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26 December 2019 Una Healy vs Rita Ora

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BBU Boxing Day PPV


Posted by Vassago on January 10, 2020 at 12:51am


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Double A Boxing vs Free Agent)

Una Healy and Rita Ora fight it out in a clash of singers here on PPV, both women are desperate to change their fortunes before the turn of the decade.

Una is 38 years old; she stands 5'7, holding a record of 25 wins, 19 coming by way of knockout, with 17 defeats, she is a former two time BBU bantamweight champion.

Rita is 29 years old; she stands 5'5, holding a record of 7 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with 7 defeats.

Neither woman has won the past twelve months, adding a greater urgency to make sure they win here tonight, with both women locked into their training and are silent to the press.

The Double A manager tells journalists in the build up "Una's future with us I want to make clear is safe, you don't toss one of the greatest BBU fights of the decade out in the cold after a bad run"

They then add "watching her work out, I feel confident this is the turning point for her, she has all the tools to take out Rita" smiling confidently.

Rita's friend former boxer David Haye meanwhile gives a quick speech about her, saying to BBU TV's Anna Woolhouse "Rita is more then ready for this test"

He replies when asked where Rita's head is at going into this bout "Rita has always had the work ethic, mentally she sometimes has lost focus in a fight and well you have seen how she has been caught out when she should never have been"

He continues with a grin "but when fighting someone like Una, I can tell you she is buzzing to take a massive scalp like this, to be the one that finished off Una's career in the limelight and take it for herself, lord knows Rita deserves it"

Fight night; Una heads out first with her coach beside her, Una looks in the zone as she heads straight down the aisle here in the BBU Arena.

The Irish lass is wearing a green sports bra with gold trim, matching trunks with "Healy" in gold letters on the waistband, green boots, gold gloves, while her redhead is up in a ponytail.

Stepping through the ropes into her corner, Una shadowboxing as she is told off her coach what they expect tonight, with Una nodding in reply.

Now out comes Rita with her coach behind her, she jogs down the aisle looking excited for this big test, bumping fists with Haye sitting in the front row as both smile.

The British fighter is wearing a black sports bra, black trunks with "Ora" in a union jack pattern colours on her waistband, black shoes, navy blue gloves, while her blonde hair is tied into a ponytail too.

Getting into the ring; Rita poses at the center of the ring with her arms in the air, before heading over to her corner to begin stretching to warm up.

The referee waves the fighters to the center of the ring, both women staring hard into the others eyes, showing they are not afraid of what they are facing.

They touch their gloves up with a hard bump, returning to their corners with eyes locked, the referee signals for the bell to ring to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
At the bell they both circle up on their toes, trading single punches as they gauge their range, Rita looks to have the quicker feet and hands though as she starts off the faster of the two.

Bobbing and weaving under several punches from Una, Rita landing picture perfect body shots to make the Irish lass groan out and back off.

Soon enough Rita starts smirking; confident she has Una worked out already, she goes to dart in with a straight, instead she eats a left across her cheek as Healy sidesteps her.

The former champion reminding her foe of her class, stepping in to throw a sweet three punch combo to the face of Ora to snap her head back.

Rita covering up as Una tries to rush her towards the ropes, she ducks under a right cross to get back into space to reset her stance.

The fighters go back to trading single punches in the final moments of the round, eyes locked behind their gloves, with the bell ringing soon enough to end the round.

Rita's coach reminding her to show respect to Una, who is thudding her gloves together across from Ora, looking annoyed at herself for a slow start to proceedings.

Round 2:
Back out they come with Rita again showing off her quickness and upper body movement to take control of the early action, ducking a jab to land a right under the ribs of Healy.

But Una uses her left forearm to nudge back Rita, landing a right across the face of the English fighter, she started to drill her back near the ropes.

Where Rita is trying to fight back, the crowd cheer the fighters on as they let their hands go, Una though is enjoying this brawl more then her opponent.

Slipping a straight to bash Ora across the mouth with a left cross, Una follows up with an uppercut that knocks Rita back onto the ropes.

Where she is stuck behind her gloves as Una dips her head down, firing rights and lefts around to the sides of the body, making Rita groan out with each clean hit.

