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11 January 2021 Alessandra Ambrosio vs Stella Maxwell

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Posted by Girls Friday on January 11, 2021, 5:03 pm



Tale of the Tape:
Alessandra Ambrosio:
Age: 39
Height: 5'9 ½
45-19 (45KOs)
Former BBU lightweight champion.
Former FCBA lightweight champion.
Stella Maxwell:
Age: 30
Height: 5'8 ½
5-8 (5KOs)

(Girls Friday vs Free Agent)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

We are live in the Copper Box arena in London, an international clash ahead here as two stunning models do battle tonight, Alessandra Ambrosio takes on Stella Maxwell, both looking for a win, one to finish off her career in a good run, Stella trying to finally kick her career in the right way.

Heading into the right Alessandra has been placed into the BBU Hall of Fame, after all that celebrating she has to now refocus on the ring, with Anna Woolhouse interviewing her in the locker room for the BBU TV channel.

Getting her hands wrapped by her coach and friend Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra is looking relaxed as she tells Anna "it is nice to be back in England to fight, even if your weather is still as cold as I remember it" faking shivering as everyone in the room laughs, showing how calm the mood is.

Anna asks about tonights fight, Alessandra replies "Stella is better then her record suggests, I've known her awhile and she works her heart out, tonight though I am not doing her any favours, this isn't me taking a fall so she can rise, tonight is about me heading out into the sunset the right way in my eyes" a more harder look forms on the Brazilian beauties face.

With the final question being about how she sees that finish to her career going, Alessandra smiles as she answers "I can't reveal it all yet as I want it to be a surprise, first I need to show the world that I haven't put on my slippers yet haha, then I have my final BBU and FCBA fight all worked out, it's all about getting back into the winning mentality first" Gisele joking that when Alessandra is done they can sit on the beaches in America all day together causing another round of laughing.

In the locker room of Stella, she is interviewed by Georgie Thompson, with Stella not winning since July 2019 against Jaimie Alexander, the first question us how confident does she feel coming off that record? With Stella thudding her red gloves together with a cold stare towards Georgie.

"While things haven't went my way lately, I have made it my New Years resolution that this year is going to be different for me, starting with taking Alessandra down so the BBU can see I mean business" says the British lass as she starts stretching her arms.

Asked about Alessandra, Stella admits "look she is sweet and all, she is a hell of a fighter, tonight is all about me though, that spotlight deserves to be on me, Alessandra just happens to be the person first to go down for me" turning her back on Georgie to show she is done answering questions, now it is all about getting the win.

Fighting time, there are screens around three sides of the ring for the virtual fans to be seen, piped in crowd noise rings out as on commentary is Denise Van Outen for this big bash.

First out comes Alessandra with Gisele and cut woman Eva Carneiro, all three look relaxed as they head down the aisle, Alessandra wearing a yellow sports bra with green trim, matching trunks and shoes, green gloves as she channels her Brazilian heritage in her gear, hair tied back into a braid to finish her look.

Stepping through the ropes into the ring, Alessandra gives a few shakes of her hips for the crowd, her demeanor changes once she gets to her corner, the smile is gone for an all business look, bouncing on her toes as she throws a few punches to get into the zone.

Now out comes Stella with her coach behind her, she is walking with a purpose towards the ring, knowing a win here tonight will set her up for more big money matches, she is wearing all red gear tonight, with her surname in white letters on her waistband, her hair is also in a braid.

Climbing into the ring, Stella pumps her right fist into the air as she heads to her corner, she high fives her coach before she gets into her own warm up routine, eyes firmly on Alessandra as she looks in the same mood she was in her locker room.

Coming together to the center at the behest of the referee, the fighters stare each other down with hands on hips, while there is no real issue between them, this is too important a night for them to show any sort of friendliness to their opponent.

A quick fist bump with their opponent before returning to their corner, fists up as they are both ready for this, the referee signals for the bell to ring to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
"Ding!" Kicking off the action with a quick feeling out process, Alessandra looks to have a spark she maybe has been lacking lately judging how she pushes the tempo up a notch with a one-two combo straight into the face of her opponent.

Coming back at Alessandra with some quick fire punches herself, it's only been thirty seconds and already they engage in a heated toe to toe exchange with five punches flying from both into beautiful faces, then they step apart to reset themselves.

Again though it is Alessandra pushing the action, slamming a crisp double jab into the face of Stella, whose guard is lacking at the moment as she didn't seem to expect this, missing with a left cross, Maxwell is open to another pounding two punch combo square into her mouth.

The heat slowly rises on the Brit as she finds herself being herded around the outside of the ring, Alessandra firmly staking the center for herself, targeting the head of Stella with more cross punches coming from the hall of famer.

