star to make her wince and cry out in pain.

It is looking to be swelling as Jennifer tries to cover up, Vicky switches back to the body though as she is overwhelming her opponent.

Forcing Jennifer to need to clinch up with Vicky, the sweaty warriors throw short sharp digging punches into the others kidneys, as the referee tries to break them up, Vicky sneaks a knee between the legs of Jen.

Who cries out as they are pulled apart, the referee looks puzzled what happened, with Vicky not bothered what anyone thinks, just wanting to bash back her rival.

The bell rings with Nicole complaining to the referee, Jennifer nearly hobbling to her corner, hand between her legs as she has a cut under her left eye now.

Across the ring Vicky is told off her coach to be careful not to go overboard looking for revenge, Vicky nodding but only has eyes for Jennifer.

Round 8:
Out come the fighters, Jennifer trying to get back at Vicky, but she is getting caught too cleanly to that cut under her eye, Vicky pounding back Jen with combinations.

Jennifer tries to land a left haymaker, finding air before she takes a clean right across her jaw, JEN IS KNOCKED INTO THE ROPES, WITH THREE POUNDING HOOKS SENDING HER DOWN TO HER BACK!

Raising her fists into the air, Vicky looks confident that is all she wrote, 1...2...3...4.. Jennifer stirs but looks hurt, 5...6.. Grabbing the ropes she sits up against them, 7...8.. Blood running to the canvas as 9...10 Metcalfe is counted out!

Winner Vicky Pattison KO Round 8

What a war! Vicky comes out on top of this fight looking a little worse for wear herself, tossing her gloves off though as she charges across the ring towards Jennifer.

Grabbing at her bikini top; Vicky pulls Jennifer up onto her knees near the center of the ring, yelling at her "do you see who the better woman is finally!"

In defiance Jennifer spits on Vicky's tits, earning her a slap across her cheek, Vicky looking irate as she yells at Jennifer to admit that she was beaten by the better woman.

Nicole tries to step in to get Vicky off her girl, leading to some shoving between the Lookout! Manager and the Geordie, insults being spat between those two as Vicky falls to all fours at the center of the ring.

Kicking Jennifer in her ribs; Vicky gets her hair pulled by Nicole for that and a cat fight breaks out, the referee and Pattison's coach needing to step in to break things up as the crowd chants "let them fight!" Booing when they see the two hell cats broken apart.

All the while Jennifer is groaning out on her back, holding her body as she looks a mess, Nicole crawls over to her to check on her once they see Vicky has been led out the ring.

The winner telling a camera "anytime that bytch wants her head kicked in she can call me" her coach busy trying to get her to the back as they worry about what payback the Lookout crew will want to deliver to Vicky.

Inside the ring Jennifer is helped to stand, she wipes tears from her eyes, before vowing to Nicole that she will batter that s*** the next time they are put into the ring.

This feud clearly far from over as Jennifer steps out the ring with Nicole, with both now holding a win over the other, how long before they decide to settle things.


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