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29 May 2019 Ellie Goulding vs Charlotte Church

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BBU Night of Champions 2019 PPV


Posted by Girls Friday on May 29, 2019, 10:03 am


Ellie Goulding vs Charlotte Church
(BBU Independent vs Lioness Club)
(7-3, 6 KO vs 14-11, 14 KO)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Both these singers locked horns at the previous BBU PPV where they came out victorious before dominating the afterparty headlines with a catfight that would make Katie Price blush. In fact Charlotte Church apparently still sports a bald spot after Ellie Goulding roughed her up in a hairpulling battle royale but kitten claws have gone into hiding tonight as Denise van Outen preaches a genuine grudge boxing affair down in the ring.

No love lost between the two during the introductions as Ellie mocks Charlie's Welsh heritage which earns her a quick swing right over the referee's head and we really should get this bout going or else someone will get hurt even before the opening bell. Lioness coach Mel B. is missing tonight as she's on reunion tour with the Spice Girls but will that make any difference?

Ellie Goulding wears a light blue crop top with black trim, black hotpants & blue gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a half-up ponytail. Charlotte Church wears a red bikini set & green gloves. Shoulder lenght light brown hair tied in a bun. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Both hellcats can't wait to tear into each other and Ellie's southpaw stance delivers the early fruit as she bounces off the brunette's face in buzzsaw fashion and makes her wince in pain literally seconds into the opening round action! She truly stuns the classical singer who tries to respond in equally swarming fashion but just can't find her range and gets clobbered back to the ropes when the blonde turns up the wick! Huh! Mind over matter attack from the pop singer who apparently wants to knock the brains out of Charlotte and is well on her way to inflict bloody wounds during the high-volume barrage. Charlotte has seen a lot on both sides of the Atlantic but she gets trapped on the ropes and stops the blonde's attacks with her face which drops her into loud spasms as Goulding carries on with the ruthless attack. Maybe that afterparty brawl last month gave her the all-important boost of confidence as she tears it up to bury Church behind a desperate earmuff alas she'd be better off switching downstairs as well according to Denise in the booth. That doesn't happen though and a shaken AND stirred Welsh brunette survives a rough opening round by the skin of her teeth!

Round 2:
More southpaw menace from Ellie who still aims upstairs and she has Charlotte trapped in the phone booth as agility was never her strong suit to begin with. Charlie responds with some quick hooks on the chest but she gets bend to the side when Ellie drills her mouth with a hooking double before blasting her on the jaw with a vicious uppercut. Church wobbles back but ducks underneath a looping cross and NAILS the charging blonde on the liver area which finally halts the one-sided attack. Ellie stumbles to the side with a quiet whimper and fails to react in time as Charlotte whacks her on the chin with an uppercut double herself which leads into a jabbing steam that bounces off the blonde's face and sends her reeling onto the ropes. Ellie doesn't look so at ease while getting hit now and she has to deke around on her feet to avoid Church blasting her up the middle in full swing. Oh boy, the Cardiff audience sure loves to see a reaction like that from their girl here!

Round 3:
Ellie refuses to back off from the head-hunting pursuit but doesn't find enough precision to clobber the Welsh singer back into a trap anymore and soaks up too much pressure downstairs as Charlie leans on her and outmuscles in a phone booth battle for supremacy. Charlotte's shorter reach doesn't matter all that much when she can rip easy shots on the exposed ribcage and drop Goulding into loud spasms as they trade vicious blows during the second minute. Actually Charlotte has really steered the ship here but maybe a not-so-accidental headbutt had something to do with it just shy of the two-minute mark since Ellie loses her mojo and gets whacked on the belly button almost for free with the ref unwiling to lecture the Welsh heroine. Ellie takes her eye off the target just for a split second and gets NAILED with another vicious cross on the chin before the brunette cleans her out to the body and shoves into the turnbuckle where she hauls in a ripping drive that makes the blonde yelp in pain at the bell... Charlotte even plugs a couple of shots extra after the bell but nobody other than Goulding fans care about that!

Round 4:
Ellie's really upset over some calls from the ref - or lack thereof - in the third round but she jumps into another head-hunting frenzy only to find Charlotte's left hook driving into her chin and staggering her on the spot instead. Ugh! She wobbles to the side but just can't stay out of the grudge zone and wants to push off right away... Church is SOOOO READY for this and beats her for a nose-breaking one-two that shatters a bone or two right there and then!!! Oi, Ellie! The blonde screams out on the spot and half-turns to the side but Charlotte still DRILLS her with one hook extra and suddenly blood bursts out of the blonde's nostrils while she covers the wounded area and waves frantically to the ref to call time... Ugh! She doesn't go down the plucky lass but that is some major damage right here and the subsequent medical break spells the end of the English southpaw's challenge. Sadly there is some structural damage to Goulding's nose and she's unable to continue the fight! Lest the Welsh fans care since it's TKO4 Charlotte Church!!!

AFTER: "F### that cow! She pulled my hair out but I broke her nose! See ya at the surgeon, bytch!", Charlotte wants to rub insult to injury and she's basically allowed to get away with it due to the Cardiff backyard - not to mention Wales is really short-handed on elite bantams now that Imogen Thomas is busy with everything else other than winning BBU fights! Poor Ellie has to be taken back to the locker room for further evaluation but Denise van Outen is afraid she suffered a broken nose after all - and she really should have taken the tactical high road in that last round despite a couple of dubious calls from the ref. What a horrible way to lose a fight like this but a rematch should be in the books regardless. Ellie's pride might have been damaged as much as her nose but she still gives the Welsh singer a death stare for the ages before leaving the ring. And she receives no sympathy from the audience whatsoever while sideline reporter Anna Woolhouse has the audacity to ask Church whether she's back as the Lioness #1 bantam despite Dorota Rabczewska holding the lineal BBU straps right now. Charlotte just stares at the reporter like she's seen a ghost and refuses to answer the tricky question. We'll be back after these commercials!

Final result: Charlotte Church def. Ellie Goulding TKO4 (Injury).


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