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15 July 2019 Daisy Ridley vs Hannah Ware

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BBU Bout


Posted by Girls Friday on July 15, 2019, 10:56 am


(Written by Girls Friday/Results BBU)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

Tonights action takes place at the York Hall in London, with two local fighters battling it out, Hannah Ware fights Daisy Ridley on Daisy's debut to the BBU.

Hannah is 36 years old, she stands 5'6, with a record of 3 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with only 1 defeat.

Daisy is 27 years old, she stands 5'7, with a record of 8 wins, 7 coming by way of knockout, with 6 defeats.

The two women didn't say much in the build up to the fight, mostly focusing on training as this is an important fight for both women, knowing they have a chance to show off their talents against another big name in their hometown.

As it got nearer fighting time; Hannah told the press "look nothing personal against Daisy, I am sure she is sweet and all that, but this is my chance to show why I deserve to be talked about, that means knocking her out of my way"

While Daisy cheerfully tells the press "I don't know why I haven't fought in my hometown before, it is great to be back home fighting in front of all you guys, more importantly my friends and family"

Turning her attention to her opponent, Daisy adds "oh and on Hannah, she is a talent but I am confident that I can win this, I just have to stay focused"

Fight night; Hannah is out first wearing a Navy blue sports bra, matching trunks, shoes and gloves, while her hair is tied back into a ponytail.

She looks cool and confident as she steps into the ring, doing a lap inside it before settling into her warm up routine in her corner.

Now Daisy comes out wearing a white sports bra, matching trunks and shoes, her gloves are black, while her hair is tied back also into a ponytail.

Equally she looks relaxed as she steps into the ring, climbing up to the middle rope in her corner as she blows kisses to her fans, hopping down to begin her own warm up.

While these two probably do get on outside the ring, they are intensely staring each other down as they come to the center of the ring, lots of pride on the line to show they are the better woman to their loved ones.

Touching gloves up respectfully, they turn back to their corners, the referee sees they are ready so signals for the bell to ring to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
Out come the fighters with probing punches early on, Hannah looking slightly the more aggressive as she steps more to the inside then her opponent.

Leaning out the way of a left cross; Hannah counter with a right across the face of Daisy, turning the younger woman's head, Hannah steps back inside to add two hooks to the body before getting nudged back out.

Daisy is starting to try to use her speed to control the action now, dancing more up on her toes as she lands a double jab to the cheek of her opponent.

But Ware dodges a straight to counter with an overhand right, the older fighter is looking to have gotten into gear faster as she pushes Ridley onto the ropes with body shots flying in.

When the bell rings Hannah is the one who gets a thumbs up compared to Daisy, who bangs her gloves together a little frustration showing.

Round 2:
They start throwing more combos now as they are warmed up, Daisy getting into the range she wants as she moves around Hannah.

Who tightens her guard more after Daisy lands a jab/straight combo onto her nose, making Hannah cover up more as she steps back.

Daisy controls the pace of this round, landing the crisper punches as Hannah struggled to land as many as the opening round.

With the round entering the final minute; Hannah ducks a right cross to land two rights to the body, followed by an overhand left across the cheek of Daisy.

Who found herself backed up into a corner, Hannah grunting with effort as she works the body of Daisy, hoping to take the wind out of her sails.

The round ends with Hannah not looking too worried as she returns to her corner, though she is told to keep on top of her opponent.

Round 3:
Hannah comes out a little more aggressive, ducking down to dodge jabs from Daisy, before closing the distance to throw her punches on the inside.

The older fighter clearly doesn't want to let Daisy get on her bike tonight, keeping in close to force heated exchanges between the two, which Hannah looks to be getting the better of thanks to her going to the body.

Daisy though manages to catch Hannah coming in with an uppercut, putting her head back as now the younger fighter presses back Ware with three clean punches to her face.

Covering up as she circles around the outside of the ring, Hannah is feeling the heat from Daisy, with the Star Wars actress landing two right hooks to the body when she steps in close.

Hannah shoves Daisy back to get off the ropes, with both going toe to toe as the round is coming to a close, the crowd roar as they are loving this action between two of their own.

When the bell rings the crowd applaud both women, who give each other a stern stare before turning back to their corners, knowing this was the tightest round of the fight so far.

