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28 March 2019 Ch Kelly Brook vs Krystal Forscutt

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BBU Garden Of Wrath PPV


Posted by Vassago on March 28, 2019, 11:58 am


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(BronzedOz Boxing vs This is Glamour)

The BBU JMDD championship is on the line; Krystal Forscutt is hoping to be the first Aussie JMD rules champion in the BBU, in her way is Kelly Brook hoping to keep proving after 17 years in the ring she's still the best.

Krystal is 32 years old; she stands 5'7 1, her bra size is 34E and holds a record of 12 wins, 11 wins by knockout, 4 defeats with 1 draw.

Kelly Brook is 39 years old; she stands 5'8, her bra size is also 34E and holds a record of 49 wins, 38 by knockout, 62 defeats with 5 draws, she is a former 2 time FCBA lightweight champion, a former Queen of the ice Hotel and the current BBU JMDD champion, with this being her 2nd defence.

A press conference was set up for the PPV with these two coming face to face in dresses (red for Krystal, black for Kelly) quickly they bump jugs as they clearly want to give their rival a taste of what they are up against.

Once the jousting is over; the fighters separate to head off to their tables, Kelly has the diamond encrusted title bra sitting in front of her.

Krystal is the first to talk to the journalists on hand, telling them "I have been wanting a chance at this flabby old cow for a while, the day she came to the BBU was the biggest mistake of her career because she is in my eye line"

On the opposite table Kelly laughs at that, replying "I'll admit I was getting a little fat but honey I'm in the best shape I've been in for a few years" she stands up and does a slow twirl to show off her new figure.

Now Krystal is the one chuckling, telling her opponent "show yourself Kelly all you want, I am going to take your title then your dignity when I own your ass in the ring, you are going to wish that you had never took this fight bytch"

"Listen you dumb Aussie bytch; all this talk won't matter, all that will is that I will be giving you a taste of why these are the best jugs in the business" says Kelly as she stares angrily at Krystal.

Who stands up to scowl at her, Krystal signalling that the title will be hers across her own jugs, while Kelly holds up the real title for all to see, before they turn to head off the stage.

Fight night; Krystal comes out first with her coach Nicky Whelan beside her, Krystal bounces on her toes at the top of the aisle with her jugs jiggling to a cheer from fans, before she begins to march down to the ring.

She is wearing a green lace bra with gold trim, matching bikini bottoms, gold coloured gloves, while her hair is up in a ponytail.

Getting into the ring; Krystal does a lap inside the ring, arms flexed as she yells "this is my moment! My title!" Before settling into her corner waving for Kelly to come out to fight.

It's not long before the champion comes out, Kelly has Melinda Messenger with her as she struts down to the ring with the title bra on her bust, till she gets to ringside where Melinda takes the title off her.

She is wearing a black lace bra with red trim, matching bottoms, red gloves, while her hair is braided for the battle ahead.

After stepping into the ring; Kelly points at her jugs as she stares directly at her rival, yelling at her "these can't wait to smother you out bytch!" To a roar from her fans.

The referee brings the fighters to the center of the ring, holding the title to show both what they are fighting for, instead they seem locked onto each other, squaring up nose to nose and jugs bumping.

The referee asks the fighters to bump gloves; they thud them together with no love, returning back to their corners to start 10 rounds of BBU JMDD title action.

Round 1:
"Ding" both fighters start off near the center of the ring; Krystal landing the cleaner punches to the champs jugs as she looks lighter on her toes while moving around Brooks.

Who manages to land a left cross to the jugs of Krystal, getting to finally open up several bigger punches on the challenger.

But Krystal is quick to jab up top to open some space for an uppercut that lifts her opponent's left breast up, making Kelly cover up more tighter.

Allowing Krystal more freedom to work, where she lands up to the chin of Kelly to try to open up her bust, which once it appears the Aussie lashes straight shots into her breasts.

Kelly looking a step too slow at the moment as she comes out swinging from her shell, Krystal only taking mostly glancing blows as she dances back, before moving out the way of a right hook.

With Forscutt landing a three punch combo to the top of her opponent's jugs to again force Brook into her shell, the champion looking annoyed as she moves back while under fire from Krystal.

The round comes to a close with Krystal looking confident as she strides back to her corner, Nicky nods at her as they discuss the opening round success for them.

Round 2:
Krystal again comes out looking the faster fighter; though Kelly is taller with the longer reach, Krystal is able to dodge before countering with shots to the tits of the English fighter.

That seems to force Kelly to think her attacks through, leading to her letting Krystal come towards her, where she parries a straight punch so she can land a right of her own up top.

As Krystal moves backwards; Kelly stays in tight to throw her shots, both women trade shots to the others boobs, the power though is on Kelly's side as she marches forwards.

