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20 November 2019 Mollie King vs Danielle Lineker

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Mollie King vs Danielle Lineker
(Double A Boxing vs Garnet Gunners UK)
(15-13, 12 KO vs 7-8, 6 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Mollie King is more than upset about her latest UD10 loss to Heidi Range and claims she'd have challenged Cheryl Cole outright if the Geordie singer wasn't obliged to finish her Jenna Coleman series instead: "I feel like I'm a good victory away from getting another Main Event spot but Cheryl is kinda busy so I'm going for the stopgap option. Danielle Lineker... or is she calling herself Bux again? Whatever... she's like perfect for a mid-week session. Pretty enough to turn every head out there but even prettier when getting smashed to pieces!" (giggles).

Meanwhile Danielle is determined to make the most out of tonight's opportunity. She got badly exposed by Mandy Capristo almost twelve months ago and some BBU fans believe she's finished even as a potential floater within the otherwise stacked flyweight division: "I realize I have to prove some people wrong!", she tells BBU TV's Charlie Webster, "I'm more than good enough to score a good win or two so don't count me out yet! Mollie King is another arrogant blonde bimbo who's done like nothing to warrant all that buzz. She's a frickin' wimp and she knows it! Time to expose that hideous creature so watch out for a sobbing blonde starring on the Real View on Sunday!" (giggles).

Mollie King wears a black crop top, yellow hotpants & yellow gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a curled ponytail. Danielle Lineker wears a purple bikini set with black trim & black gloves. Long dark brown hair wrapped in a loose bun at the back of her head. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Mollie wastes no time in attacking the older foe but Danielle ducks underneath the aerial onslaught and pings the blonde in the chest before dropping heavy bombs downstairs to bounce off the ribcage and glue King to the spot. Ugh! Talk about running into a wall here as Mollie struggles to break free from the phone booth while Lineker keeps piling more leather on the exposed target until she backs the blonde onto the ropes. She switches back upstairs and comes on top of a hectic jabbing dispute as King desperately tries to find her rhythm only to eat an uppercut series on the chin that drops her behind a tight earmuff. Another wild hook tags her on the eye and bends to the side which allows the Welsh brunette to rally with more uppercut pounce as the crowd roars in support. Mollie bellows out against the ropes and can only clinch the charging brunette who yells out in delight at the bell as King avoids looking her in the eye to further build the model's confidence.

Round 2:
Danielle finds herself chasing the singer with another aerial blast but Mollie uses the supreme footwork to escape the immediate pressure even if she forfeits style points on the fly here. Danielle gets vocal and has the nerve to taunt the reeling singer but she fails to build a proper jabbing momentum and skips wide off the mark too often to make a difference as King remains suspiciously lethargic and doesn't want to respond in the slugging manner outright. Charlie Webster believes that's a lasting image of the Heidi Range defeat but let's be honest, Lineker ain't that impressive on her own yet it's enough to dominate the hit & miss action that lingers until the final minute when both women lock horns in the corner again. They trade head shots from point-blank range to inject some life into the crowd but Danielle still wobbles the younger foe with a crunching uppercut on the jaw and barely misses a looping shot on the temple that most Welsh fans hoped would send the subdued singer down for the count. Huh! That's the one that got away and Lineker knows it too!

Round 3:
Another early spell of Welsh pressure is brutally halted when Mollie connects with a chin-checker double before turning up the wick and blasting the model across the mouth. Lineker wobbles to her heels but wants to keep the momentum going and swings over the top despite losing her mark. She misses and gets caught from the inside as King piles more uppercut menace and spins the brunette to the side upon another clear impact. Ugh! Suddenly Danielle looks vunerable while getting hit and yields real estate as the blonde plugs long to dominate the phone booth stance. She outworks the Welsh woman and drops her butt-in-ropes before dropping downstairs to punish the exposed ribcage. Danielle folds into quiet spasms which is a bad sign alright but she still loops a last-ditch hook on the eye to halt the singer's charge. That ain't gonna do much overall and Mollie barges her in the chest after the bell which draws ire from the partisan crowd.

Round 4:
Danielle's confident enough to mount another aggressive run early in the fourth but her chaotic charge is neutralized by King's supreme footwork and the counter-punching response renders the brunette into biting on her swollen lips come the one-minute mark. Mollie takes command in the phone booth and barks in her efforts to smash Lineker's lips into jelly while rocking her head back & forth. Ugh! The Welsh train derails almost right away as Danielle struggles to match the high-octane blast and wobbles onto her heels just as Mollie goes after the cleavage and backs the wincing foe onto the ropes. Lineker tries to swing back but misses alltogether and eats a vicious hook on the chin that wobbles her into a crunching follow up. Mollie delivers the quick one-two blast on the jaw and still has time to smash a looping cross on the nose which SENDS LINEKER CRASHING DOWN ONTO HER SIDE moments later! Big time comeback from the Surrey babe who punches the air in delight as the fallen model tries to beat the otherwise slowish count. Danielle grabs the ropes to help herself back onto her feet and nods back at the ref despite spitting the gumshield on purpose to delay the action. She gets the thumbs up and the delay was actually long enough to deprive King of a clean-out job as the clock runs out mere five seconds after the bout is resumed. Ugh! Mollie barges the model in the chest again but eats a low hit on the groin in response and that was downright ugly from Lineker who gets away with a mere warning from the ref! Come on! That's home field scoring right there!

Round 5:
Danielle just made Mollie really angry here and faces the full blonde wrath as she can't escape the phone booth collision course and has to count on her slugging prowess... the Welsh crowd hopes she can turn the tables on The Saturdays singer but Mollie just opens the mouth wound through some brutal shots and spins the brunette to the side with a looping cross on the eye. Lineker leaks too many punches and trips over her own feet when she tries to retreat which allows King to come crashing down on her with another chin-checker double. That dissects the Welsh guard wholesale but Mollie goes rogue and BELTS Danielle in the groin - or maybe not - WHICH DROPS THE MODEL ONTO HER KNEES indeed! Ugh! The crowd sure thinks it was a low shot however Charlie Webster disagrees and the ref can't make his mind up either... he starts the count as Danielle folds onto all fours and bends her head against the canvas. She's unable to get up and only the replay clears Mollie from any boxing crime. That was a legal shot just below the belly button that gave her a KO5 come-from-behind victory!!!

AFTER: Regardless of the fair nature of that KO punch Mollie ain't gonna win the crowd's approval tonight but she doesn't care about it when talking to Charlie Webster: "Look, I had a job to do and I did it. I'm back as a winner and nothing else really matters. That stupid hoe landed the only foul punch of the night but I knocked her out in the end. She might cry over there in the corner but so what? I'm looking ahead beyond this lousy tramp! Got some big fights in me and I'm going nowhere!"

Meanwhile Danielle is downright upset she couldn't carry the opening momentum long enough to score an otherwise upset victory. She still looked better out there compared to the Mandy Capristo fiasco but her punching resistance appears to be very limited indeed and most of the division should prey on such a weakness. Even the rampant Welsh support in the Cardiff HQ won't make that flaw go away and Charlie Webster believes Lineker's career revival is dead on arrival. However there are only as many Welsh fighters on the BBU roster the lingerie model can outlast many of her peers as a wiley gatekeeper going forward.

Final result: Mollie King def. Danielle Lineker KO5.


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