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24 April 2019 Jenna-Louise Coleman vs Sophia Bush

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BBU Survival of the Fittest PPV


Posted by Girls Friday on April 24, 2019, 10:06 am


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Girls Friday vs Lookout! Atlantic Boxing)

A long term feud resumes tonight here in the BBU arena in Cardiff, Sophia Bush and Jenna Louise Coleman seem to just hate the sight of each other, well they are fighting under JMD rules tonight.

Sophia is 36 years old; she stands 5'4, her bra size is 32C, holding a record of 27 wins, 25 by way of knockout, with 22 defeats, she is a former FCBA JMD champion.

Jenna is 32 years old; she stands 5'2, her bra size is 32D, holding a record of 53 wins, 50 by way of knockout, 12 defeats with 1 draw, she is a former BBU flyweight champion and a former FCBA JMD champion.

These two fought back in 2015; Jenna would win that fight with an eighth round stoppage, Sophia evened things up one year later with an eighth round knockout, last year saw Jenna again take the lead in the rivalry with a sixth round stoppage.

In the build up to the fight; the BBU TV network brought them together for a face to face, sitting on a set facing across from each other, Denise Van Outen sits between them as moderator.

Sophia is asked about her opinion of Jenna, she answers "she's a spoiled brat; I know she plays a queen on her TV show but Jenna there ain't anything royal about you"

That makes Jenna grin as she replies "I think you misinterpret being a winner to being spoiled, unlike you I actually earn my place in a stable, while you are like a stray dog that craps all over, you are worthless"

Denise is quick to try to calm things down as both are glaring at the other already, once she feels things are OK she turns to Jenna to ask her why she feels she is winning this feud going into this fight.

"I'm simply better; I've won the most fights in a row in the BBU, while Sophia has been average at best her whole life, she was in some show people don't talk about anymore, while I am up for awards, frankly I superior to her in every way" says Jenna as she grins at Sophia.

That has Sophia fuming as she tells Jenna "you are telling me no one talks about One Tree Hill or my time on Chicago P.D? F*** you chubby chipmunk! F*** the bout! Get up you flabby bytch!"

Up stands Sophia as Jenna just smirks, waves her hands up, then rushes Sophia as they clash at the center of the set.

Denise just watches as they rip at hair and tops, pulling each other around as heels come off and kicks start coming in, once they go to the ground that's when security rushes into pull them apart.

When they are off the set; Denise tells the camera "that's a taste of what you can expect from these two" winking before she leaves the set.

Fight night; out comes Sophia first with Taryn Terrell and Eva Carneiro, she is looking all business on her BBU debut as she storms down the aisle.

She is wearing a black bikini top, black trunks with white stripes down the sides, white gloves, black shoes, while her hair is tied into a braid.

Getting into the ring; Sophia gives the fans a quick wave, but is more focused on warming up as Taryn tells her to make Jenna eat every nasty word she has thrown at her.

Now out comes Jenna with Nicole Ritchie; she is looking the happier fighter of the two as she bumps fists with fans on the way down to the ring, her demeanor only really changes when she gets near ringside, where she turns deeply serious looking.

She is wearing her traditional Tardis blue colours, a bikini top, trunks, shoes and gloves, while her hair is tied back into a ponytail.

When Jenna steps inside the squared circle, it's evident to see the hatred between the two as they glare across the ring at each other.

After they are warmed up; the referee risks them going off on one another by bringing them to the center of the ring, the ref though stays right between them as the trash talk begins in earnest.

They are told to keep this a boxing match, when told to touch gloves they instead exchange threats, then return to their corners to begin 10 rounds of JMD action.

Round 1:
When that bell rings Sophia is looking to charge Jenna, with Coleman boxing on the move, letting the overly keen American come at her so she can counter punch.

Maybe that was Jenna's idea in the build up, get Sophia riled up to make mistakes, which is working as Bush's boobs getting knocked around her chest.

Till Sophia tightens her guard up, making Jenna smirk as she dances on her toes, changing her targets to keep her rival guessing where the next punch is coming from.

Taryn is shouting at Sophia to fight smart, which seems to get through as she starts to place her punches better, surprising Jenna with a right to her cheek, a left to the underside of Coleman's boob follows.

It's a little too late to rally though as the bell rings to end a very strong round for Jenna, who has a big smile on her face as she returns to her corner.

Round 2:
While Sophia looks more calmer, boxing more behind her jab, Jenna looks to be the quicker due to being the lighter of the two fighters.

Jenna steps in to land two cross punches across the jugs of Sophia, taking a punch to her face as she tries to step back.

As Sophia tries to push on; she eats a right on her lips, Jenna looks to have taken control of the action again as she moves around Bush with her punches more focused on the top of the American's boobs.

Jenna manages to land a straight but misses with a right cross, which earns her an uppercut to her left jug, she winces and steps back as her rival comes straight at her.

Again Sophia looks to be coming on strong late in the round, forcing Jenna in standing more to trade as she keeps in tight, both slinging shots to the body or to the sides of boob to the delight of the crowd.

