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30 August 2019 Ch Katie McGrath vs Diana Korkunova

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BBU Summer Joy PPV


Posted by Vassago on August 30, 2019, 2:13 am


BBU Bantamweight Title Bout

Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Katie: (BBU Bantamweight Champion), 5’5 ½ (1.66 m), 7-1-0, 7 KO since 2015, Foxfire Atlantic Boxing)

Diana: (BBU Flyweight Champion), 5’5 (1.65 m). 16-4-0, 16 KO since 2017, The Sirens

Before: “I am defending my BBBU Bantamweight Title,” explains Katie McGrath. “I have no desire to complicate things by holding the BBU Flyweight Title. If Diana doesn’t see a problem, then she is welcome to try and hold two division titles. It’s just that I don’t plan on letting her accomplish that, sorry, my dear, but I am quite happy with this one belt.”

Diana Korkunova smiles pityingly: “You are throwing away an historic opportunity. If that’s what you wish to do: so be it. I, on the other hand, will happily hold both titles. To be honest, I am not quite sure how someone with as few fights as you have had ever got the Bantamweight Title in the first place.”

Katie scowls: “I won the right 7 fights and I hold the Bantam title fairly. I will defend it against any woman who would take it from me, especially those are greedy for title belts.”

Now it is Diana scowling: “You insult me! You call me ‘greedy’! I am the one with honest ambition and I will take that second title as fairly as I took the flyweight!”

The Russian model and the Irish actress are now on their feet and jostling one another. BBU Security has to rush out and separate them, but the anger if still hanging over the pair as they meet on a beach to decide who will wear the BBU Bantamweight Title Belt. Diana appears in a bright orange-red bikini with orange gloves and hair pulled back in a ponytail. Katie is in a silver halter top bikini with black trim and wearing silver gloves with black laces. Her hair is pulled back in a battle braid. Cold stares during the ring instructions and a hard glove “tap” before Katie and Diana are their corner regarding each other with hostility. Then the bell rings…

Round 1:

Katie and Diana quickly clash as they charge at each other across the sand. Katie driving hooks into Diana’s belly until she has the Russian model bent forward. Diana moving back to put some distance between herself and the Irish bantam. Katie in pursuit, now striking at Diana to the head. Diana trying to dodge, finally gets her jab going and Katie is struck in the face. Katie set back on her heels, but then replies with quick right and left shots to Diana’s chin. Diana goes wobbly and falls back covering her face as Katie comes back in with hooks to the belly until the bell rings. Round goes wide to Katie McGrath.

Round 2:

 Diana K shows why she is a champion: although she got roughed up pretty hard in the opening round, she charges Katie McGrath as soon as the bell rings in the new round. Diana brings a crunching right into Katie’s jaw and the older woman staggers back. Diana’s arms moving like piston rods as she now pounds Katie to the body. Katie gets her breasts, ribs and belly thoroughly pounded. Diana driving Katie back, but then Katie lashes back with a straight right that catches Diana between the eyes. Diana now the one staggered and Katie bats her to the right and left side of the head. Diana dodges to one side and Katie lurches forward. Diana then brings a straight right into the side of Katie’s head. Katie spins away, but turns back to exchange jabs with Diana until time runs out. It was a close round, but Diana Korkunova pulled it out in the yes of the judges.

Round 3:

Diana resuming her attack as the third rounds begins as she strikes at Katie to the head with her initial punches. Katie covering up, trying to jab Diana back, but Diana’s showing good movement on the sand and pops in shots to the head from surprise angles. Katie starting to look sluggish in her response and Diana swings back in front to pound away at Katie’s midsection. Katie soon is shuffling back all doubled up and breathing hard. Diana is keeping up the wave of punching with most of it going to the head, but shooting in a lightning strike rights and lefts to bust up Katie McGrath’s face. Time runs out on the round. Diana K wins it wide and she’s left Katie McGrath breathing hard with her face all bloody and bruised.

Round 4:

FAB corner crew works hard to get Katie McGrath patched up and ready to fight back at the opening bell. Katie moving out with determination and quickly engages Diana. Gloves smack hard into jaws and chins. Punches delivered hard and both fighters stumble back from the first exchange. However, it is Katie McGrath who shakes it off and goes at Diana Korkunova with a second wave of head shots. Diana recoils and throws her gloves up to protect her head. Katie immediately pounds Diana the belly and then rakes her ribs with rights and lefts. Diana is all hunched up as she is backed into the ropes. Diana covering up as Katie works her over as the Russian huddles against the ropes. Diana just enduring the storm of punching fury until the bell sounds to end her ordeal. Diana pushes herself away from the ropes and stands on wavering legs but looks Katie defiantly before moving off to her corner. Big comeback round for Katie McGrath who wins it wide.

Round 5:

The Vixens’ corner crew shows they know their stuff as they clean up Diana Korkunova and send her to resume the battle with Katie McGrath. Katie clearly intent on resuming the beating she gave Diana in the last round, but Diana not cooperating. As Katie comes in, Diana strikes first with a stinging right uppercut to the jaw. Diana followed up to the body with a fast series of hooks that tear into Katie’s belly and up into the undersides of her breasts. Katie gives ground under fire, but then rallies behind her jab into Diana’s breasts which stalls the Russian model’s advance. Diana then fights back and a close-in toe-to-toe action with Katie. The two champions are hammering each other in sustained, determined action. Katie digging her feet in to leverage her punches and the impacts slowly force Diana to give ground. They battle right down to the bell. Round goes to Katie McGrath by a narrow margin, but the two glare at each defiantly before referee steps in to break it up.