Knocking Krystal's breasts up with her punches aimed underneath them, making the Aussie wince as she finds herself knocked towards the ropes, Krystal clinching up with Kelly to stop the assault.

After the referee steps in to pry them apart, it allows Krystal space to work again, where she looks more relaxed while continuing to switch her target from Kelly's head to her boobs.

With both fighters coming on strong late in the round, jugs jiggling as Kelly forces Krystal to stand to trade with her to the delight of the fans, till the bell rings to end the round.

Kelly jogs back to her corner looking a little more relaxed; maybe she is fully warmed up now as Melinda is still telling her to look to cut the ring off to force Krystal to fight her style.

Round 3:
Back out to the center of the ring meet the fighters drilling single punches into the others jugs, Kelly looking to step forwards to try to drive Krystal backwards.

But Kelly misses with a left cross as Krystal leans back, the challenger countering with a straight onto the lips of Brooks, opening her up to two hooks to the body.

Krystal able to get control of the action, landing punches around the gloves of her opponent as she moves around the champion.

Till Kelly is able to land a left cross up top as Krystal moves towards her, Kelly getting to open up on her opponent with her punches landing up top to knock her towards the ropes.

Missing a right hook; Kelly is open to a right to the body, followed by a left across her breasts to make them wobble, with Krystal slipping away out of trouble.

Kelly looking frustrated that she can't seem to pin down Forscutt for an extended period, the bell ringing to end the round soon enough with the challenger all smiles as she heads back to her corner.

Round 4:
Both fighters jugs are showing a bit of redness as they start to trade again, Krystal looking to keep on the move to stop Kelly being to unload on her.

Kelly surprises Krystal though by using her left shoulder to bump her onto her heels, a right lands square on the gut of Krystal to wind her.

Suddenly Krystal looks in trouble as Kelly unloads on her, that shoulder bump has opened up the Aussie to punches that are targeting all over her upper body.

Forcing the challenger to clinch up with Kelly; who presses her jugs into Krystal's while telling her "I can feel your flabby tits wanting to give up bytch" starting an exchange of words as the referee struggles to break them apart.

Once they are separated; Krystal looks to work on the move again, that shot to her gut though seems to have slowed her down, Kelly taking advantage to keep moving inside to work the body and tits with pounding shots.

Krystal is trying to match Kelly on the inside, she is getting mauled by the looks of things, as she gets knocked onto the ropes, where she covers up as Kelly swings hooks into the sides of the body.

The round ends with Kelly yelling "now I've got you!" Right into Krystal's face, leading to a shoving match till the referee can rush in to keep them apart.

Once back into their corners; Kelly gets an ice pack on her jugs, while Krystal is sucking in air while Nicky tells her to do whatever it takes to keep Kelly to the outside.

Round 5:
Krystal is trying to reestablish the range she had before, problem is Kelly is able to close the distance faster after she lands several both straight body shots.

The champion looking to keep the pressure on Krystal after the shutout the last round, Kelly landing a left cross up top then a right to the gut again.


Kelly pumps her fists in the air as she jogs to a neutral corner, 1...2...3... Krystal has her eyes shut as the gumshield is spat out, 4...5...6...7.. Krystal is sucking in air as she looks like she is fighting back tears, 8...9..10 Krystal is counted out!

Winner and still BBU JMDD champion Kelly Brook KO Round 5

Another successful defence for Kelly; though not an easy one against a very game challenger, with Kelly wanting a piece of Krystal judging by her rushing towards her.

Kicking Krystal in her ribs to knock her over to her back; Krystal can be seen shedding tears now as Kelly stomps on her boobs.

Then Kelly mounts Krystal; yelling "I f***ed you up cow! Now it's time I really knock you out!" Tossing her gloves off so she can pull her bra down, exposing her sweaty boobs so she can smother Krystal with them.

Krystal is simply too weak to do much but plead for mercy, earning her none as Kelly engulfs her face with her breasts, till Krystal passes out as her arms drop limply to her sides.

Nicky is quick to tell Kelly to get the hell off her fighter, with Kelly tearing the bra off of Krystal, telling the coach "maybe if Krystal proves she is worthy I might give her a rematch, I doubt it though" winking at Nicky, who pushes her off Krystal.

Kelly just laughs as she dusts herself off; getting up to toss the bra out onto the commentators desk as she tells them "tell the other JMD contenders not to bother challenging me unless they want pain and misery"

While medics rush into the ring to stretcher Krystal away, the loser waking up half way up the aisle looking understandably upset about what happened, as Nicky tries to console her.

Inside the ring Kelly gets her title bra on with Melinda's help as the result is announced, Kelly poses for the cameras with her arms raised.

Leaving the ring with Melinda; Kelly is already discussing going to America to show those Yanks as she puts it what a real woman looks like.


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