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29 August 2019 Daisy Ridley vs Rita Ora

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BBU Summer Joy PPV


Posted by Vassago on August 30, 2019, 2:25 am


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

Muscle beach hosts a battle of two British bantamweights after moving closer to a BBU title shot, Daisy Ridley and Rita Ora both leave London to fight on sand.

Daisy is 27 years old; she stands 5'7, holding a record of 10 wins, 9 coming by way of knockout, with 6 defeats.

Rita is 28 years old; she stands 5'5, holding a record of 7 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with 6 defeats.

Both women were asked in the build up a few questions, Daisy was interviewed after finishing working out at the boxing gym she trains at.

Asked about how she is enjoying the BBU; Daisy smiles as she answers "I certainly can't complain, I have won my first two fights here, most importantly so far my family has been able to watch me, this time of course they can't"

With the subject turning to her returning to fight to America, her feelings about it she reveals are "I am a little nervous I'll admit, last few fights in America were let's say terrible for me, without the comfort of a stable it is hard to really do anything"

Getting a towel to wipe her brow, the Star Wars actress adds "but I am feeling more confident then I have in a while, beating Munn in my last fight was no mean feat, moving forwards I feel like I'm finally growing into a real top fighter"

The final question is her feelings on Rita, Daisy replies "she isn't going to be easy to beat, that much is obvious as she has some good scalps on her record, so do I though and I feel like right now I am fighting at a higher level then her"

While journalists catch Rita jogging on Muscle Beach, she lifts her sunglasses up as she wears a lime green string bikini, smiling as she stops to take a drink of her water before talking.

Asked about her feelings on her opponent, Rita says "I know Daisy somewhat, we have sparred a few times over the past two years, I felt I got the better of those sessions but I am not stupid, this is the real fight not us just training"

A journalist brings up what she will do different to her last fight; a loss to Ellie Goulding, Rita scowls at them before telling them "I'll keep this one simple, I am coming to win and that means I will simply use my talents, unlike Ellie, Daisy will nor get lucky"

She then sips her drink and tells the journalists that their time is up, she turns and jogs away from them, as the Journalists all comment on how stunning she looked.

Fighting time; the ring posts have been set into the sand, while the sold out crowd are sitting on bleachers that surround the ring.

First up is Daisy to the beach; her coach is behind her as she jogs across the sand to the ring, wearing a black one piece swimsuit, matching gloves, while her hair is tied into a braid.

Stepping through the ropes; Daisy raises her arms in the air as she grins, getting into her corner the expression gets more serious as she begins warming up.

Rita arrives on the beach now; strutting around the ropes as she stares at Daisy, making her wait as her coach stands outside her corner.

Once ready Rita climbs into the ring wearing a blue and white stripped one piece swimsuit, white gloves with blue thumbs, her hair is tied into a ponytail, with Rita warming up with all eyes on her opponent.

The fighters come to the center of the ring, an intense stare down begins as the referee finishes the instructions, though they are being drown out by duelling chants from the crowd.

Touching their gloves together with some respect shown, the fighters turn on their heels back to their corners, ready to begin 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
Both women come out fighting near the center of the ring, Daisy is landing the cleaner shots straight away as Rita is coming in too quickly, leading to the singer getting hit on top of her head.

Daisy is out boxing her opponent as she moves side to side, using her reach to keep Rita to the outside, while knocking the head back of the smaller fighter.

But Rita does get in closer after dodging a straight, lighting up the body of Daisy with hooks as she shows her aggression, forcing Daisy to push her back.

Sidestepping Rita later in the round; Daisy lands a three punch combo to the face of Ora to knock her back to the outside of the ring.

Rita forced to cover up as Daisy tries to smack her head, most punches land on gloves but is keeping Rita from throwing many punches back, just one at a time.

So when the bell rings Rita is understandably annoyed when she heads back to her corner, her coach telling her to use her head and her footwork more to outbox her opponent.

Round 2:
Showing more movement to start; Rita isn't as easy a target to hit now as she throws her jab at the body of her opponent, feeling her way into the round more.

Still Daisy is able to drill Rita to the top of her head, showing a crisp jab to keep Rita honest to her approach on coming inside.

Ducking a jab though; Rita moves in close to land an overhand right across the face of the actress, then she Starr's grunting with effort as she goes to work to the body.

They are fighting more in close range, with Rita looking to be growing stronger now, she is slipping punches before landing hard shots in return to knock back Ridley.

Who now finds herself struck on the back foot, Daisy gets knocked onto the ropes where she has to cover up, while Ora swings to the body till the bell rings to end the round.

This time Rita is pumping her right fist in the air as she returns to her corner, smiling as her coach praises her for a much better round.