But it is becoming a little too one dimensional now, with Stella dipping under a straight to come inside with two borderline punches above the waistband of Ambrosio, an overhand left slams across the cheek to cause Alessandra to back off.

The round comes to a close with Stella looking like she is biting back a few curse words, sitting on her stool looking pissed at herself for allowing Alessandra to take the fight to her, across the ring Alessandra looks in the mood tonight to show the world why she is a great.

Round 2:
Now warmed up they both are firing out more punches as they fight around the center, Alessandra missing more now as Stella is moving her upper body more, landing some beautiful counter punches to give Ambrosio her first moment to think about what she is doing.

Stella takes the lead early in this round with a double jab, followed by a right to the body showing off her hand speed, while she steps into the center as she drives back Alessandra, making her fellow model need to tighten her guard.

Switching up her targets well, Stella is outworking Alessandra in the exchanges, keeping her on the outside as she especially seems to enjoy throwing a straight right into the abs of Ambrosio to make her grunt out.

Heading into the final forty seconds, Alessandra reads the attack from the younger woman better now as she steps back out the way of that right to the body, coming back in with a straight of her own into the forehead of Stella, then lighting her up with a left/right cross combo.

Momentum starts to switch around as Alessandra drills in more punches to the head of Stella to make her retreat back across the ring, the bell rings to end the round with both taking a moment to stare hard at their opponent before returning to their corners, a solid round on the board seems to have taken some of the tension out her arms.

Round 3:
Both try to take the early lead, Alessandra stalking the more mobile Stella around the ring, they are drilling in stiff jabs to the others now becoming marked up face, measuring each other up for some hard hooks when they see an opening to strike.

It's Alessandra this time ducking under a punch, slamming her left under the ribs of her opponent twice, her uppercut doesn't land flush but it definitely has Stella backing off to the outside of the ring, with the former champion starting to crowd her more.

The crowd noise gets louder as the fists fly more, Alessandra keeping Stella fighting her fight, slipping more punches in these heated exchanges as she buries in some hard shots to the chest and face of the beautiful Brit.

Needing to shove her way in closer to give Alessandra a little of her own medicine, Stella bangs in several body shots before she is pushed back, Alessandra firing in a double jab to the chest of Maxwell to make her think about coming onto her again.

Showing her grit though Stella comes firing back late on after landing a left cross on the cheek, a straight smacks Alessandra on her lips to make her back off as Stella finishes the round strong with a flush two punch combo into the face of Ambrosio.

Sitting on their stools getting washed down, the fighters lock eyes across the ring, fists clenched as they seem keen to get back out to lay some more leather on their opponent, coaches advising them where they need to improve to bring home the win tonight.

Round 4:
Using more of Alessandra's momentum against her, Stella is landing some beautiful counter punches, drilling them into the tight abs or the stunning face of her opponent, she is looking in fine form right now.

As shown when she slips a left cross, Stella fires back with a one-two punch combo into the jaw of Alessandra, quickly landing a left cross of her own to make Alessandra retreat back a few steps to reset herself.

There's a little tension creeping into Alessandra it seems, she isn't throwing as many punches now as the scales tip on volume of punches, Stella forcing Alessandra back near the ropes as she continues to switch targets quickly.

A left hook to the body makes Alessandra groan out loud, finding herself on the ropes, she pulls Stella into a clinch to slow down the blonde, referee needed to pry the two glisten models apart as they press tight together.

Stella maybe getting too aggressive thanks to her success, gets caught walking into a jab on her nose, followed by two right hooks across her cheek, Alessandra showing she isn't going to be bullied so easily herself.

At the end of the round they turn on their heels to their corners, Alessandra getting told off Gisele to keep relaxed, this isn't anything new for her by any stretch, Alessandra nodding as Stella gets told to keep the counter punching coming to win this.

Round 5:
The early moments sees both landing some hard shots to face, Stella dipping under a right cross to bang away to the body with crisp punches, forcing back Alessandra to the ropes, where she starts throwing uppercuts that don't land flush, they do look to worry Alessandra somewhat as she pulls Maxwell into a clinch.

Separated by the referee, Alessandra catches Stella out with a double jab on her nose, as the Brit this time is the one to give ground, Ambrosio feinting with a jab to the body as she throws a looping right hook that lands around the guard into the side of her opponent's head.

Back to the ropes goes Stella, who this time is the one to engage the clinch, grinding their heads together as they try to power each other backwards, the referee again is needed to step in with both proud fighters not wanting to give an inch.

As they resume Stella gets in some good punches, it is Alessandra though crowding her after landing a left hook on the jaw of the blonde, herding her near the ropes as they let their hands go, the harder punches seem to be coming from Ambrosio as she has room to load up on her punches.