Round 6:

Diana Korkunova comes out all fired up after her narrow loss in the previous round. Again, she flies at Katie McGrath and stuns Katie with driving right to the nose. Katie stumbles back as she feels the pain of her abused nose which is now dripping blood down her face. Diana like a shark scenting a wounded prey closes in on the dazed Katie who is just trying to get away to regroup. Diana not letting Katie escape as she swats her now with rights and lefts to the jaw that leave Katie starting to sway in place. Diana then unloads an uppercut to the chin AND DOWN GOES KATIE! Katie lifted off her feet and sent sprawling onto the sand. Diana gives her a haughty look as she walks passed the prone Katie on her way to the neutral corner. Referee is moving in and starts to count. Katie rolls onto her side and then to all fours. She struggles but is finally fully erect by “NINE!” The referee waves Diana back in. Katie just covering up and trying to pull herself together as Diana circles around her punching away. Katie makes it to the bell, but she walks on rubbery legs back to her corner as Diana K now has a big smile on her face. She has won the round wide and gotten the first knockdown of the bout.

Round 7:

Katie is now looking for a comeback round and she is out swinging hard, but Diana K is proving elusive. Katie finds herself chasing Diana around the ring. Diana likes to suddenly stop, fire in a few punches to startle Katie and then scamper off. Katie is frustrated, but keeps herself from getting reckless. Instead, Katie moves to block Diana when she tries to escape and finally she is able to get Diana up close and punchable. Trouble is, Katie is punchable in turn for Diana and so the two of them are firing away in close once again. Katie and Diana banging into each other and the referee has to work hard to keep them separated. It is very even until Diana rattles Katie by sneaking an uppercut in behind Katie’s gloves and smiting her under the chin. Katie falls back and Diana adds a right to the jaw, but then Katie digs in behind her jab to finish up even with Donna. However the judges rule that Diana won the round by a narrow margin.

Round 8:

Bell sounds, Diana and Katie move out swiftly, but then cautiously circle each other. Then Diana comes forward. She aims for Katie’s head, but tries a surprise strike into midsection. Katie sees her coming and Diana walks into a nasty left/right combo to the chin. Diana is rocked and stumbles back as Katie tries to follow-up with more punches aimed at Diana’s head. Diana trying to dodge these, but then takes a lunging right to the chin. Diana reels around in distress as Katie scrambles to get in front of her. Katie punching Diana hard to the body, herding her back towards the ropes as Diana tries to fight off her. Tense battle in front of the ropes as Diana tries to fight her way out of Katie’s trap, but Katie has her blocked. Then Katie goes to the belly with raging hooks that throw Diana back into the ropes in disorder. Katie sees her chance and now unleashes a barrage of uppercuts into Diana’s chin. Diana writhing against the ropes, then goes limp and Katie stands back as Diana falls in a heap next to the bottom rope. Katie off to the neutral corner where she watches as the referee counts and Diana makes confused efforts to rise. She can’t make it up.

“EIGHT!...NINE!...TEN!...YOU ARE OUT!” pronounces the referee.


After: Katie waits impatiently in the Foxfire Atlantic corner until Diana Korkunova has been revived in the Vixen corner. Then she charges over and hoists the unhappy Russian to her feet.

“I want you to remember me, Diana Korkunova—I’m Katie McGrath who ruined your chance to hold two titles. You’re lucky I don’t demand the Flyweight Belt.”

Diana struggles sullenly to escape, but Katie now has a hammerlock on her right arm. “Do what you have to do,” Diana growls.

“Oh, I will, you may be assured of that,” Katie says and marches Diana around the ring. Katie stops with her at some points to pose for photos. Then whenever Diana seems uncooperative, Katie yanks the back of Diana’s bikini bottoms up in painful wedgie that makes Diana yelp. Then when they complete the turn, Katie shocks everyone by removing Diana’s orange red bikini top and strolling away twirling as Diana shrieks at her very salty Russian.

“I know it was a bit much,” Katie said later to the press, “but she got on my wrong side and I wanted to teach her a lesson. Besides, it will look cute hanging on trophy wall.”

Diana Korkunova is still angry when she talks to the press: “She is an evil woman! I hate her! She deliberately humiliated me because I knocked her down and made her look bad. I wish I had beaten her. I would have rubbed that Bantamweight title belt in her face! Maybe some day I will get another chance and then she will pay for what she’s done!”

Surprisingly ill-tempered, but exciting fight. The momentum seemed to flow back and forth every couple of rounds, but it was Katie McGrath who was able to get off the sand following her R6 knockdown and put Diana Korkunova down for good in R8. A very impressive win for Katie McGrath who holds off a very combative younger woman to hold her title belt. No doubt a painful loss for Diana K, but she does still have the BBU Flyweight belt and she’s likely to get sharp challenges now that she looks vulunerable. Should be interesting times ahead for both fighters.



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