Round 3:
Both come out more aggressive; fighting with more punches in bunches as they fight in close, they are barking in effort.

Leading to Daisy stepping back to land a double jab to the face of Rita, she misses with the follow up right as the singer dips down and counters with an uppercut to knock back Ridley.

Dancing around Ridley as she digs in her punches to the body, Rita then lands an overhand left across the face of her taller opponent, pushing back the Star Wars actress along the ropes.

Leading to Daisy covering up, as Rita uses her left forearm to push Daisy up against the ropes, then drills her right several time into the body, making Daisy groan out till she can clinch up.

Once apart Rita tries to get back to the inside, Daisy catches her with two punches straight into the face of Ora, she backs up the smaller fighter in the final seconds of the round.

When the bell rings Rita still looks confident even after the last few punches she took in the round, sitting on her stool smiling as her coach tells her to keep this up.

Daisy on the other hand looks to the sky, her coach telling her to relax and focus on Rita's movements, she has the skills to beat Ora.

Round 4:
Again they come out trading hard punches to start things off, Rita looks to want to push the pace, she slips in tight to begin driving back Daisy, while her hair is down as she works in the pocket.

Nudging back Ora; Daisy is able to land two punches into the face of her opponent, moving away from the ropes to work at range where she wants it.

One missed right though and Rita is back in close, forcing Daisy into another heated exchange, the upper body movement of Ora is giving Ridley trouble as the younger fighter misses with more punches.

Rita able to land two hooks to the body, then a left across the cheek of Daisy forces her back into her shell, with Rita now keeping her opponent stuck around the outside of the ring near the ropes.

With under thirty seconds to go in the round, Daisy manages to slip a straight aimed at her head, countering with a left to the side of Rita's head, giving her an opening to fight her way off the ropes.

The bell rings before Daisy can really push onwards, she turns back to her corner, punching the top turnbuckle before sitting on her stool, cheeks reddened up as her coach works on cleaning her up.

Round 5:
Coming back out to fight; Rita is pumping her fists into the body of Daisy as she dips down, looking to keep the pressure on her opponent.

As she comes in closer though; Daisy times it to side step her and lands a right to the side of Rita's head to knock her back a step, the follow up left to her jaw though looks to have stunned Ora!

Daisy presses Rita back with her punches knocking the head back of the smaller fighter, with Rita trying to match Ridley's work rate, but is getting knocked backwards.

After taking a right across her nose; Rita has to clinch up, blood starts running from her nostrils, with the referee needing to step in to break them apart.

Rita manages to land a nice double jab to the mouth of Daisy as she works to keep her at range, but she gets caught with a left hook across her cheek to turn her head.

At the bell Daisy stares at Rita before turning to her corner, her coach is much more happier after having to watch Daisy been under pressure the past few rounds.

While across the ring Rita gets her nose cleaned up, she looks annoyed as she stares across the ring at Daisy, getting up looking like she wants to get back at her opponent.

Round 6:
Trading jabs to start the round, with Daisy starting to move more forwards where she is aiming at the nose of Rita, who is bobbing and weaving her head to dodge.

When Rita goes to move inside; Daisy catches her with an uppercut that knocks the singers head back, OPENING UP WITH MORE PUNCHES KNOCKING ORA BACKWARDS, A RIGHT HOOK ON THE JAW OF RITA SENDS HER DOWN TO HER SIDE!

Daisy jogs over to a neutral corner straight away, 1...2...3.. Rita shakes her head as she moves towards the ropes, 4...5...6.. Grabbing the ropes to try to pull herself up, 7...8.. She slips back to her backside as her legs look jelly, 9...10 Rita is counted out!

Winner Daisy Ridley KO Round 6

Another win for Daisy as she raises her fists in the air, she was made to work for it though, her smile though shows how much getting this win meant to her.

Rita meanwhile gets helped up by her coach after being checked on, back on her stool Rita looks frustrated that she couldn't get the win, for all her hand speed she seems to lack that power to finish off fights.

Getting her gloves taken off; Daisy is praised off her coach for showing her grit to keep going when she wasn't able to control the fight, to come back to win the fight.

The fighters once washed down come to the center of the ring, with Daisy giving Rita a fist bump of respect, even as Rita looks like she'd prefer to be any where else but here.

When Daisy gets her hand raised; she is beaming as she looks at the crowd, all applauding her as Rita just nods as she knows it could have easily been her hand raised.

Rita leaves the ring with her coach, where she is talking to her coach about where she goes next in her career, both admitting that things need to change if Rita is to move up that next level.

Inside the ring Daisy poses with her arms flexed grinning for cameras, then she heads out the ring with her coach, both all smiles as her career seems to be heading back in the ring direction.


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