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28 March 2019 Title Ch Cheryl Cole vs Lacey Banghard

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Posted by Vassago on March 28, 2019, 11:55 am



BBU Flyweight Title
Cheryl Cole vs Lacey Banghard
(Lioness Club vs This Is Glamour)
(25-18, 20 KO vs 13-3, 13 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: It's been a while since Cheryl Cole defended her BBU flyweight straps but the recent loss to Kristin Kreuk overseas removed the popular Geordie singer from the FCBA title picture hence she's back in the old country where Lacey Banghard vows to add the lineal hardware to her JMD golden bra tonight. BBU TV's Denise van Outen reckons these two could easily rip each other's hair out just for the sake of it and there's a flock of challengers ready to pounce on the eventual loser with Gemma Merna targeting the tiny glamour model first as evident by her undercard performance.

Meanwhile Diana Korkunova and the omni-present Samia Ghadie are officially in the Cole cheering camp tonight as they both want to hand the Geordie brunette a nasty beating sooner rather than later. Ghadie is said to be given a free pass based on her Hall of Fame status while Korkunova just whooped Michelle Keegan on the undercard so it's widely accepted she will get her shot at the title sometime in the spring.

The Merna/Korkunova distraction doesn't seem to affect the two main heroines though, Banghard vows to smother Cheryl senseless post-fight while the Geordie singer claims she will simply punch all the flesh out of her foe's overzealous breasts which remain the main target of anyone willing to trash the tiny glamour model. We don't touch gloves here and there's a genuine disgust hanging in the air between the two hellcats.

Cheryl Cole wears a leopard print bikini top, black panties & red gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a curled ponytail. Lacey Banghard wears a white bikini top, blue panties & blue gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a curled ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Neither girl wants to yield an inch early on which leads into a hectic back & forth struggle in the center of the ring where punches fly thick & fast but it's Lacey who finds the success when she tackles the singer to the body and cripples her with a piercing hook on the solar plexus in the process. However the follow up fails to reach the desired target and Cheryl escapes more wrath at the last moment with Lacey in pursuit mode thereafter. The Geordie singer proves more agile on her feet though which neutralizes Banghard in mid-range and even some angry taunts can't help that matter as Cole is happy enough to keep her opponent at bay while swinging from the back foot. Lacey will never dominate this fight in such a stance so backs off amid more angry comments coming from her mouth!

Round 2:
Both girls are well known for their short fuse approach but Lacey becomes overcommitted early in the second and falls into a steady counter-punching blast that visibly marks her lips once Cheryl finds the combo connection. The champ strikes deep & straight on target snapping Lacey's head back but that glamour girl pride prevents the challenger from finding another way out so the damage becomes more evident when Cole lands a brutal one-two combo to wobble the younger brunette on her heels. It's Lacey's turn to get bullied around as she just doesn't have the mobility required and gets trapped butt-in-ropes late while Chezza keeps beating her punch for punch thanks to her superior reach.

Round 3:
More of the same in the third, Cheryl establishes the mid-range control following a trigger-happy exchange that drops Banghard on her heels and she simply can't find her range at all thereafter while the Geordie babe keeps plugging away up the middle. Lacey's lips begin to develop a significant swelling as the singer just packs her efforts as if she wants to knock the model's head off and it's a cruelly effective strategy here which allows the champion to clobber the pesky opponent into the turnbuckle where she finally adds some midsection juice to shut out the challenger campaign. Lacey makes more noise down there but she's no longer taunting her foe and gets pummelled to the body instead which earns Chezza a wild ovation from the Cardiff audience!

Round 4:
Lacey is downright upset she allowed Cheryl to run the fight from mid-distance and finds enough speed to secure the initial contact in the fourth; she drops the jug muggin' bomb to unsettle the champion and it does the trick as Cole wobbles to the side and finds no response when Lacey follows through on the windpipe with a somewhat lucky punch. Ugh! Cheryl trips back to the ropes and tries to regain her breath but Banghard jumps right at her and drills the exposed tummy while picking up the jug muggin' steam come the final minute. She shoves the singer deep into the ropes and works some extra uppercuts to slice the high guard but gets clinched at the last moment and both girls engage in a lenghty wrestling struggle to close out the action.