At the conclusion of the round, Alessandra sits on her stool staring hard at Stella, knowing she is in a tough fight, even if arguably she is ahead on the scorecards, Stella is pushing her hard, showing why people see potential to be a star in her.

Round 6:
Trying to be the aggressor now she was able to press Stella in the last round, Alessandra misses with a straight punch early on, an uppercut lands on her chin as sweat flies off her and Stella is the one striking hard.


"Woo!" Yells Stella as she smiles while jogging to the neutral corner, 1...2...3... Alessandra shakes her head as she turns to her front, 4...5..6.. Grabbing the ropes as she begins to drag herself up, 7...8.. Beating the count to the relief of Gisele, Alessandra tells the referee she is OK, after getting her gloves wiped she is allowed to continue.

Boxing off the back foot as Stella comes on the attack, Alessandra takes several clean punches into her face, needing to clinch up when Stella just misses with a heavy handed right hook, Alessandra needing time to shake the cobwebs fully out her head.

Able to use her jab along with clinches, Alessandra is surviving the attacks of Stella, stopping her get a rhythm as Maxwell looks to be getting frustrated, warned by the referee when she trips Ambrosio to show she is letting her emotions get to her.

When the round comes to an end Stella has to be held back by the referee, sitting on her stool looking irate that she couldn't finish the job, while the Girls Friday corner work hard to get Alessandra back into fighting shape.

Round 7:
Coming out stalking Alessandra now, Stella looks to try to set up her big right hooks with her jab more, calming down after getting anxious in the last round to get the win, Alessandra stepping around the outside of the ring as she looks for her own opening.

In comes Stella with a right hook that just sails over the head of her opponent, instead a right lands to her abs before a clubbing overhand left slams into the side of Stella's head to make her stumble a step to her left side.

That seems to perk up Alessandra as she starts catching the more open Stella with hard punches, a right hook on the chin of the blonde sends sweat flying as she takes a step back, Alessandra follows up with a one-two combo straight into her face to drive Maxwell back further.

Trying to land a big punch to ward off Alessandra, Stella is getting beaten to the punch, taking the sting out of her own hits, A LEFT HOOK ON HER JAW SETS HER UP FOR A RIGHT HOOK ON THE CHIN, STELLA STUMBLES BACK TWO STEPS THEN FALLS TO HER BACK!

Alessandra raises her right fist into the air before heading to the neutral corner, 1...2...3... Stella blinks as she turns to her front, 4...5...6.. As she pushes up to a knee, 7...8.. She looks on spaghetti legs as she stumbles, 9...10 not able to beat the count! Stella loses!

Winner Alessandra Ambrosio KO Round 7

What a good scrap! Stella looked like she had pulled off the upset there, instead it's Alessandra mounting the bottom rope in the corner she is standing in, looking to the heavens as she kisses her gloves before raising her arms into the air with a big beaming smile.

For Stella she is helped onto her stool, shaking her head as she was so close from getting the biggest win of her boxing career, her coach needing to try to console her as she looks close to tears, wondering how this has happened.

Over comes Alessandra to check on her, getting a nod that she'll be OK, Alessandra reading though that Stella would prefer to be alone then talk to her right now, the winner returning to her corner as Stella is helped over to her own.

Gisele looks mighty relieved that Alessandra come through this fight, they talk about what happened in that sixth round, Eva washing down her fighter along with trying to reduce the puffiness around her cheeks.

When both fighters are up to it, they head to the center of the ring for the final announcement, Alessandra smiles as she gets her right hand raised by the referee, yelling "I love you" to the camera as she blows a kiss to all her fans at home.

Meanwhile Stella has to go lick her wounds, heading out the ring with her head up, inside though she is hurting, she has plenty to be proud of though, maybe this year could be where she finds that little extra she needs to make that breakthrough finally.

In the ring Alessandra gets a microphone from Denise, asked for her opinions on the fight, the winner admits "boy can Stella hit hard when she wants to" laughing as she rubs her chin with a wink.

"This was a good fight to shake the cobwebs off from New Year, Stella is a vastly underrated fighter, if someone took the chance on her in their stable, I can tell you they would be getting one hell of a fighter, she came at me hard from the start, I am so pleased I got the win" says Alessandra as she looks in a bubbly mood now.

Tapping her chest, Alessandra finishes by saying "I love the BBU, it's fans and even you the media (winking at Denise) I hope you will all continue to follow this journey I am on into retirement, the Ambrosio knockout express still has a few stops to make" handing the microphone off to Denise as she thanks her for the chance to speak.

Heading out the ring with her coach Gisele and with Eva, Alessandra has some unfinished business left in the BBU it seems, whose next for the hall of famer on her way to retirement in April?



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