The round ends with both scowling before bumping shoulders on the way back to their corners, Sophia is being told to get in gear quicker or she'll be sobbing in defeat at this rate.

Round 3:
It looks like Sophia is working harder from the bell, stalking Jenna around the ring as they trade single punches, Jenna continues to look the more mobile of the two fighters though.

Allowing Jenna to slip inside to land punches across the jugs of Sophia, with an uppercut just missing as Sophia steps back to land a jab off the top of the Brits head.

This time when Jenna tries to slip inside, she eats a right on her lips, followed by two left hooks into her boob to make her groan out as she steps back.

Sophia pushes forwards; pinning Jenna behind her guard as she keeps her near the ropes, showing off her skills at cutting off the ring now to land her own punches around the guard to the body of Coleman.

Jenna tries to catch out Sophia with a right cross, instead after missing it's her who takes a right across her jugs to make them wobble in their bra cups.

The round ends with Sophia telling Jenna "I've got you now bytch" which just gets a confident smile in return from her rival, one bad round hasn't dampened Jenna's spirits.

Round 4:
They are circling early on to trade, before getting to grips inside as Sophia moves in close, inside the pocket they are scruffily trading as they rub heads.

Jenna looks to have made a mistake as Sophia uses her strength to nudge Jenna back, then lands an uppercut to the body, two more hooks come in on those jugs to make the younger fighter grimace.

Sophia begins to walk down Jenna to the ropes, slamming punches up in the face of the Brit, while switching to hooks to the jugs when that doesn't work out.

Forcing Jenna to clinch up with Sophia; they bump jugs as they try to shove at each other, both grit their teeth as the referee struggles to break them apart.

When they are separated; Jenna manages to slip a right cross, landing an overhand right followed by two lefts to the jugs, making Sophia cover up as Jenna comes back at her.

The round ends with both taking a swing at the other, the referee needing to step between them as they trade insults, returning to their corners only when their coaches pull them apart.

Round 5:
Jenna starts off by landing her punches to the body, looking to keep Sophia at range so she doesn't get drawn into another firefight like the last two rounds.

Sophia misses with a left cross as she tries to close the distance, Jenna counters with another shot to the left jug of the American.

The younger fighter begins to force Sophia back towards the ropes, where she swings around the guard into the reddened looking jugs of Bush, making her rival wince.

Shoving Jenna back; Sophia gets herself off the ropes, catching Jenna coming in with a right straight into the top of her head, then adds a left across the jugs of Coleman.

Trying to move back to the outside, Jenna gets caught by another straight to the face, with Sophia pushing Jenna onto the ropes, with both going toe to toe in the dying seconds of the round.

The round ends with the fighters scowling as they rub their jugs, heading back to their corners as their coaches use ice packs on their swollen jugs.

Round 6:
Both women move in closer to work, Jenna trying to land an uppercut that just misses, giving Sophia time to counter with a right hook into the jug of Coleman.

Sophia steps in close to nudge Jenna back, landing a flurry of punches to jiggle the breasts of Jenna as Sophia backs her up towards a corner.


Tears start to run down Jenna's cheeks as she cradles her jugs, 1...2...3...4.. Sophia waves Jenna to get up, 5....6….7... Jenna is hurting too much it seems to fight on, 8...9...10 getting counted out!

Winner Sophia Bush KO Round 6

Sophia has now tied up her feud with Jenna, all Sophia seems to care about though is getting her humiliation of her enemy as she tosses her gloves off while rushing towards her.

Jenna sees her and isn't in a mood to not go down swinging it seems, taking her own gloves off as the two tiredly pull hair.

The resistance ends when Sophia grabs Jenna's tits, squeezing them like this was a game of mercy, making Jenna fall to her knees pleading Sophia to stop squeezing.

Instead Sophia shoves Jenna down to her back, normally after a JMD fight there would be a jug smother as a signal of dominance, Sophia's tits though are clearly still hurting badly as she instead mounts Jenna's face with her booty covering her face.

This might be even more humiliating as Sophia flexes her arms, grounding her sweaty backside into the face of her rival to show her whose boss this round.

When she feels she has made her point, Sophia stands off Jenna; whose red faced and fighting back crying as she stares up at the ceiling.

Nicole rushes to help up Jenna; wanting to get her out the ring pronto, only stopping to yell "this isn't the end of this bytch!" At Sophia.

Who simply replies "anytime and anywhere you c***s!" As she waves the Lookout! Duo to bring it now, Taryn telling her to let them go as they grin together, Eva still looks a little flustered by seeing these humiliations.

Sophia poses at the center of the ring for the crowd, though she admits to Taryn "god these are going to need some TLC tonight" making the blonde laugh.

The Girls Friday crew leave the ring together, Sophia definitely hasn't done badly for her debuting performance on British soil, the big question coming out of this fight is who emerges victorious overall in this rivalry? Tonight certainly isn't the end of that debate.


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