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20 September 2019 Miranda Kerr vs Holly Peers

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BBU "The Ashes 2019" PPV


Posted by Vassago on September 20, 2019, 11:16 am


Holly Peers vs Miranda Kerr
(This Is Glamour vs Downunder Boxing)
(5-4, 4 KO vs 7-1, 6 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: "Yeah, I read the reports. They say it's a mismatch? Huh! What a piece of ####!", glamour model Holly Peers dismisses the idea she's out there to simply make up the numbers as former dual bantam & lightweight champion Miranda Kerr makes her BBU return. "She's probably done all the press stuff and ignored the gym the last few weeks. She thinks I'm a nobody! Guess what? This will be THE Upset of the Ashes and I'm the one taking her undies tonight!"

Miranda Kerr is usually a soft-spoken character even though rumours about her being a Mean Girl have surfaced behind the scenes. "I don't know what are you talking about? One should never trust what Elsa Hosk says!", the Aussie model sports a cheeky smile but there's something about her that makes you wonder what's really going on when the lights are turned off. "Look, I just want to BLAST this phoney chick out! Don't tell me her boobs are real! I really should be doing the Main Event but Dannii deserves her spot and I just might remind everyone who is the best woman on the entire card. I hope Holly won't cry too much once I knock her out!" (giggles).

Holly Peers wears a red bikini set with black trim & white gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Miranda Kerr wears a green bikini set & golden gloves. Long light brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
These glamour models fight with a chip on their shoulder a lot and Holly is no different as she picks up the early pace and tries to stun the former champion with immediate head-hunting blast! Huh! More luck than is deserved as she scythes the Aussies across the lips before dropping a bomb into her cleavage as well. Miranda almost bursts into laughing spasms but she quickly eats more English juice as Holly rallies to the body and slowly backs her up before Kerr jumps into an overhand route to halt the charge. Both women exchange quick-fire jabs and Holly holds her own before she drops another quick bomb on the rack and tags the tourist with a wicked uppercut. Miranda takes a couple of steps back but has to clinch the brunette as Peers literally drives her onto the ropes with the jug bumper and lands another hook on the ribs to kinda win the round agiainst all odds!

Round 2:
More power striking from Holly but the precision goes away when Miranda adjusts to her tempo and seems satisfied with the English model simply using all that energy in otherwise scattered pursuit. Holly really wants to inflict some pain here but keeps grazing the Aussie guard and gets picked off with single shots up the middle as Kerr remains stuck in neutral on purpose. Holly drives it up the gut however she gets pulled from the phone booth an eats a left hook on the nose as Miranda becomes more aggressive down the stretch. Loud calls from Melinda Messenger force Peers into the hassling drive but she just can't match the older model's agility as Kerr displays supreme bendy defense and makes the fellow brunette look really desperate and sluggish at the same time.

Round 3:
Just wait for these English attacks... yep, here comes Holly again... she tries to force her way through the stubborn Aussie guard before Miranda just whacks her on the boobs outright and presses pause on the spot. Holly struggles to mount a quick response when Miranda adds the midsection juice but there's still not enough desire shown by the tourist who reverts into the hit & miss tactics from afar. Holly refuses to engage but still gets picked off upstairs and has to seek cover when Kerr threatens to pound her liver area. The English model almost trips over her own feet but finds some breathing room along the ropes and Miranda keeps toying with her until the clock runs out. Not much love from the audience after this one but hey, some experts thought Peers wouldn't even make it this far tonight!

Round 4:
Coach Nikki Visser is the one who loses her patience first as Miranda kinda gets too cute with all this toying around and eats a clattering hook on the jaw that even makes the fans feel it! Uh-oh! Miranda stumbles back to her heels and Peers rips into her chest like she's done all those times in JMD before! Watch out! Brutal hook tears into the solar plexus and makes Kerr yelp in pain before the English brunette flies in with a booming shot on the mouth to SEND MIRANDA DOWN ON HER BACKSIDE!!! Huge roar from the audience follows! Holly leaps in the air and has to be dragged away by the ref as she gloats over her rival for a while however this delay only gives the older model extra time to recover... and Miranda recovers at seven but oh, boy! She looks downright p##### right now! Enough with the cute stuff, she wants immediate revenge as Holly strolls into her lane and suddenly both models rip through each other like it's a vintage flyweight bout! Holly pushes forward as she won't back down anymore even when Miranda finds the slugging success and drills her on the mouth with supreme precision. Neither woman wants to yield an inch as they clash in jug-to-jug contact which finally slows the action down. Miranda still lands one last punch on the boobs that has Peers spitting verbal abuse at the bell and both vixens have to be separated by the referee.

Round 5:
No love lost in the ring now as Holly tries to smack more damage upstairs but the lithe tourist is simply a split second faster and digs her mitts into her face which triggers a lenghty power assault that drops the English brunette into coverage. Let's see that elite performance from Kerr, shall we? No more fooling around and Holly's nose takes a good beating with Miranda gasping in her desire to draw some blood! She camps in Holly's face and glues her to the spot before she fires a brutal hook on the liver that sends the younger model into spasms. Ugh! Holly wobbles forward and gets nailed with another uppercut on the chin however Miranda isn't done here as she hauls in extra juice to the body and SENDS PEERS CRASHING DOWN ON HER KNEES!!! That's more like it for the tourists as Tara Moss and Nikki Visser lead the applause in the Australian corner. Holly recovers from this knockdown at seven but appears to be gassed and she just can't avoid the looming blitz with Miranda blasting her on the chest to whip her onto the ropes where Kerr continues to wrench brutal harpoons on the exposed midriff. Ugh! Holly slumps on jelly knees and begins to yelp in pain as Miranda connects with too many clean punches along the way... the English brunette tries to swing back in desperate fashion but Kerr SMOKES her with a couple of hooks on the jaw and Peers COLLAPSES ON HER SIDE with eyes closed as the tourist basically pulled the plug on her with supreme striking! Forget the count, it's KO5 Miranda Kerr!!!

AFTER: Another brutal knockout here on The Ashes and Australia pulls even on the cards with Miranda Kerr still avoiding the upset of the night defeat which leads into a hectic spat with coach Nikki Visser. Yep, Miranda got waaay too cute trying to make Holly look out of her league there and almost paid the ultimate price in the fourth round. However she recovered in time to knock the English glamour model out of her senses but even Sarah Cumming thinks this should have been over much sooner: "Look at Krystal Forscutt, no messing around and just blasting the other girl into a complete mess! The Ashes is not just another mid-week card. I thought Miranda understands that despite all that success she's had overseas. I mean, come the heck on! What was that!?! She's lucky Holly can't take a big punch herself or else this was a clean-up job for those damn English sluts! Way too close for comfort!"

Official Result: Miranda Kerr def. Holly Peers KO5.
The Ashes: England 2 Australia 2.


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