Round 5:
Cheryl abandons the counter-punching plan and tries to smack Lacey outright again but gets beaten for a rare overhand as the glamour model comes rolling into her stride and finds a nasty hook on the jaw that half-spins the champion to the side! Ugh! Cheryl tries to push off from her heels but Lacey ducks underneath a predictable cross hook and NAILS her Geordie on the chin that spells immediate trouble! Uh-oh! Chezza sinks on her knees amid a loud cry and drops her gloves so that Banghard SMOKES her with a left hook on the eye and SENDS THE CHAMP CRASHING DOWN ON HER BACK!! How about that from your reigning JMD queen?! Lacey can almost feel the double title glory especially that Cheryl's right brow ridge is officially busted up now! She ain't done yet but looks much worse to wear when she beats the count at seven! Lacey's ready to send her all the way back to Newcastle within seconds but misfires on the put away effort and gets clipped on the rack too often as a scowling Cole makes a comeback push and drags the challenger into another lenghty wrestling struggle along the ropes to run down the clock!

Round 6:
Cheryl's brow ridge doesn't look any better despite plenty of patchwork during the interval but her desire to punish Lacey remains in tact which leads into a brutal close range dispute early in the sixth. Lacey tries to knock the singer's head off outright but eats a scything cross on the lips instead and just refuses to back off while Cole hauls in one air strike after another... Lacey works around the wounded brow ridge but fails to carry her shots through and gets caught out with a wicked hook on the jaw that finally sends her spinning onto the ropes at the half-way mark. Huh! Even Chezza is stunned by the magnitude of that punch alas Banghard suddenly begins to circle around the ring instead of going back to the full attack mode. And there's blood coming from her lips too which might indicate why she's unwilling to push for the final knockout.. Cheryl's too upset over the whole fight to risk another ill-fated move and reverts into checkdown mode herself which leaves more questions than answers ahead of the seventh!

Round 7:
Both women are back to the slugging tricks but Lacey gives away too much trying to open Cheryl's brow ridge wound and drops her right arm too low too often while delivering the punch... Chezza slips by the initial attempt a couple of times before ROCKING the challenger with an overhand piledriver just before the one-minute mark that causes a similar damage to the model's brow ridge as well. Ugh! And Lacey bends forward with a loud whimper ony for the Geordie babe to NAIL her with a vicious cross on the nose... Suddenly Lacey gets glued to the spot and eats a nasty series straight up the middle which snaps her head back before a screaming Cole fires a bullet on the rack that DROPS LACEY ONTO HER KNEES a split second later! Uh-oh!! Lacey's boobs bounced off her slumped chin as she was going down and that's as impressive of a jug muggin' strike from a non-JMD regular as you will ever see! Lacey refuses to tail off but still mumbles her pain when she gets up at eight and only for the favorable scorecards she's not send back to her corner yet... But Chezza shows her no mercy and piles more pressure up her gut which also punishes the rack and has the challenger scowling in pain at the bell!

Round 8:
Bell saved Lacey from getting knocked out in the seventh but she hasn't regained much steam during the break so leaks more punches like skittles with Cheryl in full attack mode and just bursting into the exposed rack from both sides. Once she begins to split the high guard, the challenger only sinks on her knees and is lucky not to choke on some blood from the squashed lips! Cole's relentless pounding destroys whatever's left from the model's defense and lifts her tiny frame off the canvas when one uppercut too many tags the slumping chin... AND DOWN GOES BANGHARD!!! The proud girl just can't take the beating anymore and exits the contest flat on her back! The ref interrupts the count at six when he realizes the challenger is basically knocked unconscious here! KO8 and STILL your flyweight champion Cheryl Cole!!!

AFTER: "Such a shame! She was supposed to kiss my feet but look at her now! All frickin' train wreck!", Cheryl gloats over the fallen model for a while but then catches the latest media buzz that has Diana Korkunova of all people trending on twitter: "WHAAATTT? What the hell is that? Does she even speak English??".

It turns out Diana's undercard knockout of Michelle Keegan has sparked a huge roar among the BBU fans, some of which are apparently tired of Chezza's reign of terror in the division.

"All Russian propaganda! I'm still the REAL Queen of BBU! I could tolerate Jenna Coleman but this Diana chick? That's something else! We'll have to deal with this like NOW!!! Or next month... or... or...", Cheryl is so upset over the suspicious buzz surrounding Korkunova's victory that she almost loses her voice and tramples over the fallen Banghard before someone can calm her down. Even Mel B. knows better and lets the fire burn out itself!

Meanwhile Gemma Merna celebrates this result backstage as she believes she's got Lacey B. all lined up for a JMD title shot next... if only a certain Welsh brunette didn't beat her to the punch on twitter!

The plot thickens!!!

Final result: Ch Cheryl Cole def. Lacey Banghard KO8.


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