The round ends with Una bouncing on her toes as she returns to her corner, looking more excited to get out and batter Rita.

Who mouths "bytch" as she returns to her corner, being told by her coach to fight smarter, she nods as she stands up ready to get back at Una.

Round 3:
Now they know what they are facing, the action becomes more frantic as they trade more punches in volume, landing more cleanly through the others gloves.

Rita tries to step inside with an uppercut, missing though as Una steps back, then lands a counter left hook to her jaw to turn the head of Ora.

Following up with another two clean punches to the face of Rita, Una is beginning to push back Rita towards the outside of the ring, while she is acting like the queen of the center.

Only landing single punches as she is mostly stuck behind her guard, Rita looks a little stunned what is happening, her speed is being nullified by Una cutting the ring off.

Forcing Rita to stand to trade more, sweat flying off the fighters as they slug it out, Una landing the better punches though as she has more room to slip punches before firing her own.

The round comes to an end with both women giving their rival a hard stare before returning to their corners, Una happy to seemingly have control of this fight as she talks to her coach.

Round 4:
Una is stepping forwards with real determination in her eyes, drilling Rita to her face with straight shots as she looks to back her up.

When Rita is pressed back towards a corner, she dips down and uses her shoulder to bump back Una, getting away from the corner so she can get back to work.

Both land some beautiful punches across the cheeks of their rival, Rita moving her head back more to dodge punches from the tough Irish woman.

A double jab smacks Una onto her nose, with an uppercut slicing her guard open to knock back the head of Una, with her guard opened up for more punches to fire through.

Now Rita is powering forwards as she unleashes onto Una, knocking sweat off her head, Una needing to clinch up to protect herself, the referee needing to pull them apart.

Once apart Una tries to get back at Rita, missing though with a straight punch and taking a counter right to the body, an overhand left then cracks Healy across the ear to knock her backwards.

The final seconds of the round sees Una covering up as she is knocked back, blood running from her nostrils as she takes another right across nose.

At the bell Rita jogs back to her corner looking hyped up as she pumps her right fist in the air, compared to Una wiping her nose with her right glove, not looking so sure on her feet, her coach trying to waken her up fully for the next round.

Round 5:
As they step out to fight, Rita is burying her fists through the gloves of her opponent to her face, catching Una on her nose to make her groan out.

Una tries to swing in her punches, they are easily dodged though as Una is looking desperate to get back in the driving seat of the fight.

Instead though Una gets countered with an uppercut to her chin, THEN A LEFT HOOK SMACKS UNA CLEAN ON HER CHIN TO SEND HER TO THE CANVAS ON HER LEFT SIDE!

Raising her fists as she gets to the neutral corner; Rita is celebrating already, 1...2...3.. Una turns to her back blinking to clear her head, 4...5...6.. She slowly sits up holding her chin, 7...8... Una doesn't seem to have the strength to get up, 9...10 and is counted out!

Winner Rita Ora KO Round 5

Rita jumps up and down, getting a marquee victory to put on her record, she mounts the bottom ropes of the corner she is in to pose with hands on her hips, while her supporters cheer and whistle for her.

While Una stares in disbelief, looking at Rita celebrating and wondering how things have went so badly for her, especially that she looked to have gotten a grasp of things in the second and third round.

The winner jogs back over to her corner, where David Haye is waiting to give her a big hug, both knowing how massive this win could be for her going forwards with her career.

Across the ring Una has been helped back to her corner, sitting on her stool looking defeated as she stares at the canvas, her coach trying to give her a pep talk.

Soon the fighters come to the center of the ring for the final result, Una looking to the heavens as Rita gets her hand raised by the referee, the winner yelling "f***ing come on!" As her fans all whoop and cheer for her.

Una steps out the ring with her head down, her coach putting their arm around her shoulder as she heads up the aisle.

She'll be hoping she can find the missing ingredient to her game before she becomes a placeholder in the division, some pundits wondering if she has already.

Inside the ring Rita poses with her arms in the air for the cameras, a big smile on her face as she has a better future to look forwards to after tonight.

Leaving the ring with her crew, Rita is already telling her coach "next year I am finally lifting up the title around here" with her coach agreeing with her.


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