Round 4:
Again Hannah is up quick looking to keep on Daisy, who is looking to box more off the back foot it seems, both landing stiff jabs through the mitts of their opponent to their face.

Sidestepping her opponent; Daisy catches Hannah after dodging a straight with a left to the side of her head, followed by a straight to the face.

While Hannah is still getting in some good punches to the body, she is finding it increasingly hard to get in close as Daisy is now countering her with impressive footwork.

Another missed right from Hannah leaves her open to a jab/right hook combo that sends sweat off her head, she steps back with her guard up.

While Daisy keeps her pinned behind that guard, when she isn't landing that clean, she switches targets as her hand speed is starting to show itself with dazzling combos coming.

The round ends with Daisy pumping her right fist to the crowd, Hannah now looks annoyed as she returns to her corner, seen muttering something to herself as her coach washes her down.

Round 5:
It is looking like Daisy is in full gear now; Hannah is struggling to land more then single hard shots as she can't close the gap down as easily.

Daisy drills a double jab onto her nose to open her guard up for an uppercut, that looks to have hurt as Hannah steps back covering up.

It's Ridley dictating the action now, feinting with a jab before throwing a right around the guard of her opponent, then a left uppercut to the body.

Ware comes swinging with a left and right hook that Daisy easily dodges, with the Hitman 47 star getting hit with another uppercut that looks to have wobbled her somewhat.

Hannah finds herself backed into a corner after eating three pieces of hard leather, she is covering up as her fans shout at her to fight back, instead she looks to be fighting to just protect herself as Daisy switches things up again by going to the body.

At the bell Hannah shakes her head as she returns to her corner, doubt showing on her face as her coach tries to give her a pep talk.

Daisy meanwhile is listening intently to her coach, she looks utterly focused on this as she is told where she can switch things up this round.

Round 6:
Looking a little more guarded; Hannah is trying to gauge the range more with a jab again, which Daisy deflects before landing her left straight onto the nose of Ware.

Some blood starts to trickle from the nostrils of Hannah, Daisy is targeting that nose more with her double jab making Hannah cry out as she steps backwards.

A wild right from Hannah just misses as Daisy steps back, the uppercut from Daisy doesn't though, HANNAH GOES INTO THE ROPES, WHERE A RIGHT HOOK SMACKS HARD ACROSS HER FACE TO SEND HANNAH DOWN!

Daisy pumps her fist in the air before heading to the neutral corner, 1...2...3....4.. Hannah is on all fours now, shaking her head as blood trickles from her nose to the canvas, 5...6.. Using the ropes she begins to push herself up, 7...8... Beating the count as she lifts her gloves up, the referee wipes them down and let's her continue.

Hannah is trying to fight defensively so she can recover, when she tries to clinch, Daisy shoves her back with a left to her face, then another uppercut smacks her back, THE REFEREE WATCHES CLOSELY AS HANNAH IS BEING HAMMERED TO HER FACE, THEY STEP IN AS WARE IS JUST TAKING PUNISHMENT AND GIVING NOTHING BACK, IT IS OVER!

Winner Daisy Ridley TKO Round 6

A big win for Daisy as she makes her BBU debut a good one, she quickly checks on Hannah, who doesn't look too happy by the stoppage, but admits to Daisy "you were beating my arse pretty badly"

The two fighters share a quick embrace as they get a loud cheer from the crowd, before Daisy jogs back to her corner, as Hannah is helped by her coach to hers.

The loser tonight Hannah looks disappointed after starting off well, feeling if she had thrown more power shots instead of feeling her way into the fight, that she would have won.

Instead it is Daisy who comes to the center of the ring to get her hand raised, she applauds the crowd before shaking the hand of Hannah to show her respect for the fight.

The two women part on good terms as Hannah leaves the ring to let Daisy have her moment in front of the fans, she still takes time to sign a few autographs with fans in the front row as she seems to be loving their support at least.

Inside the ring Daisy poses for the camera with one arm flexed and the other on her hip, a big grin on her face as she tells the cameras "this is only the beginning guys"

As she leaves the ring; maybe she will stay in the BBU a little longer to test the waters here, waving to the fans as she leaves to head to the back, clearly she enjoyed her debut.


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